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Duane K. McCullough 9/12

by Duane McCullough

This 31st interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" - however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 9/12 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina
Update: 1/13

Simulated JPG image of Trans-Lunar Phenomenon
Sometimes -- for an hour or so during the early Earthshine phase,
the Aristatchus crater will glow a fuzzy blue color that can be seen
from Earth with a good telescope.

Duane: Hello and good morning again.

For those who have been following my recent views about the ongoing lunar mystery event on the dark side of the moon, I have several new theoretical concepts to add that further explores the phenomenon.

These theories may reveal a remarkable new understanding of how a network system of nuclear powered "radio stations" may exist in the universe that could be used by life energy forms for interstellar communication events.

But first, I should review again the sequence of how and why I have come to discover and theorize these concepts.

Last March, when viewing through a telescope the alignment of Jupiter, Venus and the moon, I noticed a strange glowing blue spot on the dark side of the moon within the Aristarchus crater site during the earthshine phase.

Since then -- and after searching the Internet for the possible causes of this ongoing lunar mystery event, I have come to theorize the event is caused by a unique form of "electromagnetic resonance activity" that radiates a steady blue shade of energy from within the crater site.

Simulated JPG image of a torus energy field in the Aristarchus Crater
A "torus-like dust storm event" may exist
within the Aristarchus crater during the early
Earthshine phase that is powered by the nuclear
reaction of thorium and ilmenite sand materials.

I have also theorized that the lunar mystery event could be powered by the nuclear reaction between nearby radioactive thorium and ilmenite sand materials within the parabolic shaped crater which could create a torus shaped blue colored plasma field visible from earth during the earthshine phase.

I further speculated that if the lunar mystery event was generating certain ELF frequency signals, the signals could be resonating with certain human delta sleep signals here on Earth -- which suggest the idea that sleeping human brain signal activity could link into whatever life form signals that may be emanating from the lunar mystery event.

However, I have since discovered a greater mysterious event from the local heavens that could further suggest the scientific idea in which celestial signals may be linking to human brain signal activity here on Earth.

It seems that Jupiter's moon Io is causing a 2 trillion watt torus shape event around the planet by "releasing volcanic material" while orbiting the planet.

Energy signals from this ongoing event, known as "Radio Jove" signals by radio astronomers, range from 15 Mhz to 40 Mhz and can be heard as ocean waves or crackling fire like signals by simple radio sets tuned at 20 Mhz.

Now, according to reliable Internet data, ELF signals -- or Extremely Low Frequency wave signals, are found in human brain activity that range from 13 Hz to 30 Hz for Beta waves, 8 Hz to 13 Hz for Alpha waves, 4 Hz to 7 Hz for Theta, and Delta waves are below 4 Hz.

Alpha and Beta brain wave signals are believed to signal conscious awake activity -- while Delta and Theta brain wave signals represent sleeping subconscious activity.

So, as these theories go, while the phenomenal lunar event may be able to resonate and link to our unconscious sleeping Delta brain wave signals below 4 Hz during the earthshine phase, perhaps energy signals from "Radio Jove" may be resonating with our conscious awake brain wave signals that vibrate in higher octive cycles related to the Beta range.

I should add at this point in this theory that because the Earth's ionosphere is believed to absorb or reflect celestial energy radio waves below 18 Mhz, the idea of that any ELF celestial radio signals could penetrate or enter our atmosphere would seem unlikely -- however, the concept werein certain energy radio waves from space may be capable of resonating through Earth's atmosphere is a viewpoint worth considering. For example, could a 20 Mhz radio energy signal from "Radio Jove" resonate as a 20 Hz Beta brain signal here on Earth? If so, then perhaps a new science in celestial communication technology is awaiting exploration.

Reporter 2: Regarding celestial communication theories, didn't the story plot from the fictional movie "2001 - A Space Odyssey" suggest the idea that after finding a mysterious probe on the moon, humans discover the probe was communicating with another probe near Jupiter -- so they sent a spaceship to Jupiter to investigate. And when the spaceship arrived near Jupiter they discovered that a life energy form was able to "absorb the memory" of the astronaut hero of the spaceship and make him "travel through time" somehow?

