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Duane K. McCullough 3/17

by Duane McCullough

This 43nd interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" - however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 3/17 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina

Duane: Well, it's been about six months since our last interview -- so, let me give a quick update as to what I been up to over the winter.

I've been working on a 3D computer model project of the city of Atlantis that is related to another model project in the works where I have created a 92 nautical-mile wide scenery map project of the entire world.

Both of these model projects can be viewed and experienced by certain computer programs where users can see the scale of what Atlantis once was. I will give more details about these model projects later in this interview.

Because Atlantis was more than just a great capital seaport or continental realm lost long ago, I have also been studying the political makeup of the third concept that was Atlantis -- which was an ancient global government or maritime kingdom that once ruled most of our planet long before the Biblical Flood destroyed the whole enterprise.

While studying the political makeup of what was Atlantis, I came across the ancient historical site of Baalbek in what is now the country of Lebanon. This ancient site is a testament to an ancient technology that must have been very important as a prehistoric political force which could have challenged the Atlantean government in antediluvian times.

Baalbek, which lies at the end of a very precise Ley-line that starts at the Sun Temple in Teotihuacan Mexico -- near what is now Mexico city, is where the largest cut stonework objects in the world can be found. Several stone blocks of the Baalbek foundation temple are believed to weigh about a thousand tons each -- and two other nearby cut stonework objects at a nearby quarry are estimated to weigh much greater, one is over 1500 tons.

By the way, as I mentioned in my 4/15 Interview, this Ley-line crosses my home site where I'm sitting right now here in North Carolina -- which is an interesting coincidence to say the least. Do a Google search of "ley lines" and learn what they are -- I think they are some kind of spiritual energy pathway phenomenon that are very hard to measure.

Anyway, if we study the Baalbek site using the Google Earth program, the whole site design is shaped like a human being wearing a hat -- see the following image and see the hexagonal head with arms and legs. The significance of this temple human layout design is not fully understood at this time -- but, to my knowledge, nobody has noticed it before.

image of Baalbek from Google Earth
The Temple site of Baalbek is shaped like a man with a hexagon head.

Now, according to Plato -- the original author of the Atlantean Maritime Kingdom in antediluvian times subject, somewhere on the far side of the world from where the capital city of Atlantis was located was an ancient kingdom that rebelled against the political control of the global Atlantean government.

In his dialogues about Atlantis, Plato states that the Hellenic Empire was the entity that battled the Atlanteans -- and just after an important Hellenic victory event, both kingdoms were destroyed in a major catastrophic flood and earthquake incident.

As to what truely happened during and after this ancient rebellion battle that took place in prehistoric times, the details can get complicated because of the many conflicting theories are hard to prove -- however, there must have been an incredible level of technology which could have affected certain battles of the conflict.

Such battles and conflict event stories can be found in the Holy Bible where literary evidence also exist of a lost, yet powerful technology to be explained in a moment. If one knows how to properly navigate and understand some of the real stories in this great reference book, they will discover a fascinating new way of comprehending the details of a lost age in time known as antediluvian history.

One such Biblical story is a tale about a fantastic tower that once somehow caused a catastrophic event on earth long ago. This tower was known as the Tower of Babel and was built by the ancient Assyrian king named Nimrod.

King Nimrod -- who was, "the mighty hunter before the lord", was also known to have fought a war with the "sea peoples" of Phoenicia.

Another character from the area in those times was the son of Poseidon named Baal who, according to one theory, had a "upside down bell device" that could "ring" great distances by using some kind of energy powered by a source as yet unknown.

Moreover, the Tower of Babel event story is associated with the idea that the tower -- which was related to communication technology because it mixed languages with coded signals, was built too high and somehow cause the Biblical Flood event.

Tower of Babel image
Was the Tower of Babel an ancient radio tower?

If the original Tower of Babel was not some brick and mortar spiral cone-like hill as depicted in many ancient artwork images, but was in fact, a particle plasma beam antenna that transmitted binary coded messages byway of electrostatic signals -- then, perhaps modern historians should begin to rewrite a new version of ancient human history.

