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This data chart is an attempt to date new Biblical Geneological timeline information to new Greco-Roman timeline information. The resulting discovery is that the last Olympiad may have taken place only about four centuries after the birth of the Biblical Patriarch Adam. If so, then the "Middle Ages" of "a thousand years", that lasted between the last Olympiad and the discovery of the New World, was only about a hundred years - and not "a thousand years" as recorded by historians in the Nuremberg Chronicle nearly five centuries ago.

Moreover, during the late Middle Ages, historians further buffered historical dates by mistakenly adopting the habit of adding an extra zero on certain important event dates in that they placed the Roman letter "M" before the original date during re-transcribing events -- therefore, the "one-thousand year" value added to a one-hundred year time period value between the fall of Rome in 392 A.D. and the discovery of the New World in 1492 A.D., known as the Middle Ages, can now be reduced to just a one-hundred year time period value beyond about five centuries ago.

Perhaps the reason religious historians added the letter "M" before the original time event dates in the late Middle Ages was that they believed in the term "thou-son" -- as in "the son of God" or in the years after "je--sus", but somehow the term became the Roman numerical value of a "thousand" or the letter "M".

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