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Duane K. McCullough 4/15

by Duane McCullough

This 37th interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" - however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 4/15 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina

Duane: Before we begin this interview, let me address a series of recent discoveries that are relevant to the subject of Atlantis and "ley lines" between ancient megalithic sites.

Just last week I was watching a documentary that revealed a summer solstice "ley line" between a prehistoric megalithic earthwork site in New Hampshire -- known as "America's Stonehenge" and Great Britain's Stonehenge site. The documentary also showed a Google Earth map image that continues this "ley line" all the way over to the ancient Phoenician city of what is now Beirut Lebanon -- which suggest that some sort of historical link between all three sites exist.

Now, let me also say that the subject of "ley lines" and how they represent some kind of "invisible energy line" between ancient or natural sites is a controversial New Age subject that I never really studied much and therefore was unaware of how important it is to some historians. So, I have spent the last few days studying up on the subject and have found that there is basically two camps of believers -- the ones who believe "ley lines" are not much more than a set of imaginary navigational lines that coincidently match up, and those who believe they represent "directional energy forces" created by man or nature.

jpeg image of the megalithic ley line

Between Teotihuacan and Baalbek lies an ancient Ley Line.

What got me interested about this ley line discovery was that I used the Google Earth program to verify this ley line and continued the line down to the largest -- but not the tallest, pyramid complex in the world near Mexico City at Teotihuacan. I also adjusted this ley line just a little to include not the city of Beirut but the ancient nearby city of Baalbek instead because Baalbek is where the largest man made megalithic stones in the world are known to exist. It has been estimated that some cut stone work at Baalbek weigh in at over 1500 tons.

But what really got me excited about this particular ley line from Baalbek Lebanon to Teotihuacan Mexico was that it crosses the ground where I live in North Carolina by only a few feet! What are the mathematical odds of this nearby ley line situation to exist?

This discovery is so new to me, I don't really know what to think about it. Is it just a coincidence on a computer model map and my imagination? Or is it something much more?

If this discovery is something more than a coincidence -- how is one to explain the significance of a very precise directional line on the surface of the earth between two of the largest man made megalithic stone works sites in prehistoric history passing a few feet from my home where I have lived for eight years without knowing it?

Only a few days ago I believed ley lines were basically used by persons or "dowsers" with little metal hand-held rods or forked sticks to find water under the ground. Anything beyond that view seemed hard to believe because there apparently exist no scientific verification technique to prove they truely exist.

During my recent online research into ley lines, I discovered that on some very old navigational charts a series of long strait lines were once used as reference directional bearings by seafaring navigators to find important places beyond the horizon.

I also came across a book written in 1969 by John Michell entitled "The View Over Atlantis" where he suggest the idea that prehistoric ley lines exist between major megalithic sites around the world -- such as Stonehenge and Teotihucan. I did not know about this book until a few days ago -- I swear!

Why exactly some people believe ley lines represent lines of invisible energy -- I don't know, but if certain ley lines are based on some kind of energy forces, could these energy forces contain electromagnetic information data or knowlege that is part of some terrestrial or celestial network pathway?

Does my unique knowlege about the truth of history's greatest mystery have anything to do with the energy that may be associated with this particular ley line?

Although my Spirit of Atlantis book project was written almost thirty years ago in Key Largo Florida, I have been adding more data to the subject via my website since I moved to my North Carolina home eight years ago -- so, perhaps certain ley lines are, like in this case, somehow capable of electro-magnetically "linking into my human brain" with historical knowledge about Atlantis.

Now, I know it seems crazy to believe that some humans may be able to read the energy within certain ley lines, but yesterday, while testing other ley lines between ancient places on the Google Earth program, I found a ley line between Stonehenge in Great Britain and where I believe the lost Seaport of Atlantis once existed near Lake Izabal in Guatemala that passes just offshore a few miles from where I used to live in Key Largo -- right near what I believe could have been the original Fountain of Youth spring.

Reporter 1: So -- what are you saying, that because you live or lived near certain energy ley lines between major prehistoric places on earth, you have been recieving information signals from another place and time? Do you want to believe that some ley lines are a kind of invisible energy line or "information beam" between two points on the surface of earth that is capable of being read or felt by certain persons?

