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Duane K. McCullough 12/01

by Duane McCullough

This 17th interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" - however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 12/01 / Place: Key Largo, Florida

Duane: Before I answer any questions regarding my SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS book project, I would like to make a statement about the availability of the paperback version. For well over a decade I have been self publishing several paperback versions of my SOA book project. A 146 page book version has been available byway of email book orders from my website or from online bookstores such as Barnes & Noble for nearly five years. However, due to the cost of updating the printed book version, I have decided to suspend availability of the book version for the time being and make only available the CD version. Version 4 of the book project is underway and will be made available at some time in the future. Any questions regarding this change in availability should be directed to my email address. Thank you -- now your questions.

Reporter 2: At the time of this interview the battle against the "eastern rebels" who attacked the United States on 9/11/01 seems to have the upper hand. Do you have any comment regarding the political and military effort to correct the problems that lead to the attack?

Duane: Well, as I suggested in my previous interview, I hoped that collateral damage from any police action would not destroy the important communicative links which are necessary for a proper healing environment. The political and military events in Afghanistan should set an costly example for other areas of the world who allow terrorist to take over local government. Perhaps over time the efforts of the international coalition will succeed in creating a pluralistic democracy in Afghanistan that will set the foundation to a more peaceful and fair government -- which, in turn, may inspire other national governments into updating to a true democracy. Some national governments call themselves democratic, but are not because they do not allow or account for peaceful public voting events wherein more than one leader is an option. Such non-pluralistic governmental institutions are not good management systems because there is no peaceful alternate voice or party to manage the affairs of the country if the leaders become corrupt. Both terrorist and tyrants invoke fear to suppress freedom in controlling communities -- and every generation should learn this important lesson within early educational studies before human ignorance takes root and war breaks out.

Reporter 2: Could you relate what you just said to the subject of Atlantis?

Duane: Yes, well… Ancient history is full of stories about good and bad kings who fought for control of public resources. One feature of the Atlantean story is the civil battle for control of what is now the Middle East. Incidentally, the term "Middle East" is a broad area that once included the Egyptian and Babylonian Kingdoms of long ago. According to the first school teacher in recorded history, Plato suggest the idea that the Atlanteans were attempting to police the eastern area of the Mediterranean realm when, during or just after a major battle with the "eastern rebels", major earthquakes and floods destroyed all the kingdoms of the area. Now because these views belong to a mythical subject, many assume that such events never happened -- and therefore are not to be believed. However, my historical research suggest that perhaps much of Plato's story was real and should be studied for plausible explanations regarding true historical events. So, by studying certain aspects of this ancient civil war story -- and applying some modern scientific concepts, I have discovered several relevant views that reveal important political lessons about the democratic heritage of Western Civilization.

Reporter 2: Why you believe the heritage of Western Civilization is democratic in origin?

Duane: As I mentioned in my previous interview, the concept of democracy can be found in Plato's writings wherein he states that no Atlantean king "should have the power over the life of any kinsmen -- save with the approval of more than half of the ten". In other words, democracy -- which is founded on the principle of the majority vote concept, can be traced to the governing habits of the original ten Atlantean kings and their antediluvian maritime kingdom.

Reporter 2: Do you have any new theories as to why the Atlanteans attempted to challenge the authority of certain tribal kingdoms within the Middle East long ago?

Duane: A new theory I just put together may be complicated to understand, but can make sense if time is spent assembling the thought path. Like I stated in my last interview, while the tyrannical king named Nimrod rebelled against the colonial Atlantean kingdoms of Greater Phoenicia in what is now the eastern Mediterranean realm, he built the "Tower of Babel" that "reached unto heaven" using a now lost particle-beam technology copied from similar Atlantean altar-like radio stations. This ancient sparkling effervescent particle-beam tower -- which may have looked like some kind of huge rainbow generator device, somehow, according to legend, "fell down" or exploded and was lost in time because most of the material it was made from scattered beyond recognition. Now because the "Tower of Babel" is associated with chapter eleven of Genesis wherein the idea that the tower "confused the one language of earth" with many other languages used by tribal kings who migrated from the Babylonian area -- and because the concept of ancient crystal radio technology once used columns of static-field generators to transmit wireless coded messages that were limited to parallel frequencies, a new and remarkable view exist in which one of the causes of the antediluvian civil war between Atlantis and the "eastern rebels" may be traced to a conflict in wireless communication protocols. In other words, because the code of diplomatic etiquette and precedence was not followed by certain rebellious kings, the art of democracy and diplomacy was forgotten or ignored and may have contributed to a great prehistoric civil war. To summarize, when national governments are truly democratic then the art of diplomacy should correct any significant discord between members. If such discord is left unattended, it can lead to revengeful military action and destruction.

Reporter 2: Interesting… So a conflict in wireless communication protocols may have caused a division between some eastern members of the Atlantean Maritime Kingdom and contributed to the antediluvian civil war that Plato wrote about. However, if my memory serves me correctly, Nimrod's "radio tower" was built just after the Biblical flood -- which suggest the idea that ancient crystal radio technology survived the Biblical Flood. Do you not suggest in your research findings that the remarkable technology of the Atlantean Maritime Kingdom was lost during the Biblical Flood? If the technology was lost, how is possible to have the "Tower of Babel" built after the Biblical Flood?

