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Duane K. McCullough 11/19

by Duane McCullough

This 54th interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" -- however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or a HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 11/19 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina


Duane: Good day -- I would like to begin this Interview with a story that I experienced the other day while watching some YouTube videos about the subject of Atlantis.

I have probably seen several dozen full length documentaries about the subject Atlantis over the last four decades of researching the mystery. Most all of these typical documentaries show the possible site location of the lost city in places around the world -- such as the eastern Mediterranean area or somewhere within the Caribbean area. They try to describe the Atlantean story with dramatic scenes and interviews with scientist who give theories as to what and where Atlantis was in ancient times.

Well, a recent program video appeared in my YouTube feed list that was published in 2013 by the National Geographic Society and their "Naked Science" video series. The program explained how Plato's Atlantean story specifically describes six concepts associated with the mystery -- and that any new theory about Atlantis -- which does not include these six concepts, are probably not true. In other words, the criteria of proving the theoretical site and existance of Atlantis needs to include at least six concepts that Plato documented in his story.

The six concepts that appears in Plato's Atlantean story include the following subjects -- which are, "City Circles", "Red, Black and White Building Stones", "Horned Bull Activity", "Elephants Exist There", "9,000 Years Ago" and that the "City Sank Beneath the Waves".

Again, any theoretical site location of Atlantis presented by people within the video documentary -- or any video story about Atlantis, that does not include these six aforesaid concepts, are probably not true.

Now, before I explain further what these six concepts presented in the video documentary mean -- and how they relate to Plato's story of Atlantis, let me also explain that I have never seen any publish theory about the city of Atlantis being located where I believe it is located.

Moreover, I will apply these six concepts from the video documentary to my theoretical site where I believe the lost utopian garden seaport city of Atlantis exist -- and we should better understand the true whereabouts of history's greatest mystery.

The discovery of the sunken city of Atlantis --
near the western shores of Lake Izabal in Guatemala,
will change human history as we know it.

The first of the six concepts that are mentioned by Plato in describing the story of Atlantis are "City Circles" -- which means the city of Atlantis was made of circular islands and water harbor areas -- therefore, any theoretical city site of Atlantis needs to have at least large circular rings of alternating land and water areas, in order to qualify as a truthful theory.

The second concept of "Red, Black & White Building Stones" is based on the idea that because Plato stated the city of Atlantis used building stones which were primarily "Red, Black and White" in color -- any theoretical city site of Atlantis needs to have at least these three color types of rocks in the area, in order to qualify as a truthful theory.

The third concept of "Horned Bull Activity" is founded on the view that because Plato wrote about how the Atlanteans would meet during a special ceremony in the city and sacrifice bulls for their blood -- any theoretical city site of Atlantis needs to have at least some bull animals present in the area, in order to qualify as a truthful theory.

The fourth concept of "Elephants Exist There" is based on the fact that because Plato stated that the land of Atlantis included "Elephants" -- any theoretical city site of Atlantis needs to have at least some elephant animals present in the area, in order to qualify as a truthful theory.

The fifth concept of "9,000 Years Ago" means that because Plato stated that Atlantis was destroyed some "9,000 Years Ago" -- any theoretical city site of Atlantis needs to have at least been scientifically dated to about 9,000 years before the story of Atlantis was first told, in order to qualify as a truthful theory.

And the sixth and final concept mentioned in the Atlantean video was that because Plato said the "City of Atlantis Sank Beneath the Waves" -- the idea that "Atlantis is now underwater" due to large waves which sank it -- any theoretical city site of Atlantis needs to have at least be near a major body of water -- or underwater somewhere, in order to qualify as a truthful theory.

Now that I've stated and explained some necessary criteria for the six concepts related to the whereabouts of Atlantis -- at least according to the aforesaid video documentary by the National Geographic Society, let me compare each of these six concepts in sequence to my theoretical location of where I believe the lost utopian garden seaport city of Atlantis exist.

According to Plato, the utopian garden seaport city of Atlantis
was quarried out of a small hill near the shore with a lathe-like tool.

The first concept of "City Circles" does fit within my treasure map location site near the western edge of Lake Izabal in Guatemala -- but proving the idea that large man-made circular rings of quarried islands and harbor areas will be hard because of the many layers of mud which covers the site in question. I should add that finding any accurate marine chart of Lake Izabal online -- which would reveal the true bottom depths, is not possible for some reason -- why is that?

