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Duane K. McCullough 7/19

by Duane McCullough

This 53rd interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" -- however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or a HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 7/19 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina

Duane: Good morning -- before we begin with your questions, I would like to share some views that I have encountered lately regarding the subjects of our last Interview. While reviewing my theory that both the lost mythical city site of Atlantis in Central America -- and the lost Biblical city temple site of 'ON' in ancient Phoenicia, once used a "bright standing beam of light energy" to mark their sites, I came across some interesting symbolism within a famous fantasy story first written in 1899 -- and later made into the popular 1939 movie called "The Wizard of Oz", that relates to the subject of a glorious utopian city.

Both the city of "ON" and the city of Atlantis
once used a "bright standing beam of light energy"
to mark their sites.

For simplistic reasons, I will refer to stories involving the Biblical city site as the "ON story" -- and stories involving the fantasy city site as the "OZ story". I believe both stories contain certain political concepts not yet fully understood by the general public at this time.

However, before I try to explain these political views within both stories, let me review what they are and what they represent.

First, the "ON story" -- which is a Biblical story about a lost Phoenician temple site -- known as "ON", that was once built near or at the ancient and remarkable megalithic temple city of Baalbek Lebanon. Some historians now believe that the place may have been the site of the infamous "Tower of Babel" -- where Nimrod built a very large and tall tower that somehow exploded and caused the Biblical Flood event because it was built too high. Some historians also believe that the word "ZION" is based on the word "ON" -- which suggest the idea that followers of "Zionism" have been looking for a lost temple site known as "ON" somewhere in Palestine for many generations.

Second, the "OZ story" -- which is a famous fantasy story written in 1899 by an American author Frank Baum -- known as "The Wonderful Wizard of OZ", that describes a utopian place where a bright emerald-green city known as "OZ" could be found. The symbolism within the "OZ story" has captured the imaginations of millions of people for well over a century -- and lately, has captured my imagination while reviewing the subject of the "ON story".

For a good review of the "The Wizard of Oz" movie -- check out the YouTube website channel "Collative Learning". The channel gives a comprehensive review of many good movies.

Again -- like I said in my last Interview, an interesting coincidence exist between the ancient Sun city of "ON" and the fantasy emerald city of "OZ" -- where both words look similar and were shining examples of a glorious utopian city in our imaginations.

Since I covered most of the "ON story" in my last Interview, I would like to cover some interesting symbolic views within the "OZ story" in this Interview. These views contain some important political aspects relating to the subject of Zionism.

Now, I don't want to over analyze all the symbolism in the "OZ story" because that will take us off track from the focus of this Interview session. What I want to do is to study and share my views why I believe the author and directors of the "OZ story" would tell a fantasy adventure story where the protagonist -- in this case a young girl named Dorothy, finds her way through a strange landscape near and within a utopian city while looking to return home after a tornado storm event took her from her home.

I should point out at this time that it is possible that both authors and directors of the "OZ story" may have created their versions on a subconscious level without ever realizing why the story plot unfolds the way it does. In other words, the "OZ story" is a subconscious level story made to look realistic -- but was designed by people who were programmed subconsciously by the time era of their environment.

The book version of the "OZ story" was written about a decade in a half before the first World War, and the movie version was created just prior to the second World War.

Because the political movement of Zionism is based on the search for a lost utopian temple city site once known as "ON" that was destroyed long ago in Biblical times, perhaps, on a subconcious level, the "OZ story" is an abstract attempt to psychologically access a way to recreate -- or rebuild, a fantastic city site of wonder where people are ruled by a wizard who -- like a god, uses magic to control them.

Some have speculated over the years that certain symbolic elements within the "OZ story" include economical concepts -- where, for example, the "yellow-brick road" symbolizes the "Gold Standard" pathway to the bright green "Emerald City" of success -- which symbolizes the "green paper money" of capitalism. Others have also speculated that the three character friends of the protagonist Dorothy represents the three stages of humankind -- where the "straw-man" represents the "age of agriculture", the "Tin-man" represents the metallic "industrial age", and the "Lion" represents perhaps the beastly nature of "the ruling authority". The word "ON" is also found in the word "Lion" -- as in "Le ON" or "The ON". Remember, the "ON story" was a utopian city site where the ruling authority of Nimrod was centered.

The symbolic identity of the three characters that accompany Dorothy have also been identified with three aspects of nature -- such as animal, vegetable and mineral -- however, this abstract view involves no obvious political concepts. Yet, the beastly animal the "Lion" needs "courage to overcome fear", the vegetable "straw-man" needs a brain to "remember things" -- and the mineral "Tin-man" needs a heart to "keep working". The political concepts within these views could involve certain needs to "be brave and remember to keep working" -- which is the mantra of the communist worker.

