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Vibrant energy symbol; Arrow wing shape. (Lateen sail-rig design)

The letter set of "A.A." is a recent annual counting value system that is based on the conceptual birth date of the first Biblical patriarch named ADAM as recorded by Moses and a new scientific review of global human history. When dating historical event dates after the birth of ADAM -- or "After ADAM", the symbols "A.A." are placed after the year count. See A.D., A.T., ADAM.

The letter set of "A.D." is used by timekeepers to annually date years "After the assumed birth date of JESUS CHRIST" within the OLD WORLD GOVERNMENTAL HISTORY dating system. Believed to represent the Latin term "Anno Domini" that means "In the year of our lord", the habit of using the A.D. letter set year value count systerm relative to the birth date of JESUS CHRIST when dating an historical event within conventional human history, was established during the MIDDLE AGES by a timekeeper named Dionysius Exiguus. However, because of new historical research which suggest the controversial concept that, with the exception of the last five centuries, the "A.D." counting system is substantially incorrect because of fundamental dating errors created by influential Judaic scholars and publishers during the Renaissance. See B.C., C.E, JESUS CHRIST, JUDAIC CALENDAR, MIDDLE AGES, NUREMBERG CHRONICLE, OLD WORLD GOVERNMENTAL HISTORY, OLYMPIADS.

The letter set of "A.T." means "Atlantean Time" and is a new annual counting value calendar system based on a thousand year count date before the conceptual birth date of the first Biblical patriarch named ADAM and a new scientific review of global human history. When dating any annual event in human history after a theoretical date in time that represents the general beginning of the Atlantean Civilization, the letter set symbols of "A.T." are placed after the year count. Again, based on a thousand year count before the conceptual birth date of ADAM in 1000 A.T. -- which is used as a new known reference point in human history, the new A.T. calendar system of counting human history represents the general beginning of the Atlantean Civilization. In order to maintain "numerical continuity" with the annual count of the last five centuries that the popular -- but incorrect JUDAIC CALENDAR timeline count uses, the A.T. calendar system can be used by modern historians as a new and truthful counting system to measure real global humam history. The symbol "@" can also be used instead of the "A.T." letter set symbols. See A.A., A.D., ADAM, ATLANTEANS, JUDAIC CALENDAR.

ADAM was the first Biblical patriarch recorded by MOSES while compiling his genealogical records. ADAM was exiled from the Garden of Eden by God because he and his spouse, Eve, ate the forbidden fruit, he is believed by many to be a fictional character in ancient times because no evidence -- other than the Biblical literary records documented by MOSES, have been found as proof of his existence. However, substantial numerical literary records of his approximate birth date does exist and suggest a date in time -- which if measured properly, that should not be ignored when measuring the true annual accountability of global human history. According to new mathematical data based on Biblical records, the annual time count between ADAM and the birth of JESUS CHRIST equals only about 304 years -- or about 3,761 Helenic months, instead of the 3,761 annual count as suggested in the JUDAIC CALENDAR. See A.A., B.C., JESUS CHRIST, JUDAIC CALENDAR, NUREMBERG CHRONICLE, OLD WORLD GOVERNMENTAL HISTORY.

In Greek mythology, the AEGIS was a powerful disk or badge-like device that was used by certain gods as a defensive weapon or shield and is associated with the serpentine powers of the MEDUSA phenomenon. See MEDUSA, PARABOLIC MIRRORS.

In Norse myth, the AESIR were the gods who lived in ASGARD and were ruled by ODIN. See ASGARD.

The ALGONQUIN native INDIAN culture of eastern North AMERICA that ranged approximately from Labrador to Carolina and westward to the Great Plains once used smoke and drum signals to send messages great distances. Many unique earth mounds throughout eastern North America were built by the ALGONQUIN family of trading tribes. See AMERICA, IROQUOIAN LEAGUE, OGAM.

The essential components of this intrusive igneous rock contains potassic feldspar quarts with biotite, pyrite, zircon, monazite, magnetite, tourmaline, and ilmenite. The appearance is rosy to dark red with bluish specks and can be found in marginal intrusions leading to magmatic depths. These granite rocks are highly prized as polished building slabs and are also used extensively in the extraction of rare earth-bearing minerals. See ORICHALCH.

A system of communication based on certain symbols or sounds that express meaningful concepts when understood properly. The first alphabet used by humans was not graphical symbols but coded mathematical values that could be expressed as short or long sounds -- which also could be seen on rocks and wooden artifacts as lineal patterns of dots with line markings. The Latin alphabet is the result of five graphical vowel symbols that is interlaced among consonantal graphical symbols in such a way as to allow for a system of communication that is less repetitious and easier to memorize than the binary OGAMIC alphabet of early man. New scientific research also reveals that the modern Latin alphabet is based on ancient symbols that have pictographic origins which in some cases can spell a statement within a word if interpreted properly. See OGAM.

An elevated place upon which a FONT receptacle was originally used to burn sacrificial offerings for religious purposes. See ARA.

AMEN-RA or AMEN was a nobel Egyptian god that was depicted as wearing a flat crown surmounted by two tall attenna-like wide plumes. A new theory suggest that AMEN or the "A-MAN" represents a nobel person who, in ancient Egypt, was capable of receiving "wireless messages" byway of his "crown antenna" and "crystal receiver" radio device. The Greek spelling of AMEN is AMMON.

The AMEN statement is voiced at the end of a prayer and is used to express a solemn ratification or hearty approval of what is stated in the prayer.

Many believe the continents of AMERICA were named almost five centuries ago by several European mapmakers in honor of the Italian sailor Amerigo Vespucci who charted portions of the western Atlantic during his expeditions. However, because North and South AMERICA are technically two continents that would have been considered as one vast island to other seafarers at the time they were discovered. AMERICA is also identified as the New World wherein many believe the native inhabitants are not natives of the New World, but migrated from eastern Asia during the last Ice Age. But, new scientific anthropological studies suggest a unique version of early man, known as modern CRO-MAGNON MAN -- which many believe originated in Western Europe, may have, in fact, originated within the New World continents of AMERICA -- and nautically colonized the shores of Afro-Eurasia. The term AMERICA may also be related to a sponsor of the English seafarer John Cabot known by the name of Richard Amerike. Once a Sheriff and Customs Officer of the port of Bristol, Amerike supplied John Cabot in his voyages to the New World with the deal that if any new lands were found, his name would be associated with the discovery. Also, according to a new concept regarding how Amerigo Vespucci could have acquired coastal maping data of eastern North America, he may have been aboard a Spanish ship who encountered John Cabot's ship in the Caribbean and, after "plundering" the map work of the English explorer, returned to Europe with his mapping data. See ARMORICA, CRO-MAGNON MAN.

The Latin statement "ANNUIT COEPTIS" is found within "the great seal" emblem on the back of the United States dollar bill just above the "eye of God" pyramid image. New scientific studies suggest the statement expresses a conceptual view in which early timekeepers once used special crystal-base paint or magnetically ingrained stone material to optically reflect radiant starlight energy from pyramid tops toward a nearby viewpoint area -- so that "starlight energy" could be as an annual measuring technique to mark the beginning of a new year. "ANNUIT COEPTIS" may mean "annual conception" or "yearly beginning" as a scientific statement when early timekeepers and governmental leaders wanted to express a method of measuring and counting annual time for official public record keeping. This scientific statement became the "new selected order" -- as in the "Novus Ordo Seclorum" Latin statement also found within "the great seal" emblem on the back of the US dollar bill.

