Excerpts from the former Editor of THE FREE PRESS, Dave Whitney (7/12/89)

"If you want to spend more than a couple of evenings into a local publishing effort, tackle Duane K. McCullough's SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS - The Treasure Adventure.

By realigning historical time, McCullough argues an excellent case for the existence of Atlantis ... and that the cultures that created Atlantis influenced much of the development of the civilized world, including Greece and Rome.

McCullough believes that viable means of air transportation and radio communication during the age of Atlantis, and these, coupled with the seafaring nature of the Atlantis civilization, helped spread their influence worldwide.

McCullough's history of the Indians who inhabited South Florida and their ancient migrations to other areas of the globe makes most interesting reading.

This publication is almost more of a project than a book. It is being produced in versions as McCullough updates his data.

For the adventuresome, or just the curious, this effort provides a lot of food for thought. It's worth spending a lot of time with."

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