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Duane K. McCullough 5/13

by Duane McCullough

This 32st interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" - however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 5/13 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina

Duane: Hello and good morning once again.

Before I answer any questions this morning, I would like to take about ten minutes to review the primary theories of my thirty-year historical research work into the science of anthropology and archeology.

I have prepared a sequential list of important concepts that could vastly improve our knowledge and understanding of many remarkable prehistoric mysteries such as the subjects of Atlantis and the lost Fountain of Youth legends.

Moreover, I would like to announce at this time that one particular important mathematical theory -- or theorem, should prove a new timeline concept in which the annual five-thousand year recorded chronology of human history is not only incorrect -- but is incorrect by a huge inflated value when counting years before the discovery of the New World some five centuries ago.

Nearly three decades ago, while living aboard a sailboat in the Florida Keys, I began to write what I thought was to be a simple story about the historical origins of the local Miami native indians of Southern Florida, but soon learned that the Miami natives were historically related to other natives throughout North and Central America by way of nautical travel and trade routes.

My historical research uncovered the view that these nautical natives of America were also capable of trans-Atlantic travel and trade by discovering archeological evidence in the form of a prehistoric numerical alphabet known as Ogham which can be found on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

While researching the origins of the prehistoric Ogamic alphabet, I found that the ancient maritime natives of the British Isles -- known as the Armoricans, and the ancient maritime natives of Mediterranean who created the pictographic Latin alphabet -- known as the Phoenicians, shared a common five-vowel phonetic rule in both of their alphabets.

After the discovery of this common five-vowel phonetic rule within these ancient alphabets, I began to theorize a remarkable anthropological view in which a greater prehistoric maritime culture of the Atlantic and Mediterranean realms may have once existed in time which should reveal itself by reviewing certain important ancient history stories.

During some research into Greco-Roman history, I came to read the full mythical story recorded by Plato regarding the lost civilization of Atlantis and began to see the reality of a prehistoric Atlantean Culture as a forgotten maritime kingdom that not only once ruled much of earth, but also a lost realm in time.

And so began my new history book project I named "Spirit of Atlantis -- The Treasure Adventure" that I first self published in 1988.

As I was researching the subject of Atlantis, I came across many other important concepts regarding ancient technology and treasure items that began to develop into several theorems of what was Atlantis, where was it located, who were and what became of the Atlanteans, why were they lost in time -- and perhaps the most important, when Atlantis existed in historical time.

During decades of research, I have come to see that Atlantis was at least three things -- a lost set of continents, now known as the American Continents, a lost prehistoric capital seaport located near or within Lake Izabal in what is now Central America, and a lost Maritime Kingdom that once ruled a global realm of not only the shores of the Atlantic Ocean -- but also the shores of the Mediterranean and all other Oceananic areas of Earth.

I developed over time a theory that the prehistoric Atlantean Maritime Kingdom was lost during the Biblical Flood event -- but has since been unknowingly reborn again as the global culture now known as "Western Civilization".

I also came to understand that the Biblical Flood event -- which destroyed the maritime links between the Atlantean capital seaport and their colonies, was the result of a celestial event when perhaps a rogue comet collided with the Sun and caused some sort of catastrophic global storm incident here on earth.

But perhaps the most important theory I developed during this long quest in to ancient history was the realization that because all the annual dates of recorded human history prior to the discovery of the New World some five centuries ago were incorrectly formulated and recorded by early historians, the current annual A.D. calendar count use by all modern nations is incorrect.

What I find particularly interesting about these major chronology mistakes created by the early historians of five centuries ago during the early mass printing age was that apparently nobody has since noticed them or have tried to correct them.

I should point out that although this important theorem suggest ancient history is annually incorrect, the recorded sequence of important people and events of ancient history are not necessarily incorrect.

I should also point out that for over two decades I have been trying to explain this important theorem to the public by way of my Internet websites -- but have not received any positive response from any reputable educational source because the subject is apparently too complex to comprehend or understand.

One more thing I should say about this important historical theorem -- it suggest the idea that because historians have been falsely inflating the event dates of human history further back into geological time for many centuries, the conventional chronology of ancient human history needs to be seriously reevaluated and corrected if the complete annual timeline truth of our ancestral heritage is to be known.

Regarding other prehistoric mysteries I have researched over the years, I also came to discover the details of the Fountain of Youth legend and wrote another book project entitled "Lost Fountain -- Researching the Legend" that I self-published in 1998.

This book project was and is based on the general concept of applying modern nutritional science to the views of an important prehistoric Caribbean legend -- which, I believe has revealed the legend to not only contain some truth, but lessons from the story can be used today to help improve human health and extend human longevity.