A term meaning or relating to a timeless age wherein historical events "before the deluge" or "before the Biblical Flood" took place. Because the destruction of the Atlantean Maritime Kingdom was the result of COMET PHAETHON, which caused the Biblical Flood, all global historical events and artifacts of that time period belong to the ANTIDELUVIAN era. See ATLANTIS 1.

A constellation in the Southern Hemisphere just south of the constellation Scorpio. ARA represents the burning altar device once used by religious leaders to communicate with supernatural forces. See ALTAR, FONT.

The ARK OF THE COVENANT was a transportable radio chest capable of transmitting wireless messages by way of a particle-beam "arc-like" tower. Used by MOSES to communicate with "the lord" and later brought to Jerusalem by David, it is believed that the radio chest used a coded binary language based on the Ogamic alphabet -- which MOSES converted into the paragraphical scripture alphabet of the Hebrews while writing the first five books of the Old Testament known as the Pentateuch. See OGAM, TOWER OF BABEL,BURNING BUSH.

The Latin name of what is now northwestern France and the British Isles was once called ARMORICA because the Celtic words AR - or "on", and MOR - or mar, meaning "sea" as in "marine", portrayed a realm that was "upon the sea". It was here and in the English Channel that according to Caesar's war diary the area tribes were defeated because on the day of a major battle, there was no wind to drive the great sail-powered ships of the Celtic fleet, and as a consequence, the Roman manpowered galleys outmaneuvered their opponents and conquered the realm. See AMERICA.

In Norse myth, the heavenly city where the great gods lived. It was connected to earth by a "rainbow bridge" known as BIFROST. See BIFROST.

The New World of both north and south AMERICA is, by all respects, the ATLANTEAN CONTINENT that was "lost" during the Biblical Flood and then was "rediscovered" some five centuries ago by European seafarers. See ATLANTIS 1, BACON, FRANCIS.

The native maritime inhabitants of the lost kingdom of ATLANTIS were known as the ATLANTEANS -- whose realm included the shores of all global continents, but became focused in what is now the American and Afro-Euraisan continents. Plato's Atlantean dialogues suggest that the inhabitants of the Hellenic region of the upper eastern Mediterranean realm rebelled against the global maritime kingdom of ATLANTIS just before a worldwide earthquake and flood event destroyed both governments. The ATLANTEANS played an important cultural role in Western History -- but that role was made obscured when the rogue COMET PHAETHON caused a global flood and destroyed the seafaring trade links that once united them. See ARMORICA, ATLANTIS 1.

According to Plato, ATLANTIS was once three entities -- a great capital seaport, a large island continent, and the largest ever known maritime kingdom that used a remarkable technology to build a global trade system. Although the capital seaport and island continent is now understood by some to be located in the western Atlantic, west from the Pillars of Hercules (Straits of Gibraltar) -- the maritime kingdom also once included Tyrrhenia (Italy) and Libya (north Africa). In his Dialogues, TIMAEUS and CRITIAS, PLATO documented that the capital city of ATLANTIS was engulfed by a major earthquake and sank into the Atlantic realm long ago. The Dialogues also refer to the idea that just before the earthquake, the inhabitants of ATLANTIS -- and their Old World allies, were attempting to "control" or "invade" the Hellenic region of the upper eastern Mediterranean realm. Some translators of Plato's Dialogues have dated his story of ATLANTIS to over nine-thousand years before Plato himself -- however, new scientific data suggest that the destruction of ATLANTIS can now be dated to only a few generations before the life of PLATO. This new scientific research also now suggest that the lost Atlantean capital seaport once existed in Central AMERICA within GUATEMALA in LAKE IZABAL and that the lost Atlantean continent is now known as the American continents. Plato's story has the appearance of being fictional because for many centuries no apparent tangible evidence of the lost Atlantean seaport or continent realm has been found by conventional historians. Question as to the actual existence of ATLANTIS has inspired much literature regarding ancient history and lost civilizations. See AMERICA, ARMORICA, ATLANTEANS, ATLAS, PLATO.

ATLANTIS is a name given by the space agency of the United States government -- known as NASA, to one of its most sophisticated aerospace planes. As one of the five original American spacecraft, ATLANTIS represents one of the most important treasures in the field of aerospace.

According to Greek legend, ATLAS was a Titan -- who, after the defeat of the Titans in their war with the Olympians, was condemned to bear the responsibility of the heavens upon his shoulders. Although his grandfather OCEANUS may have began the foundation of the Atlantean Maritime Kingdom, it was King ATLAS who inherited the throne and united the kingdom.

The AZTECS were the native Indians that Cortez encountered when he marched westward from the east coast of what is now central Mexico. Led by Montezuma, the AZTECS were a collection of Nahuatl tribes that, at the time of the European Conquest of the New World, consolidated their governmental power from a greater regional culture that once existed long before Cortez conquered them with guns, armor and mounted horses. The AZTECS once conquered the TOLTECS who, in turned, invaded the Mayan realm several generations earlier.

Bed base symbol; catamaran house shape. (End view of boat)

BAAL or BEL was an ancient sun god worshipped by the PHOENICIANS -- who's ogamic symbols of "B" and "L" represent a set of three vertical strikes that is the mark of "BEL" or "BAL". The "mark of BEL" has been found in places where the person or followers of the person may have visited or lived. See BELIZE, BELUS, OGAM, PHOENICIANS.

The letter set of "B.C." is used by timekeepers to annually date years "Before the assumed birth date of JESUS CHRIST" -- or years "Before Christ", within the OLD WORLD GOVERNMENTAL HISTORY dating system. Believed by many historians to be first establish in print by Judaic scholars while compiling historical data for the NUREMBERG CHRONICLE book project in 1493 A.D., the B.C. annual counting system -- which counts backwards in time from the assumed birth date of JESUS CHRIST, attempts to catalog part of the historical dates of GRECO-ROMAN HISTORY and all of the historical dates of the Old Testament Era as established within the OLD WORLD GOVERNMENTAL HISTORY dating system. However, new historical research -- which suggest the controversial concept that the OLD WORLD GOVERNMENTAL HISTORY dating system is substantially incorrect because of fundamental dating errors created by influential Judaic scholars and publishers during the Renaissance, the "B.C." counting system needs to be "seriously updated" and "recalculated" by modern historical scholars if used to truely measure the important event dates of human history. See A.A., A.D., A.T., C.E., GRECO-ROMAN HISTORY, JUDAIC CALENDAR, OLD WORLD GOVERNMENTAL HISTORY, NUREMBERG CHRONICLE, OLYMPIADS.

Formally the country of British Honduras, BELIZE is now a country that comprises a large portion of the southeastern Yucatan Peninsula. The word "Belize" is believed to have originated from the word "beacon" -- which, according to one theory, may have been from several light beacons found along the eastern shore. However, a new theory suggest that a larger "beacon" may have once existed in the area just south of BELIZE near LAKE IZABAL wherein a large parabolic dish once beamed chemical energy high into the sky. This unique beacon device may have been located at the once great seaport of ATLANTIS -- but now, what is left of the site area is only a small trading post called El Estor -- which means "the store". BELIZE was founded by British log cutters and traders who used to "go to the store" at El Estor up the Rio Dulce to LAKE IZABAL. The second largest barrier reef in the world lies along the eastern shore wherein on Lighthouse Reef exist a unique mysterious sinkhole.


