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Duane K. McCullough 6/12

by Duane McCullough

This 29th interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" - however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 6/12 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina

Duane: Good morning again.

A quick update regarding the "blue-light special" event phenomenon when last March I noticed through a telescope a distinct mysterious glowing blue spot on the moon during a new moon phase.

And recently, during the last new moon phase, I once again, saw the phenomenon -- and still have no final answer as to the cause of this mystery.

One would think that some kind of astronomical news article should appear regarding the phenomenon because it is clearly visible by modern telescopes -- although, smaller telescopes can not reveal the site easily because the brightness or glow of the new moon's crescent area overshadows the site.

But there it is -- a distinct mysterious glowing blue spot on the moon. Again, I will update any news regarding the possible energy behind this mystery during future interviews.

Now, regarding another subject I spoke about in my last interview. I gave several theories about what might power some of these new wristbands products that some say gives pain relief or better balance energy. The one example I focused on was a wristband product brand name that I did not mention because I wanted to remain neutral to all brands and try to explain or theorize how the wristband energy worked.

Well, I came across more information about this one wristband product and would like to share some views as to how the device could work.

In reading the online patent description as to how the wristband is suppose to work, I found language that typically is quite technical and seemingly confusing to lay persons.

On one hand, there exist interesting concepts in the patent design which describe how an array of six very small flat spiral antennas wrapped in foil and embedded in the wristband act as a "transducer" that interplay with "zero point photon radiation energy" to create a "magnetic alignment force" which can "polarize" water-base molecules in the wrist area of the body in such a way the body develops better balance and coordination -- not to mention, pain relief.

Moreover, the patent design also suggest the device is capable of "absorbing" low-intensity "electromagnetic frequency radiation pollution" from modern sources like cell phone transmissions that may cause health problems to the "bio-field" of the wearer's body.

Furthermore, the patent design advocates an electromagnetic quantum physics field concept in which nearby photon particles of the wristband area can be polarized by the "coupling aspect" of the antenna field array and act as an "energy force carrier" for the device.

However, on the other hand, because the patent design includes the idea in which the whole small flat spiral antenna array section of the design is wrapped in a opaque foil package -- presumably aluminum foil, perhaps the overall metal package design may block any photon energy activity force through the opaque foil layer to the wearer's body.

In other words, perhaps by wrapping the whole antenna array mechanism in aluminum foil, the only antenna frequency the device may be capable of generating or receiving from whatever energy source could be based on the shape of the foil package -- and not on any interior "transducer" arrangement.

Reporter 1: What is a "transducer" anyway?

Duane: A "transducer" is any device that converts or transfers one form of energy to another form of energy -- for example, an electric motor is a transducer because it converts electromagnetic current energy into physical motor torque force energy.

Other examples could be an audio speaker because it converts electric energy into acoustic energy -- or a light bulb, where electromagnetic energy is converted into photon heat energy. Even a metal antenna is a transducer because it can convert electromagnetic energy into radio frequency wave energy and vice a versa.

In my last interview, I stated that a small piece of folded aluminum foil is what I used as an antenna within a homemade wristband device which had some pain-relieving effect on my wife and I. I also theorized that the energy that powered the antenna may be based on a Extreme Low Frequency power source caused by the 7.8 Hz Schuman Resonance force.

I mentioned that I was going to further study ELF antenna designs to perhaps improve upon the shape of the aluminum foil antenna within my homemade wristband.

And while studying antenna design theory, I came across the online patent design to the aforesaid wristband design.

As I stated earlier, the language of the wristband patent design is quite technical -- however, the language seems like a mysterious mixture of modern scientific concepts in quantum field physics designed to confuse the average person for copyright reasons.

Apparently, I was incorrect in my last interview to assume that the wristband device in question was powered by Extremely Low Frequency resonant energy -- because, the patent design of the device implies that the source power comes from energy even lower than ELF resonant energy -- in particular, from a "standing wave force" or "zero- point energy".

Reporter 1: What is "zero-point energy?

Duane: Well -- Albert Einstein first mentioned the term a hundred years ago, so it's not a new term in modern physics. According to my interpretation of the quantum field energy force theory, "zero-point energy" can be found within atomic particle structures -- like photons, which if captured by a special antenna device and physically moved through gravitational space, can yield a type of radiation energy force charge which may be converted into useful "alignment frequency wave energy".

So, actually -- in theoretical technical terms, it's the physical movement or momentum of the wristband antenna traveling through gravitational space that powers the device.

I'm sorry if my techno-speak explanations sound confusing -- but because the subject of quantum physics is based on a series of very complex theories, it's very hard to follow the thought path in describing the primary details of the shape of atomic structures and how they function in reality.

Anyway, trying to explain the "zero-point energy" concept is not easy. It would be like explaining how "standing wave forces" powers the pull of gravity -- whereby most all objects of mass have some alignment vector angle toward the "center of gravity" somewhere, and that if one could change or alter that vector angle within objects of mass at the atomic level, perhaps a "wave force energy" could be created to power useful devices.

