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ORMUS and the Fountain of Youth legend 1/03

by Duane McCullough

The following enteries where written by me in responce to questions or comments from other forum members at the Atlantis Rising website. For copyright reasons, I have only included my comments here on this page. The full commentary text can be found at the Atlantis Rising website.
(NOTE: As of 2014 all website references to my older http://web.comporium.net/~duanemcc address have been changed to my newer website address at spiritofatlantis.com hosted by NetworkSolutions.com)


To all,

For those interested in the Indian story that became the Fountain of Youth legend -- check out my Lost Fountain website.

Duane McCullough


Thanks for showing interest in the nutritional gold theories at my Lost Fountain website -- and the Atlantis Rising website forum. The following is part of my reply to your earlier email inquiry with some extra comments.

Yes, gold -- when mixed with other elements and under certain conditions, is perhaps capable of remarkable things within the body. I'm not sure about a "recursive implosion" phenomenon that takes place in the blood when mixed with sulfur as you suggested in your email, but the concept sounds interesting. The term "recursive implosion" implies that some sort of "inward growth" of cells takes place over time, and the idea in which somehow the acidic element of sulfur is essential is this process is a complicated -- yet interesting concept.

I have to say that once I drank from a well located at John Pennekamp State Park here in Key Largo which smelled with sulfur and did have a major reaction with diarrhea. Other than that experience, yes, acidic sulfur may help dissolve gold salts within local lagoon basins containing seawater -- which, over time the gold entered the food web and may have arrested the aging process and improved the health of the early local natives of Florida.

I know that, together with acidic chloride salts, oxidized manganese compounds -- which are rare because manganese does not oxidize easily, will make gold soluble in a liquid state. And the element of manganese is found within some trees -- especially Mangrove trees here in Key Largo. There is also a layer of acidic sulfur water found within many local basins in the area.

Speaking of gold and its role in better health, I just discovered the "ormus" subject. If you want to read some interesting -- yet complicated, nutritional writings -- check out the word "ormus" in any good search engine. There are links to websites that express many views as to how certain noble elements -- like gold, Platinum and Silver, are capable of superconductivity within the brain. And any concept in which brain or body cells are capable of superconductivity is a concept worthy of study.

The conventional view that the original Fountain of Youth could be found in St. Augustine, Florida is only part of the greater story. St. Augustine is a special place -- and it does sit above a deep source of fresh spring water, but it is the metallic elements byway of certain marine salts that contain gold which leads to good health. At least that's my theory. The story about the Fountain of Youth may have originated in North America's first settlement, but the true site that inspired the legend could be anywhere in Florida. I have my reasons why it was in southern Florida.

I don't believe in major conspiracy theories -- but it does seem that if a chemical compound was discovered that could conclusively arrest the aging process, the government may not want it public knowledge. The Social Security agency would go bankrupt!


I'm glad you responded to my last comments with the internet links you gave. The links can be helpful to those interested in the ORUMS subject. And I have quickly seen some of these links -- ORMUS is truly a fascinating subject.

I have to ask -- I did read some of your research work and perhaps I may have just missed the true meaning of the ORMUS acronym. Does it -- or can it stand for meaning "Orbitally Rearranged Metallic Unit Structure"? Even a quick web search did not reveal the exact meaning -- so I created my explanation of the acronym. The subject does focus on the beneficial aspects of the material wherein the subatomic Orbital Unit Structure of certain Metal elements have been Rearranged.

The actual definition of the ORMUS acronym may differ between researchers, but in summary, the ORMUS word seems to referrer to a unique state of matter wherein the subatomic molecular orbital structure pattern of certain metallic material substances have been naturally or mechanically rearranged to a state that is unlike the normal subatomic orbital structure pattern found in common metallic elements.

Am I correct to assume that the more ORMUS materials become metallic like -- the less beneficial for health purposes they become. If so , then ORMUS seems to be a special blend of phase transitional materials containing some base metal element characteristics -- or a sort of unique metallic alloy, that becomes nutritional because of its superconductivity abilities when ingested properly.

Because ORMUS is not an acid or a base -- or a salt substance, does it have a PH factor? Can it even be measured using the PH formula?

