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Duane K. McCullough 6/98

by Duane McCullough

This fourth interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" - however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: June '98 / Place: Key Largo, Florida

Reporter 1: Another season has passed since our last interview. Have you any new insights regarding Atlantis and your book project?

Duane: Actually, I'm sorry to say I've been so busy with other necessary time consuming directions that little has been accomplished on the SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS book project - however, I still plan to have Version 3 available before next year. I have opened another book project named LOST FOUNTAIN / Researching the Legend. This short book project is about the possible origins of Florida's first legend - the Fountain of Youth story. Like the SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS book project, LOST FOUNTAIN concludes with the novel theory that micro nutritional substances - specifically gold-base salts, are capable of improving cell memory and repairing health problems like no other elemental substance.

Reporter 2: So you apparently believe there is some truth to the Florida legend about the "fountain of youth" story. When will LOST FOUNTAIN be available to read?

Duane: Yes, I do believe there could have once been a natural spring in a Florida lagoon which contained nutritional golden salts that could help rejuvenate the spirit in us. And barring any significant distractions, both a new version of SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS and LOST FOUNTAIN should be available later this year.

Reporter 2: What will be different in the newer version of SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS that you have not already recorded in Version 2.1+?

Duane: Other than color book covers, by recompiling the "thought-path" throughout the four volumes that make up the book project, it should be easier to comprehend. SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS is currently a rough set of historical discoveries and theoretical views about the Atlantean subject - much of it written nearly a decade ago. Version 3 should clarify many of the hard to understand theories that seem unbelievable because they do not easily conform to conventional science. I should add that because SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS is a very complicated set of historical and scientific views, Version 3, like many popular computer software programs, will be followed by further versions which could include multimedia presentations to better help clarify the important aspects of the book program.

Reporter 1: With over sixteen-thousand website hits, have you received much help from the Internet lately?

Duane: With the exception of the Atlantis Interactive website that you can find in the Outside Links of my website, the last several months have yielded little in the way of help from Internet friends. Perhaps the subject of Atlantis does not seem relative to most people interest lately. Perhaps many of my theories seem too radical or irrelevant to the average Internet "browser". But as the year "2000" approaches, the print and broadcast media will be reviewing and presenting the historical origins of Western Civilization - and maybe some reporter or other publishing editor will stumble onto the SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS website with a sense of wonderment and help spread knowledge of the website.

Reporter 3: Speaking of radical theories, you suggest in your book project that the main reason why archeologist have not found the capital seaport of Atlantis in Central America to date is because the site in question is buried under many layers of swamp mud which engulfed the city when a rouge comet crashed into the Sun and caused the Biblical flood nearly nine centuries ago. Even if these theoretical chain of events could be scientifically linked together somehow, the last view that Atlantis existed less than a thousand years ago will never be accepted by the average historian because too much conventional history portrays the dated origin of Western Civilization to nearly five-thousand years ago. How do you plan to convince the average historian that your timeline theory is right and the conventional timeline theory is wrong?

Duane: As I've stated many times before, literary evidence of my timeline theory exist within my book project and within the SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS website. Convincing the average historian that the conventional timeline theory is wrong lies in the fundamental idea that all theories are subject to correction as more is known about the subject. In this case, the conventional "1998" timeline theory is just that - a theory assumed to be factual because of the many dated printed materials available. But read how I have discovered the published dates on these printed materials are founded on an important European document created only about five centuries ago and perhaps you and other historians will realize just how radical, yet credible, this new timeline theory truly is.

Reporter 3: Are you suggesting the idea that the conventional 1998 timeline dating system is also only a theory?

Duane: Yes - a very popular theory, but still a theory. Most of the literary evidence that would prove Christ lived nearly two-thousand years ago was recompiled by influential scholars and publishers only about five centuries ago. Again, read what I've stated in my work and see how the theoretical foundation of Western History was laid during the Renaissance and has since been "solidified" by other publishers over the last five centuries. The "Y2K problem" has just received a whole new meaning.

Reporter 2: Referring to the recent statement about how the capital seaport of Atlantis, now buried near a lake in Central America, was engulfed by Biblical flood waters caused by a rouge comet crashing into the Sun - could you better explain these theoretical views for us?

Duane: Let's review the "thought path" of what you've just stated. First, the capital seaport of Atlantis once existed on a major fault-line that runs through Central America. This fault-line separates the North American Plate from the Caribbean Plate. Earthquakes along this fault-line still occur - in fact, the epicenter of a recent 7.5 earthquake in '76 was centered almost exactly where I believe the capital seaport now exist. Second, that 7.5 earthquake in '76 could have been related to a cometary event wherein Comet West crashed into the Sun - breaking up into four smaller fragments just before "vaporizing". Third, when Plato describe the destruction of the Atlantean Maritime Kingdom, he also described a famous antediluvian story about how a "chariot of light" almost destroyed the Earth - perhaps suggesting the Phaethon event as a celestial event wherein a rouge comet once cause major earthquakes and floods here on Earth because it somehow caused polar ice to melt. And fourth, the idea that some comets are capable of creating a "radioactive wake" relative to the Sun which could cause a "super El Nino" effect here on Earth is a new theory yet explored. In fact, it is interesting to note that the recent El Nino event took place just after the Hale-Bop Comet event.

Reporter 2: Are you implying that there could be a physical connection between the recent El Nino and Hale-Bop Comet events?

Duane: Yes, perhaps the most vulnerable atmospheric region of our planet is the liquefied Pacific Ocean - and any significant cosmic activity may be "reflected" in that area. This activity, in turn, could have a cascade effect throughout Earth's atmosphere. The physical links between how solar wind and atmospheric wind interact is a science not fully understood - and when more is known as to how some comets, like celestial hurricanes, have or can cause atmospheric problems here on Earth without actually hitting the planet, then we will better understand how the Atlantean Maritime Kingdom could have been destroyed by a "chariot of light" from the heavens.

Reporter 2: You have suggested that the Biblical flood was also the result of a cometary event - what evidence makes you believe that view?

Duane: Because the oldest set of reference books in Western Society describes the antediluvian event as not just a flood - but as a global flood. What else could have caused such a global flood of forty days in Biblical times? Also, preliminary data suggest that tree-ring dating - or Dendrochronological evidence, and even polar ice layer dating, supports the idea that something weather wise took place about nine centuries ago - which could help prove my theory about when Atlantis was engulfed by a major atmospheric storm.

Reporter 2: Where did you see this chronological evidence?

Duane: The tree-ring dating data I saw sometime ago at the local library, but I'll have to revisit there and get back to you on that view as to the source. The polar ice dating data evidence appeared in a recent science magazine and suggest a major change in our atmosphere just less than a thousand years ago. Sometimes referred to as the "mini-ice age" layer, perhaps it represents the chronological evidence that could help prove my timeline theory as to when the Biblical flood took place. These chronological views, together with the Radiocarbon-14 dating evidence of Christ's burial cloth of about seven centuries ago, should make modern historians reconsider the conventional timeline and start rediscovering ancient history all over again.

Reporter 1: On a personal level, what concerns you the most about your present and future wellbeing?

Duane: Well, soon I should be cruising around the Florida Keys on board my sailboat SPIRIT and perhaps will find the time to work on my book projects. My only real concerns are that I hope the thunderstorms and the bugs which appear this time of year do not spoil my nautical sojourn.

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