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Duane K. McCullough 9/16

by Duane McCullough

This 42nd interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" - however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 9/16 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina

Reporter 1: You have been publishing many scientific theories from your SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS and LOST FOUNTAIN research book projects on the Internet for almost twenty years now without any help from any mainstream news media service or reputable educational institution. Do you have any plans to advertise these theories in the action video format so that the public can see directly the important historical and scientific value they represent?

Duane: Well, it does seem that, in order to capture the imagination of the online public, I will have to advertise my scientific theories byway of active video projects rather than just the passive written word and picture format I have been using for almost two decades.

The art of creating video projects can get very time consuming and costly -- so, it will take a little time before I'm ready to "push" some of my theories on the Internet using videos.

I guess because the popular online video service of Youtube is the standard in the "showing and telling" business, I may create a few videos using that service. I realize that the competition in action story telling business using online videos will be difficult to "break through", but this option needs to be explored -- so, stay tuned for some video work about the Spirit Of Atlantis research project.

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Since one of my earliest images as shown above from my website featured a starry background, perhaps the theme of these new videos may have a celestial background. In fact, I recently discovered an online website that includes a free program called "space engine" which allows explorers to travel through the universe in great detail.

Images from other free space program websites like "Stellarium" and "Celestia" also could be used as backdrop views. Some non-annoying ambient background music may help viewers study the foreground story of the videos. No talking -- just let the images tell the story.

In the meantime, for the serious investigative reporter who actually takes the time to read and see new scientific theories about the Atlantean subject -- or the open minded student of history looking for a treasure trove of new and revolutionary views regarding the real Atlantis, my spiritofatlantis.com and lostfountain.com websites should have enough concepts to study and understand.

Reporter 1: Do you have a sense of fate or destiny in your life-long research work into the subject of Atlantis? In other words, do you somehow believe that your life has a divine purpose in revealing to the public the true story of Atlantis?

Duane: Interesting question... The subjects of fate or destiny seems to be based on the idea that some divine entity -- such as God, has planned the events of our reality -- and that we are just living out the plan with little or no control of what happens.

Some want to believe that the events that happen in life are based on a mixture of choice and chance -- while others want to believe that some kind of divine entity -- such as God, contribute to the outcome of the events.

Without getting too metaphysical in theorizing why or how personal events in our life may happen the way they do, it seems that the personal ability to choose what events that should happen in life are part of a conscious plan to make our subconscious wants and desires real.

Perhaps the spiritual energy within our collective subconscious is guiding our conscious decisions to do good things in a sometimes chaotic world.

So, is there a divine master plan that exist somewhere in the space-time continuum which helps those who help themselves navigate the road of life? Do we all have a planned destiny -- or do we plan our own destiny with help from the almighty being known as God?

I want to believe in my destiny -- therefore I plan to make it happen in the end. As the old Moody Blues song Nights in White Satin states -- "Just what you want to be -- you'll be in the end".

If for some fateful reason my choices don't make it to the end, well -- at least I tried. Who am I to know the exact future of things to come. Who is anybody?

Regarding your question as to whether I believe my life-long research work into the subject of Atlantis is part of some kind of divine plan to reveal the true story of Atlantis -- well, yes -- of course I believe.

Why else would I have spent over thirty-five years studying the subject and try to educate the public about the truth of a great story that will change human history if understood properly.

I don't mean to sound like I'm on some kind of "divine mission" -- but it does feel that way sometimes.

Reporter 2: In our 37th Interview of last year you revealed a discovery about an prehistoric "Ley Line" from the ancient sites of Baalbek Lebanon to Teotihuacan Mexico that crosses your property in North Carolina. Any new theories regarding the subject of "Ley Lines" and how such "hidden energy beams" may exist on the surface of earth between ancient places?

Duane: Actually, I have come across information about the subject known as "Geopathic Radiation" that relates to the subject of Ley Lines. I met a nice gentleman that believes in the idea of hidden energy lines that not only run parallel with the surface of earth but also emanate out from the hot central core area of earth -- much like electromagnetic fields or energy paths of radiation.

According to some scientist studying the phenomenon, the energy within these pathway zones can be measured not only by Dowsing Rods, but also by using certain high frequency x-ray and gamma ray detection instruments. However, according to these scientist, because the pathway zones are quite random and may change often, understanding and mapping them is not easy.

One aspect of Geopathic Radiation energy lines are that they can effect the "surface tension" of water based life in such ways as to perhaps cause changes in the normal flow of energy used by living things.

Some scientist also believe that Geopathic Radiation energy may also cause certain areas or small zones at the surface of earth that may be stressful or even dangerous for humans to stay, work or sleep in -- so, they have developed a small business of selling "protection pads" to shield people from the radiation.

Much like the oriental art of Feng Shui -- where the placement or orientation of buildings and objects are "harmonized" by someone with "spiritual knowledge", these scientist claim to have scientific knowledge that may protect people from what they believe could be harmful energy forces emanating from the earth itself.

