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Duane K. McCullough 4/18

by Duane McCullough

This 49th interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" -- however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or a HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 4/18 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina

Duane: Before any questions are asked today -- I would like to present a series of stories that I believe relate to current political events -- and then tie these stories to the subject of Atlantis.

The first story is from my online Spirit of Atlantis project that covers a legendary and mythical character hero in Mayan history named Quetzalcoatl who appeared one day as a great king with remarkable powers. The following entry is a section from Volume 1: ANCESTRAL AMERICA -- Chapter 3: Middle American History.

The long tailed Quetzal Bird is sacred to many native tribes in Middle America.

Chapter 3: Middle American History

1/ Of the many native tribes in Middle America - the Mayans, together with their ancestors - the Olmecs, were known to have occupied the eastern shores of upper Central America some years before the Carib and Arawak tribes sailed the islands of the Caribbean Basin.
(Olmec artifacts of "jade jaguars" are believed to be older than the Greco-Roman Era)

2/ Also inhabiting the western Caribbean coast are still the Payan tribe of the Bay Islands along northern Honduras and the Misquito tribe of eastern Honduras and Nicaragua.

3/ In the central and Pacific side of Middle America reigned the Nahuatlan family of tribes - mostly the Zapotec, Mixtec and later the Toltec/Aztec tribes.
(The Aztec tribe occupied much of the Mexican Gulf coast - excluding the Yucatan peninsula)

Quetzalcoatl flying his kites.

4/ Early this century archeologist uncovered hieroglyphical information from several Central American temple sites regarding an ancient legend that describes the presence of a blue-eyed, bearded white man by the Nahuatlan name of Quetzalcoatl who came to earth with the divine ability to control the winds of the universe.
(The Nahuatlan name of Quetzalcoatl translates into the English term "Feathered Serpent" or "Flying Snake" because the original "wind god" or "weatherman" of Middle America may have mastered the enchanting aerodynamic art of kite flying - in which the kite-flyer used long hollow snake-skins for kite tail material and strong reptile hide with sticks for wing surfaces - thus the word "Quetzalcoatl" personifies a person capable of piloting an elaborate bird-shaped kite with a long snake tail stabilizer)

5/ He also introduced the nutritional value of maize and other beneficial plants of agriculture.

6/ As a medicine man, music man. and mathematician, Quetzalcoatl developed the art of writing and revealed the workings of a very unique and accurate astronomical calendar.

7/ However, his greatness as an admirable teacher of the arts and sciences overshadowed a jealous god who plotted to dishonor him.

8/ One day, while Quetzalcoatl was enticed to discover alcohol, he became drunk and was seduced into breaking the law with a young goddess.

9/ Rejected by the "ruling dynasty", he was shown no forgiveness and eventually ran away.

10/ He went eastward with a few friends toward the mountains, and after climbing, they finally descended to the eastern shore.

11/ There, as if to fulfill his destiny, he discarded his remaning ornaments and sailed eastward into the sunrise on a raft made of serpent skin - while promising those left behind that he would return one day.
(The legendary story of Quetzalcoatl should not be confused with a later fable regarding a similar shaman of Middle America named Kukulcan - who brought about a violent and decadent period of Mayan history; Furthermore, the ball-headed oriental monk by the name of Kukulcan - and his "heart removing sacrificial religion", violently overwhelmed Mayan theology into replacing an earlier legendary shaman also found in Mayan history named Itzamna)
[The Spanish Conquest of Middle America began when the natives incorrectly assumed that Cortez was the returning "wind god" from the east]

GIF image of Quetzalcoatl and his raft
The Quetzalcoatl map and his legendary serpentine raft.

So, after giving a quick story about the legendary character named Quetzalcoatl and his remarkable ability to entertain people with his kite flying "magic" -- let me also describe what and where I believe the very symbol of the Latin letter "Q" is based on. After decades of researching the origins of pictographic letters and logos, the following entry image is from my Glossary Page at my Spirit Of Atlantis website.

