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Duane K. McCullough 7/17

by Duane McCullough

This 45th interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" - however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 7/17 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina

Reporter 2: In our last interview in April, you announced your discovery of finding new mapping evidence of the lost seaport of Atlantis and its canal system in Central America while using the Google Earth program. You also explained that the area in question is now more vulnerable than ever to treasure hunters and developers who could destroy the place by moving the mud trying to recover artifacts from the bottom of Lake Izabal in Guatemala. Have you any news regarding these views since our last interview?

image of the Atlantean canal system in Central America
Has the whereabouts of history's greatest mystery been discovered?

Duane: Well, because the new evidence I found reveals certain contrast lines on a photo map that mark out where ancient canals once existed can easily be verified in the Google Earth program, I assumed it would be only a matter of time before a reporter or reporters from some media news service would see my discovery online and contact me for further details about it.

However -- to date, no such contact has taken place -- and apparently because I haven't directly reported this discovery to any media news service agency which could help "spread the news" about it, it seems that this new mapping evidence is lost in time just as much as the real story of Atlantis is.

For over 35-years I have been aware that the subject of Atlantis is considered fictional reading material in the minds of modern historians because no such evidence of the place has been found which could prove the story true.

To this day, for the most part, any attempt to seek the truth about Atlantis -- like doing a Google search of the subject, will result in most every theory under the stars but the truth. Even a search in Wikepedia will flat out state that Atlantis is a story about a fictional island place.

Just look at the above photo map from the Google Earth program of the area in question and see these contrast lines -- the first most obvious line is the 10-nautical mile long line that marks the western edge of the ancient canal system. The second contrast line marks the bottom of the first of four long 15-nautical miles zones, and the third contrast line marks the top of the fourth zone.

These zones are not some artifact issue with the Google Earth program like some north to south or east to west lines also found on the map -- but are the remnant edges of what was once a prehistoric canal system that fed nearby mountain waters to the capital seaport of Atlantis.

Perhaps the time has come to change the common assumption that Atlantis is a fictional story -- because there now exist mapping evidence on earth that can prove the place was once a real seaport in Central America.

So, for those who are seeking real up-to-date news about the reality of Atlantis, I encourage a visit to my spiritofatlantis.com website where many new concepts about the subject will reveal the true aspects of our ancestral origins and maritime heritage.

The visit to my website is totally free -- and many hours can be spent learning new and important scientific information far beyond the subject of Atlantis.

If any visitor would like to invest in some of my artwork projects and help me cover my expenses, my other website at therealmgallery.com has over thirteen-hundred images for sale that include some beautiful scenes of nature and unique places. Some of my Atlantean artwork is also available there.

Another quick way to these websites is just Google the words "Atlantis Duane" without quotes -- which should give some good search links, particularly if the images option is selected.

In the meantime, I have been working on a series of videos I plan to upload to the Internet that hopefully will capture the imagination of the public better than just static columns of text and images can.

Before I can create these videos, I have to design and create the virtual 3D stage and model props using certain CAD programs for these videos that could help explain the true scale of the Atlantean seaport.

In fact, the true scale of Atlantis is everything real about the subject. By scaling down the conventional written numerical values that describes the proportional details of the size of the Atlantaen seaport and the adjacent canal system to fit a real place in the western Atlantic realm and along the eastern American Continents where a flat plain exist tucked within a mountain range in what is now a jungle lake area of Guatemala, I have found the true jewel in the crown of the Atlantean story.

And by scaling down the numerical date values of the popular but incorrect A.D. timeline count of conventional human history currently used by Western Society, I have found the truth of not only when Atlantis existed in time, but also the reality that all of the A.D. dates beyond the early Renaissance Era of about five centuries ago were annually inflated by certain influential historians and publishers for the many reasons I have explained at my website.

Reporter 2: Wasn't there, a few years ago, a German teacher that claimed to have located at the bottom of Lake Izabal in Guatemala some treasure related to Atlantis -- and that he was involved with an expedition to the site area to bring up some gold he believed existed there? Do you know what became of him and his adventure?

Duane: I believe his name was Joachim Rittstieg -- and I have nothing to do with his theories or his actions looking for treasure at the bottom of Lake Izabal. From what I understand by reading about him online, his search in the eastern part of the lake was stopped by the Guatemalan Navy for certain reasons that -- well, I'm not sure, but his theoies about Atlantis are no where near my theories.