In Norse myth, BIFROST was the "rainbow bridge" that the great gods used in ANTIDELUVIAN times to communicate or travel to and from ASGARD in heaven and the earth below. See ANTIDELUVIAN and ASGARD.

The fiery device that Moses communicated with "the Lord". This plasmatic static field generated by certain electrochemical reactions was capable of wireless Amplitude Modulation signals. The device was related in design and purpose to the ARK OF THE COVENANT. (Exodus 3:2) See ARA, TOWER OF BABEL, PARABOLIC MIRRORS.

Calendar time symbol; Crescent moon shape. (100 moons equals about 8 years)

Used by HERMES as a "prop device", the CADUCEUS was a wing-topped staff tool that looked as if two snakes spiraled around the main shaft. This gyrostatic wand device may have once been useful in stabilizing or powering the flight of HERMES' glider. It is now identified with the symbol of healing because it was once capable of entertaining observers with amazing aerial acrobatic tricks and therefore curing injured minds. See GOLDEN FLEECE.

The word CARIBBEAN is based on the perspective that when European explorers first visited the western tropical Atlantic realm they met native seafarers which carried with them edible beans for trade. Thought to be a version of the European legume called CAROB, the explorers named these native seafarers CARIBS that traded BEANS - and thus the name of the realm became known as the CARIBBEAN. However, the bean in question was not CAROB, but was rather COCOA - as in COCOA BEANS and is used to make THEOBROMINE CHOCOLATE - or "God's food" (Theo-broth). Both CAROB and COCOA are rich in natural nutrients, but COCOA contains the accelerate alkaloid CAFFEINE -- which may have been the special "spice" that Columbus heard about because it came from places like JAVA and CATHAY (Coffee and Cafe). CAROB beans are smaller than COCOA beans and was the assumed food that St. John used to survive in the "wilderness" during his "western wanderings".

C.E. -- or "Common Era", is a relatively new annual counting system based on the conceptual date of JESUS CHRIST and the OLD WORLD GOVERNMENTAL HISTORY dating system. When dating historical events, the symbols "C.E." are placed adjacent to the year count relating to the approximate birth of JESUS CHRIST. The symbols "B.C.E." are used to express year events before the "Common Era". Both C.E. and B.C.E. are used by secular historians who try to date historical events without actually recongnizing the religious date of JESUS CHRIST. See A.D., B.C., JUDAIC CALENDAR.

CERUS -- or "White Lead", is made of lead carbonate and was once used as a waxy paint material to coat large surfaces. Plato said that the outer wall of the seaport city of Atlantis was covered with CERUSE -- and if so, then perhaps the ATLANTEANS -- and other ancient governments in ANTIDELUVIAN times, may have suffered from SATURNISM, which in turned, could have resulted in a great civil war among our ancestors before the Biblical Flood event. See SATURNISM.

CHANUKAH is a yearly celebration ceremony lasting eight days and is practiced by the Hebrews which dedicates the reconstruction of a Judaic temple in Jerusalem after being victorious over the Assyrian occupation of the city. The ceremony is linked to a Judaic story wherein a special seven branched candelabrum -- known as a MENORAH, stayed miraculously lit in the temple much longer than it was capable because the oil within was only enough for one day. However, CHANUKAH was originally part of an annual time marking ceremony in which each day of the last week of a 52-week calendar of seven days a week was marked with lighting one of the seven candles. Later, when it was learned that there exist more than 364 days in a year, the MENORAH lamp added an extra candle -- making it an eight count timekeeping tool, to account for the extra "pass-over" day to mark 365 days a year. A nine candle version MENORAH lamp may be based on the idea that every four years -- or so, another extra "pass-over" day candle was needed to balance the annual solar count of time for the Hebrews within the region where other tribes used the popular lunar count calendar system. The CHANUKAH time marking ceremony also gave light to the "longest nights of the year" and is also associated with the "festival of lights" event that is similar to the CHRISTMAS season used by Christians wherein colorful lights are used in the celebration of JESUS CHRIST's birthday. See CHRISTMAS, JUBILEE, MENORAH, OLYMPIADS.

The annual celebration of JESUS CHRIST's birthday, CHRISTMAS is identified with a celestial event in which "the star of Bethlehem" appeared in the sky long ago. The spirit of the annual event marks a period of time when many express thankfulness and merriment. The traditional habit of placing a conical shape tree with bright decorations within the main family room may be based on an ancient memory about how our ancestors once used a similar conical-like fountain beam of sparkling energy that transmitted wireless messages for communication reasons. New research suggest that although JESUS CHRIST was born on CHRISTMAS, his "Coronation event" may have taken place three months later as "the nativity scene" in March under the "Eastern Star" event -- or "Easter" event of Comet Halley in the year of 1302 A.T.. See CHANUKAH, JUBILEE, ARK OF THE COVENANT.

Based on a new scientific review of human history and a new theory of what happened to ATLANTIS in ANTIDELUVIAN times, COMET PHAETHON was a catastrophic celestial event that destroyed the protective ozone layer of earth when a rogue comet crashed into the sun just over nine centuries ago. The naming of this event is based on the Greek mythical legend wherein PHAETHON -- which was a son of the celestial god in charge of piloting the daily solar chariot across the sky, misdirected his father's chariot too close to the earth and burnt the surface. PLATO also refers to the PHAETHON legend when he describes the destruction of ATLANTIS. Also, the significance of a large super nova event in the Crab Nebula -- which could have also created a Gamma-Ray burst event, dated to about nine and a half centuries ago, may relate to the cause of the COMET PHAETHON event. See PHAETHON and WORMWOOD.

In the winter of 1976 A.D.(1976 A.T.), COMET WEST was a spectacular sight in the early morning hours for almost a week before it eventually broke up into four parts and crashed into the sun. That year, earthquakes killed well over half a million people in China and nearly twenty-five thousand people in GUATEMALA. The epicenter of the GUATEMALA quake was only several miles from the western side of LAKE IZABAL -- which is the now believed site of the lost seaport and garden city of ATLANTIS. Many other earthquakes and destructive weather related events also took place around the globe that year which may be related to the breakup of COMET WEST. See COMET PHAETHON.

The CREEK INDIANS were a tribal family of American INDIANS native to southeastern North AMERICA that traveled more byway of canoe than walking on land. Known to wear Mohawk haircuts, similar to Greek and Roman helmet designs, CREEK INDIANS are related to many other maritime Indians of North America. See SEMINOLE INDIANS.

A refractory vessel used for heating substances to very high temperatures. Some CRUCIBLE vessels use ceramic materials in their makeup -- but the element of Platinum has been used throughout history to contain hot liquid metal materials. See ARA, HOLY GRAIL, PARABOLIC MIRRORS.

A device that uses a piezoelectric crystal to convert audible vibrations into electric impulses. See MONSTRANCE.

A form of writing on clay tablets using a wedge stylist, CUNIEFORM is a graphical method of expressing alphanumerical ideas based on images without any vowel rules. Used by the Sumerians of the Middle East, this ancient alphabet was superseded by ink-based scriptural writing when the PHOENICIANS colonized the realm long ago. See PHOENICIANS.

Drive apart symbol; Delta wedge shape.