I saw your beard at the link you suggested -- and it seems quite interesting that a material could restore hair color. I once read that some popular over the counter product that could restore hair color contain lead acetate. But lead is a slow poison -- why the government would allow such a substance for body use seems a mystery. A small amount of metallic lead within the silicon-oxygen bond material (glass) creates a crystal material that bends light and optically creates color or enhances nearby color. Perhaps the ORMUS material that you ingested created a similar reaction in your beard from within instead of topically applied like the aforesaid over the counter product. I would rather restore the color of my beard with ORMUS materials than lead acetate. If true hair color is a reflection of certain chemical reactions that take place in the body -- much like fingernails can optically reveal mineral deficiencies, then perhaps your beard photos represent one of the many beneficial aspects the ORMUS materials.

I'm sure we will say more about this remarkable subject in the future. In the meantime, I'll read more within the links you suggested -- and perhaps you can check out some of my research at my Lost Fountain website.


It's interesting that chemistry evolved from alchemy -- and alchemy was not solely the pursuit of turning lead into gold, but was the art of transmuting inexpensive common elements into valuable uncommon elements. The quest to find the universal solvent called the alkahest continues.

Actually, I believe the compound term "ORMUS" is an acronym which was formed from the initial words that best represent the concept. I have a Rock and Mineral science book that gives the atomic structure unit design of many materials. In this book are graphical images of the molecular geometry within crystals and other materials. It's like a designers handbook in showing how the known molecular orbital pathways exist within matter.

The term ORMUS suggest -- and some literature about ORMUS I've read also suggest, that the conventional orbital pathways have been rearranged somehow to form a new state of matter. This new state of matter is apparently capable of superconductivity when placed within special environments -- such as the brain. Understanding how this new state of matter substance is atomically arranged and how it gets to the special environment like the human brain is part of our quest. If one understand the term ORMUS, then perhaps one can better understand how to achieve the quest.

Conventional science suggest that metal elements (bases) conduct electricity while nonmetal elements (acids) insulate electricity from conductivity. The concept of superconductivity suggest the idea that metal elements are capable of better or super conductivity within certain environmental parameters -- such as extreme temperature and pressure. Yet the ORMUS materials -- which are all based on metals, are capable of superconductivity at room temperature. So, apparently the molecular arrangement of certain metallic elements when alloyed together just right by rearranging their atomic structure is capable of superconductivity. Using nonmetal elemental substances to handle and manipulate metallic elemental unit "blocks" into ORMUS material seems to be the challenge in creating ORMUS.

The alkalinity or acidity of elements depend on how the hydrogen molecular element reacts with the material in question. Since hydrogen has both alkaline and acidic properties it may be hard to measure the Parts Hydrogen (pH) of ORMUS material. Like you said, perhaps a pH test of ORMUS material would only measure the chemical box that contain the ORMUS as opposed to the ORMUS material itself.

From what I've read, the element of copper has a very little role in good health. Although the body can use copper for many things there are better elements like gold that will work better. It's like if you live on a boat in a salty corrosive environment and money was no problem -- would you wire your boat with gold or copper? I have a theory that because copper is found in substantial amounts within tobacco, perhaps one of the reasons some people have a hard time in stopping the act of smoking is because their body has acclimated or has become "wired" to copper as an electrochemical conductor.

Which one? I have several that I use to visit Florida Bay. Check out the following link and see where I go in my "day job".



In summary, I also believe that the brain controls the body's health -- both through healthy thoughts and good dietary habits. Together with the proper mental attitude and some good exercise -- coupled with a good diet, the body and brain is capable of overcoming the negative forces of decay.

If all animals are born with the DNA code to gather certain elements from their environment over time to survive and to replicate, then perhaps a particular DNA code of certain brain parts have been programmed over time to extract ORMUS materials from the body's diet. If so, then, like you said, we only need very little of the "right stuff" in our diets to survive a healthy life.

Good food and exercise will biologically lead to good thoughts -- which in turn, leads to better knowledge about good food and exercise. The subject of ORMUS materials and how to place them into the body is part of that knowledge about good food.