Duane: The chronology of the Biblical book of Genesis may overlap certain important sequential events -- for example, the only significant event entry between the Biblical Flood story and the creation of the tower of Babel story is a conceptual view about how an aerial apparition of a "rainbow in the clouds" became a natural spiritual sign of a security. Most all other entries are simply some genealogical statements. So perhaps the tower was lost during the flood event as opposed to just after the flood like the book of Genesis may suggest. However, you are correct in that a particular example of ancient crystal radio technology did survived the Biblical Flood -- and I will explain why I believe so in a moment. But basically, both the one language of ogamic binary code used by the Atlanteans, and the confusing language signals from the "Tower of Babel" used by the Babylonians and Assyrians, were lost during the Biblical Flood. Moreover, Moses -- who wrote Genesis, and who by the way, also used the Ark of the Covenant device -- which, in essence, was a transportable "pillar of fire" radio station transmitter capable of wireless communication, suggest the Biblical Flood and the destruction of cities such as Sodom and Gomorrah, happened about at the same time when a great battle to correct evil human behavior took place. Therefore, perhaps a great prehistoric civil war in the area was simply interrupted by the Biblical flood which was caused by a large rogue comet crashing into the sun -- as portrayed by my theory regarding the Comet Phaethon story and how solar-flare shock waves melted the polar icecaps of earth.

Reporter 2: Your theories portray a scene in which a great prehistoric civil war in what is now the Middle East was made to look small when compared to the greater destructive power of Mother Nature. If true, the scene should humble any military leader who may have visions of victory in any global struggle. In your opinion, what is the leading cause of discord between today's rebels who become terrorist and leaders of modern democratic nations?

Duane: When fundamental lessons in human behavior regarding the concepts of freedom and fear are not properly taught in early education -- and poor management of environmental conditions are aloud to exist, some people become desperate and fearful. When fear turns into unhappiness and hate, then negative vengeful actions such as terrorizing and killing innocent lives takes place. The apparent problem with some modern democratic nations of today is that although many attempt to share their wealth and try to help areas of the world with environmental management skills, there always seems to be some disparity between people who have power and people who want or need more power from those who have it.

Reporter 3: If the old maxim "knowledge is power" is true, then, according to your new radical historical concepts about Atlantis, you should be able to project your important scientific views to modern historians without much trouble. Are you having trouble in convincing modern historians in accepting your new Atlantean views?

Duane: It's interesting to note that, without a doubt, the most mysterious place on earth is the whereabouts of Atlantis. And several times a year, television programs replay the same old theories about how evidence of the lost Atlantean Civilization can be found in such island places as the eastern Mediterranean realm or near the island of Bimini in the Bahamas. What many modern historians fail to see is the bigger picture. Atlantis is not a lost island -- it's a lost continental realm! While some writers have even theorized that the continent of Antarctica or even just the continent of South American was Atlantis, just look at the temperate continental realm on a global map between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and see what is now the collective American continents. When modern historians -- and news media executives of today, finally come to realize that the collective American continents was once the place Plato described as Atlantis, then, and apparently only then, will my quest to share my Atlantean views with the greater public began to succeed in a significant way. Until then, the only trouble I'm having in sharing my views byway of the Internet is the lack of feedback. With no constructive feedback, I feel like nobody cares about my Atlantean views -- which seems odd because the subject of Atlantis is history's greatest mystery and has a large readership.

Reporter 3: Perhaps the lack of constructive feedback is the result of your very radical timeline concept of Western History. When readers of your historical research come across your theory in which you believe Christ lived only about some seven centuries ago instead of two thousand years ago, they mentally block all other views and theories you have regarding the truth of ancient history. However much you explain your compressed timeline version of ancient history, you should not be surprised by the lack of feedback from your readers because of the radical nature of your views. One of the best ways to measure constructive feedback is counting the volume of your book sales. How many books have you sold since your online website became active some five years ago?

Duane: I'm embarrassed to say... Far less than what I expected. Although I'm disappointed in my marketing abilities in selling my SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS book project online, I am not disappointed or embarrassed by my historical and scientific theories -- many of which I believe will be proven true over time. It would be great if my discoveries made the news before I pass away of old age. In the meantime, I'm not really complaining about how my time is spent. Perhaps someday I can afford greater travel opportunities to study the archeological sites I have documented in my research work.

Reporter 1: How do you spend your time over the holiday season? Do you celebrate Christmas and New Year's Day? I ask these questions because for a person that believes Christ was born only about seven centuries ago, one may think you have a different value of what the holiday season means.

Duane: Well, there is a nice rainbow colored Christmas tree in the living room with all the decorations and some lights on the house. And yes, every New Year's Day is a time of thankful celebration. Just because I have scientifically interpreted a different review of when Christ was born does not devalue the important event that it was. In my opinion, Christ apparently had a radiant personality and embodied a good spirit. He represents a very important reference marker in historical time and many great stories about the man and his cause should be taught during Biblical studies. As I've suggested in some of my writings, his birthday is associated with the "Star of Bethlehem" event -- which can be traced to the 76-year comet event that was visible from earth nearly seven centuries ago. Just because other historians have not come to realize, like I have, the huge chronological mistakes created by certain historical publishers during the early Renaissance doesn't mean I can't enjoy the annual celebration of Christ' birthday.

END 17th INTERVIEW 12/01
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