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Duane K. McCullough 2/12

by Duane McCullough

This 26th interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" - however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 2/12 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina

Reporter 1: Have you discovered any new significant views regarding your SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS and LOST FOUNTAIN research projects since our last interview almost a year ago?

Duane: Yes -- yes I have, and I'm sorry I haven't given any interviews in almost a year. I've been busy improving my photographic projects at THE REALM GALLERY website and display site in town. Other projects have also kept me occupied last year such as creating a 3D scenery project of the world for the Vehicle Simulator program and building a small pavilion down by the creek.

I'm also sorry it took so long to comment on the disaster in Japan last year -- after watching the many videos that followed the earthquake and tsunami event, I was speechless. My heart goes out to the many persons that were affected.

Regarding the new significant views involving my research projects -- I found some astronomical and geological data that may help support my radical timeline theory of ancient history and when Atlantis was destroyed.

While studying some science data on the internet, I came across a 2001 ice core drilling project in Antarctica that revealed highly significant concentrations of nitrate ion levels that date in annual layers down to about nine and a half centuries ago.

Now this ice core layer discovery is thought to mark a supernova event of the M1 Crab Nebula that took place in c.1054 A.D. because, apparently the almost two year supernova event affected our atmosphere with gamma rays in such a way as to significantly increase the nitrate ion levels that ended up in the ice layer sample.

Since my radical timeline theory of ancient history suggest the Biblical Flood event took place about nine and half centuries ago -- perhaps, this ice core sample may in fact be evidence to help prove my theory as to when the Biblical Flood destroyed Atlantis.

I should mention at this time for those persons who may be new to my radical timeline theory of ancient history and be confused about how the Biblical Flood could have happened less than a thousand ago -- I have collected and published verifiable data that suggest the era of the Middle Ages lasted not a thousand years in length but only about a hundred years total, and also the 292 Olympiads used to date the Greco-Roman era were originally only annual events that results in a total of just less than three centuries.

Moreover, as I have mentioned many times in my research regarding how the annual timeline of conventional ancient history is so wrong beyond five centuries ago because of major dating errors printed during the early Renaissance, perhaps modern historians should take note and update the annual truth of ancient history.

Reporter 2: Interesting theory -- how and who first suggested the idea that a supernova event ever took place in c.1054 A.D. in the first place?

Duane: Good question -- and without going into great detail, let's say astronomical records from several "ancient sources" described a very "bright star" event in the sky that lasted almost two years were discovered and dated by modern historians using the conventional A.D. timeline to c.1054 A.D..

These "ancient sources" include oriental, middle eastern and perhaps even New World native records that describe the same celestial event. Now because, according to my new timeline theory, all the annual dates of ancient history were incorrectly dated during the early printing era of the Renaissance, the truth of any annual A.D. record date beyond about five centuries are in doubt.

However, because human events did take place many centuries before the Renaissance and were recorded in some annual fashion, astronomical event records have been misinterpreted to a wrong date by modern historians since the Renaissance.

So, some new math in interpreting the true annual dates of these astronomical records from these "ancient sources" needs to be done if they are to be used properly.

What is important to remember here is that some significant astronomical event happened about nine and a half centuries ago and can be verified by the nitrate ion levels of the 2001 ice core sample.

Reporter 2: So, are you saying that the Biblical Flood event was the cause of the high nitrate ion levels of the 2001 ice core sample and not from any supernova event that took place some nine and a half centuries ago?

Duane: Actually, now that I think of it, what I'm suggesting is that perhaps both events could have taken place. Because a supernova event is a major celestial explosion that could shoot flaring electromagnetic energy beams great distances in the vacuum of space at incredible speeds which could result in powerful force fields -- perhaps the orbits of some comets or the material makeup of some comets could be influenced by the electromagnetic actions of faraway events like supernovas.

And because I have theorized that a major rogue comet event crashed into our sun -- which caused the Biblical Flood event some nine and a half centuries ago, there may be a link between how a supernova event could have caused the comet event that destroyed Atlantis.

It is interesting to note that, according to some scientific web pages, a pulsar in the M1 Crab Nebula has been lately beaming our direction some very powerful and intense gamma radiation burst events measuring around a quadrillion electron-volts which astronomers are trying to understand. The strongest beam event was just a month after the March 11th Japan earthquake last year, but there have been other recent events prior to the last.

Perhaps it is just a coincidence, but if earthquakes or atmospheric events and gamma ray burst from distant supernovas could somehow be linked, a new field of astrophysical science may be able to forecast earthquakes or atmospheric events based on astronomical data.

And if the two incidences are just a coincidence -- well, the subjects themselves are still interesting. In any case, I'm not going to lose any sleep worrying about some death ray from deep space because the scale of space is so great the odds of a dangerous energy beam from a celestial body like the M1 Crab Nebula at around 6.5 thousand light-years away seems almost impossible.

