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Duane K. McCullough 5/12

by Duane McCullough

This 28th interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" - however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 5/12 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina

Duane: Hello and good morning again. Last month I spoke about an event where I noticed through a telescope a distinct glowing blue spot on the moon during a recient new moon phase that was in the earthshine side at and around the Aristarchus Crater site.

And well, I have to say that after extensive research into the subject since the event, no answers have yet been found which could explain this mystery.

There are several stories and videos on the Internet that explore the phenomenon as seen during a full moon phase -- but nothing I could recommend that truly explains the cause of such a bright blue spot on the moon. My experience in observing the phenomenon was during the earthshine side of a new moon at a time when the planets of Jupiter and Venus were very closely alined near the moon. My wife also saw the event through the telescope and wondered what it was.

One theory which may explain the event suggest the idea that because astronomical observeratories here on earth sometimes use high powered laser beams to target viewing objects, could have collectively coordinated their beams to a spot on the moon and created an ultraviolet blue spot on the moon that only powerful telescopes like the one I used could see.

However, if this theory were true, one would think that some astronomical news article on the Internet would have appeared since the event and refer to the capability that earth observratories could "paint the moon" with laser beams strong enough to be seen by earth telescopes. So, further research is needed to check out this theory.

The last new moon phase was obscured by cloudy weather -- so, I will try again next month to view this phenomenon. Whether the blue spot is there again -- or even if it isn't there, explaining what it is may reveal some new aspects about the celestial makeup of our moon and how certain energy forces could create such a bright blue site on the moon.

In any case, scientifically solving this celestial mystery remains on my "to do list" -- and I will post any new views to this matter here during future interviews.

Reporter 1: Even if you discovered the energy forces that could cause such a bright blue spot area on the moon surface, how would the discovery be relevant to us here on Earth?

Duane: Perhaps solving this celestial mystery may reveal certain energy forces that, if understood correctly and applied as a source of radiating electromagnetic power, could be useful here on Earth.

Or like I suggested in my last interview, the phenomenon may just be some unique luminous mineral in a moon crater reflecting sunlight in a way that appears much brighter than the surrounding area -- in other words, the phenomenon may just be an optical illusion that appears on occasion and there is no special energy force involved.

So, whether this mystery involves benign "energy forces" or something more, only time will tell.

Reporter 2: Speaking of "energy forces" from above, in your book project you suggest or theorize the idea that the Atlanteans used a form of wireless crystal-radio technology to communicate across oceans by employing unique transmitter and receiver sets which utilized the ionosphere as a relay surface much like modern radio sets. Could you elaborate on this theory for us so we can better understand such a remarkable concept?

Duane: Before I respond to your question about "energy forces" from above and ancient crystal radio technology, I have to tell a story that relates to your question.

Just last week I came across a situation where a friend who was wearing a small -- yet very expensive rubber-like wristband, claims to receive "invisible healing energy" from the device. He also pointed out that other persons he knew that wore the wristband design received remarkable pain relieving energy from it.

At first I was somewhat skeptical about how such a small simple wristband gadget could provide invisible healing energy and believed the wristband only worked using the placebo effect.

But after researching the gadget on the Internet -- which included the viewing of a You-tube video that cut opened a similar device to reveal what appeared to be only a small flat strip of metallic aluminum foil embedded within the wristband -- and knowing what I know about crystal radio technology, I began to change my mind.

I even made my wife and I small wristbands out of some tape with each containing a small folded over flat strip of aluminum foil that measures one-half inch by two and a half inches to see if wearing them makes us feel better -- and amazingly, they do seem to help with certain body pain problems.

My wife told me that her knee and leg problems were gone and my lower back, which was giving me some pain lately, improved significantly.

