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Duane K. McCullough 10/18

by Duane McCullough

This 51st interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" -- however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or a HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 10/18 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina

Duane: Greetings -- before any questions are asked today, I would like to address a recent Hollywood movie named "Aquaman" that is expected to be released this December which glorifies the subject of Atlantis. Having just seen the movie trailer, I would like to say a few things about my take on the movie's storyline.

First, although the Aquaman movie has some very exciting and entertaining CGI special effects that looks quite realistic -- and does suggest Atlantis was once a great maritime kingdom that was destroyed long ago, the movie is a false story about a real place and time. I can't understand why movie producers keep burying the true history of Atlantis with so much blatant fiction. I know they want to entertain the public with heroic fighting action scenes and incredible detailed destruction events -- but the real story of Atlantis is stranger than fiction -- and much more exciting if understood properly.

Second, because there are so many misunderstandings presented in the movie about the real subject of Atlantis -- and so much human energy was spent glorifying a fictional comic book hero story related to the subject of Atlantis, I found it disappointing to watch. Much like Disney's Atlantis movie in 2001, this movie just adds another layer of falsehoods onto the real subject of Atlantis. Aquaman is not a stupid movie -- it is however, very misleading information about what the real Atlantis was in time.

Apparently, the Aquaman movie uses the idea that the city of Atlantis once existed in what is now the North African Sahara desert -- which I find interesting because I just saw a YouTube video that explained the idea where a unique geological circular feature in the Sahara Desert -- known as the "Richat Structure", was perhaps the lost city of Atlantis.

By the way -- the "Richat Structure" in North Africa is just that -- a unique geological circular feature, which, I believe, has nothing to do with Atlantis. I've known about the circular rock structure for years -- and it does not fit Plato's description of the seaport city of Atlantis. One would have to believe in great changes in Plato's story about Atlantis -- and in the Earth's landscape, to accept the idea that the ancient seaport city of Atlantis once existed within what is now the Sahara Desert of North Africa. My version of where the seaport city of Atlantis once existed -- and still exist, does not significantly change the Oceanic shorelines of the Earth. In fact, with the exception of just a few feet in the current level of Lake Izabal in Guatemala, the Earth's shorelines of today hasn't really changed since the days of Atlantis -- at least according to my research.

As I once said in my 23rd Interview soon after Disney's Atlantis movie was released in 2001 -- my Spirit Of Atlantis project is apparently still floating in a sea of fictional views which continues to hide the truth about what Atlantis was and when it existed in historical time.

Other aspects regarding the Aquaman movie trailer is the idea that the kings of Atlantis once used a "trident spear" as an "energy weapon" to do "magical things". Now, conventional science based on conventional history would suggest the trident spear design was only just a three-prong fishing spear used by ancient fishermen for food catching reasons -- and that mythical seafaring characters like Poseidon or King Neptune are always depicted holding the 3-forked spear because they were "sea-hunters".

However, because other mythical stories exist about magical hand-held weapons of powerful ruling kings -- like Thor's returning "hammer" and Zeus's lightning bolt making "scepter", that were apparently capable of "projecting energy" some distance, perhaps the idea that these legendary energy weapons were actually based on a lost technology of enormous power once used by the lost civilization of Atlantis long ago. Perhaps this aspect in the Aquaman movie may have a grain of truth to it -- because, like I revealed in my last Interview in May about the graphical origin of the Latin letter "E" symbol, I believe the Trident spear design may have also been some kind of "cutting tool" device that could also be used as a sonic weapon when struck like a tuning fork. Sonic energy -- if created and directed properly, can do "magical things" I believe. As to how exactly such a tool design worked -- I don't know, but I am sure it will be discovered again someday -- and when it does, watch out, because it will undoubtedly used as a powerful weapon.

Also, like many writers of theoretical Atlantean history, the movie illustrates the idea that the lost city of Atlantis is or was some kind of fantastic underwater hidden city -- complete with remarkable submarine vehicles. Well, my research suggest that the lost city of Atlantis is indeed underwater alright -- but is also buried under tons of lake mud. Moreover, it wasn't always that way before the Biblical Flood event destroyed it long ago -- and regular earthquakes in the area where it is located continue to erase any obvious evidence of its exsitence to modern scientist. And regarding the remarkable vehicles of Atlantis -- I believe they did not operate underwater, but were -- in fact, long multi-hulled ocean-going sailboats that could cruse through the waves as waterproof ships on the surface -- powered by simple Lateen Rig "sail motors".

Did our Atlantean ancestors once sail multi-hull ships across the oceans?