According to Plato, the utopian garden seaport city of Atlantis
existed on an island located in the "Western Ocean" -- beyond the "Pillars of Hercules".

Because Lake Izabal is the western part of a major tectonic crack in the Earth's crust -- known as the "Cayman Trench", that leads eastward towards the crack that actually separates the islands of Cuba and Hispanolia -- all the way to the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean -- just north of Puerto Rico called the "Puerto Rican Trench", earthquake activity in the lake area is quite common. In fact, in 1976, a 7.2 magnitune earthquake was centered about ten miles south of the site in question.

According to Plato, the utopian garden seaport city of Atlantis
was part of a flat plain area that was shaped by man-made canals
which captured rain water from the nearby mountains
and drained into the city before flushing out to the sea.

The fresh waters of Lake Izabal also drain directly into the salt waters of the western Caribbean Sea -- where, even today, seagoing ships of trade can sail to any port in the world. Plato's writings also stated that access to the seaport of Atlantis after it was destroyed was restricted because of "a shoal of mud" was in the way. Are the muddy shoals -- located in the western Gulf of Honduras, the "shoal area" that Plato was referring too?

Plato also is on record in stating that the utopian garden seaport city of Atlantis was protected from cold northerly winter winds by a mountain range just north of the city and flat plain of man-made canals. A quick look at a map of the site in question shows a mountain range just north of the area -- which, even today, protects the Lake Izabal area from cold fronts that could damage the tropical food plants grown on the plain.

Regarding the second concept mentioned in the YouTube video documentary about Atlantis, "Red, Black and White Building Stones" can be found all around Lake Izabal in Central America. In fact, just north of the site in question and just west of the nearest town known as El Estor -- which translates into the English term "The Store", exist a major mining project called the "Fenix Project" -- where many images online of the project reveal soil colors of red and black.

Originally a Canadian mining factory processing Nickel Ore in the area, the Fenix Project apparently now includes a Swiss / Russian operation which is significantly "changing the jungle landscape" in ways that some people of the area are not happy with because of polluting run-off events affecting downstream sites.

Anyway -- white, gray and black rock boulders -- together with red clay roofing shingles, can also be found at the entrance of Lake Izabal at an ancient site called Fort Castillo.

According to Plato, there once existed a substance
called "orichalcum" that was more valuable than gold.
Perhaps a type of Rose Granite is what he was referring too.

The colors of red, black and white can also be found in what Plato called "orichalcum" -- which, I believe, is actually a type of Rose Granite that has red, black and white crystal pigments imbedded in the matrix. Rare Earth materials like Samarium, Cobalt and Nickel can be found in some versions of Rose Granite. Also, a type of Rose Granite exist that includes a dark, reddish-purple speckle stone known as "Porphyry stone" -- and to see what can be made from that stone, do a Google search of "Nero's Bathtub" -- located in the Vatican, and notice the parabolic shape of the artifact. More on that subject in a moment.

Because Plato also said that the central wall of the city of Atlantis was made of orichalcum and "gleamed like fire in the sun", I believe a type of Rose Granite is the material he was referring too. Rose Granite can sparkle like an emery board can in the sun because of the magnetic granular aspect of the materal is capable of optically magnifying photon activity -- particuarly if seen from a distance.

The third concept of the video documentary -- "Horned Bull Activity", refers to what I believe could be a source of plasmatic iron material -- where "animal blood" from bulls, was used in a sacrificial ritual event to "fuel the fire" at the central acropolis site of the city of Atlantis. In other words, the "main pillar device" -- located in the center of the city, once used "plasmatic iron" material -- which is "blood", to recharge the "plasmatic fire activity" within a parabolic crucible dish that projected energy upwards -- like an oblisk, to a "particle-beam tower" antenna.

Remember earlier when I mentioned the item referred to as "Nero's Bathtub"? Well, perhaps some kind of similar looking parabolic lens -- or "smoking mirror" plate device, was once used as a base to "project upwards" some kind of "swirling particle-beam column of energy" and perform as a "gyro-magnetic fountain" or "static-field generator" to transmit wireless Amplitude Modulation signals for communication reasons.

Do Christmas trees of today represent virtual models
of the "electromagnetic pillar" device that was once located
at the central acropolis of Atlantis?

Also, the term "smoking mirror" is based on the idea that the Olmec natives of the western Caribbean Basin were known to use parabolic mirrors to start "smokey fires" by concentrating and beaming solar photon energy toward a target -- much like how a modern solar powered "cigarette lighter" works. Old style "doctor's head-lamp" designs are also based on the parabolic energy beam projection phenomenon.

