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Duane K. McCullough

Bio-tissue Salts

Over a century ago, W.H. Schuessler, M.D., discovered the idea that after analyzing human blood samples and studying the ashes of humans after death, the human body basically consist of twelve salts. These twelve salts, now know as the Schuessler biochemical cell salts, are listed below and are the basic elemental salts behind his remedy theory in which many ailments of the body can be fixed simply by supplying important dietary mineral salts to the body so it can heal itself.

1. CALCIUM FLUORIDE: Elastic Tissue Builder.
2. CALCIUM PHOSPHATE: General Nutrient.
3. CALCIUM SULFATE: Blood Purifier.
4. FERRIC PHOSPHATE: Oxygen carrier.
5. POTASSIUM CHLORIDE: Blood Conditioner.
7. POTASSIUM SULFATE: Oxygen Exchanger.
8. MAGNESIUM PHOSPHATE: Nerve Stabilizer.
9. SODIUM CHLORIDE: Water Distributor.
10. SODIUM PHOSPHATE: Acid Neutralizer.
11. SODIUM SULFATE: Excess Water Eliminator.
12. SILICIC OXIDE: Cleanser.

It is important to note that these listed bio-tissue salts should not be thought as drugs that "cure" any ailment within the body, but rather as very fine supplemental salts that are given to the body in small amounts to remedy a dietary deficiency of important elements so that normal cellular health can return to the body.

Since Dr. Schussler's work, other doctors have compiled additional elements that may or may not have use in the human body. The main thing to remember is that too much of any one dietary element can prevent the proper and necessary intake of other important elements.

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