The three witches within the "OZ story" are symbolically personified with the directions of West, North and East -- but, with no mention of who represents the South direction, perhaps Dorothy's Aunt Em back home in reality represents the directional foundation of the South. In any case, the wicked witches of both East and West are killed in the story and the North Witch wins in the end.

So, what would the political symbolism be in the "OZ story" if the forces of West and East collapsed and the North force wins? According to Plato's story, both the Western forces of Atlantis and the Hellenic forces of the East who rebelled against them were destroyed when the Biblical Flood event from above destroyed the known world. Is the Northern forces of nature from above the winner in the end?

It is interesting to note that the political Zionism movement began in 1897 -- just two years before Frank Baum wrote his "OZ story" in 1899. The political Zionism movement was seriously involved in the communist Bolshevik revolution that took over Russia in 1917. The political Zionism movement declared war on Hitler's Germany in 1933 -- just five years before the movie "Wizard of Oz" was being made with financial help from people related to the politics of Zionism.

What exactly is Zionism? According to Wikipedia: "Zionism is the nationalist movement of the Jewish people that supports the re-establishment of a Jewish homeland in the territory defined as the historic Land of Israel".

So, if Zionism is a "nationalist movement" -- which is also a political movement, is it related to communism? Both political movements use a central governmental authority to collectively control individual citizens.

Because Zionism is a global political movement -- like communism is, many believe that Zionism is at least a type of socialism -- which is too much government to people who want more freedom and less government.

Is socialism a type of communism? According to Vladimir Lenin -- it is. As one of the main leaders in the communist Bolshevik revolution that took over Russia in 1917, Lenin once said the statement: "The goal of socialism is communism".

Reporter 2: So -- what are you saying? Do you believe that the author and directors of the beloved "OZ story" were communist? And that they were trying to brainwash the public into becomming communist?

Duane: Well, since you put it that way, it does sound like I'm suggesting the idea that the "OZ story" was or is somehow communist propaganda. Personally, I have enjoyed the movie -- but have not read the book. I also believe that I have merely scratched the surface in understanding the political aspects of the story. Until recently, the word "Zion" was identified in my mind as the name of a wonderful National Park in Utah called "Zion National Park". I also remember a song by the late reggae singer Bob Marley that the "Zion train is comming our way" and we should "get on board now".

Again, let me reveal some more political views about the origins of the "OZ story" that suggest the people involved in creating the book and movie were at least socialist minded -- if not fully sympathetic to communistic ideology.

According to Wikipedia, Frank Baum once refered to his wife as a "comrade" -- which is a term used by the communist in calling fellow party members. Perhaps many people used that term to call their spouse back then -- but I doubt it.

Anyway, in the early 1930's -- when Hitler's Germany was forcing Zionist followers in places like Frankfurt, out of the country, many came to America and moved to places in New York city and Hollywood California. Let me insert here at this time parts of an entry from an essay I'm still updating online at my Spirit Of Atlantis website entitled: "Our Political Glossary".

"FRANKFURT SCHOOL: The term "FRANKFURT SCHOOL" is a Marxist "Think Tank" that has pushed global SOCIALISM since the early 1930's. Starting off as the "Institute for Social Research" in Frankfurt Germany, the Jewish group moved to New York City to escape the National Socialists in Germany and set up shop at Columbia University in 1934 to push and apply their ideas on American culture. The first of many publications from the FRANKFURT SCHOOL was a theoretical story entitled "Critical Theory" that criticized every pillar of Western Culture -- such as family, Christianity, democracy, common law, freedom of speech, with the hope that these pillars would crumble and be replaced by their progressive ideals of SOCIALISM. The social movements of the 1960s -- black power, feminism, gay rights, sexual liberation, gave the FRANKFURT SCHOOL a means to release cultural Marxist ideas into the mainstream. Railing against all things “establishment”, the ideals of the FRANKFURT SCHOOL caught on like wildfire across American universities. The literary work from the FRANKFURT SCHOOL has had a deep impact on American culture -- it has recast the homogenous America of the 1950s into today’s divided, animosity-filled nation with deceptive political concepts based on "Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt" -- or "FUD theories". Ideals from the FRANKFURT SCHOOL has contributed to the undeniable breakdown of the family unit, as well as identity politics, radical feminism, political correctness, and racial polarization in America. In fact, one of the distinct concepts of psychological warfare used by the LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL controlled MAINSTREAM MEDIA today to divide America, is racial arguments."

"Much like what the Marxist Fabian Society has done to warp the minds of scholars and students in the UK, the FRANKFURT SCHOOL -- and its LEFT-WING PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL teachers in modern academic education institutions, has created an atmosphere of political tension that is prevalent in the USA today. Because both OBAMA and Hillary Clinton -- the beacons of progressivism, are disciples of Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayres -- both devoted cultural Marxist and followers of the FRANKFURT SCHOOL, they should be seen as agents from this "school" that has worked out of the city of Chicago in the USA for many decades to politically undermine the nation that is the USA."

