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Duane K. McCullough 8/2020

by Duane McCullough

This 56th interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" -- however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or a HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 8/2020 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina

Duane: Greetings -- I hope everyone is feeling well -- considering the "mask hysteria" event going on all around the world. I would like to begin with several stories today regarding current events.

Like I said in my last interview, I'd rather be revealing new views about the subject of Atlantis -- but again, there seems to be a major "psychological war event" taking place around the world in the name of "public safety", and I feel the need to address some aspects of this historical event.

Instead of launching into a long rant about how I feel regarding this "psychological war event" currently taking place, I would like to start off by re-posting a short review of what I said two years ago from my 51st Interview. I was going to just post a link to it here -- but decided to repost the section relevant to this interview.

However, before I repost the following story from my 10/2018 Interview, I want to say that any theory linking astronomical events to current political events could be just coincidental -- but, never-the-less, still interesting to those who are seeking answers as to why so many people around the world are acting mentally crazy these days.

* * *
Reposted from my 51st Interview on 10/2018:

Reporter 2: Regarding your statement about the current world-wide political war between the Globalist and the Nationalist, why do you believe these political groups are at odds with each other? And more important, how can this political war end without any real physical damage to the current world we all live in?

Duane: Well, because I don't consider my self as a Globalist -- which makes me some kind of Nationalist, I favor the fall of the Globalist and the Global Elite that work the corporate banking system which supports them. I also support anti-socialism efforts -- so, does that make me anti-social? Perhaps, the thing is that I -- and apparently others, have seen so much corruption in governmental politics -- particularly in the bureaucratic and socialistic ways corporations are using government to give them power in nefarious ways, something needs to change -- and that something is getting rid of the greedy "Deep State" of mind in some people which is slowly dying anyway.

Ever since the 2016 US presidential election -- when the Globalist candidate lost to the Nationalist candidate, this political battle between "left-wing progressive Democrats who favor socialism" and "right-wing conservative Republicans who favor capitalism", has cause much political discord among the public throughout the world. And because the Democrats lost -- and continue to loose due to their nefarious behavior -- even with help from the bias Main Stream Media services who trash-talk the Republican President of the USA every day, the future for the Republican Party is looking better every day.

I have to tell a recent story that happened to me which relates to the idea of this world-wide political war between the haves and the haves that want more.

As an astronomer that follows scientific stories about the movement and energy of heavenly bodies -- I went outside the other night after sundown on the back porch and notice the red planet of Mars is very bright -- and has been very bright for some time. I have learned recently that a major dust storm exist on the surface of Mars and apparently is related to some kind of "electromagnetic pathway" energy connection from planet Earth and the Sun. In other words, Mars is sometimes "electro-magnetically connected" to Earth because it lies in Earth's solar wind wake in space that perhaps causes dust storms on the surface of the planet.

Solar wind connection between the planets. Source: NASA

Now, you might ask how does this astronomical information about Mars and Earth relate to this ongoing world-wide political war -- well, hang in there -- I'll get to that connection in a moment. Anyway -- and by the way, Mars was the Roman god of "war" -- as in "mar" equals "war" if the first letter was flipped. What may look like just a coincidence between the letters of "w" and "m" is not -- the hieroglyphic origins and meanings of both letters are explained in my last Interview.

Back to my story about noticing the red planet of Mars the other night. Just before I saw the planet from the back porch, I was watching some Internet programs about all the ongoing political strife that exist in the world -- and when Mars appeared in the sky that evening to me, the moment reminded me of an old Star Trek episode I saw long ago on TV in the late 60s about how the spaceship was invaded by some kind of alien entity in the shape of a red ball that somehow made the crew go mad with crazy hateful thoughts.

And bingo -- I wondered if somehow the proximity of the planet Mars to Earth could scientifically explain how and why this world-wide political war is taking place on Earth. In other words, is Mars a factor in the way people act on Earth? It is a known fact that our Moon -- or moonlight, can make some people go crazy and act like lunatics because of hormonal activity and other reasons.

So, after having this "Mars-wars hate energy theory event", I went back inside and explored the orbit of Mars back in time using some planetarium programs to see if there were any other war-like times in history when the orbits of Mars and Earth were aligned. I also reviewed the Star Trek episode on the Internet at Wikipedia that inspired me to theorize this idea in the first place.

After learning that the last time Mars was close to Earth in late Spring of 2016 -- and also matching the dates with the early contentious US election campaign in 2016 -- where much discord and misinformation was created by the bias Main Stream Media in favor of the Globaist US candidate -- Hillary Clinton, I said to myself -- hummm, I need more research data. So, before I went to look for more orbital data between Mars and Earth -- I checked out the Star Trek episode that started this whole project.

