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Duane K. McCullough 3/98

by Duane McCullough

This third interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" - however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: March '98 / Place: Key Largo, Florida

Reporter 1: The story of Atlantis is found with many other paranormal subjects such as UFO's and New Age ideas like healing crystals - does this classification with these other exotic topics bother you?

Duane: Yes and no. Yes, it bothers me a little because the subject of UFO's introduces confusing perspectives that really has little to do with the subject of Atlantis. The story about Atlantis does include the science of lost flying machines - but not the kind that comes from other planets or time zones like other writers have speculated. Regarding the New Age idea that certain crystals have the power to heal - well, that idea may have some merit.

Reporter 1: Are you suggesting that possessing certain crystals can give healing energy?

Duane: Not in the direct visual sense - but because certain crystals contain unique elements that, when ingested properly, can aid in the healing process. Although the very thought that possessing certain crystals or gemstones can help make some feel better, the scientific idea that some salt compounds, when absorbed correctly, may help energize the body to repair itself. Biochemic tissue salts - or "cell salts", like Calcium Fluoride, are known to help provide elastic cell fibers in the body.

Reporter 2: Referring to unique chemical elements, in the last Volume of your book SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS, you theorize the idea that gold, if digested properly, can result in improved memory. Do you have any test data to prove this novel idea?

Duane: Through intuitive research, the only data I've gathered to date is simply the new idea that, because gold is known for its durability, conductivity and elasticity - which if microscopically "packaged" properly by plants and further digested correctly after eating, might find a useful role in cellular growth - including brain cell growth. I should add that I have not tested this idea, but believe the idea is plausible. If laboratory test could prove this idea true, imagine the medical and nutritional benefits from such a concept.

Reporter 2: So, what your saying is, if gold could be packaged and digested correctly in one's diet, cell memory - including mental memory, could be improved greatly. Is that correct?

Duane: Yes, that's my theory. However, I should say that I'm not suggesting to anyone to go out and start swallowing lots of gold to improve their memory. To see the raw element of gold - or any other unique metallic element, as a meal to eat is misunderstanding this novel theory. If gold dust were swallowed directly, it would probably pass strait through the body with little or no absorption. It has to be balanced in the right proportions as a cellular salt byway of a plant - or the meat of an animal that has eaten a plant containing some gold in its cells. Because gold is so naturally durable and elastic, a little gold may go a long way as a solution to healthy nutrition.

Reporter 2: Do you think the use of gold salts could help correct or cure memory problems for persons with diseases like Alzheimer's?

Duane: Perhaps - only testing would tell. The only use of any gold salts I know of within the body by the medical profession is the use of gold-chlorite on arthritic joints - but too much acidic chlorine can "eat away" the sensitive tissue, so this particular gold salt has its limitations. Moreover, too much ingested silver has been known to cause an unusual blue color within the skin pigment - so problems may exist if too much of any novel element is absorbed into the body.

Reporter 2: How about other chronic ailments of the body - do you think the use of gold salts could help improve these problems?

Duane: I have a idea that perhaps we are all born with a little gold in our DNA chain - and over time, if not replenished in our diet, we lose this important element and the problems associated with aging begin. Yes, I think gold is nutritionally valuable and could help improve many - but not all, chronic ailments of the body.

Reporter 1: How did you come by this theory that the element of gold could be helpful in memory recall and a useful nutrient?

Duane: While I was researching answers to anthropological questions of where and when the first human primate came into being for my book project, I was also reviewing the science of the chemical elements within crystallography - and the two studies came together when I discovered the very element or elements that lured Old World seafarers to return to the lost Atlantean continent could have also been responsible for the evolutionary metamorphosis of the human primate.

Reporter 1: Wait a minute. Could you elaborate on the idea as to how gold or silver would be responsible for human evolution from other primates?