And speaking about Lateen Rigs on vehicles, I am sure that the Atlanteans used some kind of "kite-like hang-glider designed aircraft" for flying great distances between their outpost. I'm not exactly sure how these ancient "flying machines" stayed in the air on long flights -- but considering the Atlanteans had powerful stone cutting technology -- now known to exist at certain megalithic quarry sites in both the New and Old World, perhaps they also had some sort of prop-thrusting motor ability to push or pull a "double-Lateen Rig" deltoid shaped glider design -- with a human payload, through the air.

Did our Atlantean ancestors once fly ram-like hang-gliders?

And while we are talking about powered prehistoric flying machines, if the Atlanteans had powered gliding aircraft -- did they also have some sort of helicopter design? Could the God-carrying aircraft that the Biblical prophet named Ezekiel described as a highly decorated quad-like whirl-wind "chopper" vehicle -- complete with gyroscopic "wheels within wheels", be some sort of lost Atlantean helicopter design? Were the mythical flying chariots of Helios and Auriga actually flying machines from the antediluvian age of Atlantis?

Did our Atlantean ancestors once fly steam powered helicopters?

I have been explaining my theories about the true Atlantean origins of Western Civilization for almost forty years now -- so, when I see Hollywood's latest attempt to present the story of Atlantis as a fictional fantasy story, one can imagine how disapointed I am. However, I will say that any modern story about Atlantis -- even fictional, is better than no new story. Because history's greatest mystery is the story of Atlantis -- modern historians should spend more time researching and carefully explore new concepts that would tell the truth about Atlantis.

Reporter 1: Interesting take on the new movie Aquaman and the subject of Atlantis. The movie trailer also suggest that "Atlantis will rise again" -- do you also believe in that idea? And if so -- how so?

Duane: The idea that Atlantis will be recreated again as a global maritime kingdom -- or some kind of global government system is -- well, I don't know how to answer that question yet. On one hand -- yes, it would be interesting to see Atlantis "rise again", but on the other hand, any global government system is subject to geopolitical factors that could result in nefarious activity -- which would lead to less freedom and liberty for the general public -- particularly if left-wing progressive liberal leaders that believe in socialism or communism get in power.

The geopolitical factors of Atlantis ever being real again is a subject not easily explained -- considering the current world-wide political war between the Globalist and the Nationalist. And because I believe the United Nations is compromised by the Globalist -- who are Socialist, even though the name implies Nationalist -- as in "United Nations", I'm not sure if the UN would have a role in any new Atlantean governmental system -- but who am I to judge if Atlantis should "rise again". I'm just an artist, scientist and historian with only a Associate in Arts Degree.

Reporter 2: Regarding your statement about the current world-wide political war between the Globalist and the Nationalist, why do you believe these political groups are at odds with each other? And more important, how can this political war end without any real physical damage to the current world we all live in?

Duane: Well, because I don't consider my self as a Globalist -- which makes me some kind of Nationalist, I favor the fall of the Globalist and the Global Elite that work the corporate banking system which supports them. I also support anti-socialism efforts -- so, does that make me anti-social? Perhaps, the thing is that I -- and apparently others, have seen so much corruption in governmental politics -- particularly in the bureaucratic and socialistic ways corporations are using government to give them power in nefarious ways, something needs to change -- and that something is getting rid of the greedy "Deep State" of mind in some people which is slowly dying anyway.

Ever since the 2016 US presidential election -- when the Globalist candidate lost to the Nationalist candidate, this political battle between "left-wing progressive Democrats who favor socialism" and "right-wing conservative Republicans who favor capitalism", has cause much political discord among the public throughout the world. And because the Democrats lost -- and continue to loose due to their nefarious behavior -- even with help from the bias Main Stream Media services who trash-talk the Republican President of the USA every day, the future for the Republican Party is looking better every day.

I have to tell a recent story that happened to me which relates to the idea of this world-wide political war between the haves and the haves that want more.

As an astronomer that follows scientific stories about the movement and energy of heavenly bodies -- I went outside the other night after sundown on the back porch and notice the red planet of Mars is very bright -- and has been very bright for some time. I have learned recently that a major dust storm exist on the surface of Mars and apparently is related to some kind of "electromagnetic pathway" energy connection from planet Earth and the Sun. In other words, Mars is sometimes "electro-magnetically connected" to Earth because it lies in Earth's solar wind wake in space that perhaps causes dust storms on the surface of the planet.

Solar wind connection between the planets. Source: NASA

Now, you might ask how does this astronomical information about Mars and Earth relate to this ongoing world-wide political war -- well, hang in there -- I'll get to that connection in a moment. Anyway -- and by the way, Mars was the Roman god of "war" -- as in "mar" equals "war" if the first letter was flipped. What may look like just a coincidence between the letters of "w" and "m" is not -- the hieroglyphic origins and meanings of both letters are explained in my last Interview.

