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Duane K. McCullough

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is a research book project that studies the native history of Southern Florida and the chemical makeup of the nearby environment. It also attempts to explain the idea that the Fountain of Youth legend is based on fact by scientifically revealing how the story became a legend and why it is important in the study of human longevity.

The theoretical conclusions suggested within this book project are based on nearly two decades of scientific research that reaches far beyond the study of the Fountain of Youth legend. There are anthropological and archeological views that explore other ancient legends in the area.

Some of these views may seem too unbelievable or difficult to believe at first - but, perhaps in time, they can and will rewrite our conventional understanding of human history in the New World.

The Introduction section within presents the author's views relative to the many new discoveries regarding the Fountain of Youth legend and other remarkable concepts from ancient history.

The following Press Release Story and Westward Search sections elaborate on the views first presented in the Introduction section. Several theoretical ideas from the author's first book project entitled SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS are also reviewed.

The 1863 Chart section of this book project presents closeup views that compare the coastal makeup of the upper Florida Keys from one of the earliest nautical charts of the area with current maps in an attempt to explain why and how the lagoons near Key Largo have changed from freshwater to saltwater.

Appendixes 1 and 2 review the working chemistry of several important elements and nutritious salts which relate to the views presented in the main text.

Appendixes 3 and 4 contain images and informative links with images taken by the author while giving recent tours of the Florida Bay environment near Key Largo.

Evidence of what was and what could have happen to Florida's first mystery is found within.

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