As I've said before in my previous writings about the Tower of Babel, much smaller versions of the Tower of Babel device could be used as stone cutting particle plasma beam tools -- which could have also been used to cut the stone blocks at the Baalbek site.

So, where on earth could the Tower of Babel been located? Could it have once been located at Baalbek?

I don't know -- but the place is quite the wreck. The many pillars placed there long ago are scattered around like some major earthquake or flood event caused them to fall. Most historians believe the foundation of the main temple site was built long before the Romans ever added smaller stonework to the site -- which suggest the idea that a greater power once existed in the area.

In any event, there seems to be a modern political rebellion taking place in the area that is challenging the global community for control of our future.

Reporter 2: Interesting set of theories. The idea that Atlantis was an ancient global maritime kingdom which governed the world before the Biblical Flood -- and how it was challenged by a rebel kingdom in what is now the Middle East.

And the unique idea that this rebel kingdom -- ruled by Nimrod, once used a powerful lost technology device associated with the Tower of Babel event story, to help cause the apparent destruction of Atlantis.

If these concepts I just mentioned are correct, are you suggesting that the global community should take note and start to better understand the political aspects regarding the subject of Atlantis?

Duane: Yes -- yes, the global community should be more aware of certain ancient stories that relate to the reality of Atlantis and how it was once a global government.

Again, like I just said, there seems to be a modern political rebellion taking place in the Middle East area again that is challenging the global community for control of our future.

Currently, the political crisis situation near the Baalbek site in nearby Syria is where the ISIS cult state is based -- and they are made up of angry followers of an ancient warlord hero of the desert who once challenged the government forces in the area.

To be fair, some believe Islam is a political movement disguised as a religion because, unlike other religions that preach peace and tolerance, it seems that Islam allows for a violent way to impose political values onto whomsoever the political leaders of the movement considers a threat.

The violent activity associated with Islam is perhaps because when Muhammad -- the hero of Islam, was alive, he and his followers violently rebelled against the apparently corrupt kingdoms in the desert area where they once lived long ago.

But that was a long time ago -- although not that long ago according to my new Atlantean Timeline of human history.

Reporter 1: So, are you saying that Islam is an organization based more on political values than religious values?

Duane: What I'm saying is Islam has many religious values but that, at it's core, it is a political organization with political values which seeks to control global politics.

Let's look at the very icon of Islamic symbolisum -- the crescent moon, where two sharp points represent some kind of weapon or sword design -- or even the curved horns of a dangerous bull.

Look at the flags of certain Islamic countries like Iran and Saudia Arabia -- where both display sharp weapon like swords that send a violent message.

The crescent moon image also represents an icon to the followers of lunar timekeeping calendars that once conflicted with the followers of solar timekeeping calendars -- thus, it is a remnant image of an age of conflict.

Even Islamic mosques look like some kind of defensive fort compound, complete with watch towers in the four corners -- I guess they like to keep an eye on their followers.

Imagine having to wake up at 5 AM every morning and hearing some guy cry out a sad and lonely prayer from a tall nearby tower -- or having to get down on your knees and face a town somewhere along the Red Sea five times a day -- I mean, really, who makes up these rules and why?

And what is it with the Islamic rule that women should cover their bodies or heads in public? I can understand the idea of wearing protection against the desert sun, wind and sand -- but why make a religious rule about it and try to enforce it globally?

Now, I'm sure that the vast majority of Islamic followers -- known as Muslims, are very nice people and would help needy strangers if they could, but they should be aware of better ways of worshipping the almighty than playing an old religious game and following orders from some unelected political group of leaders.

Islam was born in the Dark Ages and tries to force people to submit their lives there as well.

Reporter 3: Regarding you recent statement that your new Atlantean Timeline of human history suggest Muhammad did not live that long ago -- could you elaborate on that concept for us please?

Duane: Well, because my new Atlantean Timeline reveals mathematical evidence in which all conventional historical dated events beyond about five centuries are annually incorrect, the novel idea that the beginnings of the Ottoman Empire and the time of Muhammad's adventures in the area are not that far apart.