The concept of DEMOCRACY is based on the simple principle that when making an important public decision, the majority vote should prevail because the will of the majority outweighs the wants of the minority. The methods of implementing a governmental institution based on this simple principle can be complicated, but are made proper if a pluralistic party system is used. Having a viable alternative in choosing between two or more forms of political parties improves the chances of greater governmental management -- because if one party should fail, the other party, or parties, would have at least some experience in directing the affairs of the country. The origins of the first democratic government can be traced to the Atlantean Maritime Kingdom wherein Plato wrote: "The king should have no power over the life of any kinsmen, save with the approval of more than half of the ten". See ATLANTEANS.

Emitting power symbol; Eastern sunrise direction sign. (Trident force design)

The Anglo-Saxon peoples of Northern Europe and the British Isles may have invented the alphabetical rules of ENGLISH, but the ENGLISH language and vocabulary -- together with the Latin alphabet, was developed over many generations throughout the world. Although there are many forms of Latin, the ENGLISH version retains greater typographical perimeters than all others, and is read by more than 400 million people. Moreover, the ENGLISH language has been spoken on the moon -- a claim that no other language can match.

A scientific movement devoted to the enrichment of the human species by regulating heredity.

A scientific movement dedicated to improve the human species by managing the environment.

The EXCALIBUR is identified as the sword of King Arthur. This thermoelectric tool was capable of scoring through stone by using a thermit-like substance -- such as Staurolite stone crystals, and a parabolic lens of Platinum -- which can focus the "electromagnetic fire" into a "plasmatic beam" of burning energy -- much like the fictional "Light-Saber" weapon sword as seen in the movie series "Star Wars". According to legend, King Arthur -- together with his mentor Merlin, discovered a way to "pull the energy of a sword out of a stone" -- and therefore, became the ruler of the British Maritime Kingdom long ago. See HOLY GRAIL, PARABOLIC MIRRORS.

Folk emblem symbol; Flying flag shape.

According to Genesis 3.24, a FLAMING SWORD "which turned every way" was placed at the east of the GARDEN OF EDEN "to keep the way of the tree of life". New scientific research suggest that this ancient fiery apparition may have been a parabolic lens fitted to a gimbal device which could beam PIEZOELECTRIC energy great distances. See TOWER OF BABEL, PARABOLIC MIRRORS.

FRANCIS BACON was a famous English literary scholar who wrote many important stories during the time of Shakespeare some four centuries ago. In his work entitled "The New Atlantis", FRANCIS BACON suggest the idea that the lost continent of ATLANTIS was renamed "AMERICA" by conventional scholars who, because they did not realize or forgot the historical significance of the location and reality of the legendary civilization. See AMERICA, ATLANTIS 1.

In Norse myth, FREYA was the daughter of ODIN (or Njord) and Frigga. She is identified with the goddess of love and beauty. FREYA wore a unique suit or dress that allowed her to fly like a Frigate bird from ASGARD. See ASGARD.

A bowl-like receptacle near the ALTAR used to hold water or fuel for a lamp. See ARA, CRUCIBLE, PARABOLIC MIRRORS.

Spirit force symbol; Gyroscopic path sign.

A time period that includes both Greek and Roman history is also known as GRECO-ROMAN HISTORY. Basically measured by the OLYMPIAD count of 292 events, some historians also include the time period beyond the last OLYMPIAD until Rome was "sacked" by the "barbarian invasions". See A.D., MIDDLE AGES, OLYMPIAD.

The supreme ruling spirit-like being that many refer to as the "good force" in nature. First recorded in print by Moses in his Pentateuch scriptures, GOD is the almighty lord who directs his destiny by speaking to him from the BURNING BUSH. According to Plato, a regional kingdom within or near the Pillars of Hercules was once named Gadira and was once one of the original ten maritime kingdoms from the Atlantean age. See BURNING BUSH.

An unreactive transition metal, GOLD is the most durable, ductile and elastic element of the PERIODIC TABLE OF ELEMENTS. GOLD is found naturally as crystals, accumulated grains in quarts, solid nuggets in placer deposits, and even as microscopic particles in seawater. The only malleable yellow metal, GOLD serves as a monetary reserve material and is used in jewelry, scientific apparatus equipment, dentistry and photography. Highly resistant to acids and corrosion, pure GOLD does not oxidize at all and conducts electricity better than any element except silver. GOLD-chlorite salts are used to treat arthritis because of malleability of the GOLD within the salt -- however, the poisonius clorine element within the salt mixture limits the healthy use of the treatment. The dietary accumulation of chelated GOLD byway of certain plants or animals may help in cellular durability in the body resulting in better memory during cell replication. GOLD can be become soluble in a solution of four parts hydrochloric acid to one part manganese oxide. Throughout human history, the quest to acquire GOLD -- and the monetary value it represents, has resulted in more human endeavors in search of treasure than any other metallic element.

Identified as the "wondrous ram" that HERMES piloted during the heroic rescue of two children near a seaside cliff, the GOLDEN FLEECE is a lost deltoid kite design -- which was a ram-like aircraft, that was once used in ANTIDELUVIAN times to carry messages and perhaps small cargo items between outpost of the Atlantean Maritime Kingdom. Related to the CADUCEUS design because of its amazing and enchanting mental healing qualities, this ancient aircraft design -- with its recurved ram-like horn wings, was the treasure item that Jason and his Argonauts searched for in their nautical quest long ago. See CADUCEUS, HERMES.

The GOLDEN SECTION is a term that describes a unique measurement phenomenon in nature wherein the off-centered proportional finite value of about 5 to 8 represents a measurement with infinite values. Valued at the 61.8% mark, this proportional value can be used in design and construction to build stronger items than if divided at the 50% mark. Early logos of this unique and yet natural concept can be found in the pentagonal star and even the Latin Cross. The mathematical concept known as the Fibonacci Sequences are also founded on this special proportional principle of measurement.

The Latin name given to most all of Central AMERICA during the early Spanish conquest was GUATEMALA. Now a country name of a region located southeast of Mexico, west and southwest of BELIZE and northwest of Honduras, the capital lies near a lake named Lake Atitlan and nearby volcanoes are evidence of substantial geological transformation action still taking place in the area. Because the origin of the word GUATEMALA can be divided as meaning: "GUA = Agua = water", "TE = the", "MALA = maia", the word also suggest a meaning of "Mother of the water" -- which is associated with the eldest daughter of King ATLAS known as MAIA.

Home place symbol; floor plan design.

According to legend, HELIOS was the Greek sun god who flew his helicopter-like chariot across the sky every day. HELIOS had a son named Aeetes who stole the GOLDEN FLEECE, but lost it to Jason and the Argonauts. See GOLDEN FLEECE.

HERMES was an Olympian messenger of the Greek gods. He was usually shown wearing a winged hat with winged sandals -- and carrying the CADUCEUS wand. His father and mother were ZEUS and MAIA. HERMES was the hero pilot that flew the ram-like GOLDEN FLEECE aircraft to save two children from being sacrificed by a greedy king from a seaside cliff. He is identified in Roman mythology as Mercury because of his ability to move "quickly". See GOLDEN FLEECE.

Much like the Pleiades, the HESPERIDES are associated with the Daughters of King ATLAS -- and lived on an enchanted island in the western sea where they grew GOLDEN APPLES in their garden. A fiery dragon-like apparition guarded their garden much like the FLAMING SWORD guarded the garden of Eden.

