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Duane K. McCullough 1/14

by Duane McCullough

This 34th interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" - however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 1/14 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina

Reporter 1: Any new views or events regarding your personal life to share with us?

Duane: Nothing really new -- my wife and I continue to appreciate our good health living up here in the Western North Carolina mountains near the many beautiful waterfalls of the area. We have just had a wonderful Christmas and I am awaiting our first real snowfall this winter season. This is the time of year to cozy up to the computer in a warm room with kittycat on my lap and explore the many scientific views roaming around inside my head.

Reporter 2: In recent interviews, you have mentioned a situation where, for almost two years now, you have been observing with a 10 inch telescope a mysterious blue glowing energy event on the moon within the Aristarchus Crater during the New Moon phase -- and that you believe the mysterious event could be a major astronomical discovery because the unique energy signature is like no other known phenomenon.

You further theorized that the energy that may power this energy event could be fueled by some sort of nuclear reaction between certain radioactive materials known to exist near the crater site area -- such as radioactive thorium particles swirling with ilmenite sand -- and that the event can be visualized up close as a blue glowing particle field fountain which is floating in the low gravity area of the parabolic shaped lunar crater.

Moreover, you have also suggested that this glowing energy event on the moon could be recreated on a much smaller scale inside a laboratory and be used as a portable device for generating electrical energy which may have the power to drive modern electronic machinery. Could you elaborate on this new theoretical concept of a portable electrical power system so we can better understand this remarkable idea?

Duane: Well, before I start talking about new theoretical electrical power system designs that could revolutionize our present and future energy needs, let me give a quick review of the growing problem regarding humans and their greater use of electric energy.

Because all energy is measured by the movement of matter -- and because the cost of forcing matter to move seems to be reaching finite limits in the near future, humans should discover or realize new ways to capture the natural energy of the universe before we use up all the fossil fuel energy we currently rely on and be stuck with useless power machinery.

However humans generate electrical energy on a large scale today, the energy is transmitted great distances over land using an electrical system based on Alternating Current -- which can be used to power many modern devices and appliances. Alternating Current power systems -- known as "AC Power", can be transformed into another type of electrical power system known as "Direct Current Power" -- or "DC Power", for use or be chemically stored in batteries for later use by smaller portable electronic devices and even motor vehicles for transportation.

I should also point out that significant electrical DC Power can be stored in items known as "Capacitors" -- but, unlike batteries which can slowly release DC Power over time, the DC Power from current capacitor technology is only capable of releasing it very quickly for immediate use.

So, after discovering this natural radiant energy source on the moon -- and theorizing as to how the radiant energy makes electricity, I have come to realize a new radiant energy system design of generating electric DC Power for use by humankind.

Instead of generating AC power at large power stations and transporting the electrical energy great distances through wires over land to power our electrical devices, perhaps a new scalable type of nuclear generator design may be built in numbers and be used efficiently to generate DC power where is locally needed.

In other words, if we skip the costly logistical problems of designing, building and transmitting AC power over great distances -- we may be able to electrically power our vehicles, homes and even factories directly with small portable nuclear generators based on DC power.

Regarding the safety and pollution issues associated with nuclear power generators at any scale, perhaps the low radiation activity aspects of a thorium/ilmenite based generator design may be acceptable for safe use.

To date, it is not known how much radioactive thorium fuel is needed to generate an electric current from a vacuum torus chamber design containing ilmenite sand -- or how the device could be used safely.

The point is that, although this new theoretical nuclear generator design concept uses radioactive fuel to generate electrical power, the amount of radiation activity may be so low that any safety or pollution issues may be small enough to at least explore the concept.

For some situations, having a fear of radiation from radioactivity is warranted -- but most of us are exposed to radiation all the time. For example, the aftermath material of a wood fire, potash -- that contains potassium, is mildly radioactive -- so when we use soap containing potassium, we are washing up with a mild radioactive material that kills bacteria.

Even certain foods contain mild radiation activity -- bananas and Brazil Nuts emit very small amounts of radiation activity because of their potassium content.

It's only when too much exposure to strong radiation activity is bad for you and the environment.

If the concept of creating small portable nuclear generators can be proven safe and workable, imagine a future with no more large power plants polluting the environment -- no more poison gasses belching into the atmosphere from noisy fossil fuel powered machinery -- and no more mining the environment for fossil fuel energy with destructive machinery.

One goal of this new portable generator design concept is to scale the DC Power device to the size of small doughnut shape unit the size of a battery that could generate a powerful electrical current.