Duane: Why yes, of course it would be great if I could help discover what real ley lines are -- but, just because I want to believe in a theory of what they may be, doesn't make them real energy lines on earth. What makes them real is scientifically proving that they are actual energy lines in the field -- not just in the mind. Developing a technique to measure the energy value of them would be the next phase in proving they really exist. Perhaps some sort of electromagnetic device that measures the interdimensional energy forces near or within the lines needs to be discovered. Or perhaps that device is in fact the human brain itself.

I remember an old Moody Blues song named "Melancholy Man" wherein the singer sings the words "a beam of light will fill your head and you'll remember what's been said by all the good men this world has ever known".

If this "beam of light" -- or "energy pathway", is some sort of ley line phenomenon between different universal time zones in space, then perhaps the human brain is capable of visiting places in real time beyond being human.

For example, in a recent interview I theorized about how a blue glowing event on the moon within the Aristarchus Crater site may be a plasma powered radio beacon station -- much like a "star-gate portal" site, that could be used by "energy beings" or "spirits" which travel within ELF radio signals to visit host beings between planets -- and that these "spirits" live within a kind of "interstellar internet system" of energy signals and beacons at the speed of light where, according to Albert Einstein, time stands still -- thus they have all the time in the universe to visit the brains of corporal beings on planets like humans or other animals -- including our pets.

Well, perhaps certain ley lines also exist on earth and, like some sort of "wireless global internet system", are invisible pathways for these "spirits" as they travel and visit people and places.

Even Norse Mythology mentions a story about a "rainbow bridge" -- known as "Bifrost", that once existed between the city of Asgard in heaven and their homes in northern Europe which could be used by the gods when needed. Did our ancient Atlantean ancestors ever use a major prehistoric ley line or "colorful energy bridge" to navigate between the New and Old Worlds in antediluvian times?

Before satellite GPS navigation technology came into being, boat and plane pilots once used a radio system called LORAN -- where navigational beams -- that contained binary distance data, were transmitted from beacon stations. Perhaps ancient beacon stations once help Atlantean navigators navigate the globe in antediluvian times -- and may actually still exist because, after all, time stands still for energy life within the beam.

Then, of course, I'm just theorizing what ley lines may be -- perhaps they only exist as fictional imaginary lines on a map with no real meaning. Some people believe what they want to believe -- regardless of what appears as facts. But, as my book project reveals, sometimes historical facts that are believed by many historians are not facts after all. In any case, I'm having fun theorizing using my imagination.

Reporter 2: Regarding the subject of Atlantis and this prehistoric "megalithic ley line" between America's Stonehenge site in New Hampshire and the Stonehenge site of Great Britain -- didn't you mentioned the idea that the two sites were linked together some thirty years ago in you Spirit of Atlantis book project?

Duane: Yes -- yes I did, I mentioned thirty years ago in my book project that the builders of "Mystery Hill" in New England -- which is the same place as the "America's Stonehenge" site, and the megalithic site of Stonehenge in Great Britain were essentially the same builders. Some call them the Phoenicians, I called them the Armoricans -- which were actually related to the Atlanteans, because both places are astronomical megalithic sites where the ogamic alphabet of dots and line markings can be found.

In fact, according to a book entitled "America B.C.", the ogamic letters of "b" and "l" are found together as three short lines at the American Stonehenge site and may represent the name of "bal" -- which is believed to represent a marking logo related to the son of the ancient sea god Poseidon.

Although most every modern historian would say that I have it backwards, I believe America's Stonehenge is older than the one in Great Britain because of the following theoretical explanation.

As the prehistoric Atlanteans were nautically migrating eastwards from the Atlantean Continent of the New World to the Old World area over many generations, they learned better ways of building things -- such as better stone construction projects. Some privileged Atlantean stone masons discovered new ways to cut, shape and move megalithic stones like never before. That would help explain why the American Stonehedge site is smaller and less dynamic than Britian's Stonehenge.

By the time this eastward nautical migration of Neolithic Man made its way into the eastern Mediterranean area, they were experts in megalithic works. Prehistoric places like the stoneworks on the island of Malta and the temples at Carthage on the North African coast are good examples of their stone carving handywork.