According to a cryptic Welsh poem, the HOLY GRAIL was a "magic cauldron" at the end of "the rainbow" that King Arthur and his men searched for. Later, the story became identified with the "Silver Chalice" that Christ used at the Last Supper. It was capable of "enlightening the masses". See BIFROST, EXCALIBUR, PARABOLIC MIRRORS.

HOMO ERECTUS is considered the first primate to use any significant tool and to walk upright. Found in Africa and some variants of this species in Asia, HOMO ERECTUS did not create fire but may have used it.

Individual life symbol; Upright post image sign.

The origin of the word "Indian" comes from the enterprising concept in which tribes who traded in indigo dye were referred to as "INDIANS" by European merchants. Indigo dye was very useful in making permanent inks and coloring matter in items of trade. From the PHOENICIANS, who gathered royal purple dye from shellfish fluids to other seafaring peoples that gathered indigo plants and wood for trade, all were originally referred to as "traders of indigo" or "INDIANS". See PHOENICIANS.

A collection of many tribes native to the upper central North AMERICA continent, the IROQUOIAN LEAGUE displayed traits of democratic rule at a time when early European colonist still govern themselves by autocratic rule. Eventually the league fell apart when the forces of European colonial expansion dismembered them and used them as surrogates in their wars over territorial lands in the New World. Over time, the democratic habits of the IROQUOIAN LEAGUE were reborn in the new colony governments of what became the United States of AMERICA. See ATLANTEANS, AMERICA, INDIANS.

Legal letter symbol; Check mark sign.

One of the most important persons to have existed in ancient times, JESUS CHRIST was a teacher of good moral values who was publicly sacrificed by the government on a high-cross pole as an everlasting reminder of how "the good" can be destroyed by "human ignorance". The conventional date of his birth nearly twenty centuries ago is now being challenged by new scientific data which suggest he lived only about seven centuries ago. JESUS CHRIST eventually replaced the spiritual leader of the Grecian Empire once known as "The Zeus" -- or ZEUS. See A.D., MOSES, ZEUS.

The word JUBILEE is mentioned in the Holy Bible -- in Leviticus 25.8-9, as a ceremonial time event that took place about every 50 years. The original ceremonial time event was actually an annual "pass-over day" -- or "leap day" event, that also became identified with other time alignment ceremonial events. (Ju = the, BIL = bell = ringing the Bell -- or blowing the ram's horn) See CHRISTMAS, OLYMPIADS.

Based on a popular misunderstanding of the JUBILEE count value from Hebrew record keeping data within the Holy Bible -- and also the annual miscalculation of OLD WORLD GOVERNMENTAL HISTORY by Judaic scholars during the book publication of the NUREMBERG CHRONICLE just after the MIDDLE AGES in 1493 A.D., the JUDAIC CALENDAR represents the conventional annual timeline of human history -- which also equals the B.C./A.D. timeline count. See A.A., A.D., A.T., ADAM, B.C., JUBILEE, MIDDLE AGES, NUREMBERG CHRONICLE, OLD WORLD GOVERNMENTAL HISTORY, OLYMPIADS.

Calendar leader symbol; Crescent angle sign. (Crown keeper)

Sometimes misidentified as the wind-god Quetzalcoatl, KUKULCAN may have been the baldheaded oriental monk who also knew how to fly long tailed kites that mesmerized onlookers. KUKULCAN arrived about the time of the Toltec invasion of what is now Central America which disrupted the annual timekeeping ways of the MAYA. Human sacrificial habits also appeared about the time when KUKULCAN arrived on the scene. See QUETZALCOATL, TOLTECS.

Legal lesson symbol; Square ruler shape. (Measuring tool design)

A unique lake in eastern Guatemala that sits upon a major fault line which separates the American Plate from the Caribbean Plate, LAKE IZABAL is the site area from which native traders from north and south America and the West Indies sailed to and exchange items of commerce long ago. Open to the Caribbean Sea byway of the Rio Dulce waterway, this lake area was the home to where the original natives once carved a major city out of a nearby rock hill that became the lost site of history's greatest mystery -- the garden seaport city of ATLANTIS.

LEAD is a very heavy -- yet soft, metallic element that is poisonous if ingested. It is identified as the chemical symbol "Pb" because the Romans used it in their "Plumbing". Many believe that the Roman Empire was slowly poisoned because their drinking water was contaminated by the LEAD plumbing they used. The discovery of LEAD as a slow poison was not discovered until about a century ago. The use of LEAD by humans throughout history has resulted in much discord among families and communities. See SATURNISM, CERUSE.

High place symbol; Mountain profile shape.

First of the seven daughters to Atlas and Pleione, MAIA was beloved by Zeus and gave birth to Hermes. It is believed that the month of May was named in her honor because of the Spring ceremonies in which "May-flowers" were offered as tribute to the "Mother-goddess". (MAIA = Ma = Mother) Also the brightest star in the Pleiades star group. See MAYA 1, MAYA 2.

The element MANGANESE is a metal that sits adjacent to the iron element in the Periodic Table of the Elements. Unlike Iron, MANGANESE does not oxidize very easily and is non-magnetic. Found in places like nodules on the ocean floor and within mangrove trees, MANGANESE is said to be able to improve memory in body cells if absorbed properly. Having the same atomic diameter as the iron element, MANGANESE can replace iron in the body -- however, "rusted" iron is essential in carrying oxygen throughout the body.

The word "MAYA" is the general term given to the native inhabitants of the Yucatan and Guatemalan realm and who's pre-Columbian culture -- who used the MAYAN CALENDAR, was once the site of a great Middle American civilization that flourished until the conquest of the TOLTECS. Their knowledge of calendrical mathematics created a Solar calendar as accurate as the Julian Calendar. See GUATEMALA, MAYAN CALENDAR.

The mother of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha was named MAYA -- which is an interesting coiencidence because the Mayan Civilization was located in GUATEMALA.

The conventional MAYAN CALENDAR timeline count was "invented" nearly a century ago by several important scholars who believed they figured out how the MAYA recorded their historical dates. Much like the JUDAIC CALENDAR timeline count, these scholars believed the MAYA used a calendar based on a begining date of over five thousand years ago. However, based on a new understanding of how the MAYA really counted time, a new set of discoveries in how the Maya truly counted time is now challenging the conventional MAYAN CALENDAR timeline count theory. This new time counting system uses a unique numerical concept in deciphering glyphic emblems found throughout the Mayan realm -- and links these emblems to a new counting formula of annual dates. Because the Mayans used a "long count theory" system of measuring annual time -- and is based on "stacking the numbers" -- wherein the first 77% of the conventional MAYAN CALENDAR timeline count was never counted by the MAYA, this new understanding of how the MAYA really counted time suggest the Mayan Civilization started recording their history less than nine centuries ago. Based on the "tun" glyphic emblem -- where both a year day and a seasonal day announcement system was used, this new understanding of the MAYAN CALENDAR suggest a much smaller timeline count than the conventional MAYAN CALENDAR timeline count theory. And because the discovery that the "tun" glyphic emblem resembles and represents a steam-powered "whistle box" that announced a calendrical date of both a season and a year count, a new timeline of understanding the true annual history of Mayan Civilization awaits discovery -- therefore, the real MAYAN CALENDAR timeline count should be public knowledge. See MAYA 1.