Back to my story about noticing the red planet of Mars the other night. Just before I saw the planet from the back porch, I was watching some Internet programs about all the ongoing political strife that exist in the world -- and when Mars appeared in the sky that evening to me, the moment reminded me of an old Star Trek episode I saw long ago on TV in the late 60s about how the spaceship was invaded by some kind alien entity in the shape of a red ball that somehow made the crew go mad with crazy hateful thoughts.

And bingo -- I wondered if somehow the proximity of the planet Mars to Earth could scientifically explain how and why this world-wide political war is taking place on Earth. In other words, is Mars a factor in the way people act on Earth? It is a known fact that the our Moon or moonlight, can make some people go crazy and act like lunatics because of hormonal activity and other reasons.

So, after having this "Mars-wars hate energy theory event", I went back inside and explored the orbit of Mars back in time using some planetarium programs to see if there were any other war-like times in history when the orbits of Mars and Earth were aligned. I also reviewed the Star Trek episode on the Internet at Wikipedia that inspired me to theorize this idea in the first place.

After learning that the last time Mars was close to Earth in late Spring of 2016 -- and also matching the dates with the early contentious US election campaign in 2016 -- where much discord and misinformation was created by the bias Main Stream Media in favor of the Globaist US candidate -- Hillary Clinton, I said to myself -- hummm, I need more research data. So, before I went to look for more orbital data between Mars and Earth -- I checked out the Star Trek episode that started this whole project.

I found it -- it was the "Day of the Dove" -- and it is the seventh episode of the third season of Star Trek, first broadcast on November 1, 1968. According to Wikipedia, the program subject was about a "Non-corporeal alien entity deriving sustenance from violent emotions such as hate and fear in others; attempts to pit Klingons and Enterprise personnel against each other in endless combat". Moreover, another excerpt from the Wikipedia article states "a glowing entity composed of pure energy...apparently feeding off the desperate, violent emotions which are surfacing...the entity is capable of implanting false memories in order to trigger aggression...the entity hovering and pulsating a bright red nearby".

The article continues with more descriptions about how the crew survived the alien threat from space: "To starve the entity, Kirk and Kang encourage their crews to act jovially and to laugh with one another loudly. The entity dissipates in silence, disengages from the computers and leaves the ship". Check out the story overview at Wikipedia when you can -- its worth the read.

So, are we to start "acting jovially and to laugh with one another loudly" to rid this ongoing world-wide war of political mistrust among us? I wish it was that simple -- perhaps it is, but how do you get the "Deep State" of mind that the socialist want in their unreachable quest of a perfect utopian paradise, to change their ways? How does one control human greed?

I know that what I've just said is based on a science fiction story about a time and place in the future where a battle situation between people never really happened -- but I also know that there is a real battle taking place in current politics around the world where something or some one needs to help resolve the situation before it gets out of hand. Perhaps, like a fever, the heat will dissipate -- and the weaker players will just "fade away" somehow.

However, decades of academic brainwashing and indoctrination to socialistic values that progressively push politically correct social justice rules into the minds of students and teachers has caused great harm to those who fell for the false concepts presented in schools. I know this for a fact -- I was there in school in the 60s and 70s. I distinctly remember a social studies teacher back in the seventh grade stand before the class and drew on the chalkboard the words "capitalism will merge with communism to form socialism". What a load of BS!

At the time I knew nothing about politics and didn't give it much thought -- but I do remember the event -- and now I understand that teachers must have been teaching this propaganda for decades -- which has led to the political war we have now. I could rant and ramble on about current politics -- but if you want to learn more -- check out my "Our Political Glossary" link at my Atlantean Communications website.

Reporter 3: After studying your latest map regarding the true whereabouts of the seaport of Atlantis and its canal system in Guatemala near the western shores of Lake Izabal -- I am convinced more than ever that Atlantis was a real place in time -- so, how would this evidence change the conventional A.D. timeline of human history? In other words -- now that proof of Atlantis was a real place -- what can be done to change the current calendar to a more updated timeline that includes the subject of Atlantis?

Google Earth Map of where the lost seaport city Atlantis was.

Duane: What can I say that I have not already said regarding the need to update the current A.D. calendar to a newer version. The shortest answer would be for those who want to quickly understand the new mathematical understanding of human history regarding Atlantis and Western Civilization, is to now think the current year of 2018 is actually 1,018 years after the Biblical Patriarch named Adam -- and 2,018 years after a reference date based on a thousand years before Adam -- where no known particular event in time happened -- other than a date in time to start counting time forward for reference reasons.

As to why I have given this new timeline of human history the A.T. suffix -- as in 2018 A.T., it is based on the idea that the antediluvian era before the Biblical Flood was when Atlantis existed -- as in Atlantean Time or A.T..

Our New History A.T. calendar is based on 1,000 years before Adam.

END 51st INTERVIEW 10/18
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