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Duane K. McCullough

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The Fountain of Youth legend is more than Florida's first mystery,
it is also one of the oldest stories in the Caribbean.

Lost Fountain
is a research book project that explores new scientific perspectives about the Fountain of Youth legend.

Long believed to be only a mythical place, new scientific data now suggest that a series of unique mineral springs in the Upper Florida Keys may have once provided nutritious sea-salts to the local natives which could have inspired the health benefits behind the famous legend.

This book project also examines the remarkable idea in which properly assimilated dietary salts containing gold may rejuvenate our health and improve our longevity.

Discover these views within and many other remarkable concepts regarding lost legends and human history in the Caribbean.

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Located in Largo Sound are some unique "rock islands" that were created
long ago as a reef when spring waters flowed through cracks in the bedrock.

Perhaps minerals within these ancient springs contained gold salts that,
when digested properly, helped the local natives live longer lives.

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