A special seven branched candelabrum used by Hebrews to celebrate CHANUKAH, the MENORAH was once a candel tool to measure an annual time marking ceremony in which each day of the last week of a fifty-two week calendar of seven days a week was marked with lighting one of the seven candles. Later, when it was learned that there exist more than 364 days in a year, the MENORAH lamp added an extra candle to account for the extra “pass-over” day to mark 365 days a year -- which made it an eight unit candelabrum. A nine candle version MENORA may be based on the idea that for every four years, another extra “pass-over” candle was needed to the design in order to balance the 365.25 full solar year count. The MENORAH lamp was once used as a "pass-over" day counting tool at the end of a solar calendar that superceeded a popular lunar count calendar count system of the region. See CHANUKAH, CHRISTMAS, JUBILEE, OLYMPIADS.

Related to the Mayan family of native peoples and the SEMINOLE INDIANS, the MIAMI INDIANS of Florida and the Ohio Valley were a tribe of New World INDIANS that once used the Ogamic alphabet during trade and travel events -- which suggest historical links to the antediluvian maritime kingdom of ATLANTIS. See ATLANTEANS, OGAM.

The MIDDLE AGES is a block of annual time that represents the time period of human events between ancient GRECO-ROMAN history and modern history. Establish by the NUREMBERG CHRONICLE book project during the late Renaissance as having the value of about a thousand years, the true annual value of the MIDDLE AGES can now be measured to only about one century in length because of major mathematical and calendrical mistakes recently discovered within the book project. See A.D., B.C., JUDAIC CALENDAR, NUREMBERG CHRONICLE.

MIYA-JIMA is an ancient Japanese shrine near Hiroshima dated to the same time period in which Sino-seafarers embarked eastward in "junk ships" to answer tales of treasure "beyond the sunrise".

MODERN CRO-MAGNON MAN is considered the first prototype of the Homo Sapiens species. All living human beings are based on the anatomical design of CRO-MAGNON MAN -- which is associated with human bone remains found in a western European cave that many paleontologists believe represents the latest matrix of human evolution. Used a wide range of tools and began the science of farming. Creates fire and sometimes knows how to use it wisely.

A MONSTRANCE is a standing vessel located near the alter within a Christian church by which the "Host is shown or exposed to the multitude". The word "monstrosity" originated from these sometimes large and highly elaborate vessels built in ancient times. See ALTAR, CRYSTAL MICROPHONE.

A biblical lawgiver and writer of the Pentateuch, MOSES liberated the working slaves of Egypt and lead them between a large mirage near the Sinai desert and the "reed sea" that appeared as a "wall of water". While MOSES documented his exodus in the Old Testament, he was given commandments from GOD byway of a tabernacle "pillar of fire" apparatus and BURNING BUSH device. Believed by many to be the first worshiper of a monotheistic religion related to ADAM and Abraham in an era when the art of worship included many idols and symbols of divine energy, MOSES represents the common holy leader in Hebraic and Christian religions. MOSES also created the paragraphical linear Hebrew alphabet from Ogamic code values and PHOENICIAN logograms by using a scripture method of writing. See BURNING BUSH, JESUS CHRIST.

Natural north symbol; Up angle mark. (Ending statement sign)

NEANDERTHAL MAN is considered by some as an "unwise" version of early humans -- that is, not of the Homo Sapiens species, because species left little evidence of creating tools and no signs of farming. Native to Eurasia, this proto-human used fire, but probably did not create it.

Many believe that SAINT NICHOLAS, personified at CHRISTMAS as Santa Claus, was once a bishop that sailed around Europe and gave gifts to children -- however, the spirit of Santa Claus is based on a much older mythical view of a father-like character who was capable of piloting a flying chariot and rewarding patrons with gifts once a year. OCEANUS (NICO = OCIN = OCEAN) was once a father god that, according to legend, also flew his chariot across the sky like HELIOS flew his helicopter-like car. See CHRISTMAS, HELIOS, OCEANUS.

The name of a great Indian chief in what is now the country of Nicaragua was called NICO. He was said to have controlled a vast realm near what is now Lake Nicaragua during the early Spanish Conquest of Latin America. The capital of Nicaragua is named Managua as in the term "water-man" (Aqua = water).

The "mighty hunter before the Lord" (Genesis 10:9), NIMROD was the rebellious Assyrian King that built the TOWER OF BABEL. See BAAL, BEL, ON, TOWER OF BABEL.

Published by Hartmann Schedel one year after Columbus discovered a vast continental realm in the western Atlantic, the NUREMBERG CHRONICLE is a set of illustrative works that outlines and chronicles Western History from the first Patriarch named ADAM to the Renaissance. Believed to have been used as reference material by other influential historians during the early printing era just after the MIDDLE AGES, this historical artwork and timeline book project of the B.C./A.D. timescale is why conventional OLD WORLD GOVERNMENTAL HISTORY and the JUDAIC CALENDAR timeline is what it is -- an inflated annual record of human events that was created in an age when most scholars had a very poor understanding of true global history. See A.D., B.C., C.E, JUDAIC CALENDAR, MIDDLE AGES, OLD WORLD GOVERNMENTAL HISTORY.

Circle sunlight symbol; Zero loop sign. (Spherical orb)

OCEANUS was the Titan lord of the waters beyond the Greek world. Grandfather to King ATLAS, OCEANUS controlled the realm of the Titans and his name lives on in the Latin name OCEAN.

In Norse myth, ODIN was the leader of the AESIR in the city of ASGARD. See ASGARD.

OGHAM is the alphabet once by the ATLANTEANS. Ogamic inscriptions have been found extensively throughout the British Isles and are now being discovered at sites in the New World and along the coast of western Europe. The primary Ogamic letters consist of fifteen consonants, which are displayed as simple linear marks, and five dot-like vowels. Other versions also include five diphthongs that are simple marks upon or adjacent to the main path line. Existing samples are somewhat short in length but contain important linguistic information. Ogamic communication techniques, which include drum beat patterns and smoke signal transmissions, could be sent over great distances. Even the fingers of the hand can gesture in Ogamic code. The western ATLANTEANS once used this lost style of sending messages among their colonies, but abandoned it after the Biblical Flood event in favor of the less repetitious "graphical" symbol layout of the Latin alphabet.

The OLYMPIADS were originally an annual ceremony used by the early Greco-Romans to mark the four seasons with a "leap day" -- or "passover" day event so that a seven-day weekly calendar would equal 365 days every year. However, during the 77th Olympiad, the Hellenic government changed a 7-day weekly count to a 10-day weekly count -- which confused scholars of the JUDAIC CALENDAR during the publication of the NUREMBERG CHRONICLE into incorrectly recording the true time value of the event -- which led to the inflated time value assumption that the OLYMPIADS happend every 4-years. In other words -- because the original 292 OLYMPIADS were actually a 1-day ceremony of the 4-seasons every year, the total time spand equals only 292 years. An since all of GRECO-ROMAN HISTORY is measured to the count of the OLYMPIADS, the conventional timeline count of Greco-Roman history within OLD WORLD GOVERNMENTAL HISTORY is wrong by a factor of four. See A.D., B.C., CHANUKAH, JUBILEE, JUDAIC CALENDAR, MENORAH, NUREMBERG CHRONICLE, OLD WORLD GOVERNMENTAL HISTORY.

OLD WORLD GOVERNMENTAL HISTORY is a term that describes conventional recorded Indo-European history from before the Renaissance. Founded by influential historians who follow the JUDAIC CALENDAR, OLD WORLD GOVERNMENTAL HISTORY also includes event dates from Indo-Oriental history that have since been "solidified" by other historians since the Renaissance and during the European colonial conquest of the world. See A.D., ADAM, B.C., MIDDLE AGES, NUREMBERG CHRONICLE, OLYMPIADS.