Duane: Why -- yes, what a coincidence between that movie plot and my observations. I find a mysterious object on the moon and then discover a greater mystery near Jupiter, which suggest both phenomenal events are somehow connected and may perform as a set of linking signal devices -- much like "routers" to a type of "interstellar Internet system" used by life energy forms.

Moreover -- and continuing these abstract theories, the energy signal speed limit of this "interstellar Internet system" is the energy speed of light itself where, according to the laws of physics, time stands still for life energy forms within the signal.

If this aspect of the theory is true, then interstellar signal traffic between places in space by life energy forms would be instant and not take "light years" to travel vast distances as viewed from a human perspective.

This theory implies the idea that if life energy forms could take the form of "energy beings" and achieve the speed of light, time will cease to exist and therefore they could visit anywhere in interstellar space instantly if given the means to do so.

Now -- for a energy being with a body like a conscious human to achieve the speed of light seems physically impossible, but for an unconscious energy being without a body and living within energy signals as a life form, perhaps the speed of light may be possible -- again, given the means to do so.

The means to do so may be just as simple as transmitting ELF brain signals through certain nearby and natural occurring nuclear powered "radio stations" and use them as "energy relay beacons" to navigate throughout the universe.

There may be many more other types of nuclear powered "radio stations" throughout the universe like quasars or pulsars -- and even stars themselves, that we haven't even discovered yet that may allow for unconscious visits to places way beyond our wildest imagination.

In other words, unconscious humans may be able to visit places across the universe as "energy beings" using brain wave signals and a series of nuclear powered "radio stations" that are part of an "interstellar Internet system".

Reporter 2: Well -- what good are unconscious visits to anywhere if you can't consciously remember the visit? Don't you need a physical host body and brain to record and remember the signals that make up the visit?

Duane: Of course you need a physical host body and brain to record visits to anywhere -- but a physical brain that is tuned to the right frequency signal may also be able to control the time and place of the visit.

Think of your body as a physical spaceship and your conscious brain as a pilot in control. When conscious, you are awake and physically travel around Earth using your body spaceship while your brain pilots the journey. When unconscious, you are asleep and traveling around an imaginary world that is a mixture of your own memory and some other place in space and time.

Now, say you want to virtually travel beyond Earth to some distant planet or galaxy -- all you need to do is just experience a good recorded story or create a story about a distant planet or galaxy using your imagination, and there you are.

You can also virtually visit the view of a distant planet or galaxy using telescope and computer simulation technology. However, to travel to a real planet or galaxy from Earth, well, you need to leave your physical spaceship body behind -- it's too much baggage for the long journey.

We, as conscious humans, can all virtually visit a real planet together like the recent Curiosity probe landing on Mars using modern communication technology -- and perhaps visit Mars in person one day using real rocket powered spaceships. But to physically visit as a conscious human being anyplace beyond Mars or Jupiter and return back to Earth in our lifetime seems impossible based on current technology.

Reporter 2: So, returning to your theoretical concept about how a network system of nuclear powered "radio stations" may exist in the universe which can be used by life energy forms for interstellar communication events -- is it possible to unconsciously or consciously travel around the universe using ELF brain wave energy signals between interstellar probes?

Duane: Well, I have speculated that unconscious humans may be able to travel around the universe as ELF energy wave signals between interstellar probes, but the possibility that we, as conscious humans, can do the same -- I just don't know.

However, imagine if it were possible to consciously visit any living host being in the universe at any time using energy wave signals between interstellar probes -- would the view be like a crystal ball or flat screen "portal vision" event? Or would the view be of the personal type where a "mind's eye" dream event be experienced?

If such a theoretical visit to a host being would be experienced as a "portal vision" event, then some kind of "nexus device" could perhaps translate unconscious brain wave signals to a "view screen" where conscious humans could experience and record the event.

