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Duane K. McCullough 3/18

by Duane McCullough

This 48th interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" -- however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or a HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 3/18 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina


Reporter 1: In our last Interview, you pointed out that these Interviews began over twenty years ago. With this in mind, what do you think causes you to have an special insight into the subject of Atlantis since you published your book Spirit Of Atlantis some thirty years ago?

Duane: Well -- yes, I guess it has been about twenty years since these Interviews first started. Perhaps my insight into the subject of Atlantis can be traced to my "inner eye" which allows me to see and focus like very few people can. Perhaps a type of viewing through time and space helps me describe and illustrate stories about Atlantis beyond the average historian.

There once was a famous person named Edward Casey who claimed to be a Psychic and Medical Clairvoyant that would lay down on a couch and have these "readings" where he would "see visions" about many topics -- including Atlantis, and describe stories related to history and human health. Perhaps whatever spiritual powers that Mr. Casey had, I may also have in some sense -- and I believe it all has to do with a part of the brain called the Pineal Gland.

Now, what I'm about to speculate or suggest is that most anybody can tap into this unique gland within their own brain and begin to "see things" about reality like the average "normie" can't. A "normie", by the way, is someone who is simple-minded and has a hard time understanding abstract philosophical concepts within nature -- some of which can be seriously amazing and entertaining. For example, a simple-minded normie does not slow down long enough to see and appreciate the beauty and design in nature -- they would rather just use their eyes to optically see things and try not to understand why things are what they are. Normies are too busy pursuing shortcuts through life in their quest to make more money -- which they falsely believe will give them more happiness.

Anyway, a person with a healthy Pineal Gland apparently has the ability or insight to see important things within reality that a person without a healthy Pineal Gland can't. And by seeing important things -- by that I mean understanding and appreciating things that are instinctively important in life such as knowing right from wrong.

Reporter 1: So, why do people without healthy Pineal Glands have a problem in seeing important things in life? In other words, what could be "blinding" these people who can't see with their "inner eye"? Also, what exactly is this Pineal Gland that we all possess inside our brains and how does it give us insight to see important things within reality?

Duane: Well, you can Google the words "Pineal Gland" and learn a lot about the subject. I recommend reviewing some YouTube videos that can give many views about how important the gland is. Some videos are better than others in that they cover the science behind how the Pineal Gland is mostly hollow with "liquid crystals" floating inside which can create electromagnetic signals to and from the brain using photons excited by piezoelectric activity. Together with other parts of the brain stem area, the Pineal Gland may act like an antenna and a diode in receiving and transmitting ELF delta brain wave signals from inside and outside the brain.

Because the Pineal Gland is hard wired to your two eyes it receives optic signals from them that tells the gland when to release serotonin and melatonin -- which are important hormones that regulate the "sleep cycle" in the body. Without the sleep cycle working properly, the body can't clean itself of damaging "free-radicals" which can harm the cells of the body during the overnight "repair process".

GIF image of our inner eye
The Pineal Gland is where our "inner eye" exist.

Most people refer to the Pineal Gland -- which is shaped like a small pine-cone with spiral geometric patterns within the membrane, as the "third eye" of the body -- but in fact, it can also be seen as the "first eye" because it is the place in your brain where your spirit lives. And without your spirit -- what is life living for? Perhaps the Pinel Gland is the site of our conscious -- a collective point in our heads where dreams are made and seen. The Pineal Gland has rods and cones like our eyes have to gather electric signal data from both outside and inside our brains.

It has been said that we are spiritual beings having a human experience -- and I totally agree.

It is assumed that during lucid dreaming events, the Pineal Gland, like a low level wireless router modem device, may recieve and transmit energy signals from the memory area of the brain to a spiritual place beyond reality where a timeless and collective subconscious place exist -- and because universal time vibrates at the speed of light, the energy within the gland allows for a conscious experience within a subconscious place in time.

Some people claim to have the ability to "astro-project" themselves out of their bodies and visit other realms of reality while remaning conscience -- however, that option of viewing reality has a downside because it can lead to dangerous hallucinational events which is not really an abilitiy.