The OLMEC Civilization of Middle America has been called the "mother culture of the CARIBBEAN Basin" by many historians. As ancestors to the MAYA, the OLMEC invented a remarkable mathematical language and an extraordinary calendar system based on the true Tropical-Solar Year. Large stone spherical objects and huge carved human heads found throughout Central America are testaments to their knowlege of cutting and moving megalithic works of art. See CARIBBEAN, GUATEMALA, MAYA.

The conventional city site known as "ON" was is believed to be located near Cairo, Egypt -- and was also called Heliopolis. However -- a newer understanding is placing a Biblical site -- also known as Heliopolis, in Lebanon, near or at the ancient and remarkable megalithic temple city of Baalbek. Because Lebanon is based on the term of "The Band of ON" -- or "The Tribe of ON", some historians now believe that Baalbek may have been the site where the original Heliopolis and the TOWER OF BABEL could have been built. The Biblical temple city of ON in the Lebanon area was also identified as "Pillar City" and was where a center of sun worship for priest once existed. An interesting coincidence exist between the ancient Sun city of "ON" and the fantasy emerald city of "OZ" -- where both words look similar and were shining examples of a glorious utopian city in our imaginations. Also, the word printed just above many electric light-switches is the word "ON" -- where "sun-like energy" can be found. (O = Circle sunlight symbol, N = ending statement symbol) The word "ON" represents a place of "luminious energy".

Described by Plato, ORICHALCH was a very valuable hard workable substance that was mined or excavated in various parts of the Atlantean realm. Said to "gleam like fire" at times, ORICHALCH is a type of rose-colored granite. See ALKALINE FELDSPAR GRANITE.

Divided portion symbol; Half circle image.

PARABOLIC MIRRORS are dish or bowl-like devices to hold and shape energy into a beam-like area. The use of highly polished concave mirrors of magnetite, ilmenite, and hematite have been found at the OLMEC site of La Venta, Mexico. Referred to as "smoking mirrors" they were worn as pendants, buckles, and perhaps as fore-head light-reflectors by shamans -- much like the doctors "head-lamp". Modern-day solar lighters use the same refraction principle of PARABOLIC MIRRORS. Satellite dishes are also based on the same radiant angle phenomenon. See HOLY GRAIL, TOWER OF BABEL.

The PHAETHON LEGEND is based on a story about the son of the Greek Sun god HELIOS -- named Phaethon, almost destroyed the Earth when he tried to drive his father's fiery chariot and lost control. What is perhaps a personified account of a celestial event about how the Earth experienced a close encounter with a major comet -- or the consequences of a major comet falling into the Sun, this legend may also be based on a similar ancient story about how a young pilot really crashed his dad's car or "flying chariot" -- given the idea that such a flying machine may have been technologically possible in ANTIDELUVIAN times. See COMET PHAETHON.

Seafaring traders of the Old World who settled throughout the eastern Mediterranean realm, the PHOENICIANS invented the Latin alphabet by employing Ogamic vowel rules from the ARMORICANS with a graphical method of communication from Middle Eastern kingdoms. Traders in indigo and other unique items of value, the PHOENICIANS also visited the Indian Ocean and the ATLANTEAN CONTINENT -- wherein evidence of their visit are found in discovered amphora jugs near Honduras and Brazil. See ALPHABET, ARMORICANS, INDIANS.

The PHOENIX is a mythical aerial apparition that returned to its nest every 500 (50) years to burn again from its own ashes. See ALTAR, FONT, JUBILEE, PARABOLIC MIRRORS, PIEZOELECTRICITY, TOWER OF BABEL, TRANS-ATLANTEAN SOLAR CALENDAR.

PHOTOLYSIS is the chemical decomposition of a material byway of radiation. See EXCALIBUR, PARABOLIC MIRRORS.

PIEZOELECTRICITY is electric energy produced by mechanical stress on a non-conducting crystal. See PARABOLIC MIRRORS, THOR, TOWER OF BABEL.

PLATO was one of the most prominent and influential philosophers in ancient history -- his writings have laid the foundation to many social and political subjects. PLATO became teacher and founder of the first known institution of education called the ACADEMY in Athens. Of all the dialogues he wrote, the last story of his work called CRITIAS -- wherein he describes the seaport and island continent of Atlantis, is perhaps the most famous. See ATLANTIS, ATLANTEANS.

A PROA was an ancient multihull sailboat design that has one out-rigger which is used to sail windward by tacking back and forth with the out-rigger always upwind of the main hull. Once used like "seagoing pick-ups trucks" by Pacific seafarers, some PROA designs and Catamarans where over 60' in length and could out sail European sailing ships like the one used by Captain James Cook during his Pacific explorations.

PROMETHEUS was the brother of ATLAS, and son of the Titan IAPETOS and Oceanid CLYMENE. PROMETHEUS stole the knowledge of "fire-making" from the heavens and taught mortal men how to use it. For this crime, the gods punished him. See ARA, PARABOLIC MIRRORS, PIEZOELECTRICITY, TOWER OF BABEL.

Divided quarters symbol; Cut circle sign. (Circle kite with tail image)

Early this century archeologist uncovered hieroglyphical information from several Central American temple sites regarding an ancient legend that describes the presence of a blue-eyed, bearded white man by the Nahuatlan name of QUETZALCOATL who came to earth with the divine ability to control the winds of the universe. The Nahuatlan name of QUETZALCOATL translates into the English term "Feathered Serpent" or "Flying Snake" because the original "wind god" or "weatherman" of Middle America may have mastered the enchanting aerodynamic art of kite flying -- in which the kite-flyer used long hollow snake-skins for kite tail material and strong reptile hide with sticks for wing surfaces -- thus the word "QUETZALCOATL" personifies a person capable of piloting an elaborate bird-shaped kite with a long snake tail stabilizer. See CADUCEUS, GOLDEN FLEECE, KUKULCAN.

Radiant sunray symbol; Solar horizon image. (Side view of sunray-beam on the horizon)

The science of using the decay rate of a carbon isotope to date artifacts beyond several centuries ago was developed about half a century ago in c.1952. Because RADIO CARBON DATING science includes several important variable factors which can significantly influence test data beyond about a thousand years ago, all conventional test results taken since its inception should be considered unreliable. RADIO CARBON DATING also suggest the theoretical decay rate formula of the carbon-14 isotope beyond about a thousand years ago is based on a variety of decay rate data examples and "trends of decay factors" of the isotope in organic material from before about a thousand years ago -- which factor in questionable "correction tables" that attempt to match conventional dated human historical events of the JUDAIC CALENDAR -- therefore, a new scientific view exist in which the RADIO CARBON DATING system has been compromised by faulty data and may be only reliable or verifiable to about a thousand years ago. It is interesting to note that the half-life of the carbon-14 isotope and the age of the JUDAIC CALENDAR in c.1952 A.D. are almost the same value. See JUDAIC CALENDAR, OLD WORLD GOVERNMENTAL HISTORY.