As it turns out -- or as the theory goes, the little metallic aluminum foil embedded within the wristband may act as a small antenna or capacitor that receives a certain Extreme Low Frequency electromagnetic wave signal from an earth energy source known as the Schumann Resonance phenomenon -- and redirects the magnetic energy from this ELF wave signal through the body to the ground much like how a wireless crystal radio is able to receive electric power and signals from electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere.

Reporter 2: Wait a minute -- what is this earth energy source known as the Schumann Resonance phenomenon -- and how could an Extremely Low Frequency wave signal vibrate through the body from a small metallic foil antenna on the wrist and result in healing energy for the body?

Duane: Good questions -- and I was going to get to them in a moment. But first, let's review some concepts in this theory.

The idea that free electromagnetic energy from the earth can be used as a power source for healing gadgets -- or even physical working devices, is a new technological idea which will challenge existing industries currently involved in the business of health and energy.

The earth energy source known as the Schumann Resonance phenomenon was discovered in 1952 by a geophysicist named Dr. Schumann who found that global thunderstorm activity between the ionosphere and earth's surface created a resonance signal in the ELF range of about 7.8 Hz.

The ELF 7.8 Hz signal -- which also falls between the theta and alpha human brain-wave ranges, is far too low to be heard by the human ear, but higher cycles of the frequency such as 432 Hz appears just below the common 440 Hz note of "A" on the diatonic musical scale.

So, regarding your question as to how could a certain ELF waves signal -- or in this case, a "super base note" of earth that represents the "heartbeat" of earth at 7.8 Hz improve one's health?

One theory suggests that by capturing this low vibrating signal power within a "bio-antenna" and allowing it to contact and pass through the body to the ground, the health of the body becomes "in tune" with the earth signal which can release body chemistry proteins designed to improve balance and heal health problems.

These body chemistry proteins -- which are chemical glue factors, released during the wearing of the wristband device, are the result of the glue-like activity associated within the electromagnetic activity of the 7.8 Hz ELF signal.

In other words, because half of all electromagnetic energy is magnetic, the 7.8 Hz signal power from the wristband magnetically activates chemical proteins that help glue the body together.

The thought path of this simple wristband bio-antenna design theory is this -- free ELF electromagnetic energy can be used to make magnetic energy that, in turn, activates protein energy -- which acts like a chemical glue to bond cells together and thus balance the body.

I once read that the frequency of a cat's purring action can somehow help grow or align proteins in bone marrow -- so, perhaps there is some truth to the idea of using low frequency energy to make or align proteins in the body.

One theoretical limitation I see with this remarkable device is that in order for it to work properly, the wearer should be in contact with the earth somehow so the magnetic energy signal process of making or activating proteins in the body can do their job in giving strength and balance to the system.

Another theoretical limitation could be the possible addiction to the device -- wherein the body may start depending on an external energy force for balance and health. I don't think anyone after wearing the device for several years will, if losing it, fall down and turn to dust in a few hours, but use of any healing tool should be used to help and not as a crutch all the time.

I should point out that some believe the wristband device somehow works by "filtering out" all modern electromagnetic noise pollution in the atmosphere so the wearer's body is "less confused about healing itself". Other brands of the gadget claim that the device "attracts ions from the air and makes more oxygen available to the brain" -- but I'm not so sure about those theories.

I should also point out there exist similar gadgets like "power healing wands" and "power necklaces" on the market that claim the same type of healing activity -- but again, I'm not that familiar with these other gadgets and theories to pass judgment at this time. You have to draw some gray lines of belief somewhere in this New Age healing stuff.

Personally, I would like to find a healing device that could cure my tinnitus problem. The buzzing or ringing in my ears -- mostly the right one, sounds like some shortwave carrier signal that sometimes becomes very annoying.

At times I wonder if my ears are damaged or perhaps they are receiving some kind of static signal from an external source.

Anyway, one may ask why does the folded aluminum foil antenna in this wristband device measure half an inch by two and a half inches? For those who are metric fans, the proportions of 13 millimeters by 64 millimeters is the foil size in this current design. What so special about this measurement?