But if such a theoretical visit to a host being would be experienced as a personal "mind's eye" dream event, then perhaps it may be just as simple as controlling the direction and frequency of ELF signal waves to a place in the brain where the event can be mentally experienced.

Although some people claim to have the ability to "astro-project" their conscious selves to real places in real time using only their minds, I haven't been able to verify that kind of "brain traveling" activity.

However, I have been able to, on occasion, consciously experience short -- yet very vivid, dream events in the morning using a technique of digesting vitamin B6 by way of two chicken eggs before going to sleep at night.

Don't ask me how or why this technique works, but it does. In fact, several books on nutrition suggest the idea that if dreams become too vivid, one should take less Vitamin B6.

I should add at this point a disclaimer warning that using any chemical substance -- including vitamins, to alter your normal brain activity can have unexpected consequences.

Apparently, when the unconscious mind is leaving the Delta frequency zone of sleep and rapidly moves through the Theta frequency zone before it wakes up in the conscious Alpha frequency zone, a short period of control of the mental environment is established -- and almost anything, including time travel, seems possible.

In my case, flying or hopping great distances over a colorful dreamscape world becomes possible -- but only for a short period, because -- and this is just another theory, the conscious mind does not want to make available a place that could make the real world seem boring.

Reporter 2: Well -- all your theories about how humans may be able to mentally communicate with other life energy forms and travel throughout the universe using this "interstellar internet system" seems quite interesting -- but, how do these views relate to the main subject of our interviews -- which is the subject of Atlantis?

Duane: Yes -- the subject Atlantis, let's see -- well, if our Atlantean ancestors were aware of a language system based on dots and dashes that could be sent great distances, then perhaps this language system was also based on musical notes and tones -- which can be measured in Hertz frequencies.

In fact, look at how music is visually expressed today -- it is a series of dots and dashes with graphical arrangement rules. Music, by definition, is a language -- it's a means to communicate information using signals.

Instead of graphical symbols with phonetic rules of arrangement to communicate information like alphabets we use today, perhaps the Atlanteans used songs to express information.

Remember in the fictional movie "Close Encounters" where humans first attempted to communicate with the large alien spaceship with musical notes? It seemed natural to believe that the language of aliens from another world would first use music to set the mood for information exchange.

So, could the language of music be used as a means of communicating information between worlds? You bet!

"Radio Jove" signals from Jupiter may sound like a random set of static sounds to us humans, but to energy life forms, it may be music to their ears -- if they have any ears.

Reporter 3: It's interesting to note that, for some thirty years now, you have been theorizing the idea in which the timeline length of human history is much shorter than what is recorded in history books. And now you have theorized the idea in which time itself can be made to "stand still" if viewed from the perspective of life energy forms within wave signals traveling at the speed of light. What are we to expect next? Is it possible to reverse time somehow and return to the past in someway?

Duane: You do have some interesting observations and questions. There is no question that we can virtually return to the past using our memory and imagination. And certain types of technologies such as sensory recordings can simulate past events -- but to consciously visit the real past in real time, I don't see how.

One can see a linear view of the distant past using just their eyes and the night sky -- where photon energy waves from celestial objects can be measured in "light years" away.

Now, even if an object -- or energy life form, could break Einstein's speed limit of light in the universe, the "time continuum" -- or lineal universal time, for that object or energy life form would appear only to stop and not reverse itself because -- and this is where the theoritical science of quantum physics comes into play, time itself only goes in one direction relative to the movement of space.

For example, let's take how fictional starships found in space stories like Star Trek could theoretically travel faster than the speed of light. The mechanical physics of how an object like a large vehicle could be electromagnetically shaped and warped into a super thin beam of light energy signals longer than 186 thousand miles in one second sure seems impossible by today's technology standards. But today becomes tomorrow before you know it.

Now, let's continue this time warping theory in future technology and examine the material makeup of a starship moving through space at warp speed. As a super thin beam of light energy signals -- and I mean really super thin at subatomic levels, this energy life form could appear as a radio beam event containing a series of static ELF signals to human beings standing still in the universe.

