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Duane K. McCullough 5/19

by Duane McCullough

This 52nd interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" -- however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or a HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 5/19 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina


Duane: Greetings again -- I would like to begin by reviewing some interesting views I have recently discovered while updating an article within the Atlantean Communication area of my Spirit of Atlantis website entitled: Our Political Glossary. During the update, I was exploring the naming origins of some countries in the Middle East, when I discovered that the lost technology -- which created the mysterious entity known as the "Tower of Babel", can also help explain the imagery behind both the words of Palestine and Zion.

The following entries are statements taken from this article which refer to the idea that a large mysterious shining tower once existed in the area now known as Israel and Palestine.

On some very early maps of the region there were other names that identified the area as Phoenicia -- where the seafaring Phoenicians once lived in places like Tyre, Byblos -- that is now the country of Lebanon. The area was known for the many Cedar trees that were used to build the sea-going ships of the Phoenicians who sailed to and traded with other kingdoms beyond the Mediterranean Sea.

By the way, Lebanon -- perhaps based on the term of "The Band of ON" -- or "The Tribe of ON", is also where the ancient and remarkable megalithic temple city of Baalbek exist. Some historians now believe that Baalbek may have been the site where Heliopolis and the "Tower of Babel" could have been built -- based on the idea that a temple site known as "ON" was once built there.

Not to be confused with the ancient Egyptian city of Heliopolis -- which is today found as a scattered and buried site on the northeastern outskirts of Cairo, the Biblical temple city of ON in the Lebanon area was also identified as "Pillar City".

An interesting coincidence exist between the ancient Sun city of "ON" and the fantasy emerald city of "OZ" -- where both words look similar and were shining examples of a glorious utopian city in our imaginations.

Because there is an ancient regional story within the PALESTINE area about the existence of some sort of great "pole marker" or "standing oar" that was supported by a "pail" or "metal-bucket vessel" at its base -- which could have been seen from a great distance, perhaps this ancient regional story about a powerful "vessel of light" or "light pillar", was based on a now lost historical holy site in the area -- where a visionary "shining pole" -- or "column of pale light" -- much like some kind of fixed search beam pointing upwards, was the inspirational story behind the name and word of PALESTINE.

In fact, the word "Zion" is based on the idea of a once glorious utopian citadel or temple fort on a hill believed by many to be located in Jerusalem that was apparently capable of inspiring the people by beaming a great light into the sky.

Imagine if some kind of ancient technology once existed in the area where a metallic or ceramic parabolic crucible could have once beamed a bright light of burning metallic material like magnesium -- also known as "Greek Fire", into the sky and look like a shining "Sun Pillar Statue" to people in Biblical times.

The Old Testament is full of stories about how the PALESTINE area was once full of "sun pillar altars" that needed to be "cut down" because they belonged to "the Baalim" -- for example, in 2 Chronicles 34:4, "And they broke down the altars of the Baalim in his presence, and the sun-pillars (molten images) which were above them he cut down".

Furthermore, imagine this ancient "light tower" -- or "molten image", was also a "vibrating particle beam" of gyro-magnetic material that could work like a "static-field generator" device for transmitting wireless AM radio signals great distances. Perhaps the "Tower of Babel" was not some man-made spiral mud and brick temple mountain monument as portrayed in many conventional illustrations after all.

Perhaps Nimrod's tower at the "City of On" in Baalbek was destroyed because it somehow exploded and all trace of it was scattered beyond recognition.

Apparently, since the word "Zion" is based on a famous prehistoric utopian citadel or fort temple on a hill idea, that many believe was once located in the ancient city of Jerusalem -- and was the site of a remarkable tower beam of light which has inspired many followers over many generations to worship the place, the area site is home to the Zionist political movement.

However -- in spite of these assumptions and theories, new historical research has discovered more than one famous prehistoric utopian temple site area other than Jerusalem that also fits the idea of a place with a remarkable tower beam of light.

The nearby city of Baalbek in Lebanon is one -- and many believe the temple complex was the site of the infamous "Tower of Babel" that -- according to Moses, was "built too high" -- which somehow caused the "Biblical Flood event".

Another remarkable temple site is located in the New World at Teotihuacan Mexico -- which, according to some historians, also once displayed a "Statue of the Sun" entity that is now lost for some reason.

So -- what and where was the real "Zion entity" that has caused so many followers to seek such a lost utopian place?

The parabolic crucible radio tower of Babel where "babbling signals"
were once transmitted.