This eastern nautical migration from the west in Lateen rigged ships also created a better alphabet over time from simple ogamic dot and line markings into graphical iconic letters that became the Latin Alphabet.

Western Civilization came from the west and grew over many generations into what became the "Sea Peoples" of the Phoenician and Egyptian colonies -- which later influenced the Greco-Roman Empire.

Reporter 2: So, if what you say is true regarding why the quality of stonework in the Old World was better than in the New World because the Atlantean stone masons learned new ways to cut, shape and move megalithic stones as they migrated eastward from the capital seaort of Atlantis, then how would you explain the reason why the quality of some megalithic stonework of sites in the New World -- such as Teotihuacan and other ancient sites in Peru -- not to mentioned the large quarry work needed at their capital seaport near Lake Izabal in Guatemala, is better than the American Stonehenge site?

Duane: Well, because, as newer stonework technology was being established along a migratory path from the New World to the Old World across the Atlantic with staging areas in what is now the British Isles and Brittany, the latest stoneworking technology was also returning back to the New World continent of Atlantis from their colonies by way of sea trading ships -- which would explain why some megalithic sites in the New World are of great quality.

Also, the capital seaport of Atlantis was not built overnight. Plato suggest the place took many generations to build -- so the place could have been just as rough in design in the years the American Stonehenge site was built.

Moreover, like I said earlier, the unique knowledge of cutting, shaping and moving large stones is a science that was known only to a privilage class of Atlantean stone masons -- and can even be found on Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean.

gif image of the global migration of neolithic maritime man

The global migration of Neolithic Maritime Man
from the New World to the Old World.

In fact, as the eastern migration from Atlantis was taken place, the Atlanteans from Atlantis also migrated westward from the "New World" across the Pacific and Indian Oceans and ended up in what is now the "Persian Gulf" of the "Middle East" and became the Babylonians -- who later became the Assyrians that battled the Sumerians and other tribes of Phoenicia.

While this nautical migration of the ten tribes of Atlantis -- known as "The Ten" or "La Ten", as in "Latin", was "overlapping" each others direction from the New World to the Old World in what is now the "Middle East", a major global meteorological event of "biblical proportions" took place that wiped out the entire Atlantean Civilization. And, in the aftermath of the major global meterological event, the survivors in Europe -- with the help of the Latin Alphabet and several centuries to recover, recreated a "new western civilization" that colonized the globe like the Atlanteans once did with sailing ships about five centuries ago.

Now, two questions crop up in this radical theory regarding the global nautical migration of the Atlantean tribes from the "New World" to the "Old World". The first question: Was the "Biblical Flood" event that wiped out Atlantis a natural or man-made event? And the second question: When did this event take place in recorded history?

The answer to the first question is unknowable at this time. However, I could imagine both situations whereby a series of prehistoric battles may have unleashed powerful man-made energy weapons that could have caused serious regional weather events which may have been interrupted by a greater natural global event from space -- such as a large rogue comet crashing into the Sun and causing the "Biblical Flood" event.

Perhaps Plato's antediluvian sea story about how a civil war once took place between certain Atlantean kingdoms was interrupted by a greater natural force from the heavens and caused a global event that destroyed the entire kingdom. That's my working theory -- the lesson being, don't waste time fighting. Learn to appreciate the little time we have on this planet because nature is the major force that decides our true future.

The answer to the second question is knowable -- but only after decades of research that explores many radical -- yet verifiable, historical clues regarding the annual truth of recorded human history.

For those who care to learn about when Atlantis was destroyed in historical time -- not to mention just how old recorded human history truly is, I have much to say about how and when certain influential publishers created and established the fictional B.C. and A.D. timescale calendar in print some five centuries ago.

As I've explain many times in my research, it was the Nuremberg Chronicle document model that recorded and published the incorrect and inflated timeline values of Biblical, Greco-Roman and Medieval histories one year after the voyage of Columbus. And for the last five centuries, other historical publishers have republished the model without question -- while adding false stories to the model over the centuries so much so, that it is believed recorded human history dates backward over time some five thousand plus years ago. This belief is not only incorrect -- but is incorrect by a very large margin in real time.