Well, to be truthful, I don't know yet. But when something works right -- don't change it. Perhaps that size formula is in tune with the 7.8 Hz wave length somehow. Perhaps some changes to the proportions may work better -- I will keep studying ELF antenna designs.

Now, returning to your earlier question about how our Atlantean ancestors may have used a form of wireless crystal-radio technology long ago -- well, let's start with exactly how a crystal-radio receiver and transmitter works and take it from there.

First, the receiver design. All you need is a metallic antenna -- which is also a capacitor element that captures electromagnetic energy in the wireless signal, a diode device -- which allows the electric energy from the antenna to flow only in one direction through a simple wire pathway coil to a ground contact by way of a diaphragm speaker or earphone.

That's it -- no independent power source like a battery or complex wire circuit system to hear wireless information from a faraway transmitter.

The real secret within a crystal radio receiver is the diode's ability to separate and remove magnetic energy signals from electromagnetic energy signals. By semi-conducting electromagnetic energy signals into only electric signals that vibrate along a flat plane in one direction from magnetic signals which vibrate along a flat plane 90 degrees to the electric current vibration, electrical energy signals in the form of amps powers or pushes the current to run the radio system.

Without the diode, magnetic energy would corrupt the electrical energy from making the radio work.

Reporter 2: So -- let me get this strait. On one hand, according to your theories, a crystal radio works because a diode device in the circuit removes the magnetic energy signals from the electromagnetic energy signal captured by the antenna so that electric energy signals in the form of electrons can power through the circit system to the ground contact.

While on the other hand, the healing wristband gadget device you mentioned earlier works because the "bio-antenna" removes the electric wave signals from the electromagnetic ELF signal so that the magnetic signals can activate body proteins which helps glue and heal the body together. Are these views correct?

Duane: I could not have said it any better -- yes, they are correct.

I should add that I am no expert in radio design and that my theories are the result of years of guesswork. If I'm wrong in my guesswork -- well, perhaps my theories will inspire other scientist to seek the truth. And if I'm right, the same inspiration in seeking the truth still applies.

As to what these crystal radio receiver sets may have looked like in ancient times -- well, a fancy metallic crown worn by certain Atlantean kings could have been the antenna component, while some coil-like earrings may have been connected to a small crystal diode gemstone on the crown that was attached to a earlobe as a hearing diaphragm.

The whole wireless headset receiver device was capable of receiving coded wireless amplitude modulation signal information from broadcasting transmitters located far away from the throne.

And the wireless amplitude modulation signal information may have been just simple binary code that revealed news or instructions from "headquarters" many miles away.

There exist drawings of the Egyptian god named Amun who looked as if he wore two large "plume antennas" from his head. Some versions show a large upside down letter "A" on his head. Could the drawings represent a wireless headset receiver device? Also -- why is the word "Amen" said after someone makes an important truthful statement?

However, the real exciting aspect of this lost antediluvian radio technology design concept theory lies in the makeup of how the amplitude modulator transmitter worked.

The first thing you need if you want to make a AM transmitter device is to create an electrostatic force field somehow and then modulate it somehow with variable power so that wireless signals from the force field can be sent or transmitted to receivers far away.

Now, I'm not even going to try to explain how a modern AM transmitter works because -- well, that would be too complicated and probably boring to some who are following this story.

So, I will jump right in and began to theorize how such a remarkable transmitter device may have worked in Atlantean times.

Step one in this design theory is to understand that some of our Atlantean ancestors were aware of the parabolic dish design concept and it's ability to beam energy.

If a parabolic dish was made out of a hard durable material -- like say, platinum or a ceramic substance, so it could withstand very high temperatures like a crucible, and If this parabolic dish or "bowl" could "hold" or "contain" thermodynamic energy activity such as a "particle plasma fire" made of certain electromagnetic and chemical reactions, then a "static field generator" would be created.