Was Nimrod's Tower of Babel design based on the "electromagnetic pillar" device
once located at the central acropolis of Atlantis?

Perhaps Nimrod's infamous Tower of Babel device in ancient Phoenicia -- located at or near Baalbek, in what is now the country of Lebanon, was a larger copy of this "lens device" that somehow is related to or caused the Biblical Flood event long ago.

In any case, the site in question is located in Guatemala -- which was once a name given to most all of Central America during the Spanish Conquest. Guatemala is also a country in Latin America that still has "bull fighting" events -- where bulls are "sacrificed" for "entertainment reasons".

By the way, the use of plasmatic animal blood from horned animals other than bulls were once part of sacrificial rituals in Biblical times. Sacrificing goats -- as in the term "scapegoat", were once quite common long ago. Perhaps the use of animal blood to help create portable "burning bushes" or "tabernacle towers" were part of a lost radio technology that few knew how to build and operate.

The fourth concept found in the video documentary -- "Elephants Exist There", implies the idea that elephant-like animals once roamed the land of Atlantis. Well, it is known that because elephant-like Mammoths once wandered over parts of North America -- including what is now known as Florida, not that long ago during early human activities, the idea that Plato would say elephants existed in the "island of Atlantis", could also apply to the "continental island" of the Americas.

Some Mayan artwork in Guatemala also depict elephant-like "nose-trunks" designs on the edge of certain temple sites -- which may help prove elephant-like animals once lived in the area during the Age of Atlantis.

Fifth on the list of concepts presented in the video documentary is the idea that Atlantis was destroyed some "9,000 Years Ago". As I've stated many times on my online Spirit of Atlantis website, Plato's records of Atlantis have been "numerically corrupted" by historical scholars when they added an extra zero to the chronological value of historical time -- which means the true number of 900 -- instead of 9,000, is closer to the truth in measuring when Atlantis was destroyed.

Moreover, instead of 900 years before the life of Plato, new data suggest that only 900 moons -- or months, existed between the destruction of Atlantis and when the story was first told to Plato's older friend named Solon by some Egyptian priest. Therefore, odds are that only about two or three generations actually existed between when Atlantis was lost and when Solon was told about the story of Atlantis.

Add to this new revelation of when Atlantis was destroyed in time, is the greater revelation that the conventional Judaic timeline of Western History -- otherwise known as the conventional B.C. / A.D. timeline, has also been "numerically corrupted" by Judaic historians while publishing a major history book project some five centuries ago.

New historical data now challenges the conventional
Judaic timeline of human history.

And because I have discovered a series of major math errors within that major history book project -- which is known as the Nuremberg Chronicle, the conventional Judaic timeline is founded on a false understanding of human history. In other words, I have good reason to believe that Atlantis existed -- not some 9,000 years before the life of Plato -- but that the destruction of Atlantis happened less than a thousand years ago.

Much more detail about how and why I believe Atlantis was destroyed less than a thousand years ago can be found at my spiritofatlantis.com website.

Speaking of the destruction of Atlantis, the sixth and final concept mentioned in the Atlantean video was that the "City of Atlantis Sank Beneath the Waves". According to my research, because the name "Atlantis" was at least "three things" -- such as a "continental island", a "capital seaport city" and a "Maritime Kingdom" that sailed throughout the world, the part that "Sank beneath The Waves" was only the "capital seaport city".

The Atlantean "continental island" and "Maritime Kingdom" still exist -- but have been renamed by historians who have forgotten what happened to these aspects of Atlantis. The lost "continental island" of Atlantis is now the American Continents -- and the lost "Maritime Kingdom" of Atlantis is now a mixture of the United Kingdom, the United States of America, the "NATO" countries of Europe and other modern countries known around the world associated with Western Civilization.

So, what could have caused the capital seaport of Atlantis to "Sink beneath The Waves"? Well, reviewing what was said earlier about where the utopian garden seaport city of Atlantis was located, the site in question is definitely vulnerable to earthquake activity -- which when combined with a large body of water nearby, could help explain how the place disappeared beneath the waves.

However, it seems like a much larger destructive event of "Biblical proportions" took out -- not only the seaport, but also engulfed much of the other seaports at sea level that once traded with Atlantis. What on Earth -- or off the Earth, could have cause such a global event?