The last book of the New Testament entitled: REVALATIONS, is believed to be written by Saint John while on the island of Patmos in the eastern Aegean Sea. A new theory exist in which the book of REVELATIONS may have originated from a collection of broken documents about past historical events that Saint John gathered from a ruin library once on the island. Instead of prophetic events to come, this book entry may reveal abstract views of events that happened in the Middle East a very long time ago. Because so much prophetic literature has been written about the event stories found in REVALATIONS -- such as the Rapture Doctrine, Christian followers should avoid anybody who "knows the true future" -- or they will become used by people seeking political power.

Spiral force symbol; Swerving path sign.

The term SATURNISM means lead poisoning perhaps because the Roman deity named Saturn -- or the Greek god Cronus (Kronus), ruled an ancient kingdom during the mythical "Golden Age" before the Roman Empire was poisoned by the use of LEAD in their plumbing. See LEAD, CERUSE.

A SCEPTER is a ceremonial staff device held by a royal representative that represents authoritarian power. The original SCEPTER design may have once been based on a type of "crystal gun" device used by royal agents wherein energy from PIEZOELECTRICITY was projected from the staff to blind or shock targeted persons. See THOR, THUNDERBOLT.

Related to the CREEK INDIANS, many believe the SEMINOLE INDIANS "ran away" from the early treaty deals other CREEK INDIANS were signing with the southern US AMERICAN states. However, a new view of the early natives of Florida suggest the SEMINOLE INDIANS never "ran away" from any government but rather was invaded by other cultures that restricted their freedom of travel. Nearly a century ago and according to a book entitled "The Seminoles of Florida", the SEMINOLE INDIANS were divided into four main tribes -- the Miami, the Big Cypress, the Talla-hassees and the Okeechobees. See INDIANS, MIAMI INDIANS, MAYANS.

The STADIA MEASUREMENT was the length of the first athletic foot race event of the OLYMPIADS. Because the length of most all sport stadium playing fields worldwide measure at 100 yards -- or about 304 feet, or 1/20th of a nautical mile, the original STADIA MEASUREMENT is about 100 meters, or 100 Yards -- and not the assumed measurement of about 608 feet, or 1/10th of a nautical mile, as stated in many dictionaries.

Trinity tree symbol; Patriarchal cross design.

In Norse myth, THOR was the son of ODIN. He is identified with his thunderous "hammer" which could strike a target from a distance and return like lighting. See ASGARD, PIEZOELECTRICITY, SEPTER,THUNDERBOLT.

Also known as a "Carib ax", a THUNDERBOLT is a dark green, almost black, nodular stone shaped like a "celt". They can be found, according to Bahamian boat builders who used them as a "charm to prevent lighting strikes at the base of a mast", near or at the base of certain dead trees in the woods that were once struck by lightning -- where years after the strike, the wood decays away and reveals the stone. THUNDERBOLTS may be the rare petrified products of when lightning "electromagnetically precipitates" manganese salts within the plasma wood-fiber of certain trees into a solid tear-drop shape like object at the speed of light.

The greatest ship of her kind, the TITANIC was sunk by an iceberg on her maiden voyage across the ATLANTIC OCEAN. See ATLAS, OCEANUS, TITANS.

A family of large primordial gods that once battled with the Olympians were known as the TITANS. Because this family included such characters as OCEANUS and ATLAS, perhaps the original ATLANTEANS lost a battle, not with the Olympians, but rather with Mother Nature when COMET PHAETHON crashed into the Sun -- which resulted in a Solar Flare event that heated Earth's atmosphere and caused melted ice-cap water of "40-days and 40-nights" to engulfed their maritime kingdom long ago in ANTIDELUVIAN times. An ironic view exist if one compares the "sinking" of the TITANS by a rogue "iceberg" comet -- with the sinking of the ship TITANIC by a iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean. See ANTIDELUVIAN, ATLAS, OCEANUS, TITANIC.

The TOLTECS were a tribe of warlike natives that invaded the Mayan realm about the time of KULKULCAN. TOLTEC warlords can be found holding "fire cannons" or "flaming fire-rods" on several stele in what is now Central AMERICA. They are believed to have altered Mayan timekeeping habits and, as a result, destroyed the harvesting habits of the MAYA which led to their decline. See KUKULCAN.

Always described as some kind of man made spiral temple mountain made of brick and mortar, the TOWER OF BABEL was the largest particle-beam tool of its kind in ANTIDELUVIAN times. Built by the Assyrian King NIMROD, this radio transmitting electromagnetic fountain design may have -- according to one theory, "backfired" and exploded when its "tower beam" reacted with the ozone layer of the upper atmosphere and blew the parabolic crater container out -- thus creating the infamous Biblical "bottomless pit" story as describe in Revelations 9:11. See ANTIDELUVIAN, ON, NIMROD, PARABOLIC MIRRORS.

The TRANS-ATLANTEAN SOLAR CALENDAR is a lost calendar just recently discovered. First documented in Western Literature by PLATO when he describes the ATLANTEANS would met in their capital seaport every other fourth and fifth year, the TRANS-ATLANTEAN SOLAR CALENDAR is based on the True Tropical Year count of 365.2422 days by adding one extra "passover" day onto a yearly 365 day count every alternate fourth and fifth year, together with a super extra "passover" day every 50 years -- which averages a total of 24.22 extra "passover" days every century, this remarkable calendar count was the most accurate solar calendar ever invented by man. Forgotten since the Biblical Flood, the timekeeping formulas of the TRANS-ATLANTEAN SOLAR CALENDAR were only recently discovered by Duane K. McCullough. See ATLANTEANS, A.T., JUBILEE.

Collective force symbol; United together sign.

Vector viewpoint symbol; Vortex angle sign.

Seafaring natives of the North Atlantic realm, the VIKINGS appeared about the time KING ARTHUR disappeared. The VIKINGS were six (Roman numeral VI = 6) tribal kingdoms that were leftover to rule the North Atlantic realm after the life of KING ARTHUR. They are related to the ARMORICANS. See ARMORICANS.

In Norse myth, VALHALLA was the banquet hall of the AESIR in ASGARD. See ASGARD.

Weaving motion symbol; Water movement sign. (Western water direction mark)

In Revelations 8:10/11 of the Holy Bible, WORMWOOD is defined as a "great star" that fell from heaven and made the earth's waters bitter as it burnt the land. Perhaps the word "WORMWOOD" identifies the leftover worm-ridden wooden artifacts from the ANTIDELUVIAN era of ATLANTIS. If COMET PHAETHON, which destroyed ATLANTIS, collided into the sun by vaporizing its metallic makeup into space, then, in turn, this action could cause a global fire storm and flood when the metallic particles reacted with the earth's atmosphere -- thus destroying all wooden construction projects and associated artifacts. Many years later, any ancient worm-ridden wooden artifact -- of which there must have been many examples, would be identified with the global event that destroyed the Atlantean era before the Biblical flood. See COMET PHAETHON, REVELATIONS.

Mix across symbol; Cross cut mark.

Open up symbol; New angle design.

Separate parts symbol; Zigzag section sign. (Side view of "N" symbol)

The ancient name of the largest seaside city in the northeast Yucatan realm, ZAMA -- now known as Tulum, means "the rising sun". Also the name of a Japanese city near Tokyo -- in the land of the "rising sun".

ZEUS was the spiritual ruler of the Grecian Empire and was always depicted as a god with a face of radiant energy. ZEUS battled with the TITIANS and became a powerful ruler with the ability to "throw thunderbolts" like the Nordic lord of thunder named THOR. See JESUS CHRIST, TITIANS, THOR.

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