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Duane K. McCullough 4/20

by Duane McCullough

This 55th interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" -- however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or a HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 4/20 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina

Duane: Good morning -- I hope everybody is feeling well. I would like to begin with a few words regarding the current pandemic crisis with some of my personal views on the matter.

I'd rather be revealing new views about the subject of Atlantis -- but, it seems that there is a global war event taking place, and I feel the need to address some aspects of this historical event.

First, let me lay out the official story from the global mainstream media news networks. A unique and deadly virus first appeared in a large Chinese city over the winter of 2019 and has spread across the world -- which has created a global pandemic event where thousands have died. Governments around the world have responded with new laws that are designed to limit the spread of the virus by substantially restricting public liberties.

Second, there seems to have been a coordinated global government response to this virus event that suggest that the pandemic was planned by some people with nefarious intent. Whether the virus was a natural event or man made event -- or even a man made accident, the political timing of the pandemic just before a very important US presidential election hints that some group or global political organization is responsible for the new laws which have substantially restricted public liberties and have seriously damaged the world economy.

And thirdly, it seems that this pandemic -- or should I say PLANdemic crisis, is designed to spread fear of the unknown future to panic the public into accepting new draconian laws in the name of "public safety".

Who would have the global ability to coordinate such medical public safety laws where people now need to wear face mask and stay at least six feet apart from each other? Who is trying to coordinate with vaccine makers like Bill Gates to provide a medical solution to the crisis? Who -- or what global medical organization, gets very large sums of money from communist controlled China? Who or what country wants to have a New World Order under their communist leadership?

Why of course -- the WHO -- also known as the World Health Organization, is the culprit behind such shenanigans. Because the current director of the WHO is a certified communist -- and is an agent of the socialist controlled UN, there seems to be a new serious geopolitical attack by the communist to take governmental control of the world.

So, according to what I have seen and read online regarding the current PLANdemic event, I believe the virus is real -- and people are dying -- much like they die every flu season -- however, I believe this PLANdemic virus event has been weaponized both medically and psychologically by nefarious people to cripple Western Society with new "public safety" laws.

And I believe the WHO of the UN is only part of a global conspiricy to destroy the modern world as we know it.

It is well known that there are many political forces within society who want to control society with over-reaching authority to create their version of utopia -- and will do what ever it takes -- including wars. subversion activity and even pandemics, to accomplish that goal. These political forces also want to significantly reduce the human population because they incorrectly believe it will save the earth from human pollution associated with over-population.

The good news is that this global crisis seems to be ending soon no matter what the global mainstream media news networks and their political puppets say.

And when this event is over -- I hope the puppeteers -- who created this crisis, will be brought to justice -- and the public will be reminded that our liberties must not be taken for granted.

I have much more to say about the current crisis at my Spirit Of Atlantis website within the "Our Political Glossary" link area that I have been updating for over three years.

I would like to end this rant now by saying that I believe the greater virus spreading across the world is actually a combination of fear and panic -- which has been programmed into people's minds over many years of seeing and listening to subliminal socialist and communist propaganda.

Reporter 1: Thank you for your overview of the current crisis. How are you coping with the crisis and are you prepared if the crisis last for months or longer?

Duane: Well, my wife and I are fine -- and we are lucky to be in a place that seems safe for the foreseeable future. Being retired and away from large cities up here in the mountains of Western North Carolina with beautiful Spring events taking place -- life is good, but it is sad to see all the grief that is taking place around the world on the Internet channels.

Reporter 2: You have stated that Atlantis was once a one world government -- and have also suggested it was like a utopia to early humans long ago. What is wrong with wanting to build a utopian world like the socialist or communist want?

Duane: Well -- perhaps I may have suggested the idea that Atlantis was once a utopia to early humans long ago -- but I know I have said that it was once a one world government.

I believe the problem with creating a utopia in the real world -- where a politically controlled one world government idea exist, is virtually impossible because the power of human greed inevitably corrupts the idea. Perhaps in a virtual world -- created by computers and programmers, a utopian like place can be created where people can experience a simulation of reality -- but no, not in the real world.

Image of the World Playground Map by Duane McCullough

There is nothing inherently wrong with trying to build a perfect place in the real world where people can live together peacefully -- but, like I said, because humans are imperfect, creating an absolute perfect utopia in the real world is not humanly possible.

Most every time I see a large man-made temple or monument that attempts to reflect someone's utopian dream, I wonder how much of it was created by love and how much was created by slave labor from political activity.

Some people have created beautiful utopian gardens -- much like many Japanese gardens, where they seem like a miniature real world model of a perfect place. These gardens can be fantastic places to visit or live -- but even they need maintenance in governering the place or else unplanned weeds and overgrowth of existing plants will take over the place.

When the capital garden city of Atlantis was built long ago in what is now Central America, it may have been the best example of a utopian place ever built.

Image of the Capital Garden City of Atlantis

However, if we look closer we may notice that, according to new knowledge about the place, the white outer wall of the city was painted with what some say was Cerussite -- which is a poisonous Lead base white material that is known for slowly making people very ill over time when exposed to the toxin -- and perhaps resulting in poor political decisions by the Atlantean leaders long ago.

So, as the theory goes, much like how the Roman Empire lost control of their realm because of poor political decisions caused by their poisonous Lead base plumbing works, perhaps the Atlanteans lost control of their global enterprise because of their ignorance of Lead poison.

Now in this day and age, the Chinese communist -- or "chicoms" of China as they are known by some, politically control much of the global economy -- and apparently are planning to take over all of the world someday by politically subverting other national governments.

But did one of their bio-weapon virus packets accidently escape from one of their military labs and cause the current global pandemic before they were ready to use it as a tactical weapon? Or did the virus come from an animal wet-market in China and spread accidently throughout the world as a pandemic?

Or is the coronavirus in question triggered by some micro-electromagnetic signals from 5G activity that mimics respiratory problems in humans who were previously vaccinated with toxic chemicals?

Or is the virus part of a strategic weapon campaign designed to psychologically control people and prepare them for a brave new world of vaccinations with personal identity tattoos from the factory labs of Billy Gates and company?

Like I said earlier -- the timing of this crisis event, makes me believe it was all planned by people with nefarious intent. And the global mainstream media news networks are in on the scam -- remember, they -- and the socialist Democrat Party, had a global political plan to stop President Donald Trump so that Hillary Clinton could continue the take down of the USA -- leaving the socialist UN and communist China to govern the world.

In any case, the concept that humans can politically build a perfect global utopia is an insane idea. And those who try to push the idea are crazy.

Reporter 3: Do you have any thing new to say regarding how the conventional dating system of human history is mathematically incorrect by thousands of years?

Duane: Yes -- if the public can see how wrong the conventional dating system of human history was incorrectly packaged and published by Judaic scholars some five centuries ago -- and also see how the Zionist who control the global mainstream media news networks are the same people who geopolitically control the world with their central banks in their quest to build a utopian "kibbutz", perhaps Western Civilization can be saved from the hex placed on it long ago.

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