Reporter 2: Okay -- say, for example, this theoretical generator design can be built at the size of a average car battery, and say the radiation risk from the thorium fuel is safe enough to handle -- even if the device was broken open by accident, it seems that the design of the generator device would not create enough significant electrical current power for anything useful. How would the generator device generate electricity in the first place?

Duane: Well -- by radiating the particle activity within the pyroelectric, piezoelectric and gyromagnetic properties of the ilmenite sand inside the torus shaped vacuum chamber of the unit, perhaps enough direct electrical current could be made to significantly power an electrical motor or device that is wired between the inside and outside of the generator.

In theory -- no heat is created from the power unit because no friction is taking place. The electricity is generated by the electric activity of the vibrating ilmenite sand inside the vacuum chamber.

Perhaps even certain radioactive isotopes of potassium instead of thorium could provide enough radiation energy to keep stirring the ilmenite sand within the unit.

There may be situations where -- like in a conventional battery, the radioactive fuel will degrade and "run down" and need replacing or recharging.

Since this entire energy concept is all theory, much research is needed to establish a "proof of concept" project.

In any case, this I know -- if I can optically see radiation energy from a glowing particle field fountain event on the moon nearly a quarter million miles from earth, then there exist some kind of new powerful energy source awaiting discovery.

Reporter 2: Speaking of new universal energy sources awaiting discovery -- you once mentioned in an interview some years ago about a concept of capturing photonic energy directly from the Sun by way of dividing solar photonic radiation energy into a powerful heat beam using some sort of vibrating crystal device. Do you remember this theoretical concept -- and if you do, could you elaborate as to how it could work?

Duane: Let's see -- I believe it was almost a decade ago when I wrote the following statement:

"I have a theory of how perhaps any visible electromagnetic source -- such as solar light or artificial light energy, can be "sliced and bent" to create a very hot beam of kinetic energy. By using certain crystals atop a special tuning fork device, and spaced properly apart at the right distance and angle, the first crystal diverts the photons that are traveling at the speed of light to the second crystal which spins the photons off at another angle and slows them down where they interact with the acidic atmospheric element of oxygen to create a scoring beam of energy. This beam of energy can be used to burn through hard objects or heat water to create steam for dynamo generator purposes. Imagine the possibilities if such a technology was reinvented again."

Perhaps part of the inspiration behind this energy beam concept may have been based on an old fictional Star Trek episode where captain Kirk and Spock used electromagnetic energy from a light bulb and some crystals to create an energy beam hot enough to cut through iron bars so that they could escape from a jail cell.

Another inspirational event behind this energy beam concept may have been based on the fictional movie where Indiana Jones used a ruby-like crystal to direct sunlight energy like a laser beam to mark a treasure spot on a model map.

Also, learning about how the huge seaport of Atlantis could have been carved or "quarried" out of a stony hill by some sort of remarkable and powerful cutting tool, made me try to apply my knowledge of modern radiation technology -- and imagine how photonic radiation energy could have once been used to cut through stone in antediluvian times.

Regarding solar photonic energy and how modern solar photovoltaic cell DC Power technology works, it seems that the tiny electrical energy collected by most all modern solar pannel designs rely on a semiconductor method of "drawing" outer shell electronic energy from vibrating photon atom particles -- and then directing them through a network array of fine metal wires placed between two layers of different silicon materials where the electrons can cascade and flow as a working DC Power system.

In trying not to sound too oversimplistic about how kinetic energy of the outer electric layers of photon atom particles can be manipulated into creating DC Power energy, it seems that modern solar cell DC Power systems work something like a diode device -- where electric current energy is divided into flowing only one way using semiconducting materials.

For example, AC Power from the Sun, in this case -- streaming waves of vibrating solar photon atom particles that are alternating between themselves, are divided into positive and negative charges by positively reflecting off the upper layer of thin silicon material -- while the negative charge is absorbed by the bottom layer of thin silicon material.

Sandwiched between these two flat silicon materials is the metal grid array that allows for the electron current to flow only in one direction -- thus the kinetic energy of the photon atom particles, is converted into electrical DC Power energy.

Modern solar photovoltaic cell panels use a phenomenon known as the "Photoelectric Effect" -- whereby their dark purple color value react better than any other color of the visible spectrum to move the electrons of the higher shell layers within photon atom particles so that their electric energy can be better directed into the metal network of wires within the DC Power system.

However photonic energy is redirected to force electrons through a system of wires as DC power, current solar panel technology seems to be based on the idea that photonic energy is a linear force which creates maximum direct electric current only when a solar panel is facing the source of the force.