Now, I have an open mind about the subject of Geopathic Radiation energy, but I really don't want to start worrying about whether where exactly I'm working or sleeping may somehow be radioactive. There is enough things already in life to be concerned about and the idea that a little known type of earth-base radiation may exist under my feet or bed is not fun to believe in.

However, just because I don't want to worry about areas of Geopathic Radiation energy does not mean it may be a type of safe energy, it just means more research is needed to better understand the phenomenon.

In fact, let me tell a short funny story that happened last year regarding my discovery of the prehistoric Ley Line from the ancient sites of Baalbek Lebanon to Teotihuacan Mexico that crosses my property.

I had just uploaded my April 2015 interview essay to my online spiritofatlantis.com website that revealed this ancient Ley Line and felt almost scared to realize that I just made public what may have been some kind of secret knowledge about the longest spiritual pathway on earth.

Then I laid down in the bedroom for a short afternoon nap when, all of a sudden -- WHAM, the house seemed to shake like a tree or lighting struck the roof. I got up and went outside to look and could not see any severe weather or damage to the roof -- which made me wonder what else could have caused the loud crashing sound I just heard. My wife also felt the noise and we went searching for the cause.

Again, my mind was racing to explain the event and I began to think that somehow the spiritual energy within this Ley Line caused it.

After about five minutes of searching, I was happy to discover that the cause of the crashing sound was actually the top shelf in a nearby closet next to the bed had collapsed with a heavy load of boxes and no apparent "spiritual energy" was involved after all.

So, the takeaway lesson was, it's alright to let your imagination run some distance -- but know when it's time to reel it in before it gets out of hand because if you don't, other people may think you have lost your mind.

I know, I know -- some people probably think I've lost my mind years ago, but I haven't. They just have not spent the time to better understand my research work and scientific theories.

Anyway, the nice gentlemen who told me about the Geopathic Radiation phenomenon also tested the Ley Line in question at a hilltop site near my home property and verified the northeast to southwest direction of the line by finding several points along the path with his Dowsing Rods.

Now, I realize that many scientist do not believe in the subject of Dowsing and associate the activity with pseudo science because they believe the act of finding anything with a forked stick or little bent metal rods in the hands of a person performing the test may, for whatever reason, be manually manipulating the direction of the pointing device -- however, I also realize that many people swear that it works.

Nevertheless, as I stated earlier about Geopathic Radiation, more research into the subject of Dowsing and Ley Lines is needed to better understand the phenomenon before passing final judgment.

Reporter 3: In your quest to challange and change the conventional B.C. / A.D. timeline calendar of Western Civilization over the years with you new Atlantean Timeline count of human history, you have had no apparent success to date. Do you have any new plans to get the attention of anybody that may help you succeed in getting the public to recognize your new timeline count of human history discovery and your new A.T. calendar?

Duane: Your question reminds me of the title of last chapter in Carl Sagan's book COSMOS -- wherein the question is posed "Who speaks for earth?". In the end, WE speak for earth -- not some owner or editor of some global news media service, not some major university professor or popular political president.

Currently, the open online Internet is the collective working voice of humanity that represents us -- and that is where my scientific work can be found now. It just seems that I need to "break through" all the nonsense and jabbering chatter websites which act like a noise barrier to my online websites.

Don't get me wrong -- the Internet is full of fantastic information. There is a type of truth that "floats to the surface" through the millions of stories posted every day, but therein lies a problem for the truth -- it needs dedicated believers and online defenders to keep it floating.

Perhaps a series of simple videos about my work can help find certain people that are also looking to update recorded human history with a true timeline calendar system. We need to dump the old false conventional B.C. / A.D. calendar timeline system associated with Western Civilization that is repeated every day in the media and replace it with a true timeline calendar system of human history.

If I ever live long enough to see this great historical timeline change, it will be nice to see the success of my research work. In the meantime, I will spend my time updating my timeline version of human history and my understanding of the subject of Atlantis.

Reporter 1: What if your online research work was discovered by the global news media services and you were invited to go on a paid world lecture tour. Would you mind the fame and fortune that would come with that kind of publicity?

Duane: Well, it should be known that I'm not seeking fame because being famous would interfere with my quality time. My quiet and peaceful life here in the mountains of Western North Carolina would be ruined by travel deadlines and appointments in far away places. My privacy would be invaded by reporters seeking interviews and strangers waiting in line for my time.

Fortune on the other hand would be nice -- but it comes with costly strings attached too. And those strings include, depending on the scale of the fortune, lots of legal responsibilities.

Currently, I have very little legal responsibilities -- and I enjoy it that way.

So, in answer to your question about whether I would mind the costly responsibility that comes with great publicity, yes -- I would, but I'm not going to worry about something which may not happen. To worry about anything that may not happen is a waste of time.

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