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Duane K. McCullough 6/16

by Duane McCullough

This 41st interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" - however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 6/16 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina

Reporter 2: In your Spirit of Atlantis research project, you presented a theory that a rogue comet caused a major celestial event when it crashed into the Sun and caused major earthquakes and floods which wiped out the maritime civilization of Atlantis. And in our 26th Interview of February 2012, you also stated that some sort of Gamma-Ray Burst from the Crab Nebula in c. 1054 A.D. may have also contributed to the global event which destroyed Atlantis.

Could you elaborate on these views and clarify your theories as to how a major -- but apparently forgotten, celestial event of nearly a thousand years ago may have erased the global maritime civilization of Atlantis.

Duane: Sure -- let me post some images of the subject we are talking about.

gif image of Comet Phaethon and Earth
Could a Comet crash into the Sun and affect the atmosphere here on Earth?

The first image was created by me back in the mid-eighties and shows a nearby comet and planet earth. At that time I thought a rogue comet and the earth may have collided and caused a "Cometary Conflagration" on earth -- however, after more astronomical research, I could see that because the Sun is a larger target and comets are naturally attracted to it, I thought perhaps the comet in question -- the Phaethon Comet, created a huge "electromagnetic splash" on the surface of the Sun and, as a consequence, planet Earth recieved great atmospheric and earthquake events which was described in early human history as the Biblical Flood.

The term "Phaethon Comet" was chosen by me in my book project because I believed the prehistoric Greek mythical story about how a "fiery chariot" in the sky that almost destroyed Earth was, in fact, related to a real celestial event which could be explained by modern astronomical physics.

gif image of Comet Phaethon and Earth
Was the Fall of Phaethon Legend based on a real event?

Then, a few years ago, in 2012, I came across some scientific information that revealed a Gamma-Ray Burst event -- or GRB, from the Crab Nebula, was seen in our skies and recorded in c.1054 A.D. -- which, according to my new Atlantean timescale of human history, is near a year date that relates to the time of the Biblical Flood event of c.1079 A.T..

Now, before I further describe the relationship between the event subjects of rogue comets, Gamma-Ray burst and the Biblical Flood, let me quickly review a very complicated subject to first time students of my historical work.

Some years ago I discovered several major mistakes -- and I mean several very large major mistakes in human time records from before about five centuries ago that changes the total annual value of recorded human history to but a fraction of what is believed by most every historian today. To correct these mistakes, I created a new annual timeline calendar of human history I called the Atlantean Timescale -- or A.T., that challenges the conventional B.C. and A.D. timeline of human history.

For those who wish to better understand the A.T. calendar and learn more about how nearly five-thousand of years of ancient Western history from before the Renaissance can now be understood as lasting only about five centuries, I have much to say about the subject at the spiritofatlantis.com website.

Regarding my recent discovery in locating an important event date from almost a thousand years ago in both the A.D. and A.T. calendars that matches the same incident, this finding may help modern historians better understand the true annual timeline of human history.

So -- again, if the GRB event date of c.1054 A.D. from the Crab Nebula can be verified as the same event within the new Atlantean Timescale date of c.1079 A.T., then the art of navigating the true annual dates of ancient human history just got better.

Further, because the c.1054 A.D. date is primarily based on Chinese records -- which have been compromised during translation events over the years when Western historians were "making their best guess" as to how and when the dates of "Oriental History" could fit into the A.D. timeline, the actual date may be off a few years, but, none the less, an event date of some nine and a half centuries ago marks a time in both the A.D. and A.T. calendars that "someting big in the sky" happened on Earth.

Reporter 2: So, what you are suggesting is that because Chinese history recorded a celestial event some nine and a half centuries ago, it was dated to the date of c.1054 A.D. by Western historians during translation events over the centuries. Is this correct?

Duane: Yes -- you got it. Actually, the Chinese were not the only culture to record the event -- some believe that the western native tribe of the Anisazi recorded the event on certain rocks as a pictograph depicting a bright star incident and can be dated to just less than a thousand years ago.

Regarding the subject about Gamma-Ray Burst events from faraway places and how they could cause earthquake events here on earth -- well, I have recently found some data online that suggest these events are quite capable of causing problems on earth.

As I stated in my 2012 Interview, recent ice core samples suggested that a significant layer of nitrogen was found to correlate to the GRB event from the Crab Nebula in c.1054 A.D. -- which relates to the idea that something in the earth's atmosphere happened during the event.

Before I elaborate on the details of how a GRB could effect life here on Earth, let me just repeat some factual astronomical data I recently came across online.