The subject of ORMUS materials also is about how the brain can theoretically repair body damage byway of providing the proper durable and malleable elements to the body. Because the most durable and malleable element in the universe is gold, it is imperative to good health in knowing how to properly digest the element. We are what we eat…


Well, whether ORMUS materials are monatomic or diatomic -- or atomically rearranged somehow to be classed by modern researchers as a kind of "new matter", I believe the original concept behind the ORMUS acronym needs better explanation. I propose the acronym meaning of ORMUS as the "Orbital Rearrangement of the Metallic Unit Structure" -- which is slightly different from my first wording because the word "orbitally" does not exists. If the ORMUS acronym definition is at least theoretically explained using scientific subatomic concepts, the ORMUS word may make other scientist take more interest in the subject.

Right now, if someone asked what the word ORMUS stands for, the answer would be as elusive as the very material we are talking about. Some might use ORUMS to describe a new kind of snake-oil substance -- but if there existed a conceptual scientific meaning of the word -- whether the definition is true or false, at least a better understanding of why the stuff is different than normal matter material could help create more scientific investigation.

So far all ORMUS materials are based on Metals -- which are known for conductivity. So, by Rearranging the atomic Unit Structure somehow, superconductivity is increased. How to Rearrange the Orbital Unit Structure of certain Metals is the game here. Whosoever understands that concept best and applies it to modern nutritional science will be rewarded with the treasure of living a long healthy life.

I have tried colloidal Gold about a dozen times in the last six months without problems or apparent positive reactions. Just like other supplements I take -- such as Calcium Fluorite and Manganese, it probably takes a long time before results happen. How sure are you that the ORMUS gold you were taking was based on any gold at all if you don't believe ORMUS is metallic?

Over two decades ago I started to discover dietary supplemental elements. First it was Zinc -- and I made sure I took it every day for a month or so. Then it was Selenium, then Cobalt, then Manganese -- and the list went on. Each phase I learned all I could about the element. Now, I only take, like I said, Calcium Fluorite, Manganese and some colloidal Gold. Of course, occasionally, other supplements are also taken.

Did you know that Phosphorus based vitamins like B6 will make your early morning dreams very vivid. Because two-thirds of brain matter is a type of Phosphorus -- perhaps feeding more Phosphorus creates a "super subconscious" state of mind that sometimes makes one so happy with color and details you feel like life asleep is as exciting as life awake. Together with Manganese -- which helps in memory recall, the two elements are quite remarkable in their synergetic abilities.

I saw you website and the method of processing ORMUS from seawater. It looks interesting -- however, I believe ORMUS precipitate may be found within the upper basins of Florida Bay wherein billions of gallons of seawater have naturally been processed through evaporation and chemical reactions over thousands of years.


Ah yes, serendipity -- it happens all the time with me too.

Oh great, another product from China. Everything seems to made in China these days. Interesting…

I think I could become a vegetarian after learning that. Actually, the idea that hair contains mineral elements is no real surprise if you think about it. Whether these minerals are nutritious is the question. A substance that prevents over-oxidation within the body is good. Manganese is an element that is very resistant to oxidation and can replace Iron in the blood because it is almost the same size as Iron. It's right next to Iron on the element chart.

Many meats contain a lot of Iron -- however, too much Iron can cause hemosiderosis. Iron is effected by magnetism while Manganese is not. The idea that some people may be respond to more magnetic field effects than other people based on the amount of plasmatic Iron verses plasmatic Manganese in their blood is an interesting concept. Serendipity…

Anyway, why does hair go gray? Is it because we run out of the ability to make ORMUS materials from our daily diet? Like you, I believe we are capable of making the stuff from the foods we eat. It only takes a very little to last a long time. But when somehow the biological equipment breaks down because of over-oxidation -- or the proper elements are not provided in our diet, the excessive decay of body minerals "push out" of the body byway of gray hair. That's my theory anyway.


Wow! I had no idea that the origin of the word ORMUS had such a history. And then again many modern words we take for granted as being new sometimes have old roots that link back to ancient times.

So the word ORMIS can be linked to persons, places and things from long ago -- and is not just a new scientific word that relates to a new discovery of a unique form of matter. Interesting…

During my research of the evolution of the graphical alphabet within my Spirit of Atlantis book project, I discovered that certain vowel and consonant symbols within many early words of the Latin Alphabet were interchangeable because spelling as we know it today was not the same back in ancient times. In fact, the most common spelling mistakes of today is the improper vowel placement within words.

