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Duane K. McCullough 1/99

by Duane McCullough

This fifth interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" - however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: January '99 / Place: Key Largo, Florida

Reporter 1: It's been nearly six month's since our last interview, have you discovered anything new in your research book projects that would help the public better understand your theories about Atlantis?

Duane: At the present time, any new historical discoveries are taking a back seat to the existing original views that I've already published at my website. Getting the media just to acknowledge my original theoretical discoveries about Atlantis is my primary concern right now. Besides, I've also been busy moving into a new home here in Key Largo and adjusting to a new employment schedule. As one can imagine when moving, little time is available for personal research and discovery - however, some new views can be found in the press version of the Preface section to the Lost Fountain book project. They can be found at the bottom of the INTRO link from the main SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS website page.

Reporter 2: How does the Lost Fountain book project relate to your Spirit of Atlantis book project - and what made you want to write about Florida's Fountain of Youth Legend?

Duane: In a round about way, the Lost Fountain book project was the book project I began writing nearly twenty years ago - but because my research opened so many archeological and anthropological links into ancient history that lead to discoveries far beyond the legendary stories that makeup of the history of Southern Florida, I, like many who encounter a serendipitous find, have found an important path through ancient history which leads to a wider understanding of our maritime heritage and the Atlantean subject.

Reporter 2: So, in essence, the primary relationship between the two book projects is based on the mutual scientific search for answers to anthropological questions of why and how the original natives appeared not only in Southern Florida but also in the greater New World continent of Atlantis. Is this view correct?

Duane: Yes - moreover, both book projects conclude with the conceptual theory that dietary gold-base salts, when chemically absorbed properly, are very nutritious to cell memory and can help in human longevity. Such dietary gold-base salts may have originally created our unique human ability to remember events and thoughts like no other animal primate on earth. We should realize the idea in which our unique human ability to significantly remember thoughts and ideas better than any other animal on earth is what truly separates the human species from all other living things.

Reporter 2: An interesting theoretical explanation of what defines the human species. I'm sure an entire book project could be devoted to just that evolutionary concept. Regarding your theoretical idea that the original Fountain of Youth legend was based on an ancient story about how gold-base sea salts once preserved the well being of a native family in Southern Florida - are you saying this idea came about after many years of searching scientific links between legendary records of the area and a unique understanding of modern chemistry?

Duane: Yes - I believe the subject of nutritional golden salts and the mystery about the Fountain of Youth legend can be scientifically linked. And even more interesting than these novel scientific views represent, is the new theoretical concept of when Modern Man first appeared in the New World. As I've stated throughout my earlier interviews and essays posted on my website, I have theorized a new radically smaller version of the conventional B.C./A.D. timeline - which if verified soon by other historians and published by the media, would radically change our annual understanding of ancient history and reveal just when the real Atlantean Maritime Kingdom existed.

Reporter 2: When - and just as important, where do you think Modern Man first appeared in the New World? Also, why do you think the Atlantean Maritime Kingdom relates to human evolution?

Duane: The important anthropological questions of when and where primates evolved into humans have resulted in many scientific theories. The most popular scientific view is that Cro-Magnon Man appeared nearly 40,000 years ago and "superseded" or "anatomically blended" with Neanderthal Man of Afro-Eurasia. This popular view assumes the idea that after Cro-Magnon Man became the dominate human throughout Afro-Eurasia, the spices walked across the "Bering Sea ice bridge" to the New World some 20,000 or so years ago and "colonized" the area. Since I have uncovered a much different understanding of ancient history, I now believe that perhaps Cro-Magnon Man may have evolved from primate evolution in the New World continent of Atlantis and nautically colonized the shores of Afro-Eurasia. The questions as to when and how long this nautical migration took place is still unknown - but may not necessarily conflict with the conventional scientific timeline.

Reporter 3: You've previously stated that you believe the conventional B.C./A.D. timeline is wrong in your SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS book project and related essays on your website - now you've just stated that the conventional scientific timeline may be correct according to your human evolutionary theories. Are you suggesting that there exist two types of "conventional timelines" in use - and if you are, what are the differences between the two timelines?

Duane: Yes, I am suggesting that there exist two types of "conventional timelines" used by the public. The first timeline - the conventional B.C./A.D. timeline, was "created" by religious scholars and first published nearly five centuries ago during the Renaissance. This timeline is subconsciously recognized every time we date a check or mark an appointment. The second timeline, the conventional scientific timeline, was basically created by scientist during the last century or so. This timeline tries to place human history within geological time and attempts to yearly address global events far beyond the five-thousand year unit timescale of the conventional B.C./A.D. timeline.

Reporter 2: Whenever Modern Man first appeared, did I understand you correctly that you believe a primate spices in the New World may have evolved into Cro-Magnon Man?

Duane: Yes - just as many believe primates of Africa evolved into Neanderthal Man, is it really impossible to believe that primates of the New World could have evolved into Cro-Magnon Man? There exist several New World primate and primate-like animals that, because of unique metagenetical evolutional circumstances, could have evolved into a human-like primate some 40,000 years ago. Perhaps even a Neanderthal primate - or some other Old World primate, made its way to the New World somehow and was transformed into Modern Man because of a unique diet or inbreeding with local primates. Perhaps the Homo Sapient species of the last ten-thousand years or so - also known as Modern Cro-Magnon Man, is the product of a eugenics program that was engineered by our antediluvian ancestors in the New World. In any case, the homesite of Cro-Magnon Man, although first noticed in a cave in western Europe, may be located somewhere in the New World.

Reporter 1: If what you theorize could be proven true somehow, the timeline of modern anthropology will have to be updated in major way. You do realize that it will take many years for other scientist to even contemplate your anthropological theories and some will never even entertain their possibilities. What would you say to these conventional scientist who would argue against your new theories of human evolution in the New World continent of Atlantis?

Duane: Get and read a copy of "SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure" and then decide on the true theoretical possibilities of when and where our ancestors first came into being. Also, I would suggest to those who may disagree with my new theories that just because some theories seem unbelievable today does not make them impossible to believe someday. Version 3 of SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS should be available early this year - although, I must admit, I working behind on my release date because of other time consuming directions of late, such as moving and new employment.

Reporter 1: What new employment are you referring too?

Duane: Well, I used to work at the Key Largo Chamber of Commerce, but currently I'm working with our family's business here in the upper Florida Keys at CARIBBEAN WATERSPORTS as a sailing instructor and environmental tour captain of nearby Florida Bay. Just visit "www.caribbeanwatersports.com" and check out our services.

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