However, photon particles theoretically caught in the aforesaid wristband antenna device contain no mass -- but do have alignment properties which may cause "energy waves or wakes" in gravitational space.

Reporter 1: So, is "zero-point energy" the source power behind the popular wristband device or could some other wave force energy like the 7.8 Hz ELF resonance be the source power?

Duane: I don't know -- I can only say at this time that I'm still studying ELF resonance antenna design concepts. There is something nice about a simple design -- and in this case, perhaps a simple aluminum foil antenna may be all that is needed to capture free ELF energy as wave force alignment power for use in the body.

At least the ELF wristband design concept uses a measurable source of Hertz energy -- whereas the "zero-point energy" wristband design concept does not.

Perhaps the study of "zero-point energy" is like trying to find a needle in a haystack when there is no needle in the haystack -- after all, it is called "zero-point" energy.

But I'm not ready to write-off the concept of "zero-point energy" because there may be something to it -- the subject of quantum field energy forces can be quite interesting at times.

I'm currently testing an antenna design based on the "golden rectangle" proportion concept -- and perhaps even a pair of wristbands that could gather a "harmony of ELF energy".

Remember, the idea behind a small flat wearable ELF resonance antenna is to capture only the magnetic energy in the electromagnetic signal and use the magnetic force to align or polarize protein cells in the body.

The problem in trying to design a small flat wearable ELF resonance antenna is scaling very long ELF waves down to a useful sizes. Just one Hertz wave is just over 186 thousand miles long!

The working theory to date is to take the 1 Hz length value in inches and divide it eight to the 12th power -- which gives us something like .171829+ inches. And then multiply that value by 7.8 -- based on the 7.8 Hz resonance value, to reach a length of 1.34 inches for one side of the flat antenna design.

As for the length of the short side of the antenna, if the "golden section" proportion value of almost 5 to 8 -- where 5 is 62.5% of the number 8, was chosen then perhaps the proportional size of .82812+ inches could be used as a strong design in reflection of natural energy shapes.

By the way, the "golden section" proportional value is more precisely measured at 61.8+% -- and is found throughout nature as a proportional value formula that represents a finite number to express infinite numerical values.

For example, if a "golden rectangle" with a proportional value of about 5 to 8 were to be divided at the 61.8% mark of the long side, then another "golden rectangle" would appear within the shape -- which could be further divided again and again to infinity -- creating an endless series of "golden rectangles".

I should add at this point that even the aforementioned wristband patent design also states the use of the "golden section" concept within their spiral antenna layout where, like a nautilus shell design, the spirals expand outwards at the 61.8% mark in a cross section view to better work with the photons during movement.

So -- enough talk about free healing energy concepts for now. Any questions regarding the subject of Atlantis?

Reporter 2: You have recently posted an article last month on your website within the Atlantean Communications page link regarding the abstract concept that if the Atlantean Maritime Kingdom ever printed paper currency notes, it would be redeemable in food units such as cacao whenever the note holder wanted. Could you elaborate on this abstract concept please?

Duane: Well -- you're right, it is an abstract concept because I don't believe the Atlanteans ever used paper currency in any form. But what the article was trying to project was the current financial recession crisis regarding the value of money in general.

Ever since the first government coin was created, the redeemable value has been controlled by speculative trade forces -- but generally, the durable metal unit value of the coin was used as a reference point of trade.

When paper currency notes were first introduced as numerical unit values of metal coins, they still represented redeemable units of trade value that could be handled much easier than metal coin units.

However, over the years -- governments with strong banking systems have increasingly departed from the redeemable aspect of metal or paper currency in favor of speculative trade forces that some believe has led to the current financial recession crisis.

If governments and their banking systems were to return to a basic reference item of commerce that could be redeemable beyond any speculative value -- like say a nutritious food commodity such as cacao, then perhaps holders of the currency notes could, if they wanted to, at least trade their notes in for valuable food energy units.

Perhaps the richest persons during the age of Atlantis were traders who possessed the most cocoa beans. They probably set the speculative trade unit value of most products and services.

Today, democratic governments are suppose to set the speculative trade unit values of product and services between nations -- but because powerful established banking and corporate systems are controlling the governments, one wonders who is in charge.

In any case, it seems that capitalism "took a hit" recently by some greedy speculators and, together with the "fear factor", socialism has slipped into control of our governments to "fix the situation".

Reporter 2: By your term "fix the situation", do you mean when, in the USA, the government "loaned" the major banks and other large institutions, billions of dollars to keep them from failing during the recent panic on Wall Street in 2008?

Duane: Yes -- the whole "free market capitalistic economy" seemed like it failed somehow and during a presidential election year some voters needed a scapegoat to blame so they chose a socialist candidate.

Now, we all should know why socialism is not the way to run a government because, well -- if you don't know by now, you must a socialist.

It is my belief that socialism encourages more government control of our lives. A socialistic government will depend more and more on a non-redeemable paper currency system of trade units to "solve current economic problems". Socialism is a dead end system -- remember the USSR?

