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Scenery Island Projects for the Stranded Deep Survival Island Simulator Program

* UPDATE 4/2019 *

As an artist that has worked in many mediums such as drawings, paintings and lately photography, I mostly enjoy designing and
building object models using computers -- particularly objects within scenery projects used by Virtual Reality simulators.

In December 2018, I created two Island scenery projects for the Stranded Deep Island Survival Simulator program by the
Australian game company called the Beam Team. The names of these projects are the "World Island 2" and "North America".

I also recently added two more Island scenery projects named "Atlantis" and " Monuriki A" that are described in detail later in
this essay.

To date, Stranded Deep is a early acess beta program found on the Steam gaming service for those who want to experience
and learn about surviving on a group of fictional islands in the South Pacific Ocean. Based on the surviving theme in the movie
"Castaway" -- where Tom Hanks learns about how to survive on an island in the South Pacific after a plane crash, the program
is a fun and realistic way to educate people of what it takes to survive as a island castaway.

Unlike the many other single-player game programs found on the Internet that rely on shooting something or destroying the
environment somehow, Stranded Deep allows for the learning procees of what it takes to survive on resources available which
could be found on a tropical island.

What also separates the Stranded Deep program from the many other programs of the billion dollar gaming industry, is the optional
ability to design and create your own island in great detail. This Island creation tool aspect of the program is the Cartography
option -- which can be used to create virtual 3d dream worlds.

Like I've said before in my previous essays, I would rather spend time designing beautiful virtual 3d scenery projects than
waste time simulating the destruction of objects found in the many expensive and popular nightmarish 3d player shooter games.

This map making option is what I enjoy most about the Stranded Deep program. The environmental entertainment value of working
and playing with Simulator programs is a great pastime for me or any CGI artist.

For more information regarding this unique simulator program -- just Google "Stranded Deep" and learn about it. I should also point
that a very good graphics card is needed to experience the program -- and having to use the Steam gaming service are online
factors involved. Using a beta version of any program may also be problematic for some who are not familar with the
details involved.

World Island Scenery Project

North America Scenery Project

Atlantis Island Scenery Project

Monuriki A Island Project

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