I used to believe that vivid dreams during sleep were only just a feed-back reaction between a personal memory event stored in the brain which reflected itself as an abstract visible event within the boundaries of the dreamer's head -- but, I have since discovered that a lot more is going on about what the brain is capable of. We pretty much know that a physically conscious person can not travel at the speed of light because the physics will not allow it -- however, theoretically, if a subconscious being could ever achieve the speed of light by "vibrating" the small area of their brain like their Pineal Gland -- then time itself could "stand still" and the "energy being" within would have all the time in the universe to explore realms beyond the landscapes of reality by "wirelessly" visiting other electric brains of physical beings in their Pineal Glands. Perhaps this endless journey by our subconscious through spacetime is what our spirits do all the time.

I know, I know, I need to come back down to earth in my theoretical views or else I will loose the normies. So, back to your questions.

Regarding your question of why do some people without a healthy Pineal Gland are blind to the important things in life -- there are several reasons. Perhaps the most important is that, apparently, there are people trying to slowly poison other people with chemicals like industrial fluoride salts purposely placed into municipal drinking water systems with the false belief in improving the health of people's teeth -- but in fact, this activity is slowly destroying their Pineal Gland by "calcifying" it over time.

I have recently seen several online stories that revealed how certain "concentration camp managers" once used sodium fluoride salts to "treat" the drinking water in Germany during WW2 to "subdue" prisoners. If true, and there are many reasons to believe these stories, then, perhaps the same managers may still exist and could be involved in "treating" the water supply of many modern water treatment facilities. In fact, there are many online stories which suggest certain elite members of some political global cabal have been trying to reduce human pollution by slowly reducing the human population on Earth by any means necessary -- including wars, but mostly by slowly poisoning our food and water.

For more information about how and why the aforesaid political global cabal is involved in nefarious activity in reducing the human population on Earth -- Google the terms "Operation Paperclip" and "Agenda 21" -- and learn how "the government" can "treat" the population by way of fluoride.

Exactly when the idea that fluoride salts should be added to our municipal drinking water systems in America is not known -- but I find it interesting to note that back in the 1964 satrical movie about thermonuclear war "Dr Strangelove", it was mentioned the "communists are conspiring to pollute the American people with fluoride". Knowing what we now know about how dangerous the element of fluorine is -- even as a fluoride salt, suggest the idea that somebody knew about a political plot back in 1964 to slowly kill people with a "slow posion" -- and, as a joke, told everybody about it in a major movie. Evil sometimes hides in plain sight.

Reporter 2: So, what are you saying -- that some nefarious powerful persons exist and are slowly trying to blind people's ability to understand right from wrong by slowly poisoning them with fluorinated drinking water? If so, why hasn't this important conspiracy story ever been mentioned by any Mainstream Media news services?

Duane: Yes, to your first question -- and the reason why the Mainstream Media news services has not mentioned this story is because to them it either sounds like some kind of fake conspiracy theory -- or they never heard about it. Another reason why these news services don't discuss it is because the elite owners of the news services are in on it.

I don't mean to sound too cynical about the Mainstream Media news services which are directly tied to a global socialist agenda to "subdue the public", but I have been made aware of their shenanigans for some time. I have not watched cable or broadcast news services for over a decade and I believe these "services" are either wittingly or unwittingly part of a political movement to control the public with their relentless stories favoring global socialism.

And I also don't mean to rant and ramble on about political conspiracies during these Interviews -- but I see and read alot of stories on the Internet about how bad the Mainstream Media news services are in their bias socialist propaganda efforts to distract the public from more important news stories. Apparently, they get their "talking points" every day by the CIA -- who are "progressive people" connected to the global elite that seem to be pushing socialism every chance they get.

Anyway, for more information about how certain governmental agencies and global corporations are trying to kill us using the UN Agenda 21 program -- please check out my article entitled "Our Political Glossary" within my Atlantean Communications link at my SpiritofAtlantis.com website.

Reporter 3: Have you any thing new to say regarding your new radical timeline theory of human history?

Duane: The only new perspective about my radical timeline theory of human history is, I believe when the public realizes that the Maritime Kingdom of Atlantis was the prehistoric civilization that built the ancient site of the real seaport city of Atlantis in what is now Central America, book publishers across the world will have a whole lot of work to do in rewriting and correcting all the history books which portray a five-thousand plus year count of human history, if they really want to publish the truth.

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