Image of Baalbek from Google Earth -- Notice the hexagonal head design of
the man-shaped temple site area.

Now -- after posting and reviewing these views here, are there any questions regarding my theory that the "Tower of Babel" and the words of Palestine and Zion are based on the same lost antediluvian technology -- which was used during the age of Atlantis, to create a remarkable "plasma beam" tower entity?

Reporter 2: Ok -- perhaps the words Palestine and Zion are based on the same some sort of "shining tower" entity that once existed long ago -- but it is quite the leap of understanding to refer to how an ancient tower was built out of "vibrating plasma energy" like the one you describe. And was there really more than one of these "shining towers" that was once used as a "radio beacon" in ancient times?

Duane: Yes -- I believe there was more than one. However -- perhaps Nimrod's tower was the largest -- and, according to the Holy Bible, apparently too tall for a man-made tower.

Like I said, there once existed a "Sun Statue" in the New World at Teotihuacan Mexico -- where, according to a book entitled: Mysteries of the World published in 1979, it was "surmounted" at the temple site and is now "totally lost" -- which implies that much of the entity was not solid, but may have had a now missing "dish base" or a parabolic lens -- much like what a search-light beam has, and was used as a foundation disk to project a bright energy beam into the sky.

And for what its worth, I have to mention an interesting factual coincidence at this time while speaking about the temple sites of Teotihuacan Mexico and Baalbek Lebanon, if a line is drawn between the two sites while using the Google Earth Program -- the line crosses exactly over my home property here in North Carolina. What are the odds of that coincidence? I don't know what to make of it.

Anyway, it makes one wonder if other places like Spain -- as in "spire", or Poland -- as in "pole", or Columbia -- as in "column", are based on some kind of glorious pole or pillar from ancient times. In fact, if we annalize the iconic letters in the word "Israel" -- the image of a "pillar of light" can be found within the name -- in that the letters of "IS" equal a "spiral pillar" image -- and the letters of "RA" equal a "ray of light" -- followed by the letters of "EL" -- or "LE", which equals "the" in Latin. Therefore, the word "Israel" symbolically equals "the spiral ray light pillar" image.

Many words are made up of letters that represent important "iconic ideas"
which took many generations to formulate.

But according to Plato, there existed within the central area of the "utopian city" of Atlantis, a great "altar" site that was once used in some kind of ceremonial or ritual event by the Atlanteans. And if we study the makeup of what is an altar itself -- all we need to do is look at the average Christian church altar area to discover what items exist. An altar is a high table area that includes a font -- much like a crucible bowl or dish -- and is used for holding holy water or fuel for "a lamp". The area also includes an elaborate "monstrance vessel" -- where, according to the definition of said item, "the host is exposed to the multitude". Looking much like a early crystal microphone design -- which is used to help broadcast a voice or sound signal, some monstrance vessels at the altar site were once so elaborate and huge, the very word "monstrosity" is based on the item.

Are these items related to a lost technology where a parabolic "static-field generator" device was capable of transmitting voice or binary signals by way of wireless radio energy? Even Moses used a "burning bush" and a "pillar of fire" in his "tabernacle station" to communicate with God. The idea of antediluvian radio communication is not really that hard to believe -- particularly if one understands how simple a crystal radio works.

Creating a "static-field generator" device for broadcasting binary signals using a "carrier wave" frequency can be somewhat complicated -- but building a receiver device is much easier. Because the wireless Amplitude Modulation energy signal powers the device, a simple diaphragm ear-plug and a small copper coil wired to a "crown antenna" is all that is needed to recieve wireless "data signals". Today's wireless radio can transmit variable voice signals -- but all that is needed for this prehistoric radio concept to work effectively is a binary signal code and the knowledge of understanding the code. And the ancient alphabet of Ogam was that binary coded language used by the Atlanteans.

The point of this interview is that, after many years of research, I have rediscovered substantial credible evidence that there once existed a remarkable wireless radio technology system which was used by our Atlantean ancestors to communicate great distances -- and that the subject of Atlantis, if understood properly, can help explain the details of how the technology works.

Reporter 2: So, let me get this strait -- are you saying that there once existed a prehistoric technology -- based on some kind of "vibrating column of shining energy particles', which was used by the Atlanteans as a tower antenna to broadcast wireless binary signals for communication reasons? And that some how "God" also used this ancient technology to communicate with Moses while he was in "the wilderness"? Are you also suggesting that "God" was some how related to the Atlanteans?