Years ago, I speculated that a comet could have collided with the Earth and cause havoc to what was Atlantis in antediluvian times -- but have since come to believe that because the Sun is a bigger target than the Earth, a large comet or comet-like celestial body could have crashed into the Sun long ago and caused a major "solar flare'" event -- which could have reacted with the Earth's atmosphere in such a way as to engulf all that was Atlantis.

Notwithstanding any powerful man-made technological mistake event that could have resulted in a major global destruction of Atlantis, let me insert here a short story at this time regarding other possible "off planet" explanations that could have destroyed Atlantis. The following story is part of my online definition research work from my "Our Political Glossary" article.

GRBs: Gamma-Ray Bursts -- or GRBs, are extremely energetic explosions that have been observed in distant galaxies. They are the brightest electromagnetic events known to occur in the universe and can last from ten milliseconds to several hours or more. After an initial flash of gamma rays, a longer-lived "afterglow" is usually emitted at longer wavelengths such as in X-ray, ultraviolet, optical, infrared, microwave and radio.

The intense radiation of most observed GRBs is believed to be released during a supernova or hypernova as a rapidly rotating, high-mass star collapses to form a neutron star, quark star, or black hole. The sources of most GRBs are billions of light years away from Earth outside of the Milky Way -- although a related class of phenomena known as "soft gamma repeater flares", are associated with magnetars within the Milky Way.

It has been hypothesized that a Gamma-Ray Burst in the Milky Way, pointing directly towards the Earth, could cause a mass extinction event.

Many astronomers and historians believe that a Gamma-Ray Burst from the Crab Nebula took place almost a thousand years ago because early historical evidence suggest a star-like event in the sky was recorded in ancient calendar books and even cave drawings. Moreover, recent ice core samples suggested that a significant layer of nitrogen was found to correlate to the GRB event from the Crab Nebula -- which relates to the idea that something in the earth's atmosphere happened during the event.

Apparently, GRBs have in the recorded past and can in the present day cause very serious effects on Earth's atmosphere and geological makeup. In fact, the recent tsunami events of 2004 and 2011 are believed to be related to GRB events because some GRB events apparently have a "gravity wave" aspect that proceeds the flare event -- in other words, a "bow-shock" wave can create earthquake and tsunami events before the event becomes visible in the sky.

For example, on December 27, 2004 -- just two days after the tsunami event caused great damage across the Indian Ocean area, astronomers witnessed the brightest event known outside our solar system that released more energy in 1/10th of a second than our Sun does in 100,000 years.

This Starquake event from the SGR-1806-20 magnetar -- which has a magnetic field 1 to 2 quadrillion times stronger than earth, evidently beamed a GRB at earth, where on December 25, 2004 the arrival of the gravity shock wave affected our ionosphere and caused the tsunami event.

The other example is the fact that on April 12, 2011 -- just a month after the Japan tsunami event of March 11, 2011, a GRB event from the Crab Nebula was visible by astronomers that was measured at around 100 million electron volts. The average visible light has energies between 2 and 3 electron volts. By the way, the Crab Nebula is located about 6,500 light years from Earth and is believed to have been created just less than a thousand years ago by reverse mapping the speed of the expanding explosion.

Although GRBs can result in a "Extinction Level Event" on Earth -- according to Ben Davidson at his Suspicious Obsevers YouTube channel, GRBs are only one of five types of natural global events that could end civilization as we know it.

The other four events include Magnetic Reversal, Grand Solar Minimum, Solar Storms and Volcanic Winter situations -- all of which could be connected to geo-celestial activity not related to human activity.

So -- basically, although it is possible that interstellar events from far outside our solar system could cause havoc here on earth and that we live in a vulnerable time bubble that could burst any moment without warning, we should still plan for the future because the next major GRB event -- or any of the aforementioned destructive global events, could also not happen in our lifetimes.

OK -- I hope we now have a better understanding of what was, when was -- and where was Atlantis in antediluvian times. However, before we begin the question phase of this interview, let me comment for a moment on the previous story.

It is believed that the Crab Nebula exploded
just less than a thousand years ago.

Because the Gamma-Ray Burst event from the Crab Nebula is believed to have been created just less than a thousand years ago by reverse mapping the speed of the expanding explosion, this fact also matches my latest understanding of when Atlantis was destroyed in my new timeline model of human history. In other words, perhaps a Gamma-Ray Burst event from the Crab Nebula may have "Sank Atlantis Beneath The Waves".

Although more scientific research is needed to prove that theory, the possible proof that Atlantis was destroyed only about a thousand years ago is interesting to say the least.