Divided quarters symbol; Cut circle sign.
(Circle kite with tail image)

Therefore, I believe that the origin of the "Q" symbol is based on a pictograph of a simple circle-shape kite with a snake-like tail -- which if once used long ago by the legendary character named Quetzalcoatl as an object to teach people the art of flight through entertainment -- and even heal injured minds by amazing acrobatic stunts, then perhaps the spirit of "Q" can be identified as any remarkable person with inspiring powers to "control the winds of the universe". I should also point out at this time that the flag of Mexico displays a bird with a snake image that also reflects the idea of Quetzalcoatl's "flying snake" kite design.

The "Q" symbol is also related to a quarterly shape design that represents the four seasons of an annual calendar. Remember when Quetzalcoatl revealed the workings of a very unique and accurate astronomical calendar? Well, look at the calendar layout of the famous Aztec calendar in Mexico City where four sections near the center represents the four seasons per year time count.

Aztec Calendar image

Korean Flag image

Also notice an interesting coincidence between the Aztec Calendar layout design with that of the four number symbols outside of the Yin-Yang logo in the Korean Flag image. Caribbean mythology also included a one legged character named "Juracan" that was the "wind god of chaos" -- which is the meaning behind the word "hurricane". Because the Caribbean symbol of a swirling hurricane image is very similar to the Yin-Yang image from the western Pacific -- perhaps there is a story that could link the two images together.

So -- again, before I try to tie all these concepts together with the subject of Atlantis, let me quickly summarize the Mayan heroic story of Quetzalcoatl and how even the shape of the Latin letter "Q" is related to the first person in recorded history to have inspired other people through educational entertainment by flying kites. Also, remember what happened to Quetzalcoatl and realize that jealousy is a bad thing that can ruin a good thing.

Anyway -- now, let's fast forward to today and see if this spiritual "Q" force in nature from the past has any role in inspiring the public to see what is true and what is false. Currently, there exist on the Internet a serious battle for the truth regarding a story about a character named "Q-ANON" -- also known as "Q-anonymous" -- or the short letter symbol of "Q", that is causing a great controversy in the online "truth community".

Let me also at this time insert the following definition entry from my "Our Political Glossary" page at my Spirit Of Atlantis website regarding Q-ANON and let's review what I have learned over the last five months about the subject of "Q". However, I should say at this time that this definition entry keeps changing over time as I update my understanding of the subject.

Q-ANON: Late in October of 2017 -- and just before President Donald Trump left for his trip to Asia, he made a curious statement regarding "the calm before the storm" to the MAINSTREAM MEDIA during an event at the White House. Shortly after that event, an anonymous person identified as "Q" started posting on the Internet blog site of 4chan, a series of political viewpoints presented as coded questions that revealed important historical data regarding the nefarious activities of certain influential characters involved in current governmental polices. Within a month or so, this person became known in social media sources like YOUTUBE as "QANON" or "Q-ANON" -- as in "Q-anonymous". These political viewpoints suggest that the new administration of President Donald Trump will be taking "covert activity" to "DRAIN THE SWAMP" and kill the "DEEP STATE" soon. The wide range of political viewpoints posted by Q-ANON challenges the concepts and policies of LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL supporters and the MAINSTREAM MEDIA narrative regarding current and past political events. By revealing certain historical facts that support conservative political concepts and policies of the Trump Administration, Q-ANON was suggesting the coming "covert activity" to "DRAIN THE SWAMP" is "the storm" that President Donald Trump was refering to when he made the statement to the MAINSTREAM MEDIA in October 2017. And because this comming activity is not meant to be "overt" or "very public", which could cause unnecessary violence in arresting notable "seditious traitors" or "bad actors" that -- like in some old western movie script, wear "black hats" and have committed crimes against the USA, "the storm" to "DRAIN THE SWAMP" by the "good actors" who wear "white hats", will take some time to carefully accomplish.

It has been assumed by many on the Internet which follow the postings of Q-ANON on the 4chan and later on the 8chan blog sites, that he or she is a "Military Intelligence Officer" member of the "Trump Team" because of certain timely statements and images which suggest a close relationship with President Donald Trump -- however, because of the concept of "plausible deniability", President Trump does not have to acknowledge the existance of Q-ANON -- and that allows for certain activity by Q-ANON to accomplish the mission of "the storm" -- which is to "DRAIN THE SWAMP". Moreover, many of these followers also believe that Q-ANON could be the consensus of a group of "Military Intelligence Officers" with direct access to President Trump. In any case, Q-ANON was and still is apparently trying to reveal important political information to the public without the MAINSTREAM MEDIA interfering with the truth. Q-ANON has become something like a patriotic news reporter who is revealing the true news as opposed to what the MAINSTREAM MEDIA spews out every day.