The exact electromagnetic and chemical reaction activity within this parabolic dish design concept includes a formula not fully understood at this time -- but what is important here is the idea that a column of plasma energy -- shaped by gravity and the dish design, could generate an elongated torus shaped static field tower beam at a frequency that may be used to transmit wireless binary AM signals great distances.

Modulating this static field column of energy could be done with a "Monstrance Microphone" component.

Early versions of this component may have been a simple device just to briefly electromagnetically interfere with the static field signal like a Morse code spark telegraph switch, but later versions used piezoelectric crystal microphones -- similar to early microphones of the last century, and looked like the Monstrance Vessel in some Christian Churches.

These later versions may have been able to carry voice signals by using piezoelectric pressure energy. If a crystal microphone -- adjacent to the static field column, was placed or aligned properly, it could receive voice signals and electrically transfer or resonate those signals to the static field column because the electric polarity alignment pressure between the two components would be balanced.

The sizes of these ancient static field transmitters varied from stationary to portable designs -- and they may have also used a type of plasmatic iron fuel as part of the "particle plasma fire" formula. The blood of a sacrificed animal could, in theory, supply part of that energy formula.

The idea that blood was ever used as part of a fuel formula for a prehistoric AM transmitter device may seem scary at first, but compared to how many animals that are sacrificed today for human consumption, liquid iron from a few sacrificed animals may not be as scary as it seems -- unless one wants to build a very large AM transmitter device.

Perhaps the largest static field AM tower ever built in ancient times was Nimrod's Tower of Babel as described in the Holy Bible.

This thing -- or crater of ceramic bricks, was so large and powerful, something went terribly wrong because, according to the Holy Bible, it was built too high and when it fell apart, a huge flood followed the event that destroyed most of human civilization.

And when the Biblical Flood destroyed most of human civilization -- the maritime links of Atlantis, and the remarkable technology of Atlantis, was also lost.

Reporter 2: What an amazing story you just painted with your imagination. If the Biblical Tower of Babel was ever a such a "beaming radio tower device" that used technology like you just described, one would assume that wherever it was built, some remnant of proof it once existed -- such as the tower's crater-like foundation, would have been discovered by modern scientist by now. Any thoughts on this view?

Duane: Well -- the kind of powerful energy event that could cause a global flood could also wash away any foundation to such a tower -- not to mention the powerful energy within the tower itself that could "blow through" the containment vessel of the foundation.

So, no -- modern scientist may never find the foundation to Nimrod's radio tower that was destroyed in the Biblical Flood event.

Although, perhaps somewhere near or within the Dead Sea may lie the site of the infamous tower -- perhaps even the very reason why the Dead Sea exist is because the place was so "blown up" by the event when the tower fell apart.

Reporter 3: You keep referring to the idea that a character named Nimrod built the Tower of Babel -- why?

Duane: Because he was the character that history has recorded as building the Tower of Babel. He was an ancient Assyrian maritime king that used Atlantean technology to build the tower and challenged Atlantean maritime control in the area that was once known as Phoenicia.

Other ancient maritime characters from before the Biblical Flood include the Grecian king of Poseidon and the Roman king of Neptune -- not to mention the Atlantean kings of Atlas and Oceanus. But Nimrod was an Assyrian maritime king who, together with other kings from the area, was part of rebellion that resulted in a prehistoric civil war between the Atlanteans and what became the Hellenic Empire of the area.

Now, I can guess what you and others may be thinking -- these antediluvian maritime kings are only mythical characters, and are only used in historical literature as fictional reference kings when studying ancient history.

However, if such characters were so fictional, why do modern global maps give tribute to the maritime kings of Atlas and Oceanus for the huge realm known as the "Atlantic Ocean"?

Why is history's greatest mystery based on the subject of Atlantis?

Perhaps because the subject of Atlantis is full of history that reveals a great mystery -- and understanding that great mystery will reveal a treasure trove of new views about our true heritage.

Reporter 2: Amen!

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