I found it -- it was the "Day of the Dove" -- and it is the seventh episode of the third season of Star Trek, first broadcast on November 1, 1968. According to Wikipedia, the program subject was about a "Non-corporeal alien entity deriving sustenance from violent emotions such as hate and fear in others; attempts to pit Klingons and Enterprise personnel against each other in endless combat". Moreover, another excerpt from the Wikipedia article states "a glowing entity composed of pure energy...apparently feeding off the desperate, violent emotions which are surfacing...the entity is capable of implanting false memories in order to trigger aggression...the entity hovering and pulsating a bright red nearby".

The article continues with more descriptions about how the crew survived the alien threat from space: "To starve the entity, Kirk and Kang encourage their crews to act jovially and to laugh with one another loudly. The entity dissipates in silence, disengages from the computers and leaves the ship". Check out the story overview at Wikipedia when you can -- its worth the read.

So, are we to start "acting jovially and to laugh with one another loudly" to rid this ongoing world-wide war of political mistrust among us? I wish it was that simple -- perhaps it is, but how do you get the "Deep State" of mind that the socialist want in their unreachable quest of a perfect utopian paradise, to change their ways? How does one control human greed?

I know that what I've just said is based on a science fiction story about a time and place in the future where a battle situation between people never really happened -- but I also know that there is a real battle taking place in current politics around the world where something or some one needs to help resolve the situation before it gets out of hand. Perhaps, like a fever, the heat will dissipate -- and the weaker players will just "fade away" somehow.

However, decades of academic brainwashing and indoctrination to socialistic values that progressively push politically correct social justice rules into the minds of students and teachers has caused great harm to those who fell for the false concepts presented in schools. I know this for a fact -- I was there in school in the 60s and 70s. I distinctly remember a social studies teacher back in the seventh grade stand before the class and drew on the chalkboard the words "capitalism will merge with communism to form socialism". What a load of BS!

At the time I knew nothing about politics and didn't give it much thought -- but I do remember the event -- and now I understand that teachers must have been teaching this propaganda for decades -- which has led to the political war we have now. I could rant and ramble on about current politics -- but if you want to learn more -- check out my "Our Political Glossary" link at my Atlantean Communications website.

* * *
Now -- returning to the current Interview of 8/2020, let me say that I still have a nagging question in my head about the following idea -- or theory: Can the physical location of planetary bodies in the solar system have anything to do the behavior of humans here on Earth?

I know it sounds like I'm trying to mix the science of astronomy with the pseudo-science of astrology -- but that's the direction this story seems to be going at this time.

First, let me say that -- although I have a open mind on many subjects, I also have limits in what I believe to be true -- and what is false. For example, in my mind -- the Earth is spherical in nature and not flat -- which leaves me curious to learn why some people, in this day and age, still believe the Earth is flat -- no matter what the scientific evidence proves. It's amazing to learn about how stubborn people and human ignorance can influence our world in negative ways.

Also, I believe no mortal human being from the past, present or future, can actually see into the real future. Although many people still believe in prophetic Biblical stories -- written by people long ago, about future events, these stories are not factual in nature. There may have been some people in the past that gave some good guesses about what can happen in the present or future -- but, no, nobody can see the real future because -- well, some things just seem impossible in the real world.

Having said these thoughts and ideas, I came across some current information regarding the planetary location of Mars and Venus -- relative to the location of Earth, that may have -- or may not have, something to do with the recent political human activity here on Earth.

Again, I know these views seem like I'm suggesting some kind of astrological explanation of the current madness or craziness going on in the world regarding certain political events -- such as the "Covid-19 hoax event" in the name of "public safety", but let's check out the following image and see if there are any scientific theories that link astronomical events with current human events.

Solar wind connection between the planets. Source: NASA

Within the above image is scientific data that suggest the planet of Mars is electro-magnetically connected to the planet of Venus because it is exposed to the Solar "wind wake" from Venus -- which may -- or may not, relate to certain material events -- including human activity, currently taking place here on Earth.

Although the above image suggest that there may be some kind of direct electromagnetic current link between Mars and Venus -- it also shows this link is connected to the Sun -- which in turn, is electro-magnetically connected to the Earth. Therefore, a pathway -- or "river of electromagnetic energy" that connects all three planets together in some fashion, is perhaps a subject worth investigating at this time.