It seems that both the recent tsunami events of 2004 and 2011 are related to GRB events. It also seems that GRB events have a "gravity wave" aspect that proceeds the flare event -- in other words, a "bow-shock" wave can create earthquake and tsunami events before the event becomes visible in the sky.

For example, on December 27, 2004 -- just two days after the tsunami event caused great damage across the Indian Ocean area, astronomers witnessed the brightest event known outside our solar system that released more energy in 1/10th of a second than our Sun does in 100,000 years.

According to the Wikipeda article, a Starquake event from the SGR-1806-20 magnetar -- which has a magnetic field 1 to 2 quadrillion times stronger than earth, beamed a GRB at earth on December 27, 2004 that affected our ionosphere.

The other example is the fact that on April 12, 2011 -- just a month after the Japan tsunami event of March 11, 2011, a GRB event from the Crab Nebula was visible by astronomers that was measured at around 100 million electron volts. The average visible light has energies between 2 and 3 electron volts.

By the way, the Crab Nebula is located about 6,500 light years from Earth and is believed to have been created just less than a thousand years ago by reverse mapping the speed of the expanding explosion.

So, is it possible that interstellar events from far outside our solar system could cause havoc here on earth? Was it possible that a pulsar or magnetar starquake event caused the Biblical Flood event nearly a thousand years ago?

Perhaps -- the take away lesson here, is that we live in a vulnerable time bubble that could burst any moment without warning, so, be nice and don't waste the precious time we have available.

The good news is that, based on numerical probability and recent historical records, the odds that a "death ray from space" is not expected to cause a global flood event in the near future -- so, go ahead and get outside, take that trip you have been planning for some time. Life is short enough already -- make it happen while you can.

Reporter 2: Interesting viewpoints. The idea that Gravity Waves from events light-years away can cause earthquakes. What are Gravity Waves anyway?

Duane: Well, the science of quantum physics suggest that the universe is held together by gravity -- a type of causation that attracts and binds all matter together. There also exist a new field of study that suggest the universe is held together not by gravity but by electromagnetism -- where a type of charged plasma permeates spacetime and can be measured by mapping twisting lines of energy forces.

Now, according to Albert Einstein, nothing is faster than the speed of light -- it is the speed limit of the universe. However, recent astronomical data in measuring the aforesaid Gamma-Ray Burst suggest that a Gravity Wave can travel up to 64 times the speed of light ahead of the event itself. How is that possible? I don't know -- but in an Electric Universe model concept there may be some way to explain how energy events can travel faster than light.

In a Gravitational Universe -- which is part of the "Big Bang" concept of spacetime, gravity waves from atomic energy events like starquakes and GRB are very very hard to measure, in fact, only recently has any scientist using lasers claim to have done so -- and yet, other scientist still do not believe it is possible because there is no apparent way to measure the direction or the scale of the wave source.

If there was a way to block gravity -- and therefore block the waves of gravity, it would be related to creating anti-gravity -- which would challenge the physical rules of the Gravitational Universe.

Another new concept just over a decade old is the "Gravity Rainbow" theory -- which suggest there was no "Big Bang" event billions of years ago, and that spacetime is infinite. It's my guess that this model of the universe is not lineal and may look like some kind of twisted torus or dumb-bell shape object with filaments of galaxies threading through the system. With an endless series of tangled loops that have areas of expanding and contracting matter, the Gravity Rainbow model of the universe is based on the energy spectrum of matter -- and not just on the photonic energy of matter.

Anyway, modeling the universe using gravity or electromagnetic shapes can get quite interesting -- at least to an artist and scientist like me.

Reporter 2: So, regarding my first question about what may have caused the Biblical Flood and the distruction of Atlantis -- was it a comet or was it a Gamma-Ray Burst?

Duane: As I said back in 2012, it could have been both. It seems that if GRB are capable of creating earthquakes -- they may also be capable of moving objects in deep space like comets from their normal paths and turn them into rogue objects.

It is interesting to note that the magnetar event on December 27, 2004 was located within the Sagittarius Constellation -- not far from where Comet Halley appears every 76 years and near the center of our Milky Way Galaxy.

And regarding your earlier question as to how such a major global event of nearly a thousand years ago was seemingly forgotten in recorded time -- well, it was recorded as the Biblical Flood, so it was not forgotten. It was also recorded by Plato and other historians from around the globe, but was buried within the false event dates of the Nuremberg Chronicle book project which was published in 1493 A.D. during the Renaissance.

The Nuremberg Chronicle, by the way, created the first official "outline of western history" that has since been "filled in" with "false dates" over the last five centuries by other historians trying to make sense of the outline.