According to my new A.T. calendar, all the conventional year dates of certain important persons and events from before the Renaissance were greatly exaggerated in the Nuremberg Chronicle history book for the many reasons I have mentioned before -- and that working historians of the last five centuries have been creating "fake news events" as filler stories between the outline of dated events as recorded in the Nuremberg Chronicle.

So, if Jesus Christ lived only about seven centuries ago -- which can be proven with such scientific evidence like the carbon-dated Shroud of Turin, then the idea that Muhammad lived only about five and a half centuries ago is not that hard to believe.

Reporter 2: Regarding politics and "fake news events", have you anything to say about the recent election victory of president Trump and his accusation that the main stream news media companies are in the business of creating false or fake stories about his political activities?

Duane: I have generally tried to avoid political discussions because it is easy to say one thing and then find out later it was wrong because things change -- including our minds.

However, after watching the 2016 USA political campaign via YouTube videos last year, I have come to the conclusion that many voters do not know the important political lessons of world history.

I have also come to the conclusion that a greater story beyond the election event is currently unfolding -- a story about how information is manipulated by the global elite and their corporate news organizations to sway public opinion.

To be clear, there is a war of information taking place between the legacy news media companies who still control the wireless broadcast industry and the new media organizations that are now appearing on the Internet.

Since I have not watched traditional "television" in over a decade because I get my news and information directly from the Internet by having to read it or see videos that focus on a subject without major commercial interruptions, I believe I have better options of finding real news events.

I have learned that "fake news" does not have to be false news to be useless news -- because both are a waist of time. There is so much "jabbering" on "live news TV" that any important true event which may be revealed as news gets lost in the confusing mixture of useless stories being told. In other words, fake news is useless news that robs us of our valuable time.

I do not rely on any popular social media application to package my news for me -- however, I do watch a lot of Google's YouTube videos for my source of current and historical information. At least, with YouTube videos, they sometimes give the viewer control to skip unwanted commercials -- regular cable TV just forces you to waste your time watching their commercials and still charge you for using their service.

But Google's News feed option is so politically bias toward the left for their source options, I get disappointed easily -- therefore, until they change their options, I don't recomend it as a source of news.

I realize that corporate news organizations are in the business of creating controversy because that's how they sell their product -- you know, more controversy equals more sales, but somewhere in all that news they create, should be some truth about how too much progressive liberal thinking can be a bad thing for a society. Instead of pushing progressive liberal thinking all the time, the news industry should balance itself with some conservative thinking as well.

So -- perhaps, as you can see by now, I favor a right of center political view of the world.

Regarding the subject of president Trump, I wish him the best of luck in his endeavors to improve America as a nation.

As far as his accusation that the main stream news media companies are in the business of creating false or fake stories about his political activities, I believe he is right.

I watched how the "Communist News Network" -- or CNN, and other mainstream media corporations tried their best to trash him during and after the election -- and can fully understand his views on why he thinks they need to change their constant negative tone in reporting news about him.

President Donald Trump fairly won the election against all odds and deserves to govern the USA without the borderline seditious efforts of the mainstream media trying to make him fail.

Another phenomenon I noticed during the 2016 USA political campaign is that people who live further away from cities tend to vote conservatively while people who live closer together in the cities tend to vote liberally -- why is that?

It seems that people who socialize more want a social government where certain leaders control and watch over everything -- such as the political socialistic entity that has become the Democratic Party of the USA.

However, a quick history lesson will reveal that the former USSR government failed as a union of republics because way too much control was given to their leaders who misused their ruling authority.

Look at the controlling socialist government of North Korea and compare it the capitalistic free market government of South Korea -- and see what too much government control will do to the spirit of a country. Sure, North Korea has some pretty political and military parades -- but at a very high price for the freedom of its citizens. I guess some people just like being told what to do all the time.

And speaking of socialist governments that go beyond their mandate, how the IRS of the USA got involved in the insurance business and the healthcare industry is a story of political trickery for sure. Personally, I have never paid for health insurance -- and hopefully never will. I haven't seen a doctor for any medical emergency help since I cut my foot on a broken glass bottle back in the sixties -- some would say I'm lucky, I would say that I'm more careful than lucky.

