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Duane K. McCullough 12/17

by Duane McCullough

This 46th interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" - however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 12/17 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina

Duane: Good evening -- Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in a few days. I would like to give a quick update on my views regarding the subject of Atlantis and other related stories. First, it is nice to see some people give light to the darkness on these longest nights of the year just before Christmas and celebrate an historical ceremonial event of family and friendship.

Since my last Interview in July, I have been working on several media projects that, when finished, should help the public better understand the reality of what Atlantis was in ancient times. I am preparing a YouTube channel for videos that should show educational and entertaining stories about Atlantis. I have been searching for the proper ambient background music and a theme song for these videos for years -- and, together with other aspects that makeup the graphics of these future videos, are taking more time than I thought would take. I know I have been talking about creating some videos about Atlantis for well over a decade now -- so, perhaps next month is the time to actually upload a few.

Over the past year it seems that my creativity time in making any new Atlantean videos has been "pushed aside" by researching and writing political information about the new US government administration under President Donald Trump -- and how the spirit of Nationalism and less government is overtaking the evils of Global Socialism. Because the Maritime Kingdom of Atlantis was once a type of global government system that apparently once controlled their colonies in ancient times, it is interesting to follow the current national political struggle against the forces of Global Socialism -- and study the lessons of why too much government is bad for any ruling entity such as a modern republic -- or even a lost maritime kingdom that may have somehow "over policed" its citizens in ancient times.

image of the Oceanic pathways of the Atlantean Maritime Kingdom
Because early humanity was a maritime tribe, the prevailing currents from
the "Lost Continent of Atlantis" helped spread early humans around the globe
and created a "one world government" long ago.

Much of what I have to say about this national political struggle against Global Socialism can be found within a webpage document I have created located at my ATLANTEAN COMMUNICATIONS webpage entitled "Our Political Glossary". The links to both webpages are found at my SPIRITOFATLANTIS.COM website.

In the meantime, are there any new questions regarding these views -- or any other views about Atlantis?

Reporter 2: Regarding your viewpoint that the Atlantean kings may have somehow "over policed" its citizens in ancient times, why would you assume such a concept?

Duane: Well, according to Plato -- who first wrote about Atlantis, there was some kind of rebellion between the ten kings that once made up the Maritime Kingdom -- and perhaps some kind of "police activity" to "put down" the rebellion may have taken place in antediluvian times. Such "police activity" may have be recorded as ancient battles in Biblical history.

Moreover, because the Atlantean kings may have been ignorant of metallic poisons in their drinking water sources -- such as lead plumbing, perhaps poor political decisons by ruling officials, caused by poor health, created an unhealthy discord among the Atlanteans that resulted in a series of rebellious battles. And just like the Roman Empire, the Atlantean Maritime Kingdom may have collapsed due to pollution that caused health problems. As I've suggested before in my writings about Atlantis, the outermost wall at the capital city of Atlantis was covered with a white coating of cerussite -- also known as lead carbonate paint, which caused lead poisoning such as satrunism among the Atlanteans.

So, if the fall of Atlantis can be traced to a simple lead poison story of how it caused mental and physical problems among the ruling kings -- which resulted in poor judgment of policing rebellious kingdoms far away from the capital of Atlantis, then perhaps the idea of having too much political power in a central place is not a good policy to follow because -- well, ignorance of a slow poison like lead or many other elemental poisons of nature by the ruling class will lead to the whole government to collapse.

Now, I have to say that these political viewpoints are theoretical and I have no proof they are true -- but, perhaps there are many reasons why Atlantis was lost in antideluvian times other than just one. On the cover of my SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS book, I show a large comet behind a statue of King Atlas holding up the globe -- and at the time in 1988 I believed that some sort of cometary or celestial event caused the Atlantean Maritime Kingdom to be destroyed. However, over time, I can only speculate with theories as to how Atlantis was truely lost in time.

Old image of the SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS book project

image of the SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS project
New image of the SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS book project

Reporter 1: In our last interview in July, I asked you for more news about your new discovery of finding mapping evidence of the lost seaport of Atlantis and its canal system in Central America while using the Google Earth program. You responded with more details about how certain lines on the map reflect ancient evidence of proof that Atlantis was once real place in time and not just a mythical story as believed by most every professional modern historian. Because this new discovery is very important -- again, have you any news regarding these views since our last interview?

image of the Atlantean canal system in Central America
Mapping evidence of the lost seaport of Atlantis and its canal system in Central America

Duane: I can not overstate the importance of this new discovery of finding mapping evidence of the lost seaport of Atlantis and its canal system in Central America. However, so far, no feedback from anybody -- but I'm okay with that result for now because of the reasons I have stated in my previous interviews. I guess too much publicity at this time would not be a good thing -- I can only hope that "developers and treasure diggers" do not disturb the area until the site get proper protection.

Reporter 3: If you are planning to create some videos about Atlantis, are we to expect a video or two about your new timeline theory of "Western History" where you believe all recorded dates of human history beyond some five centuries ago were falsely recorded and published by influential historians -- and that Christ was born only about some seven centuries ago?

Duane: It sure would be nice to visually explain a timeline theory about when Atlantis existed in time that I've been working on for over three decades by way of a video -- but all the relevant data exist in written and image form from my spiritofatlantis.com website. Without proper backgroud historical data to help in the understanding of how conventional human history was packaged by influential publishers some five centuries ago, any new video that greatly challenges conventional human history will probably be called out as "fake history" by those who are uninformed "professional historians" which rule academic institutions.

Because the timeline map of conventional human history is so entrenched in our minds and is reinforced daily, any new written story or video story that paints a radical new version of human history will take years to believe -- so, my expectations of seeing positive results from any video I could create about when I believe Atlantis existed in time is -- let's say, very low at this time. However, I will hang in there with my theories and perhaps the general public will "see the light" someday.

In any event, I have so many subjects I would like to turn into videos beyond the subject of Atlantis and when it existed in time -- such as new designs in aeronautical vehicles and energy devices. I am a little concerned that if I give away all the details of these designs online, someone or some country with nefarious intentions could take the information and claim the Intellectual Property Rights of the design -- which could "lock me out" in controlling my own design either within the USA or internationally.

I don't mind sharing what I know, but I learned long ago to keep a few important secrets deep within my mind and away from strangers who may not deserve them.

END 46th INTERVIEW 12/17
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