Duane: Yes -- I know it sounds crazy, but that is what the evidence suggest. For almost forty years, I have been trying to share my understanding of this lost technology with the public and virtually nobody has given me serious feedback because -- apparently, the concept is too strange or too difficult to understand. The idea that the Atlanteans once used any type of "plasma or particle beam tool" either for cutting things or broadcasting wireless signals is just too radical to believe -- and unless one can demonstrate an example of this technology, the concept may forever seem a fictional theory.

Because the subject of Atlantis is history's greatest mystery -- one would think that modern historians -- with all their modern technologies, would have figured out the mystery by now. Apparently, because modern educational institutions have place the subject of Atlantis in the fictional catagory, serious research into a "fictional time and place" theory is nevery really supported.

And unless or until the lost seaport city of Atlantis gets discovered by the general public, the subject of Atlantis will remain a fictional theoretical story for philosophical and entertainment reasons.

However, for over two years now, I have posted substantial credible mapping evidence that there once existed a remarkable prehistoric canal system that once fed water to the seaport of Atlantis in what is now a flat swampy plain along the western shores of Lake Izabal in Guatemala. In my 4/17 Interview, I discovered that the western edge of the ancient canal system can still be seen as a 10-Nautical Mile "contrast line" in the Google Earth Program.

Imagine the job opportunities that would appear in the area during any archeological projects to document the real prehistoric seaport of Atlantis. Perhaps many of those migrants heading to the USA for jobs will change their minds and return to Central America and participate in the recovery process of history's greatest mystery.

image of the plain of atlantis
Substantial credible mapping evidence exist that ancient canals
once existed along the western shores of Lake Izabal in Guatemala.

Regarding your question about how is God related to Atlantis -- well, Plato mentions in his Dialogues that King Atlas had a twin younger brother whose kingdom boundary was "fronting the region or district of Gadirus" -- located near the "Pillars of Heracles" -- also known as the "Straits of Gibraltar", and that perhaps one or more of the "ten kingdoms of Atlantis" may have had some kind of argument over who and where their ruling boundaries were. If so, then whoever was Gadirus and the almighty name of "God" may some how be related.

So now, for all those persons who have been looking for the "lost utopia" of Atlantis -- here it is -- or was, before the "Tower of Babel" caused the Biblical Flood and destroyed it just less than a thousand years ago.

Reporter 3: Here we go again... Your new timeline theory that Atlantis was destroyed in time less than a thousand years ago will trigger the "bad buzzer sound" in most every professional historian's head -- even those who want to believe that Atlantis was once a real place. Because conventional human history is based on the Judaic Calendar that goes back in time over five-thousand years, good luck with convincing the professional historian -- and even the "New Age" historian who want to push human history further back in time. Is there any way you can quickly open the minds of modern historians with your new timeline theory that the first Biblical Patriarch known as Adam actually existed just over a thousand years ago -- and that Atlantis was destroyed just less than a thousand years ago?

Duane: Apparently no -- because the Judaic Calendar is so "hard wired" in the minds of historians -- and even in the public's mind, I know of no quick way to change or open their minds to my seemingly impossible to believe timeline concept of human history. Because so many historians have been programmed all their lives to an outline of human history created by a German publisher in Europe over five centuries ago -- it seems that only a miracle could quickly open their minds. And because many historians are so proud of their ability to memorize the important conventional dates of human history, they would rather stay with what they know than to open their minds to a whole new timeline understanding of human history.

However -- when modern historians do come around and realize how and when the timeline -- or outline, of conventional human history was created in 1493 within the Nuremberg Chronicle book project -- and when they can see the evidence that the city of Atlantis once existed in the New World before the Biblical Flood event, then perhaps they will believe in my new timeline of human history.

Imagine what will happen when all those persons who follow Judaism and Zionism -- and their quest to look for a lost utopian place with a shining tower in the Middle East, discover the original utopian capital of Atlantis in the New World. I hope they will try not to rebuilt Nimrod's tower agian. It didn't work out well the last time they tried.

Reporter 1: How are we doing these days -- and have you any new projects on the horizon?

Duane: My wife & I are doing fine -- so are our pets. I spend many hours watching YouTube videos in between doing yard chores. The weather is nice -- the spring peepers are sounding off down by the creek, and I saw the first lighting bugs last night while zoning out under the full moon and stars on the chair in our Japanese garden.

I'm working on a new "kite-plane" design that I believe can scale up to a simple aircraft vehicle someday which may revolutionize air travel as we know it. Until then -- life is good.

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