So, I would suggest that treasure hunters like him and their "go for the gold" attitude are characters of distraction -- therefore, the less said, the better.

However, I will say that, anybody who gets out of their comfort zone and physically makes the effort to search for their dreams can be admired for their struggle in seeking the truth. But in this case, I believe he was far from the real truth -- and any investors that worked with him may also come to the same conclusion.

Reporter 1: You have stated that you believe that the mythical "Hesperian Gardens" were once a real place and may have existed in the western Caribbean Basin of the New World. So apparently, you also believe that the plain where the Atlantean canal system is where the "Hesperian Golden Apples of Youth" were once grown. Are these views correct?

Duane: The collective ideas that the New World continents were once the "lost island of Atlantis" -- and that the mythical "Hesperian Gardens" were once located far to the west of the Mediterranean area where much of early European mythology was first recorded, does suggest a view that a unique heavenly garden once existed in time where "Golden Apples" were once grown.

Map image of the Hesperian Heavens in the Americas
Is the Hesperian Heavens -- where "Golden Apples of imortality" were once grown,
the same place where Atlantis was?

This unique heavenly garden -- if not the very Garden of Eden itself, was home to Hesperus and the daughters of King Atlas that grew fruit which could give immortal-like qualities when eaten, suggest the idea that the Hesperides and the seaport of Atlantis are located in the same place.

Although there exists many important technological concepts from the antediluvian age where the subject of Atlantis is based in, let's review the concept of immortality that the ancient mythical "gods" were identified with.

If there once existed a type of plant based food that contained a noble element ingredient like gold -- and if said food was an apple-like fruit that could maintain the appearence of youthfulness when eaten with regularity, then perhaps our Atlantean ancestors knew something important about nutrition that could help modern agriculture technology.

I have read that these unique "Golden Apples" of yesteryear could have once been pineapples, oranges or even bananas because of their yellow-gold like appearence -- but, in any case, they are identified as a fruit that when eaten could somehow maintain youthfulness perhaps by containing a very small amount of gold in their cellular makeup.

Imagine if humans adopted a plant-based food technology based on nutritional chelated gold which could theoretically extend the life of all living beings, most healthcare problems of today would go away.

Imagine how said technology would challenge the modern meat-based food industries and improve our environment from the destructive effects of killing and transporting livestock animals for human consumption.

Imagine if future agriculture technology was based only on food grown from plants that naturally package the essential nutritional minerals from the soil and water -- and that, as a consequence, the life-spand of humans was at least doubled what it is now.

Imagine far into the future -- so far it may be in the distant past, where the nutrient energy from certain plants had the power to electrify humans into "energy beings" that could live extremely long lives.

I know, I know -- I'm getting ahead of my thoughts and theories. but it is interesting to note that the element of gold conducts electricity better than any other element except silver. And perhaps if mixed with certain isotopes of phosphorus within the human brain in the right way, could result in "glowing plasma events" of the head when "mentally excited".

It is also interesting to note that many important Biblical Saints and mythical gods from a very long time ago were depicted in artwork with radiant aureolas or halos around their heads. Perhaps, these ancient characters knew something about nutritional energy from eating certain foods containing gold.

Because most of brain matter is a type of phosphorus -- and because electrical activity is part of the working function within the brain, the theory that humans may be capable of such remarkable feats of "head glowing events" is a possibility which could use some more research.

In any case, it seems that any attempt to only use plant-base foods for better health reasons would be met with great resistance from many governmental and commercial entities -- for example, how would the governments of the world pay for the social security of people who lived on average way over a hundred years old?

Or how would all the meat-based food industries and the jobs they employ survive in a world where people decided not to eat animals for food?

I don't mean to sound like a vegan that only eats plant-based foods, but vegans do have some compelling arguments regarding the choice of nutritional plant food over meat food.

Personally, I enjoy the taste of bacon and many other meats found in modern food -- however, after watching a couple of video documentaries lately named "Cowspiracy" and "What the Health", I'm really starting to question the whole idea of healthy foods and the conspiracy behind the meat-based food industry and their financial connections to government agencies.

I should say that the science of nutrition is much more complicated than just adding a noble element like gold in the food source, but the idea that small amounts of chelated gold -- and some combination of other important elements, if "packaged" by a plant properly and assimilated efficiently in the diet, could theoretically improve the health of any being -- particularly human beings.

Now, if they could only make a plant taste and feel like bacon -- that would be a challenge for modern agriculture scientist.