Socialism is Communism in disguise -- and the only reason why mainland China still has a communist government is because they don't know better yet. Look at the communist government of North Korea -- is that the kind of government the world needs more of? I think not.

Capitalism -- on the other hand, encourages innovative free enterprise solutions to solve problems. Capitalism will always have some issues of fairness because of the "greed factor" -- but compared to other types of governments, it gives more room for human freedom than any other. And that is an important concept we should never forget.

Capitalism should welcome new redeemable currency concepts like the one in my article because if we don't "anchor" the dollar to something important soon, socialistic governments will continue to blur the value of all types of currencies by spending more and more on unnecessary social schemes and projects.

Reporter 2: The trade value of the world standard paper currency unit today is the US dollar -- which already can be "redeemed" into cacao or any other food unit at the local food store. Why would any paper currency need to be "anchored" or restricted to a food commodity unit? Wouldn't something more durable and valuable like gold or silver be better as an "anchor" for paper currency?

Duane: Well -- you're right again on your first question. Today, about two-thousand US paper dollars can buy about two-thousand pounds of cacao at wholesale prices -- which is about one US dollar a pound. However, how many US dollars will the same amount cost to buy five or ten years from now?

At the high rate socialistic governments are printing currency and adding zeros to their annual budget cost just to pay somebody the interest owed already, the dollar unit trade value will buy considerably less cacao or any other product in the near future.

As for the idea that gold or silver could be reestablished as an "anchor" for global currency values -- eeeh, been there, done that. Not a good idea because, as I have suggested before in earlier interviews, the heavy metal game era of saving for a rainy day is over. Way too much heavy metal is sitting in vaults around the world not doing anything truly useful. And the use of gold or silver as coins for currency units have certain limitations in this day and age -- moreover, heavy metal has no essential nutritional value to those who truly need to survive and trade items for a living in the future.

Although I have stated before in other areas of my work that gold or silver -- if digested in extremely small amounts from within certain plants, may have the capability of providing nutritional longevity to humans, the volume in question is so small it would be insignificant to use as a nutritional unit for currency.

But if the unit value of cacao was fixed or "anchored" at about one US dollar per wholesale pound -- and "guaranteed" by the US government, a pound of nutritional cacao should stay the same unit value through the years -- much like the value has been for centuries.

Anyway -- it's an idea that I thought could help stabilize the value of all paper currencies and prevent inflationary forces from following the current recession crisis.

Reporter 3: As you are well aware of, your decades old timeline argument of when Atlantis existed in recorded history has not been to date discussed by any major information services. If you had the opportunity to summarize your basic timeline argument to new readers of the subject in less than -- say, five minutes, what would you say?

Duane: I would say that -- based on a series of important historical discoveries over several decades, it has been determined that the current A.D. timeline date system used by modern historians is incorrect and needs a major update to fix the problem.

This major update should include the process of understanding the following new concepts to learn the truth of real history.

All recorded historical dates beyond about five centuries ago are not to be trusted as factual annual dates because of newly discovered dating errors created during the Renaissance.

All recorded historical dates associated with the time period known as the "Middle Ages" can now be explained as lasting over a time period of not about a thousand years -- but lasting instead over a time period of only about a century.

All recorded historical dates associated with the time period known as the "Greco-Roman Era" can now be explained as lasting over a time period of not some 1168 years -- but lasting instead over a time period of only about 292 years.

All recorded historical dates associated with the time period known as the "Biblical Era" can now be explained as lasting over a time period of not some 3761 years -- but lasting instead over a time period of only 3761 months, or about three centuries.

Therefore, after compiling the new annual date values, the new conclusion as to the real time period between the first Biblical Patriarch and the early Renaissance can now be understood as lasting not over some five-thousand years -- but lasting instead about five centuries.

Moreover, a new annual calendar system has been developed to include these recent historical discoveries and yet maintain the current annual time count of history by assigning a reference point date of 2012 years ago as a time marker where no currently known event took place.

This new annual calendar system uses the prefix of A.T. -- as in "Atlantean Time", instead of the A.D. prefix.

Reporter 3: OK, you have tried to cram about five-thousand years of recorded history into a theoretical time period of about five centuries -- do you realize how crazy that sounds? Is there no wonder why your theories of lost history and ancient science is being ignored by the large educational institutions? Who are you to have discovered these scientific concepts when apparently nobody else has come close to discover any of them? You may be correct in these new discoveries -- but you are probably still a long way from getting help from those who do not have the time to understand the abstract nature of your Spirit of Atlantis book project.

Duane: Well -- by golly -- what can I say to those statements? Were they rhetorical questions?

Do I have some crazy theories? Yes, but that doesn't make them wrong theories. Regarding why large educational institutions could be ignoring my abstract research work and theories, well, I have this theory -- yes, another theory, that there exists a phenomenon whereby the larger the institution, the slower it moves toward productive change because all the parts take time to catch up. My abstract research will be discovered and be understood someday -- I just hope to live long enough to see them get discovered.

And as to the question about who am I to have discovered these concepts regarding lost history and ancient science? I am Duane K. McCullough.

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