To some, the letter "Q" in Q-ANON is thought to represent "Q clearance" in military security jargon -- or perhaps like the "Quartermaster" on the deck of a military ship that represents the USA in a global political war. Followers of Q-ANON on YOUTUBE -- known as "Q-tubers" have also created a large Internet community that have tried to decipher the code within the Q postings and have educated many persons about important political stories not found in the MAINSTREAM MEDIA. Many believe Q-ANON represents a new era in understanding political history -- and like a great awakening from the "Dark Ages" of the past, inspires hope for the future.

The way Q-ANON presents information online -- which can be easily read at sites like qanon.pub or qmap.pub, is setup so that other anomymous "participants" can ask questions to Q-ANON. This setup allows for political theories that may or may not be true -- but presents viewpoints related to how the nefarious activities behind GLOBALISM and SOCIALISM is being challenged by NATIONALISM. Of the many views and coded concepts posted by Q-ANON, perhaps the keystone clue which could reveal something truely important was when "Q" mentioned several times the coded term "find the Keystone" -- which suggest the idea that the "Keystone holds the whole nefarious cabal together". And because the Keystone image is the logo of the SES -- or the Senior Executive Service, this clue reveals just who and how the DEEP STATE gang has taken over the US government. The suggestion by Q-ANON and other important persons researching the truth in US politics that the SES has infested most all the intelligent services of the US goverment should wake the public up to what is really going on in modern politics.

Much of what Q-ANON questions revolves around -- but is not limited to, the political subjects of how the history of global finance, military power events and radical religious activity by the greedy DEEP STATE gang has corrupted WESTERN CIVILIZATION over the years. Many other controversial subjects such as how some of the GLOBAL ELITE are involved in selling US military technology to the Chinese Communist -- and are also involved in the nasty subject of child-sex trafficking. Q-ANON has also stated that -- as of late 2018, over sixty-thousand "sealed indictments" are ready to be used to either arrest DEEP STATE players -- or "convince" some DEEP STATE players to help in the DRAIN THE SWAMP project, when the time is right.

However, because the political story of Q-ANON has become such a large and important Internet phenomenon of "waking people up to the real truth by questioning things", some Q-ANON followers and other conservative news channels at YOUTUBE -- as of late March 2018, now believe that the very phenomenon itself should be questioned. And this new movement to question the "Q phenomenon" has led to the idea that there exist several versions of Q-ANON who have been posting on the blog sites since they began in October 2017. Apparently -- as the theory goes, later versions of Q postings are believed to have been compromised at some point by people who either were just guessing about what may or may not be politically true -- or by people who were related to the DEEP STATE. It is interesting to note that Q-ANON never mentioned the term "DEEP STATE" or "DS" until 2018 -- and has never once mentioned "Senior Executive Service" -- or "SES" by name -- so, for somebody to be all informed about the political workings and activities of the current US president, one would think Q-ANON would have said something about what and who is the DEEP STATE -- unless, of course, the people behind the later Q-ANON movement are agents of the DEEP STATE.

Because it is known by many that a serious political information war is ongoing between huge intelligence groups on the Internet, there is now a concern that if the original "Q" has been taken over by the DEEP STATE gang and their psychological warfare agents -- which would be pushing a different narrative of what is really happening behind the scenes in global politics, perhaps followers of the "Q phenomenon" need to start looking elsewhere for political news and information regarding the truth. In other words, whoever was Q-ANON may have been possibly hijacked by "the black hats" of the DEEP STATE for "distraction reasons".

The following explanations are perhaps why many now believe that the Q-ANON postings have become a psyops event -- or psychological operation by the DEEP STATE gang. Because the "cadence" of the original Q code postings were presented differently than later Q postings -- and is related to the "cadence" of a unique psychological computer puzzle program known as "Cicada 3301" -- and because the "cadence" of the cicada insect appears every 17 years -- and because the 17th letter of the English alphabet is the letter "Q" -- and even perhaps because the infamous 9/11 event took place 17 years ago, these facts suggest the idea that the latest Q-ANON is not the original Q-ANON.