So, knowing this, I did a quick review of the word ORMUS in the dictionary and discovered some interesting views. The only word I could find in my dictionary without significantly changing vowels or consonants symbols that linked to the ORMUS word was "ormolu" -- which means "ground gold". And speaking of gold -- aurous, auric, aura, aureate, and even the chemical symbol of gold "Au" can also be linked to ORMUS because "aur" and "or" sounds the same.

Using my alphabetical model of symbol origins from my Spirit of Atlantis book project, the symbols within the word ORMUS reveal some concepts that may explain what the word means.


The pictographic symbol of the letter "O" is the shape of the almighty power of the "Sun" or "Sol". The pictographic symbol of the capital letter "R" is the sideway view of the Sun rising over the horizon with a Ray of light beaming out. The pictographic symbol of the capital letter "M" is the mountain profile meaning "mount" or "high place". The pictographic symbol of the capital letter "U" means "two united" or "union". And the pictographic symbol of the capital letter "S" is the symbol "spirit" or "spiral force".

So, by applying this information to the word ORMUS, the following words can be "extracted" from the letters. Sun, Ray, Mount, Union and Spirit -- all terms that reflect a powerful entity from the heavens. Aurigua was a powerful god-like character in ancient times that drove his chariot across the sky -- and like Zeus and even Jesus, had a glowing aureole.

And speaking of the glowing aureole phenomenon, could the ORMUS subject explain how it may be possible to activate a part of the brain -- which is mostly made of a type of phosphorus, by which it could actually glow in low light conditions? Perhaps some Biblical saints knew how to accomplish this act by using the ORMUS materials in their diet. Interesting…


Gold schloger snaps… mmm, sounds good. As long as they don't have any L-Cysteine food additives in them -- I'll take some. Would they be considered as a drug if you got high on them?

Did I say Magnesium? Perhaps I said Manganese -- I also sometimes confuse the two elements. As a chemist, you want to make sure you say the proper element when mixing your experiment -- or BOOM! There goes the lab!

Epsom salts contain Magnesium and Sulfur elements -- and is found in many seashore areas. It sterilizes wounds which can lead to better health.

Same here -- perhaps that's why printed of the colloidal Gold bottle is a statement saying "This product is not intended for continuous use". Nobody really knows the full consequences if too much is taken. Too much of certain supplements can prevent the proper and essential absorption of other key dietary elements.


Same here. Laughing is good -- it's rushing nitrogen and oxygen through your lungs. It's like getting a good dose of laughing gas.


B -- you seem very knowledgeable about the ORMUS subject. Perhaps you have something to say about the following question. Are ORMUS materials inorganic or organic?

I ask this question because I assumed the material -- of which apparently there are several "metallic flavors", to be inorganic like many dietary supplements which have a long shelf life before their molecular structure breaks down. However, could ORMUS materials be organic? Could part of the process in creating ORMUS include certain biological cultures that have a symbiotic relationship with metallic and nonmetallic elements?

You said yourself that you believe ORMUS is not entirely metallic -- so if the material is more than some kind of mineral life, maybe some non-mineral life is involved that thrives on both metals and acids.

C -- you also seem knowledgeable about certain scientific subjects. Do you have any input regarding the question whether ORMUS may be inorganic or organic?


Well, what I meant to ask was do you think ORMUS materials are organic living substances -- as opposed to inorganic nonliving substances? I forgot that the farming industry now uses the term "organic" in meaning "naturally grown" food with minimal or no new chemical additives -- including pesticides.

Technically, Barry has it right -- the term organic has a very specific meaning. It refers to carbon compounds. All corporeal life is based on carbon -- or uses the carbon element in its makeup in some way.

What I was trying to introduce to the ORMUS subject was the idea that perhaps the mysterious material could consist of some kind of living electro-chemical or biological aspect in its makeup. Something like the bioluminescence phenomenon found within certain small marine animals -- or even fireflies.

Because, as Barry suggest, if I understand correctly, ORMUS materials demonstrate more non-metallic characteristics than metallic elements. And if that is so, then perhaps a special kind of life exist within ORMUS materials that may be based on elements from both sides of the Periodic Table.


Wow -- that website link to those animated crystalline images was neat. I could get lost there. The site covers the Golden Section proportion concept (or Golden Mean) and seems quite interesting.

