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Introduction by Duane McCullough

Welcome and thank you for visiting The Realm Gallery.

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As an artist with decades of commercial and fine art experience,
I have decided to make available much of my past artwork and
current image projects from this online gallery website.

The following links reveal a wide range of artwork that includes
photography and other graphic images from my portfolio. Images from
environments that reflect places where my wife & I have visited over
the years may help inspire online visitors to explore the natural
beauty of our wonderful world.

From tropical shoreline scenes in the Florida Keys and other
Caribbean islands to the mountains of western North Carolina,
THE REALM GALLERY reveals many unique views of nature's realm.

Scenes from other island and mountain places we have visited can
also be found together with images from my mother's collection of
artwork. It was Christine's unique artistic talent that inspired
me to become an artist long ago.

Some scenes use filtered photographic images while other views
are acrylic paintings on wood or based on silk-screen prints.
A few images were built by blending my photos of clouds as
background with scenes from the Virtual Sailor computer
simulator program. Many of these CGI images are found in the
VS World Playground Scenery Project link.

I have also included a link from the main page which reveals
some of my simple architectural home design work that uses the
Chief Architect program format. These home design projects are
based on the efficient use of living space and the consolidation
of utility needs within the dwellings.

If you are interested in acquiring copies of many of these images,
please click on the first link to my artist website at
Fine Art America.

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