Another reason why some may now believe the latest Q-ANON postings are not the same as the original "Q" postings is because perhaps they have confused a "Q2" -- or "Q-square" character which has posted on another political website that has "anti-ZIONISM" views -- therefore, the political idea that ZIONISM is somehow involved in changing the narrative of the Q-ANON postings is interesting. However, Q-ANON did post on 3/10/18 a statement about "saving Israel for last" regarding a question about foreign intelligent agencies manipulating US political policies -- which suggest perhaps that the "Q-team" will be addressing the politics of ZIONISM and the state of Israel with respect to their role inside US intelligent agencies at some point near the last phase of the "DRAIN THE SWAMP" project.

For many original Q-followers, when Q-ANON posted in December of 2017 the words "Trust Sessions" -- as in "trust the US Attorney General -- Jeff Sessions" to serve justice and arrest major members of the DEEP STATE, is when they began to question the Q-ANON phenomenon and lose hope in ever seeing real justice being served -- however, as of early November 2018 -- the day after the Mid-term Elections, Jeff Sessions was removed from office by President Donald Trump -- which suggests the Q-ANON phenomenon has some creditability issues regarding another concept mentioned by Q-ANON in "Trust The Plan" -- as in there exist some kind of plan by the US government to "kill the DEEP STATE".

Now, it is important to understand that patriotic people the world over who want to believe in a spiritual hero like Q-ANON who represents a person who can see a positive future where freedom exist and evil is made to go away, perhaps the real Q-ANON exist inside us -- and it is up to each one of us to seek the truth by not always following somebody else, but to ask real questions about where our news comes from. In any event, whatever the Q-ANON phenomenon is, it has become an alternate source of political news that, so far, the legacy MSM has not -- or will not, report about. Basically, the original Q-ANON is telling an important story to the public -- via alternative social media, while using the Socratic Method of asking questions about important current and past political events. See 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, 9/11, AWAN FAMILY IT SCANDAL, CIA, CLINTON FOUNDATION, DEEP STATE, DEMOCRATIC PARTY, DRAIN THE SWAMP, FALSE FLAG, FBI, FEDERAL RESERVE, GEOPOLITICS, GLOBAL ELITE, GLOBALISM, GULF WAR 1, GULF WAR 2, HACKERS AND LEAKERS, IMMIGRATION PROBLEM, INTERNET, IRAN, ISIL/ISIS, ISLAM, LOLITA EXPRESS, MAGA, MAINSTREAM MEDIA, MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, NEW WORLD ORDER CONSPIRACY THEORY, NGO, NORTH KOREA, NSA, OBAMA, PIZZAGATE, POLITICS, RED PILL POLITICS, REPUBLICAN PARTY, RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE, ROTHSCHILD FAMILY, RUSSIAN COLLUSION NARRATIVE, SOCIALISM, UN, USA, WESTERN CIVILIZATION, YOUTUBE and ZIONISM.

Therefore, if the spirit of today's heroic "Q" character -- which represents a teacher of political truth and knowledge to many, can be simply identified as using the Latin letter of "Q" -- and can also be traced to a mythical Mayan story about a heroic teacher character who once flew Q-shaped kites in the New World long ago, then these "interesting coincidences" suggest the idea that the "Old World" may not be as old as we are led to believe in our conventional history books. There are many other ancient archaeological and technological links that also bridge both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans between prehistoric civilizations which suggest early human activity in the New World was as advance -- if not more advance, than early human activity in the Old World -- but I will not elaborate on that view at this time.

The historical theory that "modern man" came out of the "Holy Land" of the "Old World" and colonized the "New World" over many generations is a popular theory which has been establish in print for at least five centuries -- however, when the eventual discovery of the legendary seaport of Atlantis in Central America becomes a reality someday -- and perhaps soon, most all the political and religious fury about who really owns the "Holy Land" in the "Middle East", will have to be replaced with a new radical understanding of just who really once controlled the geopolitical landscape in ancient times.

It seems that all the territorial wars that have been fought in the "Middle East" since recorded history will need a better understanding by the general public because the geopolitical situation of Atlantis in Biblical times is about to be realized by modern historians. I could go on explaining -- but, since this is supposed to be an interview, I welcome your question now.