Reporter 3: Well, it is the year 2012 -- do you have any new to say regarding the "end of the world" theory according the end cycle of the Mayan Calendar?

Duane: Not really. Our last interview in March of 2011 covered much of what I needed to say. When this year is over and nothing significant in the way of the world ending happens, all the literature that was written about how Mayan time keepers predicted the end of the world will go in the wastebasket and life will go on.

I should however add that, as a scientist, my prediction that nothing significant will happen this year is based on my perception of the odds that nothing will happen. My prediction is only a theory -- nobody can truly see into the future.

I will say this -- the conventional time keeping formulas of the Mayan Calendar will end because the public will discover how the Mayan Civilization really kept annual time.

Again, much of what I need to say about the conventional Mayan Calendar time keeping formulas and my new interpretation of these time keeping formulas is found at my SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS website and in previous interviews.

Reporter 3: If you believe that the current year date of 2012 is based not on the birth of Christ but on a date related to the Atlantean Civilization, then could you give us a simple overview as to why the current year is 2012 A.T. using your "Atlantean Timeline" formula.

Duane: OK, the current year is 2012 A.T. and my "Atlantean Timeline" formula is based on a date when two-thousand and twelve years ago -- on 0 A.T., no historical human event happened -- at least that I know of. But a thousand years after that date, the year date was one-thousand -- or 1000 A.T., when, according to properly interpreted numerical data from the oldest book in Western History, the first human named as Adam came into being.

Now there may have been human activity before Adam but no records are known to exist that could match the comprehensive information recorded by his family tribes. And because of Adam and his genealogical records published by Moses, there exist significant numerical evidence of early human family tribes with names that colonized the world during long trips in sailing ships.

For several generations after Adam, humans achieved great technological wonders and seafaring abilities wherein a maritime global kingdom known as Atlantis was born ruled first by a person named Oceanus and later by a king named Atlas.

But the achievements of the Atlantean Maritime Kingdom were lost one day in a worldwide earthquake and storm caused by a celestial event that destroyed the maritime links between the continents of earth.

In the aftermath, Old World family tribes that survived the worldwide earthquake and storm event developed new languages based not on repetitive numbers as was before the storm but on pictographs. The most successful pictographic language was the Latin alphabet of the Old World which began the Greco-Roman Era that lasted for almost three centuries.

Then a period of about a hundred years ensued wherein no great kingdom ruled because of several crisis that restricted human development.

With the discovery of a new number system and the New World continent -- together with new way of mass printing, a new era known as the Renaissance ushered in the Modern Era wherein historians attempted to package and publish a timeline of human history for the first time but misinterpreted certain records of annual history by a factory of ten because of several numerical printing mistakes.

And for almost five centuries after the Renaissance these numerical printing mistakes were not challenged by any historian -- and over time, other historians "filled in the gaps" of the historical timeline that was established during the Renaissance.

But just recently, during the "information age", these numerical printing mistakes were discovered and corrected that reveals a new timeline that is based on both the chronology of the first human name in the Old Testament known as Adam and a date in time some one-thousand years before Adam.

This new timeline is known as the "Atlantean Timeline" because ancient records reveal a forgotten story about a great antediluvian maritime kingdom known as Atlantis that once existed in time and influenced the foundation of Western Civilization.

The date chosen as the start of the Atlantean Timeline is based on the dual ideas of dating and counting all human events forward from any known date -- and not having to change the current numerical count of annual time.

So, the current year of 2012 A.T. can replace the current conventional date of 2012 A.D. without having to start a new set of numbers for historical timekeeping.

Reporter 3: Your imagination sometimes exceeds my comprehension -- but you may be on to something. If your new timeline theory of human history is correct, then the idea that human records only date back to about a thousand years instead of some five-thousand years seems unsettling for two reasons. The first reason is why has it taken five centuries to discover these numerical printing mistakes of ancient history that were established during the Renaissance -- and the second reason is, if human civilization has only existed a thousand years out of the some four billion year age of planet earth, it truly seems that our recorded history is merely but a "flash in the pan of time". I would feel more mentally comfortable and less alone in the universe if I believed our ancestry is older than just a thousand years.

Duane: Perhaps your second reason is also why the scholars and historians of the Renaissance decided to "buffer history" with the thousand year era of the "Middle Ages" and to multiply the Olympiad event values of the Greco-Roman Era by a factor of four so that human history did not seem so young relative to geological time. Understand this -- a thousand years is a very very long time for humans to accomplish many things, despite our learning all of our lives that recorded human history is at least five-thousand years old. Look at the last century and realize how far human technology has evolved -- imagine what we could accomplish in a thousand years and you will see what humankind is today.

As for your first reason that seems unsettling regarding why no scholar or historian bothered to challenge the historical conclusions of the timeline work done during the Renaissance, perhaps nobody could gather and correct the numerical data until the recent information revolution of today.