I have much more to say about the Zionist "Jewish group" that came from Frankfurt Germany at the aforementioned website -- but at this time, there seems to exist some kind of organized socialist or communist attempt to take over of the governments of the USA and other western countries that started even before the last World War. Did the communist make some kind of an "end-run" around Western Civilization after the "Cold War"? Have most of them moved to China and are now operating from there? I don't really know -- but, it seems so.

Reporter 2: Apparently, you are not a fan of socialism or communism. Also, you seem un-enchanted by the political movement of Zionism. What is wrong with wanting to rebuilt a utopian temple city like the lost temple city of "ON" in what is now Israel?

Duane: Anytime when people collectively want to create a religious temple in honor to a super being -- whether to a god or to "The God", imperfect people eventually take over the place and, over time, nefarious political activity -- led by a tyrannical ruler, takes over the place. And when that happens, the freedom of the individual living within or near the temple site area is suppressed with so many "politically correct" rules and laws -- living there is not fun in the end.

Personally, I'm happy within my own temple body being -- and do not need any man-made social temple site to give thanks to the almighty for all the blessings we as humans have. But if others want to create and maintain a social gathering temple site building to worship some good entity -- and make it look nice and simple, go for it! I would just say keep the design very simple -- and don't step on anybody's toes to create it.

So, for those Zionist in Israel who want to rebuild "the temple" again, ask yourselves, why? And would it really be worth going to war for it?

I think the public is tired of going to war and supporting the global banksters who make money selling military hardware and rebuilding schemes. These global banksters also own the mainstream media news services and the Hollywood studios -- whose writers and directors have been indoctrinated for many decades by socialist universities that push "Critical Theory" thinking.

Any criticism of Zionism in the news services will result in the racial terms of "anti-Semitism" or "neo-Nazi" -- which is interesting because the Palestinians and the Arabs of the Middle East are also considered "Semitic". Regarding the origin of the term "Nazi" or "neo-Nazi" -- let me also insert here some more parts of my aforesaid essay regarding how the movement of Zionism have influenced history books over the years.

"NAZI: The word "NAZI" was a political slang term invented by a Marxist Jewish journalist from Frankfurt Germany named Konrad Heiden in the 1920's that represented a member of the National Socialist Party of Germany -- which was the political force behind Adolf Hitler who took over Germany prior to WW2. Konrad Heiden -- a member of the Social Democratic Party, invented the NAZI term to accuse and vilify the National Socialist Party as a racist ideological and political concept. However, because the German people during WW2 apparently never used the NAZI term to describe themselves, it seems interesting that writers of history since and before WW2 have used the NAZI term to associate it with racism and bigotry -- and also link it to a group of people believed to be one of the main Axis enemies defeated by the Western Allies in 1945".

Perhaps because the word "Nazi" rymes with the word "nasty" -- as in "those nasty Nazis", it is an easy word to use and accuse anyone who may or may not be racist. The word "Nazi" is definitely a weaponized term that has been used for almost a hundred years. Apparently, the Social Democratic Party is still quite active in global politics.

Reporter 3: Interesting observations -- but what does the subject of Zionism really have to do with the subject of Atlantis within these Interviews?

Duane: Good question. I guess because the subject of a lost utopian temple city once known as "ON" -- which is used by Zionist as a place that once had a glorious temple of inspirational wonder, and the lost antediluvian city of Atlantis -- which also was a place of inspirational wonder, is the common subject.

Reporter 3: Good answer. So -- any news regarding your new timeline model of human history? Are you getting any feedback from your theory that Atlantis was destroyed less than a thousand years ago?

Duane: I wish I had some news about my new timeline model of human history -- but I don't. Better no news than fake news. And no -- I have recieved no feedback from anybody -- even family members. Apparently, the subject about a new understanding of ancient history is -- well, just not interesting to anybody I guess. The timeline of conventional human history is such a hard nut to crack. Evidently, nobody wants to challenge the annual timeline within most every printed textbook.

The thing is, my new timeline model of human history does not challenge the annual timeline of the last five centuries -- which is a very long time where I have no argument with the annual count between the dates of conventional human history.

However, all the annual dates from before about five centuries ago are so incorrectly inflated from the truth, it is amazing that no modern historian is at least trying to correct history as far as I know.

50 years ago humans safely landed on the moon.
What will be the next leap for mankind?

Reporter 1: This week marks the the 50th year anniversary of safely landing humans on the moon. What do you think will be the next major accomplishment for humankind that compares to safely landing humans on the moon?

Duane: The discovery of the real Atlantean seaport in Central America. Think about it -- it would challenge most all of conventional human history and rewrite our understanding of Western Civilization. It would be like discovering a higher intelligence within our known universe right here on Earth.

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