Reporter 3: When reviewing your new timescale or timeline of human history, first time students will no doubt refuse to believe that all of recorded human history from before five centuries ago can be mathematically reduced to about five centuries. Is there any quick way to explain how such a large volume of time and dates were mistakenly recorded within the Nuremberg Chronicle some five centuries ago? And is there a quick way to explain why these timeline mistakes were never discovered and corrected over the years since they were first published?

Duane: You know, it's only natural to have a built-in value system to accept perhaps a 10 or even a 20 percent error factor in understanding new data from old data -- but any discovery that appears to change our understanding of history greater than 20 percent is just too hard to accept at face value.

So, I can understand why first time students of history will reject my new timeline count of human history because it is too much to digest without spending more time understanding the complexities of the subject.

When I first proposed the idea that human history was not some five-thousand years in length some years ago, I was told the story that because of the "Occam's Razor" concept -- where the simplest explanation of anything is the truth, my explanation of human history was too complex -- and therefore was wrong.

However, I have since discovered how human history was recorded, when it was officially packaged and published -- and why nobody had the means to unravel the truth until the recent information age of the Internet.

Reporter 1: Do you have any opinion on certain popular subjects like "Climate Change" that you may want to add to this interview?

Duane: Well, I have no doubt that the earth's climate is changing -- and will continue to change over time. What is interesting to understand is the scale of extreme events that seem to make the news lately.

From extreme flooding and drought events -- or record hot and cold temperatures appearing around the globe, there seems to be something that is changing the earth's climate.

However, to assume that the climate of earth should stay the same and not change is somewhat naive. Just look at any major rock feature where layers of soil have folded over time and imagine the powerful changes in the climate throughout earth's history.

Moreover, to attempt to scientifically link certain climate change events to human activity -- such as the burning of fossil fuel, is not only playing politics, it is ignoring many other aspects of nature that may be responsible for "Climate Change".

Now, I believe we should wing ourselves off of fossil fuel as soon as possible because the toxic pollution it creates is not good for our health or our environment -- but to focus on the idea that because humans are burning so much fossil fuel energy it is significantly changing the earth's climate by chemically warming it, is hard for me to accept.

For example, just the business of animal agriculture alone is by far more damaging to this planet than carbon pollution from internal combustion engines. Huge natural pockets of methane gas that are leaking in Siberia and other places may be affecting our atmosphere in ways we don't fully understand. By the way, Methane is 83 times more potent than CO-2 as a "greenhouse gas".

I have seen many documentaries that have attempted to explain how the earth's climate is changing because humans have released certain chemicals into the atmosphere -- and that polluting companies should pay a political tax to correct the problem -- or at least slow the problem down, but these documentaries do not include greater forces at play like solar activity and other natural things which could cause our climate to change.

UPDATE: 11/2016
I have recently seen some new videos about the subject of Climate Change that state the idea in which "alarmist" believe in four basic concepts regarding the future climate of earth.

Number one is that the climate of earth is warming, number two is that human activity is the primary cause of the warming activity, number three is that the result of said activity will be catastrophic for the planet in the near future -- and number four is that governmental control of certain energy companies through political taxes is the only thing which can save our planet from destruction.

Well, since I don't follow the alarmist concepts in which a man-made climate situation would cause the "sky to fall" anytime soon -- I guess that makes me a "global warming denier".

However, I am not endorsing the idea that energy companies should get away with polluting our environment with nasty chemicals.

Reporter 1: Regarding your phrase "playing politics", do you have any views about the upcoming presidential election this Fall?

Duane: It seems that the political options lately are extreme left or right of center. Much like the extreme weather events from around the globe, the political atmosphere of late is quite volatile.

For what it's worth, I favor the right of political center because I believe the left is pushing a liberal agenda of social values onto many who do not want it or need it.

This pushing activity to politically change the social values of our republic seems to be related to socialism. And because I see socialism can easily become communism over time -- I don't like it.

I recently came across an interesting phrase that stated "Socialism without Capitalism is Communism -- and Capitalism without Socialism is Fascism". Well, I guess I favor some sort of capitalistic leader with limited socialistic values for the next election.

So, is the good old USA republic going politically right or further left after the next election? I don't know -- but, at this point in time, I wish there were better choices for a president than what is available.

UPDATE: 11/2016
After reviewing many new political reports regarding how there is a creeping socialistic movement that is seeking more control of the United States government by using the Democratic Party -- I recommend voting Republican in the next presidential election to reverse this movement.

As Ronald Reagan once said: “Socialism only works in two places: Heaven where they don't need it and hell where they already have it.”

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