Well, I'm still not sure about how ORMUS could cause a recursive implosion in the blood yet, but if the reaction in the blood looks like any of those animated images -- it would probably feel kind of funny.

Actually, I think your concept in trying to understand the molecular structure of the Gold element may very well help in our understanding of how the ORMUS materials form. The problem may not only be in understanding the true molecular structures involved -- but also translating it into English so other can also understand.


Again -- wow! I just finished skimming through that website link again trying to garnish relative data to our discussion -- which is hard because the tangent subjects, like fractals themselves, keep dividing into other subjects not relative to our discussion.

I did find some comments about Barry's ORMUS research work about one-third of the way through the following link:


B -- I'm interested in your input regarding the comments within the above link.

Statements from the website link like "this is how gold is the electrical wave guide seed of symmetry which steers waves toward the center non destructively" and "it seems natural that the Golden Mean - Phi Ratio would enter into the picture, in a significant way, and might (through the principle of recursion) be the key to how Fractal Embedding of Higher-Dimensional patterns of structure could carry this process out" by Jonathan J. Dickau reveal theoretical concepts that are perhaps too much hyperbole to understand by most persons -- but some of it makes serious sense to me.

Charts that classify the molecular shape of certain elements are also found at the website -- for example, Gold has an electronic "dumbbell" shape. I have a book that gives a molecular cubic layout of the structure.

And the whole idea behind this "recursive implosion" of matter phenomenon seems to suggest that molecular travel between dimensional space and time is possible if the right chemistry and physics are in place. Heavy stuff… And I thought my websites were somewhat complicated to understand because of the many tangent views within.

Anyway, the idea that the brain is capable of greater multidimensional travel because of certain dietary ORMUS material elements is defiantly plausible -- if not truly possible.


You have said that the ORMUS form of the transition elements (gold, silver, the platinum group elements, nickel, cobalt, copper and mercury) is not metallic at all. Does that mean ORMUS materials contain certain metallic elemental structures within a matrix of non-metallic elements? Is it a kind of abnormal salt that is so pure the elements within the molecular structure can't be measured without introducing some kind of bonding effect?

If so, then perhaps the Twelve Bio-tissue Salts of the body that I mention at the following website may be related to the ORMUS materials.


Lately, some talk about the supplement of "Coral Calcium" is capable of restoring "youthfulness" to the body. I believe the substance may contain a liberal amount of Calcium Fluorite. That dietary salt may also be responsible for the large native Indians which once lived in Southern Florida. Some were believed to have been nearly seven feet tall. In fact, a early native skull found on one of the islands in Florida Bay suggest this view.

Near the end of my Spirit of Atlantis book project I suggest the idea that a certain kind of crystal salt called apatite may have contained gold and when broken down into smaller particles could have been chelated by plants which, in turned, became absorbed by our early ancestors who evolved the remarkable ability of long term memory.

Do you think the Twelve Bio-tissue Salts of the body chemically relates to the ORMUS materials?


The idea that by studying the shape of small water droplets under sonic vibration to ascertain the molecular structure of how certain elemental impurities within the drop geometrically effect the design is interesting. Of course, perhaps one could also try to study the crystalline hexagram frost design pattern from the same water droplet after such test and compare data to see how a two-dimensional "print" of the object may also give relative molecular design information.

Say it was possible to absolutely understand how Gold or other elemental materials could be used as a micronutrient to improve health and extend life. And say it was also possible that this new understanding became common knowledge and people ate less conventional foods because the desire to eat only the necessary elements became stronger than their appetite or taste for a variety of flavors in food.

In other words, what if a real manna substance was chemically discovered and could be made from simple ingredients -- a very small amount of Gold may be all that is needed to sustain life. Something like chocolate that contains the right amount and type of gold would be nice.

Montezuma was said to drink no other beverage other than a chocolate milk-like substance. In fact, the word "Caribbean" translates into the concept of "carob bean" -- also known as "St. John's bread", because early European explores named the natives of what is now the Caribbean Basin area "Caribs" because they thought the beans they carried on their sailing canoes were carob beans -- but were actually cocoa beans. Check out the word "Caribbean" from within my glossary at my SOA website.


Cocoa beans were hard and durable -- and were used as money by Caribbean natives. Mixed with water and perhaps some carbonic sweetener, it can sustain life a very long time. Add a little gold and perhaps a very, very long time.


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