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Duane K. McCullough 8/12

by Duane McCullough

This 30th interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" - however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 8/12 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina

Duane: Hello again and good morning.

I would like to begin by reviewing the ongoing phenomenal lunar event that I have been observing since last March when I first noticed through a telescope a distinct mysterious glowing blue spot on the moon within the Aristarchus crater site during the earthshine phase.

After some five months of viewing the phenomenon and searching the Internet for information regarding what kind of energy could power such a glowing blue spot on the moon, I have come to theorize my own possible explanation as to the type of energy involved at the site.

First, I thought the glowing blue spot was a kind of temporary optical illusion from as yet unknown material in the crater that appeared to be reflecting or fluorescing earthshine energy into a spot area brighter than anything within the darkside of the moon.

Second, then I discovered some related views on the Internet that described other visual lunar events which are called "Transient Lunar Phenomenon" events -- or "TLP" events, which have a wide range of historical sightings and theoretical explanations.

I explored these TLP theories that covered concepts like "electrostactic levitating lunar dust fountain events reacting with the solar wind" -- to "lunar outgassing events". In fact, I learned that NASA is going to send the LADEE satellite mission to the moon early next year to investigate and explore these "moving lunar dust fountain events" that have been quite a mystery for some time.

Even the idea that powerful earth based laser projectors from astronomical observeratories which could collectively beam glowing energy onto the moon and be seen by earth observers was explored.

I discovered another nearby lunar mystery some 300 nautical miles to the southwest of the Aristarchus crater site where a place called "Reiner Gamma" reveals strange "milky patterns" on the ground. The site also is known to have a strange "magnetic anomaly" about it.

Interestingly, one of the first links that appeared in my "blue glow on the moon" Google search was a radical abstract theory about the existence of a "top secret nuclear power station on the moon" in the Aristarchus crater site area.

This "nuclear power station on the moon" theory also ties into another interesting radical theory where, on the morning after my first sighting of this lunar phenomenal event, I saw a Youtube video of the physicist by the name of Michio Kaku explain an abstract theory about how an advance galactic civilization could have placed robotic probes on planetary moons to observe lower level civilizations like ours on earth -- and, as he further suggested, like in the movie plot "2001 - A Space Odyssey", this civilization has evolved into intelligent energy beings that travel around the universe not as mortal beings in spaceships, but on beams of light energy between robotic probes such as the one on our moon.

After studying these many conflicting theories, I felt the need to choose one over the other -- or at least develop a new theory to explain the reality behind this lunar mystery.

Also, because this phenomenal lunar event has been visible during the earthshine phases for some five months now -- and apparently was visible even before I noticed it back in March of the year, perhaps the term "Transient Lunar Phenomenon" does not properly apply to this ongoing situation anymore.

Moreover, I should point out the area in question is only visible as a glowing blue spot on the moon for only a few hours during about two or three nights each month of the earthshine phase because the brighter the moon becomes over the course of the month, the harder it is to see the glowing energy from the event site.

In any case, this ongoing phenomenal lunar event within the Aristarchus crater site is definitely radiating some sort of unexplained energy that should be explored in greater detail.

So, the following theory regarding this lunar mystery is my take-away on the subject.

After extensive reading about and studying the chemical makeup of lunar soil mineral material, I have discovered the possibility that two particular materials within and around the Aristarchus crater site may be causing a very unique and remarkable visible event where a form of "electromagnetic resonance activity" is taking place.

Perhaps ilmenite sand -- which is believed to exist within the crater site and is known to have pyroelectric, piezoelectric and gyromagnetic properties, is reacting with thorium sand -- which is also known to exist near the area and has radioactive properties. This reaction activity may be causing a visible torus shape zone of electromagnetic plasma energy -- strong enough to be seen from earth.

Therefore, perhaps radioactivity from thorium sand may be the source of nuclear energy fueling this phenomenal lunar event within the parabolic shape of the crater site.

Reporter 2: Well, that's an amazing theory if true. However, are you suggesting the idea that this phenomenal lunar event is based on "natural causes" -- and not on some probe placed there long ago by some advance galactic civilization?

Duane: What I'm suggesting or theorizing is that this remarkable lunar mystery may be understood as a very unique event that needs more study and verification to prove the concept in which natural materials can be used to create visible electromagnetic plasma energy fields.

Imagine if the technology existed here on earth that could recreate visible electromagnetic plasma energy fields like this one on the moon -- perhaps a new type of fusion powered nuclear reactor could power our future needs in electricity.

I have to point out at this time the remarkable coincidence that, over twenty-five years ago, I created a page in my SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS book project which illustrates a cross- section image where the Biblical Tower of Babel was made of a torus shaped electromagnetic plasma field beam of vibrating ilmenite sand and other materials very similar to this phenomenal lunar event concept.

At that time I was aware of the radioactive aspects of thorium sand, but never theorized that mixing it with ilmenite sand could power the Tower of Babel -- or any smaller versions of this remarkable particle-beam technology once used by our Atlantean ancestors.

Now, regarding your question as to whether this phenomenal lunar event is being used as a probe or "portal" by some advanced galactical civilization -- well, I just don't know. But it sure would be very interesting if it were. Imagine discovering a portal link site to other parts of the universe on our moon -- or learning that humans on earth are not alone in the universe. What a plot for a movie this story could tell -- oh, wait, haven't they already made that movie yet?

Actually, fictional movies like "2001 - A Space Odyssey" or "K-PAX" -- and lately the recent movie "Thor", where the idea of physically travelling within light beam energy across vast distances of interstellar space is a very interesting concept. Even the futuristic "Star Trek" TV and movie series suggest that physical spaceship vehicles can somehow be "warped into portable projectors of light energy" as they travel across interstellar space.