Apparently, this subatomic activity event of energy beaming through the universe at warp speed allows for a "gravity time bubble" within the energy beam for a normal pace of time and gravity to exist for physical living beings.

So, when this subatomic beam of signals that represents a physical object vehicle with crew, drops out of "warp drive" -- or goes less than than the speed of light, it becomes a molecular atomic energy object that begins to reassemble the energy signals back into a shape more like a starship it is. And when the warping event stops, the starship -- now able to move on auxilliary "ionic impulse power", is seen as carrying a set of very powerful electromagnetic magnets made of nuclear plasma activity -- which can be energized again to reshape the atomic structure of the vehicle back into a beam of subatomic energy signals.

Therefore, could the energy signals that are coming from "Radio Jove" -- or any number of celestial "radio stations", be energy life forms?

The real question is -- could these energy life forms be intelligent life forms?

One aspect of anything with intelligence is having the capability to organize communication information signals. Is any electromagnetic radio signals from interstellar space a sign of intelligent energy? Or are they just static noise events like ocean waves or a crackling fire? You decide.

As fas as the physical ability to alter the "time continuum" and visit places back in real time -- again, I don't see how. One has to sometimes draw the line of non-possibilities somewhere in reality or else become a really libral artist that rambels on in abstract thoughts like I may be doing now.

In any case, the idea that time itself can be manipulated in various ways is interesting. And one of the best daily examples of time distortion situations that I know of is when I sit down to a computer to work or browse the Internet for a short visit, sometimes the pace of real time seems to be distorted somehow -- where minutes become hours. Why is that?

Perhaps the more we focus our collective thoughts into an event stream of information, the more the "time continuum" gets warped -- or "suspended", around the event. And until we fall out of "warp speed" and return to the pace of real time -- much like a fictional faster than light starship, awareness of the "time continuum" is suspended.

Reporter 1: Back in May of this year you were exploring the idea that ELF energy signals could perhaps be captured by a wearable "bio-antenna" on the wrist which could help relieve body pain. Do you have any new thoughts or theories regarding that subject?

Duane: Well -- I've made about a dozen of the aluminum foil based wristbands over the Summer and have had mixed results with friends wearing them. One reported no help while another says their hundred dollar wristband works better. Half of that dozen my wife and I have worn with positive results with pain relief -- and the remaining bands have had no reports back yet.

Since my homemade bands cost about five cents or less to make -- and I have twice changed the shape and size of the folded aluminum foil insert that's taped to the inside of the foam-like paper band, perhaps the design needs more modifications to become effective for other persons.

The idea that a wearable wristband can be used to relieve pain has become a big business industry lately -- and I believe there is something beyond just the placebo effect that makes them work.

At first, I thought that the energy of the 7.8 Hz Schumann Resonance phenomenon was the power source of the wristband design -- and I still do, but there exist a "zero-point" or "no Hertz frequency" theory of "gravity energy" behind one brand of wristband design that seems interesting and needs more study at this time before I continue making the "next generation" of bands.

However these wristbands receive energy to power their pain relieving capabilities is only half the aspect of their design -- the other half is how does the power they collect translate into pain relief?

Since most all the wristband designs advocate some kind of free resonance alignment power to reduce pain signals within the wearer's body, perhaps very long ELF energy waves can be electromagnetically captured by a small metal foil antenna on the body and redirect the energy to "polarize the protein signals" within the body that, for whatever reasons, become out of alignment.

In other words, body pain is the result of misaligned signals -- and free ELF energy signals can be used to correct the alignment.

Explaining exactly how the pain is relieved at the molecular or subatomic level would probably include complex formulas that could get boring to the average person. Afterall, is the average person curious how aspirin works?

If this theory is basically correct, then perhaps many pain-relieving drugs of the pharmaceutical industry, could become obsolete soon.

The bottom line is that the power of free energy wave signals exist. How to understand and use them should be the quest of anyone interested in science and energy.

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