Duane: My research has uncovered some simplistic views to some very complex ideas. To better understand this evolutionary theory, one should ask questions like: What important ability makes human primates different from all other primates? Is the intelligent capability of mental memory the major thing that separates man from animal? If so, then perhaps a particular group of primates lived where auriferous soils were prevalent and absorbed over time the unique and durable element of gold which metabolized into the phenomenal ability to remember event lessons in great detail. These event lessons are what makes up the durable memory of human history that no other primate or animal can match.

Reporter 2: So you believe humans evolved from primates who lived near where memory enhancing gold salts could be found. That's a novel theory - but because gold is found all over the world, why do you suggest in your book project that this evolutionary event first took place somewhere in the lost New World continent of Atlantis?

Duane: The evolutionary event that made the first intelligent human out of a less intelligent animal could have taken place up some river in Eurasia - or near some lake in Africa, but I believe the unique realm of what is now Central America was where this event process succeeded enough to start the first tribe of humans.

Reporter 2: What so special about the elemental makeup of Central America that other regions or realms do not have?

Duane: There are several scientific concepts that link together in explaining why the geographical realm of Central America is chemically unique with regards to other areas of the globe. First, it lies directly between two of the largest bodies of temperate seawater which provides for a stable environmental zone necessary to allow animals to evolve. Second, the Caribbean Plate that supports Central America has and continues to "recycle" elemental soils within its western edge like a very slow cement mixer - which results in a realm of diverse and durable elements that include unique compound salts necessary for animal transformation. And third, Central America may yet reveal more chemical reasons why it is unique when more is understood how certain dietary elements could have created the first humans.

Reporter 1: Ok, you believe humans first evolved in Central America because of its unique environment. Do you realize that this new evolutionary theory goes against conventional evolutionary science? Most anthropologist have been reading data about how early man evolved out of Africa - and your argument suggest that theory is false. What would you say to these anthropologist?

Duane: Read my book with an open mind and rediscover a different view of recorded human history. I could be wrong in my radical theories - but if I'm right, or even less than right, recorded human history is in for a major change. And a new understanding about Atlantis is why recorded human history will change.

Reporter 3: You have recently given calendrical data on your website which suggest the idea that the city of Atlantis existed less than a thousand years ago. Apparently you do not believe in the conventional theory that Atlantis existed in the eastern Mediterranean Sea on the island of Thira and was destroyed by a volcanic eruption over 3,500 years ago in 1500 B.C.. Could you elaborate on why you find the conventional theory wrong and why your new theory is right?

Duane: So many historians have attempted to solve the enigma of Atlantis that the truth of when and where - not to mention what it was, is buried under many layers of false assumptions. During the late '60's, a book entitled VOYAGE TO ATLANTIS was published which introduced the popular theory that Plato's Atlantean story was only a glorified tale of the volcanic destruction of a Minoan city near the year 1500 B.C.. It's a thick book that's filled with data about the archeological diggings on the island of Thira. Other historians, who have had the time to dwell into the remarkable story of Atlantis, have followed this book's premise - and as a result, have since rewritten this theory so many times into numerous articles it has become the most popular scientific theory about Atlantis. My new radical timeline theory of when I believe Atlantis existed is based on new calendrical data that argues a much shorter record of human history. In my view, because the conventional timeline is fundamentally wrong, the conventional date of 1500 B.C. is incorrect. To understand why I believe my new radical timeline is correct - well, just read my essays on my website or in my book project and discover how I calculated and dated the destruction of Atlantis less than a thousand years ago.

Reporter 3: According to every book about ancient history, Plato lived over two thousand years ago. Do you realize just how difficult it is to believe the radical idea that Atlantis existed only less than a thousand years ago?

Duane: Yes, I am reminded daily just how hard it is to believe this new radical theory - however, because the true discovery of Atlantis is directly linked to the true discovery of the human timeline on this planet, the realization of one view should lead to the understanding of the other view. This realization process will take time - it took several years for me to believe my own data. For those who are reading this interview, my book project covers more views on this new timeline discovery - order a copy and read about it. Website hits are nice, but they do not pay my bills.

