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As an artist that has worked in many mediums such as drawings, paintings and lately photography, I mostly enjoy designing and
building object models using computers -- particularly objects within scenery projects used by Virtual Reality simulators.

In early 2017, I released a beta sample of version 2 of my World Playground Scenery Project for Ilan Papini's Vehicle Simulator
program and made it available to him to host at his main website.

Version 1 (released in 2011) and Version 2 are "Not To Scale" add-on model scenery projects for the Vehicle Simulator program and,
when installed correctly, are located in the western Atlantic Ocean of the Vehicle Simulator mapping system as small model areas
to explore -- therefore, because they are small models of the real Earth's surface, normal GPS options used by the Vehicle Simulator
program are not accurate when compared to real world mapping data

The Vehicle Simulator program -- also known as the Vehicle Simulator Framework system or VSF, can be a serious computer simulator
program for designing and testing all kinds of planes, boats, cars and even trains -- but the program comes with a great scenery
creation tool program that can be used to create virtual 3d dream worlds.

I would rather spend time designing beautiful virtual 3d scenery projects than waste time simulating the destruction of objects found
in the many expensive and popular nightmarish 3d player shooter games.

The environmental entertainment value of working and playing with the Vehicle Simulator program is greater than any simulator
program I have ever worked with.

For more information regarding this unique simulator program and add-on models, please visit the website.

Here are some stats about this project:
Version 1 was about 35 NM wide at 4089 X 1974 pixels with elevation and depths at around 500 feet.
Version 2 is about 92 NM wide at 6000 X 3000 pixels with elevation and depths at around 800 feet.

Version 2 also has many new features such as:
* Much better placement and variety of plants relative to elevation values.
* Map elevation detail as accurately as possible for such a small scale model of Earth in VSF.
* Several new bridge designs for spanning rough terrain and waterways.
* Many new low-poly static objects -- such as unique buildings and vehicles, that can be placed anywhere in the scenery.

These new building and vehicle designs should inspire other VSF designers and players to experiment with new concepts in
habitation and transportation projects.

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