Reporter 2: Wow, I'm not sure where to begin -- you have covered a lot of ground in your presentation. Let's see... Are you suggesting that Atlantis once controlled the "Holy Land" of the Middle East in Biblical Times? And if so, what happened? How did it loose control? And why does our conventional history books never suggest or even mention the idea that Atlantis ever controlled anywhere on earth?

Duane: Great questions -- and all of them have been answered in my Spirit Of Atlantis website. But, again -- I will try to give a simple overview of a very complex story from my SOA project. However, before I explain this story, let me first describe a problem-solving principle used in arguments known as "Occam's razor" that, when presented with competing hypothetical answers to a problem, the true answer is the one that makes the fewest assumptions. In other words, simple theories to a problem are preferable to more complex ones because they seem more provable.

With that said, if one tried to explain a story about how the antideluvian Maritime Kingdom of Atlantis once governed the globe in Biblical times, it would seem to be too complex of a story to understand to an average person when compared to a simple story that Atlantis never existed in the first place. So, using the Occam's razor problem-solving principle, it would be easier to assume the current theory that Atlantis was a fictional story because the place has never been found, than to try to prove it actually existed -- therefore, any new theory that Atlantis controlled anywhere on earth must be a false theory.

However -- and this is a BIG however, the Occam's razor principle has certain limitations in this argument because, I have discovered not only the whereabouts of history's greatest mystery, but that the true dates of conventional history were hijacked by publishers and historians about five centuries ago -- which, if understood properly by recounting recorded dates to a new timeline, would allow for the idea that a great civilization once known as Atlantis could have existed in recorded human history. In other words, the discovery of the legendary seaport city of Atlantis in what is now Central America will not only prove that Atlantis was real, but also prove my theory that the conventional A.D timeline of history is wrong.

Because I have proven this discovery lately at my website using the Google Earth program, any argument that Atlantis is fiction is false. And because it is false, people will need a new understanding about human history -- particularly the history of the Holy Land in the Middle East and what happened there before and even after the Biblical Flood event.

map image of the Oceanic pathways of the Atlantean Maritime Kingdom
map image of the Atlantean Maritime Kingdom><br>
<b>map image of the Atlantian Maritime Kingdom

image of the SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS book project
Image of the SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS book project.

map image of the Atlantean canal system in Central America
Map image of the Atlantean canal system in Central America

Regarding your question about how could Atlantis control the "Holy Land" of the Middle East in Biblical times -- and how did it loose control, well, as I have pointed out in my SOA project, "Modern Man" could have been "created" in the New World and, over many generations, nautically colonized the Middle East in the Old World by following the natural current pathways in ships across the Oceans long before the Biblical Flood washed away the trade links that once united the Maritime Kingdom of Atlantis.

And as to your question about why does conventional history never mention the story of Atlantis as a real place on earth that once controlled anywhere? -- perhaps because conventional history was written from a Old World point of view when the New World wasn't even "discovered". People need to realize that for over five centuries historians and publishers have been rehashing an outline of human history first published one year after the voyage of Columbus by the publisher named Hartmann Schedel who "packaged" the book named the Nuremberg Chronicle.

The Nuremberg Chronicle is a set of illustrative works that outlines and chronicles Western History from the first Patriarch named Adam to the Renaissance. It has been used as reference material by other influential historians for over five centuries since the early printing era -- and is why conventional history and the A.D. Calendar timeline is what it is -- an inflated annual record of human events that was created in an age when most scholars had a very poor understanding of true global history.

Reporter 3: How do you plan to get your new timeline of human history story out to the general public?

Duane: All I can afford to do is what I've been doing for almost thirty years -- just keep telling my story about Atlantis and all the wonderful things related to it. My new timeline story of human history was an accidental discovery on my way to understand the truth about Atlantis. Perhaps when the capital seaport of Atlantis in Central America gets reported in the news services on the Internet will be when the general public will wake-up to a new awareness about our true history and human origins.

Reporter 1: How are you personally doing? Are you and your wife still happy in your mountain valley home in Western North Carolina?

Duane: Well, my wife and I are happily healthy and doing fine. Our pets are fine -- our garden is growing and the creek down below is running clear. What more can one ask for?

image of our garden in 2017
Our garden in Western North Carolina.

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