If doctors were taught more in nutritional science than pharmaceutical science, then perhaps we would not have such a medical health crisis in the cost of medical treatment these days.

And one more rant about politics -- there exist a great ongoing political battle which can be seen in the news lately between the forces of Globalism and Nationalism that needs our attention because if we don't follow it properly and take action against those with a progressive liberal agenda, the wealthy elite who control most everything already will win more control of things and we, as a nation, will loose control of our borders that protect us from the consequences of poor immigration policies.

Reporter 1: Could you tell us more about your recent computer models projects of Atlantis that would allow viewers to see the details and scale of history's greatest mystery?

Duane: If you visit my therealmgallery.com website you will see images from version 2 of the World Playground Scenery Project.

Since Atlantis was once a global Maritime Kingdom, this scenery project attempts to show their sphere of influence throughout the world -- complete with many seafaring sailboats anchored offshore. At something like 1/235th scale of the real world, this scenery project is a flat area of all the continents and many islands of earth set to the layout of the real world.

Map image of World Playground Scenery Project
Map image of World Playground Scenery Project.

With sea depths and mountain heights at around 800 feet from sealevel value, the place can be explored using the proprietary computer program called Vehicle Simulator.

I did create a futuristic looking area on the east coast of North America that has some roads, airports and seaports -- and the buildings look pretty at night all lit up. This scenery project is no competition to Google Earth's program -- but it is fun to explore.

The other scenery project should be released soon -- it is at real scale and includes the capital seaport of Atlantis located along the western shores of Lake Izabal in Guatemala.

Visitors to this scenery project will be able to sail around the inner and outer harbors of the city that, according to Plato, was carved out of a rocky hill with some kind of "lathe" tool. Using new historical and numerical data that I've compiled over the years, the outer-most ring harbor walls measure at only 1.25 nautical miles apart between them.

I should also mention at this time a quick discovery story regarding the true measurement of the outer rings of the Atlantean seaport city.

After reviewing most every source version of the Critias Dialogue available online that describes the details of the Atlantean seaport city and the stadia measurement of the outer ring island and harbor, I have found a discrepancy between my source version of measurements and most all other versions.

Actually, I have known about this discrepancy for decades but thought it was a simple translation mistake made during early translations of Plato's work many years ago.

My version comes from "The Collected Dialogues Of Plato -- Edited by Edith Hamilton and Huntington Carins" and "translated in London, 1929 by A.E. Taylor", that I gathered back in the eighties at a library long before the Internet.

The discrepancy seems small -- but it is linked to something more important later in the translation. Mr A.E. Taylor's version states that the outer ring of land and water harbor measure each at 3.5 stadias wide -- while most all other versions state they measure each at just 3 stadias wide.

By the way -- my value of the ancient stadia measurement is only about 304 feet -- or about 100 yards, or 1/20th of a nautical mile, and not the popular dictionary measurement of about 607 feet, or about 1/10th of a naultical mile.

I have assumed over the years that this small discrepancy was based on the "slant of the outermost ring wall of the island and the outer harbor" which may have measured 3 stadia at the top and 3.5 stadia at the bottom -- so, nothing too important to take notice.

However, Mr. A.E. Taylor's version also states later in the Critias translation that the Atlanteans would meet every 4th and 5th year in the center of the city for some elaborate ceremony event -- while most all other translations states that the Atlanteans would meet every 5th and 6th year for the event.

What makes this discrepancy important is that the timely math behind adding a ceremonial leap day every 4th and 5th year -- together with a "super leap-day event" every 50 years, on top of a 365-day annual calendar, will result in the True Tropical Solar Year value of 365.2422 days a year!

So -- in other words, Mr. A.E. Taylor's translated version of Plato's Critias Dialogues is more accurate than all other popular versions found on the Internet because he reveals mathematical data that proves the Atlanteans used a solar calendar more accurate than even today's popular Gregorian Calendar.

Now, I know what I just said may not seem important to some -- but, there is treasure to be found for those who take the time to read the details of history and notice what is truely important.

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