My breakthrough discovery of the numerical mistakes created by historians during the Renaissance was an accident that happened while studying the subject of Atlantis. As I've said before, I did not mean to create a new timeline theory of history -- I just wanted to better understand when the Atlantean Maritime Kingdom existed in time -- and conventional human history just did not add up to fit or include the subject of Atlantis properly.

So, I found a way to make sense of the Atlantean subject by updating conventional human history -- and in doing so, the annual truth of our ancestry was revealed.

Reporter 3: Have you ever heard of the Russian mathematician Anatoly Fomenko? He is the author of the pseudoscientific book project known as THE NEW CHRONOLOGY -- wherein he believes, like you believe, that all the dates of conventional ancient history from before the Renaissance were created by scholars during the Renaissance?

Duane: Funny you should ask about Anatoly Fomenko because I just read this week for the first time about his mathematical work regarding the chronology of ancient history.

According to some Wikipedia research about Formenko, many modern historians believe his work is so incorrect and misleading he should be ignored. However, because some views reveal extensive knowledge about how the dated events of ancient history could have been written by historians long after the events happened, some of Fomenko's views may have merit when understanding the true chronology of human history.

Now, I'm not defending Mr. Formenko's work -- because I've never read any of it, but I find it interesting to learn that I'm not the only person that believes all the dates of conventional ancient history were created by scholars some five centuries ago.

It is my guess that some theories within his work could be wrong and some could be right -- are at least almost right, but having a open mind about how ancient history could have been incorrectly recorded in print during the Renaissance is more important than just ignoring all the mathematical work in his book project.

Reporter 1: How is your LOST FOUNTAIN research coming along? Any new discoveries in that research?

Duane: That book project is somewhat on the "back burner" -- but I will comment on a perspective that I have come across lately which is related to nutritional health and longevity.

I have seen several documentaries that suggest a diet of less or no meat base protein can significantly reduce inflammation which is associated with many disorders of the body -- so, take a hint and live longer if you have inflammation problems.

Reporter 2: Do you have any new theories regarding how our future will be powered? In other words, what type of energy do you believe will power future vehicles and devices?

Duane: Well -- it seems like our future will turn more and more to electric powered energy because for some time now electric motors have replaced many internal combustion engine designs. The real question is how and where will we get our electricity -- will it come from liquid fuel, hydro-gravity, wind, solar or nuclear stations?

I have seen a recent video that proposes a new reactor station design called a LFTR or Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor that uses a low radioactive fuel system to make electric power which seems much safer than our current nuclear reactor station designs. The idea that our future energy needs could be powered by a thorium-base nuclear reactor seems very interesting.

In fact, if the nuclear reactor in Japan was based on a LFTR reactor design, they would not have experienced the radiation pollution problems they are still having because a LFTR reactor design is equipped with a failsafe "salt plug" that would have automatically melted and allow the nuclear fuel to drain into in a safe containment tank.

Perhaps our Atlantean ancestors used some type of thorium-base molten salt fuel system to chemically power certain nuclear devices like the parabolic lens tool that could beam energy great distances.

For decades I have been suggesting the idea that our Atlantean ancestors used plasma-particle beam cutting tool technology but could not quite understand how the beam could stay operational during workload events. The chemical formula within the plasma-particle beam would need to contain some kind of nuclear fuel substance to sustain the energy needed to power the core rotation of the beam -- and perhaps radioactive thorium and fluoride salts are part of the formula.

One problem with this idea of a nuclear powered plasma-particle beam cutting tool design theory is that how could the beam be turned off without damaging the device?

I have not thought much about how this unique beam cutting tool design theory could work lately because I feel however the design gets rediscovered again by modern scientist, it will most undoubtedly be used as a weapon by some as it may have once been used during the age of Atlantis.

Reporter 2: You once theorized that during the age of Atlantis there existed flying vehicles that were equipped with motors which used some sort of particle-beam propeller to create thrust. Could you elaborate on this concept for us again?

Duane: OK -- the idea of any propeller is to make thrust by propelling a shaft that is attached to a payload or vehicle, into a useful direction by means of dynamically leveraging against a fluid-like environment along the axis parallel to the shaft. For a propeller to perform this dynamically leveraging action it must repeatedly drive a wedge into the environment in a screw-like fashion by using a ramp-like foil blade which comes in many shapes and sizes depending on the workload needed.

If our Atlantean ancestors used particle-beam propellers as thrusters on some of their aircraft designs, then perhaps a similar design could be used as thrusting motors in modern aircraft designs. Instead of solid heavy propellers used by today's aircraft, lighter plasma foil blade beams may be more efficient in creating thrust in future aircraft designs.

And speaking of future aircraft designs, I have been lately testing a simple ram-like kite design that is powered and totally steered by two small electric motors. What is exciting is that the design is scalable -- which means that the same shape can be made to fit any size needed. I'm drafting a single, twin and four-seater design using CAD software. But what may be really neat is a satellite lifter version that could take a heavy payload up to altitude for launching rockets into orbit.

Now that would be a useful vehicle design to share with the public.

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