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Duane K. McCullough

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Spirit of Atlantis Poem

By Duane K. McCullough

Once there was a nation
that shaped the destination
of the first generation
and the human creation.

In the Caribbean, years before Christ,
was a king and queen of an island paradise.
Their palace was carved out of a hill above the jungle shore,
by a torch that was used for mining metallic ore.

The wonders of their kingdom seem unreal to some,
especially when they used the elements of platinum with thorium.

Beside their pretty palace by the sea,
made of crystal and stone,
stood a bright beam of vibrant energy
that became a beacon to their throne.

This column of light that beamed through the night
could also be seen in the day as a upright line of white
which was used as a sight for travelers from far away.

For centuries they ruled the realm of holy mythology
because they possessed the power of a divine technology.

Using scepters to score through granite with the color of purple,
they practiced a geometry that crosses the tee
and squares the circle.

The masters of crystal blasters, and of long trips in sailing ships,
this kingdom of the summer regions and their fleet of royal legions
were engulfed one day when a chariot of light
fell from the night and washed their world away.

So when Plato wrote of a place
on a plateau in the Atlantic,
he was simply revealing
the wonders of Atlantis
the beautiful and romantic!

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