But there may be other ways of redirecting electrical energy from photons to create DC Power.

Some years ago I discovered how a beam of solar photons can be optically divided within a calcite crystal into two beams where the current direction of photonic energy in one beam is different from the other beam -- which suggest there may be ways to "weave" streams of atomic solar photon particles together using vibrating crystals to generate an energy heat beam much like a laser beam.

One problem in this theoretical concept of "weaving" streams of atomic solar photon particles together into a heat energy beam is that the heat energy caused by the vibrating photons could melt the crystals used to create the beam.

Reporter 2: Even if somehow a laser-like energy beam of heat could be created by optically weaving streams of solar photons together within some kind of contraption -- how could such a theoretical method of capturing photonic energy as heat be used in a DC Power system?

Duane: Well -- like I said earlier, heat could be used to create steam out of water for dynamo generation purposes -- which could further be used to generate DC Power.

But there may be even more efficient ways to create DC Power from photonic energy and other natural sources of radiant energy.

The new science of quantum physics may also reveal new ways of generating DC Power from naturally vibrating sources like Extreme Low Frequency waves -- or ELF waves, that are created naturally by energy fields found throughout the universe.

For example, the 7.8 Hz frequency found in nature that represents the total average vibration of all the current global thunderstorm activity which is "echoing" or "resonating" between the upper atmosphere and the surface of earth, may be used as DC Power somehow.

It is interesting to note that the scientist Nikola Tesla -- the discoverer of Alternating Current energy, also believed in some sort of natural earth energy which could be used to power all electrical devices somehow -- while Thomas Edison tried to make DC Power the standard for electrical transmission of energy nearly a hundred years ago.

By the way, it is my desire to state at this time that all patent control of my theoretical ideas should be in the public domain and not to be restricted to any other person, corporation, social party or even governmental authority which could prevent these ideas from becoming available for public use.

So -- perhaps humankind is on the verge of a new era where clean electric power devices use safe sources of natural energy.

UPDATE 6/2018: Regarding the idea that some kind of vibrating electrical plasma beam technology was once used in Biblical times as a source of energy, an example of such snake-like energy can be seen displayed on the wall illustrations at the Hathor temple in Egypt known as the "Dentera Lamps" that are supported by a "Djed Pillar" device. Although some historians believe that these "lamps" are nothing more than some kind of abstract interpretations of Egyptian mythical concepts, they may suggest a kind of lost technology also mentioned in a scene within the Holy Bible where Aaron -- the brother of Moses, turned his "staff" into a "serpent" that "ate" or "absorbed" other "serpents staffs" of the Pharaoh's guards.

Reporter 3: And so, here it is -- the year 2014, when, according to your new understanding of recorded human history, you believe that some two-thousand and fourteen years ago -- nothing happened. No Biblical event like the birth of Jesus Christ -- no recorded event of any kind or human activity of any sort. Because you believe in a radical new timeline concept of human history where recorded biblical history began just over a thousand years ago with the birth of Adam, and that Jesus Christ was born only about three centuries later -- why would you even celebrate Christmas or New Years Day?

Duane: I know it seems wrong to believe in a non-conventional calendar count of human history because of the way you have worded your question, but there is a rational explanation as to why I believe a new smaller annual timeline count of recorded human history is closer to the truth than the conventional A.D. calendar.

And I know that any reader of this interview not familar with my mathematical and calendrical research work would naturally think I am historically ignorant not to believe in the conventional A.D. timeline.

However, to better understand this new calendar timeline concept of human history, new readers should put aside -- but not forget, all the important conventional dates of persons and events from before about five centuries ago because -- according to my new calendar research, those dates were compromised by faulty mathematical assumptions created by historians and publishers during the early printing era of the Reniassance.

I should also point out that before I try to explain the details of how this new calendar count of human history is configured and why it should replace the current A.D. calendar, persons that pride themselves with their detail knowledge of ancient history from before five centuries ago should, like I just said -- put aside, but not forget, all the important conventional dates of persons and events from ancient history, if they care to learn a new way of viewing the true timeline of humankind.

This new calendar timeline concept is based on numerical data that supports the placement of key time markers of when important persons and time eras really existed in human history -- for example, when the oldest known important person in recorded Biblical history named Adam "came into being" -- and how long after the time of Adam the birth of Jesus Christ took place.

Based on a new understanding of lunar count data from important biblical genealogical records, the numbers in this new calendar gives the idea that only some 304 years existed between Adam and the birth of Christ.

