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Duane K. McCullough 2/18

by Duane McCullough

This 47th interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" -- however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or a HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 2/18 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina

Duane: Before any questions are asked today, I would like to take a moment to say a few things regarding current political events. First -- for well over a year and a half now I have been following the political battle between the forces of global socialism and national capitalism -- particularly in the USA. And it seems that a major battle is coming soon regarding a decisive event where the global socialist are going to loose because they have misbehaved in their quest to create a New World Order system of government. Based on political information work I have complied at a link within my spiritofatlantis.com website entitled "Our Political Glossary", I have come to believe that the socialist leaders of the Democratic Party in the USA are undermining the nation that is the USA.

Having read all the Internet post statements from a character named "Q-anon" since last October and learning about all the nefarious activities of former leaders of the Democratic Party and other major government officials -- and also watching the Main-stream Media news services double down in their attack on the President of the USA, Donald Trump, it seems that a decisive event will happen soon that should substantially correct the injustice created by these "bad actors". This event has been named "the storm" by some who have been following the story -- and if the public cares to learn more about this story, please visit the aforesaid link mentioned earlier. Thank you.

Reporter 1: I see you have finally created and uploaded some videos to your Duane McCullough YouTube Channel. Currently, two videos there explore many of your Atlantean theories at your spiritofatlantis.com website -- and the other video shows your nature artwork at your therealmgallery.com website. Do you have any comment regarding these videos at YouTube -- and what are you expecting from the public in return for sharing these videos?

Duane: Yes -- after over a decade of saying I need to create some online videos about my Spirit Of Atlantis research project, I have finally succeeded in figuring out the process of creating and uploading videos to Google's YouTube video service that reveals some of the many views presented at my spiritofatlantis.com website. The other video regarding my nature artwork introduces YouTube viewers to my online portfolio collection at my therealmgallery.com website where they can actively invest in my artwork.

JPG image of my YouTube website

The first video about Atlantis is basically a collection of complex data sets that can be read by pausing the video and studying the information. Much like a "huge data dump", the video is not meant to be quickly understood until more time is spent studying the many images presented. Basically, I try to cram at lot of my historical and scientific concepts regarding the subject of Atlantis into a few video minutes -- and first time viewers will either not be curious about the information and just click away from the video, or they will be interested and visit my spiritofatlantis.com website for more details about my theories.

My second video about Atlantis is also a short movie that reveals important views about how real the place was. The video is a voyage to the center of the lost capital seaport of Atlantis in Central America that follows a water canal pathway into the central subterranean harbor area where prehistoric Ocean-going multi-hull sailboats are docked and anchored. I accomplish this virtual adventure by using several CAD programs that make the voyage seem somewhat realistic. Again, like the first video, the story will either inspire viewers to seek more information about the Atlantean subject -- or it will not. For those who are inspired, there is much to learn and realize about the lost maritime kingdom of Atlantis at my website -- and those are the people I hope will spread the news about my research work.

As to what do I expect from viewers of these videos? Well, I have learned to expect nothing for almost forty years of research into Atlantis -- however, it would be nice if viewers or readers would visit my artwork website at my therealmgallery.com website and invest in some great images. Eveybody has bills to pay -- including me.

Reporter 2: In your videos -- and at your website, you suggest the theoretical idea that the prehistoric Atlanteans once used some kind of "stone-cutting device" to carve out the Atlantean seaport on such a scale it seems absolutely and technically impossible by even modern standards of how large quarry projects are done today. Could you better explain this theoretical idea so that the public can clearly understand the concept and truely believe our prehistoric Atlantean ancestors once possessed the ability to create remarkable stone works in ancient times?

Duane: Sure -- it is no secret that many students of history know that some kind of prehistoric civilization once existed and used a lost method of "milling hard stone" projects byway of some kind of lathe device. Regarding large stone-cutting quarry projects that involve precise measurements, current technology is based on "stringing tight lines of spinning iron cables embedded with small hard crystal stones like corundum" -- where the cable line cuts through the rock stone and creates blocks to be used as building material.

So, when Plato's writings state that the prehistoric seaport of Atlantis was "carved out of stone using a lathe" -- that got me wondering how this lost technology could have been accomplished. Perhaps, instead of using "spinning tight cables of iron and corundum" to cut through stone -- why not instead project from a parabolic crucible lens iron and hard granular crystal powders using a burning technique to "score" through stone material. Such a process would use the oxygen within the crystal matrix to fuel the beaming plasma event and score through the material being cut -- much like a modern lathe cuts through hard material. In fact, this lost technique is a lathe -- just as Plato said it was. And ancient lathe devices -- also known as "photolytic torches", created at different scales, were once used to cut through what seems hard material -- but the material was not as hard as the temperatures created by this lost technique of cutting stone. Therefore, my theory that a lost technique of creating a "particle plasma beam" lathe device was used to carve out the prehistoric seaport of Atlantis should make more sense now that I have better explained the process.

GIF image of the lost seaport of Atlantis
GIF image of particle beem technology
GIF image of ancient helicopter technology

Now, let us further imagine that if this "particle plasma beam" lathe device was attached to a steam motor shaft as a pair of cutting beams which was once used as a "spinning prop" device to cut through the air. Could our Atlantean ancestors also possess some sort of "air-screw" motor device that may have been used to power ancient quad-copter like aircraft through the air? If so, what would the device look like? And did prehistoric man-made chariots once fly through our ancient skies using this lost technology?

Moreover, could such a steam powered motor-prop device have ever been used by our Atlantean ancestors to power ancient ram-like hang-gliders in antediluvian times? If so, imagine how our history books will have to be rewritten to include the subject of Atlantis as a real place with real flying vehicles.

GIF image of ancient ram-like aircraft technology

Reporter 3: Speaking of history books, you do realize that your theories regarding the annual recorded timeline of human history beyond five centuries ago will be the hardest to understand for first-time readers of your Atlantean research project -- don't you?

Duane: You know, you and I have been arguing for twenty years about my theories regarding the true annual timeline of human history beyond five centuries ago -- and yes, I am aware that my new annual timeline theory of recorded human history will be the greatest challenge for first-time readers of my Atlantean research project. But -- hey, what can I say, or haven't already said in these Interviews or at my SOA website, which will prove my theory regarding the idea that recorded human history is not some five-thousand years old as portrayed in conventional history books.

While most historians are trying to push event dates of human history further back in geological time with their scientific data, I seem to be going the other direction toward the present -- where my scientific data suggest the oldest recorded verifiable event dates of human history, such as the birth of the first Patriarch named Adam, can only be dated to just over one-thousand years ago.

I realize that some readers of my Atlantean theories will reject this new timeline theory because they just can not believe what they have been taught about the annual dates of ancient human history all their lives is wrong -- and wrong by a very large margin. These readers will assume that I am so wrong about the truth of ancient human history, they may ignore most all of my other research work about Atlantis. I can only hope that these readers will "set aside their pride" in knowing what they have been taught in school about the annual dates of ancient human history long enough to see a new way understanding the true annual timeline of human history.

I also realize that professional historians who teach human history for a living will have a very hard time in believing that the Atlantean Maritime Kingdom was destroyed in the Biblical Flood event a little less than a thousand years ago -- but, like I have repreated so many times in these Interviews, I have the data to prove these theories. It just takes some time -- and an open mind, to see the truth.

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