Reporter 2: Your presentation is so overwhelming -- I need time to digest the information presented. However, one question came to mind near the end of your story. Did you once theorize in some previous interview that the Biblical Flood event may have been caused by Nimrod's Tower of Babel exploding somehow because it was built so high it "sucked in" ozone particles which "blew-out" the parabolic crater holder and also caused the "bottomless pit" story as recorded in the Holy Bible?

Duane: Yes, I did theorize that situation once. As I stated "Notwithstanding any powerful man-made technological mistake event that could have resulted in a major global destruction of Atlantis", the possibility exist that humankind was not so kind to the Earth in antediluvian times.

However, the novel idea that a large "Tower of Babel" device exploding or "blowing out" somehow and causing a Biblical Flood event may seem interesting, the scale of such an event -- when compared to the scale of the Earth, may be difficult to imagine. To be honest, I don't know if the Biblical Flood event could have been caused by a huge man-made explosion created by a lost technology gone wrong. We may never know -- but if the lost technology that built Atlantis and the Tower of Babel ever becomes a reality again, I hope and pray to God it doesn't get out of hand again.

Regarding my theory that the "Tower of Babel" was once located and destroyed at or near Baalbek Lebanon -- I have spent years looking on photo maps for somekind of unusual crater area which could qualify for the site of Nimrod's tower. One would think that if such a large and powerful tower exploded long ago, it would have left behind some remnant scar site with crater layers still visible on modern photo maps.

If the "Tower of Babel" exploded somehow because it was "built too high"
-- would the event have left a crater site that could be seen today?

Some time ago, I came across the "Eye of Africa" site -- also known as the "Richat Structure", located in the northwestern African desert -- which, interestingly, many New Age historians incorrectly believe is the remant site of what was the Atlantean seaport. But since no "bottomless pit" apparently exist there -- and because the site is very far from other ancient building areas where humans once lived, I put that site location away in my mind a long time ago.

75 NM southeast of Havana Cuba lies an unusual geological
structure that may -- or may not be, related to Atlantis.

I even studied a unique area site in the New World located some 75 NM southeast of Havana Cuba that looks like a circular foundation of a man-made structure. But again, the site has no central pit area that would fit the theory of the lost "Tower of Bable" device. I even once thought that this site could have been the seaport of Atlantis -- however, the site in Guatemala fits better because of the scale of the data presented by Plato.

Reporter 3: If what you theorize is true about the Gamma-Ray Burst event of nearly a thousand years ago may have cause the Biblical Flood event that also engulfed Atlantis, then all the conventional history books that use the Judaic timeline of human history, are wrong. Challenging the conventional Judaic timeline of human history with a much smaller timeline model of human history will require some serious research -- are you prepared to argue with most every historian who have been learning and teaching conventional history all their lives?

Duane: It is interesting to note that the conventional Judaic timeline of human history was created by people living in Europe who relate to Judaism. Because Judaism and Zionism -- which have politically merged with socialism and communism, have controlled the historical records of Western Civilization since the first printing presses, perhaps the time has come to challenge their timeline model of human history with a new timeline model. So, yes -- I'm prepared to argue with other historians over the true timeline of human history and break the hex of Judaic control over our educational institutions. I've been doing so for almost four decades -- and see no reason to stop now.

Reporter 1: The last thursday of this month is Thanksgiving -- how do you and your wife plan to celebrate the occasion?

Duane: Well -- like most people we know, we spend time together with other family members around the dinner table if possible. However, this Thanksgiving -- and the last few, it seems that our family members apparently prefer warmer temperatures than what exist up here in the mountains of Western North Carolina. So, my wife and I will have a quiet turkey dinner together and give thanks to God for all the blessings we have.

We have so much to be thankful for in this day and age -- considering all the strife and social problems that exist in the news these days. Sometimes I wonder if my story of the real Atlantis will ever be discovered by the Mainstream Media news services. Because they are so distracted by the ongoing political battles between how government should be governed -- with a left leaning bias, they have lost the ability to report on the important stories that matter. They need to stop their propaganda war on the public and give thanks for all the blessings we have as a nation.

Imagine what the discovery of the prehistoric seaport of Atlantis in Central America would do to the national news cycle. Imagine the Mainstream Media news services of the world waking up to a new understanding of human history. Perhaps solving history's greatest mystery should be the news of the day -- instead of the same old fake news and propaganda that much of it is today.

END 54th INTERVIEW 11/19
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