Moreover, this new calendar values the total length of the Greco-Roman Era to a period of time of just less than three centuries -- starting almost a hundred years after Adam and lasting to about a hundred years before the discovery of the New World by the European explorers some five centuries ago.

But perhaps the most difficult conventional time period to recompile and fit within this new calendar timeline was the Medieval Era -- which can now be understood as lasting only about one hundred years instead of about one thousand years.

So -- what all this new calendrcal math reveals is the radical new concept that only about five hundred years existed between Adam and the early Renaissance -- instead of the nearly five thousands years as portrayed in the conventional B.C. / A.D. calendar.

Now -- to be numerically compatible with the popular conventional A.D. calendar so that the current year count of time would not have to be change and be confused with another calendar counting system, this new calendar has placed the starting date to 1000 years before the date of Adam -- which makes the current date some 1014 years after Adam -- or the year date 2014 after a date in time where no event known took place.

To identify this new calendar timeline count from the conventional A.D. calendar in any publishing situation, the letters "A.T" are place after the year count -- as in 2014 A.T., because the antediluvian subject of "Atlantis" predates the "Time" of Adam and the beginning of the Biblical Era -- thus "A.T." means "Atlantean Timeline" and can also be expressed as the "at" symbol or "@" -- as in 2014@, when recording dates.

Reporter 3: If what you say is true -- then it is truly amazing how five-thousand years of recorded conventional history can be explained down into a timeline that is a fraction of what historians have been teaching for at least five centuries. However, you have not answered my earlier question regarding why do you celebrate Christmas and New Years Day?

Duane: Before I answer those questions, let me continue with some more details as to how and why this new calendar is formulated.

The "Atlantean Timeline" calendar is the latest in a series of calendars I have formulated over the years in trying to figure out the mistakes that were created by certain historians and publishers during the early Reniassance some five centuries ago.

Some years ago I had formulated the "After Adam" -- or "AA." calendar time count that was based on new mathematical Biblical data of when the first Patriarch "came into being". After researching the chronology of geneological records between Adam and the birth of Christ -- and formulating a new time period of Biblical events with a value of only 3761 months -- or 304 years, I began to fit the new record data into the annual chronology records of Greco-Roman history.

And then I discovered that the same historians and publishers of the early Renaissance that mistakenly measured the Biblical Era, also did the same to the time period known as the Greco-Roman Era.

Apparently, the Greco-Roman Era in the A.D. calendar was measured to a 4-year Olympiad time count of 292 events -- which amounts to 1168 years. However, the discovery that lead to the realization that the 292 Olympiad time count were actually yearly ceremonial events to mark the four seasons, was hard to believe at first -- but revealed a much smaller total annual value of Greco-Roman history.

So -- by mathematically aligning the new 292 year count of the Greco-Roman Era timeline with the new 304 year count of the Biblical Era -- and counting backwards 776 seasons from the birth of Christ to the first Olympiad, or 194 years, the beginning of the Greco-Roman Era can be placed 110 years after Adam.

Moreover, by counting forward from the birth of Christ, the last Olympiad took place only 98 years after Christ -- and not some 392 years after Christ as recorded in the A.D. calendar.

Again -- by mathematically aligning the major event dates of Biblical and Greco-Roman Eras, this new calendar timeline places the last Olympiad event 402 years after Adam.

Now, the "thousand year" time period known as the "Middle Ages" or the "Dark Ages" -- and also known as the Medieval period, was the hardest to revalue and fit like a puzzle piece into this new calendar timeline because so much "false filler dates" has been recorded in the last five centuries about ancient history that the annual truth of real events are buried under reams of made up stories.

Without going into much detail at this time in explaining -- like I have in several past essays, as to how the Middle Ages only add up to about one-hundred years instead of a thousand years, let me say for now that a major numerical error in decimal counting is one of many reasons that contributed to why historians and publishers of the conventional A.D. calendar miscalculated the true annual value of the time period.

I will say that I have just updated an essay I first wrote over a decade ago entitled "Our New History" that can be found in the "Atlantean Communications" area of my free online Spirit of Atlantis website -- which explains the subject in greater detail.

Regarding your questions as to why do I celebrate Christmas and New Years Day if you think I believe in a new calendar timeline that begins way before Biblical or Greco-Roman timekeeping -- well, let me say first that I celebrate Christmas and New Years Day for the same reasons everybody else does -- by marking the birthday of Jesus Christ and by marking an annual day seven days later that starts a new year of counting annual time.

Just because I believe no known human event happened some 2014 years ago from today does not mean I give less value to these annual events.

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