Reporter 1: Regarding humans on this planet, some people believe in the idea that aliens from other planets could have been behind the lost technology the Atlanteans once possessed. What do you think of this idea?

Duane: Again, that idea is typical of other out of this world theories which I believe confuses and distracts the real issues behind the true subject of Atlantis. One does not have to resort to outer space answers to evolutionary questions down here on Earth. All the necessary elements for intelligent life can be found here on this planet - even if they exist on other planets.

Reporter 1: Just curious, have you ever seen any UFO's?

Duane: Yes, they were flying and at the time I could not identify them. Actually, there were two different types of them. Ironically, I saw them in Roswell New Mexico back in the early '60's. One was a set of triangular lights that appeared as if a formation of military jets turned on their after-burners - but the sound was like a windy machine only several hundred feet high. The other sighting was like watching two dashes of pale light sweep across the horizon with no sound. Both were at night and I have not seen any unidentified flying objects since.

Reporter 2: There are some popular views associated with the subject of Atlantis you have apparently excluded from your book project. The first, which is linked to the second view, is the idea that Edgar Cayce could see through the time continuum to the age of Atlantis and also correctly predicted the discovery of the Atlantean "Bimini Wall" back in the late '60's. Why have you not included these popular views in your research?

Duane: Because, once again - like the UFO views, these views confuse the real issues behind the real story of Atlantis. Although many believe certain persons can travel through the time continuum and experience a true vision of a past or future event, I remain somewhat skeptical about this ability. Maybe Edgar Cayce's visits back to the time of Atlantis were real to him, but the amazing power of imagination should not be confused with visits through the time continuum. As to how he predicted the discovery of the "lost Atlantean site" near Bimini in the Bahamas, perhaps his imagination incorporated the known idea that the legendary "fountain of youth" was near Bimini - and the coincidence of an informed pilot flying near Bimini looking for such a prediction came together to form the foretelling event. I have read enough scientific research about the somewhat unusual underwater geological rock formation to believe that it is probably not related to anything Atlantis. I'm not saying that some lost Atlantean outpost may still be found somewhere underwater on the Bahama Bank - its just I'm not convinced the offshore Bimini rocks were man-made by our Atlantean ancestors.

Reporter 2: So, apparently you don't believe Edgar Cayce's readings were real visits through the time continuum. Do you believe any human is capable of time traveling?

Duane: I didn't say Mr. Cayce's readings weren't real visits for him. What I suggested was that he - or anyone with a great imagination, can travel through time and space on a personal level. If we could remember all the events of our nightly dreams and compared those events with our daily events, we would probably realize and discover a place within that is just as real as the one physical world we all live in. Unlike the physical limitations of the real world, this unlimited personal place within ourselves is made of memorable events that become visible when we use our imaginative powers to travel around. Mr. Cayce could have been in this personal dimension or trance when he read out loud what he saw and experienced. When one reads a book - one is personally time traveling through the pages. When many experience the events of a movie or a play, all are time traveling through a temporary reality within a greater reality. Yes, time traveling is very possible on a personal level and even on a temporary collective level - but not within the greater reality of the time continuum. The physical limitations of space and matter will not allow it.

Reporter 1: Edgar Cayce also believed that many persons living today are reincarnated Atlantean citizens. Do you believe people can somehow be reincarnated through the time continuum?

Duane: During the remarkable act of incarnation at the time of conception, personal chemistry containing some genetic memory data may pass between two beings that could explain why some people later in life "feel thoughts" from another earlier time and place. If physical genetic data can pass through generations, why can't mental genetic data be pass through generations also? Perhaps the reason why many instinctively believe they once lived during the age of Atlantis is based on the phenomenal idea that certain genetic memory markers from our ancestors occasionally "surface" through the time continuum.

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