The details of exactly when Atlantis was destroyed in recorded time is found in many of my online essays -- in particular, within the Atlantean Communication link from the main page. One thing to remember about my new Atlantean timeline scale of history -- and that is, as modern historians seeking the truth, to temporary forget every published B.C. and A.D. date beyond about five centuries ago because those dates are wrong for reasons too difficult to explain at this time.

However, for those who only want to see now the annual date that I believe Atlantis was lost in time -- I have calculated, as of the current year of 2015 A.T., that the "Biblical Flood" event took place just over nine centuries ago in the approximate year of 1079 A.T. -- or some seventy-nine years after the Birth of Adam and some thrity-one years before the first Olympiad of 1110 A.T..

Also remember that I have "buffered" my new Atlantean timeline scale with a thousand years before the birth of Adam to make the number dates of the last five centuries "aline" with the A.D. timescale calendar.

I realize that this crash course story in Atlantean history will cause much confusion and disbelief among first time readers -- but I can assure readers that a new way of seeing true annual recorded history exist and should lead to a more truthful understanding of our Atlantean heritage.

Reporter 3: Why do you believe historians and publishers some five centuries ago recorded human history so wrong? What made them incorrectly "inflate the dates" of history so much that they got it wrong by a very large amount? And more important, why do you believe no historian in the last five centuries has ever discovered and challenged these "huge timeline mistakes" that were published within the Nuremberg Chronicle document you claim is the reason the B.C. and A.D. timescale calendar is so wrong?

Duane: I can only give theories at this time -- but this I will say, I believe no intentional conspiracy exist in why modern historians teach the conventional B.C. and A.D. timescale calendar -- or technically they teach the B.C.E and C.E. timescale calendar because they apparently believe it separates the "Common Era" government dates from religious dates related to the birth of Christ.

I do believe that at the time the Nuremberg Chronicle was published there was a conspiracy to prevent alternate historical documents from being seen or read -- however, a few years after publication of the Nuremberg Chronicle, the Catholic Pope at the time did order all other versions of history to be burned for what may have been only trying to simplify teaching history lessons -- and did not mean to "inflate" human history on purpose.

Modern historians should realize just how primitive it was to collect and compile real historical records some five centuries ago. The scholars at the time did their best to make sense out of untold historical documents -- and I believe they recorded the basic sequence of who's who and important historical events correct.

However, boy -- did they get it wrong when it came to the true annual dates of human history.

Perhaps one of the greatest motives for historians to inflate -- or "push the dates", of human history backward in real time during the late Renaissance period was the belief that human time should somehow match geological time. In other words, historians then -- and even now, keep "pushing the dates" backward in time of when humans came into being because -- the further back in geological time humans can be found, there exist a sense of comfort in believing that we have a greater foundation of existance on this planet -- and that we have earned the wisdom of surviving into the future.

There seems to be a racing game among some modern anthropologist to find signs of human activity further back in time -- like, "my research is older than yours", and "I can prove it using the latest scientific testing method".

The problem with this race backward in time to prove humans existed many thousands of years ago has resulted in questionable dates beyond the truth -- for example, the method of measuring the natural decay of the Carbon-14 isotope to annually date the age of some organic based artifact has certain "truth issues" about it that bothers me. But since it is one of the most popular dating methods used by modern scientist -- and has been for just over half a century, people believe the dates that the scientist say without really questioning how they found them.

Personally, I do not trust Carbon-14 date tables beyond about a thousand years ago because -- and without going into great detail at this time, the decay rate tables used in the process are based on the "trend" of the decay -- not the actual decay rate, which can be subjected to environmental factors that may distort the dating process.

In any case, regarding the question as to why no other historian in five centuries has found these huge errors within the conventional B.C. and A.D. calendar timescale that I believe exist -- perhaps it is so intrenched into our understanding of human history, any effort to change it -- even a little, would be a costly monumental task that nobody could afford the time or the money to do it.

Perhaps now, during the modern information age of the last several decades, a new understanding of how, when, where, who and why these timeline mistakes took place will make modern historians wake up and correct them.

I hope other historians would take the time to verify my findings, but I'm not holding my breath -- if I did that, I would have died decades ago.

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