Reporter 3: You stated in our last interview that Plato used the 12-inch foot measurement system to help describe the scale of the Atlantean seaport and the nearby canal system. Do you believe the Imperial Measurement System was created during the antediluvian age of Atlantis -- and if so, how was it created and why is this ancient measurement system being abandoned the world over in favor of the modern metric system?

Duane: I'm glad you asked those questions because I think the public needs to know the true origins of our modern civilization and learn how our Atlantean ancestors once created and used an ancient measurement system based on the size of the earth and the length of annual time on earth.

Much of what I'm about to reveal regarding the origins of the Imperial Measurement System can be found in a 3.4-hour YouTube video documentary named "Secrets in Plain Sight" by Scott Onstott, but a simple overview of the data from the video suggest the idea that the 12-inch English foot measurement is based on the 360-degree equatorial and meridian circumference of planet earth and the 365.242 time unit of a tropical solar year.

The reason why a circle is measured in a 360-degree number value is because that value is the "rounded value" of a 365-day year count. So, let's start with the number 360 -- and multiply it by one-thousand to equal 360,000 -- and if the number 360,000 is multiplied further by the true tropical year number value of 365.242 days, the answer equals another number valued at 131,487,120.

Now if this 131,487,120 number value is divided by the 5280 foot Statue Mile measurement, the final discovery in this 12-inch English foot formula inquiry equals the known equatorial surface measurement of Earth at almost exactly 24,901 Statue Miles!

In other words, the 12-inch English foot measurement is not based on some random measurement of an old king's foot like many assume, but is, in fact, based on the Statue Mile measurement of planet Earth and solar timekeeping.

Accurate knowledge of the circumference measurement of planet Earth as measured in English feet by our ancient Atlantean ancestors is but one of many remarkable concepts the public should be better aware of -- but is apparently not.

Chart of mathematical and geometric theorems related to Atlantis
Chart of mathematical and geometric theorems related to the Golden Section
Mathematical and geometric theorems related to Atlantis and the Golden Section concepts.

Some years ago I calculated that if a square foot of water was weighed in pounds it would equal about 62 pounds -- and because the number of 62 was used as a reference number from the Golden Section value of 62.5 percent found in nature when measuring the repeating scale of certain natural objects, I believed this formula was the origin of the 12-inch English foot measurement.

It is interesting to note at this time that the Kilometer is almost exactly the Golden Section Ratio value of a Statue Mile.

But after watching Scott Onstott's video that mentions the origin of the 12-inch English foot, I now believe there may be more than one version as to the true origin of the Imperial System of measurement.

In any case, it seems that more and more modern scientist continue to push the European Metric System and incorrectly believe it is superior to the Imperial System for reasons I will explain.

First, scientist who follow the metric system believe that they can measure most anything by using the decimal method of scaling objects based on the 1 meter length value -- which is a very fast way of calculating measurements -- particularly between huge and small values. And second, because they assume that the Imperial Measurement System is too old and complex for learning or teaching, it should be ignored or phased-out as a way to measure anything important.

However, there exist an Achilles Heel or weakness in using the metric system in that it sometimes is easy to misplace a decimal point position during the numerical calculation of a scaling event which can corrupt the true mathematical results in the answer needed.

Since the Imperial Measurement System is not based on a decimal method of scaling objects but is rather based on the fractional relationships between measured objects, the system does not have this decimal point misplacement problem.

Moreover, the idea of linking the metric length value of a meter to temperature values can also be problematic for reasons just explained. Using the freezing and boiling point of water as points to measure temperature values in the Celsius Scale may not have much of a decimal point issue problem, but the Imperial Measurement System is based on number values related to the temperature of not water but rather to human blood health -- in that a blood temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit would mark the point of a serious fever.

Also, because the numerical points between the freezing and boiling of water in the Fahrenheit scale is 180-degrees apart -- which makes the freezing point of water at 32-degrees, the idea that the healthy temperature of human blood at just under 100-degrees Fahrenheit or about 98-degrees, suggest the scale is based on more important blood temperatures rather than less important water temperatures.

Personally, when I see or hear the word "meter", I just think of Yards or units of 3-feet because a meter at 39.37-inches equals just over 3-feet at 36-inches.

So, if modern scientist want to use the Metric System to verify the Imperial System -- I'm fine with that -- but to totally ignore a measurement system that has safely taken humans to the moon and back many times is a little rude don't you think.

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