If humankind is ever to physically visit real places throughout the grand scale of the universe, we would at least need to physically achive the energy warp-speed of light. But even at that speed, the obstacle of time would limit physical human beings from getting very far relative to the grand scale of the universe.

Travelling between solar systems within our own Milky Way galaxy like in the recent fictional movie "Avatar" using the "suspended animation" method of almost deep freezing humans to get around the "time problem" seems like a plausible way of physically exploring the local universe.

But, until somebody builds an "interstellar transporter station" in the future, it seems that the only way to physically explore and discover wondrous things in the greater universe from home earth today is to use telescope technology. It is how I discovered this phenomenal lunar event in the first place.

So, regarding your question again as to if I believe the lunar mystery is based on "natural causes" or was placed there by some "advanced civilization" -- the only thing I can imagine for now is that it may be caused by, as I've said, a very unique form of visible "electromagnetic resonance activity" that needs more study.

Reporter 2: When you say the term "electromagnetic resonance activity" -- could you elaborate on that concept for us a little please?

Duane: Sure -- let me try to somewhat explain the theoretical makeup of this lunar mystery. For a body to resonate, it needs to vibrate at a sympathetic frequency from another body. In this case, the inside body wall column of the torus shape field of vibrating mineral particles is in tune with the outside body wall column. But the inside column is spinning and migrating in the opposite direction from the outside column -- with the bottom end of the column shaped by the parabolic crater and the top end shaped by the loss of gyromagnetic energy and the pull of gravity. The "reverse twist" of the particle pathway at the top of the column beam is much like the pathway line found in the musical staff logo.

In fact, the shape of the musical staff logo is the best example model of the active pathway line behind this torus shape plasma energy field design theory.

The power that drives the inside wall column of this torus shape field of electromagnetic activity upward is the nuclear reaction between radioactive thorium sand and the properties of ilmenite -- which are pyroelectric, piezoelectric and gyromagnetic. The power that drives the outside wall of the torus shape field column downward is gravity and the suction of the particle activity near the base.

What is also interesting about this torus shape plasma energy field design theory on the moon is that the particle activity within probably emits a Hertz frequency signal -- which if it is lower than 4 Hz, it may resonate or "link into" other signal activity down here on earth.

The significance of this aspect is important because -- and this is when this theory really gets interesting, human brain-wave signal activity during Delta sleep mode vibrate at 4 Hz or less.

Now, if a 1 Hz signal measures at 186,363 miles -- which is about the speed of light in one second of time, then a .78 Hz signal would measure about the same distance between the earth and the moon on average.

By the way, the smaller the Hertz signal value, the longer the distantce between a full energy cycle.

So, perhaps when we sleep -- our brain-wave Delta frequency signals could be "linking" to the resonate frequency of this phenomenal lunar event.

Reporter 2: Wait a minute -- stop right there. Are you suggesting that this mysterious glowing blue spot on the moon is somehow acting as a linking device between sleeping human brain-wave signals here on earth and some other life force?

Duane: Well -- it does sound that way. Remember -- I'm just grouping several "what if" situations together.

When I spoke earlier about humans travelling around the universe on "beams of light energy", I was suggesting the idea that the only way it could be done is if the physical body was left behind. Apparently our sleeping human brain-wave signals are able to travel faster and farther than our physical bodies -- and if so, then this ongoing phenomenal lunar event could be seen as a way to "share signals" with other life forces in the universe while we sleep.

I know I'm way out on a limb here suggesting these abstract concepts regarding space travel and human brain-wave transporter station designs -- but, like I said, I'm just theorizing.

Reporter 2: Absolutely fascinating set of theories -- what a plot story for a new movie. The idea that human brains are in themselves physical portals capable of mentally linking to a "nuclear powered interstellar transporter station" on our moon using ELF Delta signals and visit other worlds across the universe at the speed of light. Are these views correct with your theories?

Duane: I guess you could say that your assessment of my theories are correct -- however, it is important to separate fact from fiction regarding the truth of what is powering this phenomenal lunar event and why it exist in the first place.

The only fact that I know of to date is that some kind of mysterious energy event exist on the moon within the Aristarchus crater site -- beyond that, all other views are fiction unless or until they are proven factual.

Reporter 3: Speaking of factual views verses fictional views, any change in your view that every recorded annual date beyond about five centuries ago in every history book is based on fictional math created by scholars during the Renaissance?

Duane: Nope -- as I've explained many times before, all recorded dates beyond five centuries can be retranslated and compressed into a much smaller timeline version of human history for reasons too complex to repeat again at this time.

I will say this however, when modern academic historians and scholars finally come to understand the huge numerical mistakes that were created in our first printed history books -- and how all other historians since the Renaissance have been basically just copying their work without really questioning the math involved, perhaps then will they begin to change our history books to reflect the true annual account of human history.

Reporter 1: How is your personal life going and what do you do most every day?

Duane: I'm a happy camper -- I visit my gallery site in town at least once a month during the "Gallery Walk" evening events and chat with other visitors about my artwork.

My wife and I enjoy working in the yard and garden. I just finished a "wishing well" project on our property -- now we can make wishes come true anytime we feel like it.

The Blueridge Parkway is less than a thirty minute drive away and there are many photo opportunities of nature's wonders throughout our area.

Our two cats and I like to take daily walks down by the creek. And I feel blessed to have good health -- mostly because of my wife's great choice of food and cooking abilities.

So, life is good. I just wish the economy would improve so I could afford to print a series of larger artwork projects -- perhaps a visit to the old wishing well may help.

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