Currently, both book projects are available online for free and can be found at the websites of "spiritofatlantis.com" and at "lostfountain.com" -- or by a simple Google search of my Duane McCullough name.

In the meantime, I have been developing my online presence at my "therealmgallery.com" website and at my "fineartamerica.com" website where I have been uploading photographs and artwork images to share with the public.

And one last view I would like to comment on before any questions are asked this morning. I have been using these "Interviews with the Author" events to explore and share my theories on the Internet since 1997 with the hope that the public would find them helpful and spread the truth about history's greatest mysteries.

So -- without further delay, ask away.

Reporter 1: What have you been doing since our last interview some nine months ago?

Duane: Well -- like I've said, I've been developing my personal websites by uploading over six-hundred new photos and artwork examples to them. Improving my new website at fineartamerica.com has been very time consuming and I have sold a few images -- with more to come I hope.

Reporter 2: Any new views or theories regarding the "blue glowing light" event you noticed last year with your telescope on the dark side of the moon during the earthshine phase?

Duane: I'm glad you asked that question because those views are still on my mind.

I have speculated that the ongoing mystery event may range between a benign glowing dust storm within a lunar crater -- to a static-field relay station for some kind of interstellar delta wave communication network system used by intelligent life forms within the universe -- but, whether my theories are right or wrong, at least I'm trying t explain what the mystery is.

In fact -- weather permitting, I have been observing the ongoing lunar event each month for over a year now with a ten-inch Celestron telescope and continue to wonder why nobody in the astronomical science community has ever mentioned it on the Internet.

I have tried to photograph the event -- but for technical reasons the images are not yet crisp enough -- or a glare from the bright cresent side of the moon optically washes out the image area, to publish on the Internet. Besides, good photographic images already exist on the Internet just by doing a simple google search of the term "blue glow on the moon".

I should point out that the photographic images from the Internet that show the blue glowing light from the Aristarchus crater site seemed to have been taken in full sunlight and altered to appear as if they were taken in earthshine light. In any case, the place glows of energy because I have and can see it every time I look at it.

Apparently, those that I have tried to share my discovery with must think that I'm a lunatic because little or no interest in the subject is all I seem to get.

Know this, whatever the lunar mystery is, it exist and can be seen by any good telescope for a few hours during every new-moon earthshine phase. It should be investigated by some astronomical institution because understanding what kind of energy is powering the glowing blue light may also help us with our energy needs down here on earth.

Reporter 3: If your theory about how the annual dates of ancient human history were incorrectly recorded by certain important historians some five centuries ago was ever accepted as a true concept by the public, who today could officially correct the mistakes? And equally important, how would these corrected dates of ancient human history be published so that the public could easily understand them?

Duane: Well, I have started the ground work as to what recorded dates of ancient human history needs updating -- but I guess there needs to be some reputable educational agency that could make them "official".

Regarding the question as to how the corrected dates of ancient human history would be publish -- why of course, on the Internet.

Today's Internet is like Isaac Isimov's "Encyclopedia Glactica" concept from his 1952 science-fiction book entitled "The Foundation Trilogy" -- where a fictional galactic civilization has in place an offical source of information available to the public.

However, because today's Internet can be a source of misinformation as much as official information, publishing the official truth about anything can be problematic -- particularly when the information is controversial.

To easily understand the corrected annual dates of ancient human history would require a lot of writing by those who understand the complexity of the subject -- and so far, it seems that nobody but myself has had the opportunity to explore the subject long enough to help explain the details of the subject.

So, unless some outside help is forthcoming soon, I suppose I'm the only current source to date in the quest to correct the annual dates of ancient human history. And I will do what I can to share my ancient human history correction theories by publishing the data on the Internet.

Reporter 2: So, according to your historical research, the mystery subjects of Atlantis and the Fountain of Youth stories contain some true aspects and should be reevaluated by the public as not fictional stories after all. And because you are also a visual artist, can we expect a flood of new artwork from you and perhaps others that would help reveal this new understanding of our ancestral heritage anytime soon?

Duane: Perhaps I will open two new galleries soon at my new fineartamerica.com website and my mirror website at duane-mccullough.pixels.com that will show a series of theoretical images of Atlantis and the Fountain of Youth mysteries.

I have created artwork over the years regarding Atlantis -- but I would need to update the images before I post them at these new galleries. It will take time to create some newer images of my Spirit of Atlantis and Lost Fountain book projects.

Well, I've got artwork to do -- so, without further ado, bye for now.

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