The key to understanding this planetary energy link to human activity theory is understanding the dimensional realm powers of electromagnetic energy -- which includes the electromagnetic pathways within the electric universe we -- as intelligent humans, live in.

In other words, powerful positive and negative forces within the electric universe are connected and woven together -- and have an invisible relationship with visible matter -- including the mindset of humans.

Because the human brain uses low power electrical energy to communicate with itself -- and is capable of amplifying said electrical energy using mental decisions to control physical devices -- which are connected to electrical networks around the world -- now linked to Artificial Intelligent cloud-based computer "server farms" by way of the Internet, the possibility that intelligent humans are manipulating the electromagnetic energy field of Earth in some way, is a possibility worthy of scientific research -- at least in my mind.

Moreover, this electromagnetic energy field of Earth may be more than just a powerful dynamo force of nature -- it could also be linked to intelligent human activity on Earth by as yet unknown wireless frequencies in tune -- or in sync, with "intelligent spiritual forces" on -- and beyond Earth.

So, to summarize, the above image is an electromagnetic map of our inner solar system that shows powerful pathways of energy -- which may be directly -- or indirectly, linked to "intelligent energy" forces influenced by intelligent human activity.

The theoritical idea that "raw energy" is the same as "intelligent energy" is based on the notion that any energy -- like electromagnetic energy, "knows" where to go "to fill a void" -- or "knows" how "to repel a counter force" when given an opportunity. Because the definition of the word "intelligence" suggest "knowledge" of something, the term "intelligent energy" implies the idea that certain energetic forces will behave a certian predictable way and are "smart enough" to be negative or positive.

Therefore, as stated in the above story -- wherein the "Roman god of War" -- known as Mars, and the "Roman goddess of love" -- known as Venus, as shown as nearby planets on a "solar wind" map, perhaps suggest -- in an abstract way, that some kind of "cosmic storm event" between "the forces of good and bad" in nature, is taking place -- and may "reflect" the spiritual events here on Earth among humans.

If there is such a way to see, read and predict these "cosmic event connections" between planets and people using the above solar wind map model, would it be possible to see, read and predict future human activity and events on Earth based on the mathematical forecast location of said planets?

In other words -- is it possible to actually see when this current spiritual battle here on Earth will be over, by studying the connective "energy lines" between planets? If so, then perhaps this nearby "cosmic storm event" in the heavens between "the good and the bad" as "reflected" here on earth, should be over soon -- when the "energy lines" disconnect themselves -- at least in theory.

However and whenever this "cosmic storm event" in the heavens ends, predicting exactly how and when the political storm event here on Earth will end is still guesswork. We are all still mortal humans that can never see the real future.

Now -- after laying the foundation to the theory that certain heavenly events may be related to the ongoing spiritual event battle between humans here on Earth -- at least in an abstract way, I would like to also include a section of an interview I did over five years ago when I suggested the idea that some kind of invisible "spiritual pathway" -- or "historical layline" may exist directly over my home here in North Carolina between two of the largest and most ancient historical sites from antediluvian times.

* * *
The following story comes from my 37th Interview I posted on 4/2015:

Duane: Before we begin this interview, let me address a series of recent discoveries that are relevant to the subject of Atlantis and "ley lines" between ancient megalithic sites.

Just last week I was watching a documentary that revealed a summer solstice "ley line" between a prehistoric megalithic earthwork site in New Hampshire -- known as "America's Stonehenge" and Great Britain's Stonehenge site. The documentary also showed a Google Earth map image that continues this "ley line" all the way over to the ancient Phoenician city of what is now Beirut Lebanon -- which suggest that some sort of historical link between all three sites exist.

Now, let me also say that the subject of "ley lines" and how they represent some kind of "invisible energy line" between ancient or natural sites is a controversial New Age subject that I never really studied much and therefore was unaware of how important it is to some historians. So, I have spent the last few days studying up on the subject and have found that there is basically two camps of believers -- the ones who believe "ley lines" are not much more than a set of imaginary navigational lines that coincidently match up, and those who believe they represent "directional energy forces" created by man or nature.

jpeg image of the megalithic ley line

Between Teotihuacan and Baalbek lies an ancient Ley Line.

What got me interested about this ley line discovery was that I used the Google Earth program to verify this ley line and continued the line down to the largest -- but not the tallest, pyramid complex in the world near Mexico City at Teotihuacan. I also adjusted this ley line just a little to include not the city of Beirut but the ancient nearby city of Baalbek instead because Baalbek is where the largest man made megalithic stones in the world are known to exist. It has been estimated that some cut stone work at Baalbek weigh in at over 1500 tons.

But what really got me excited about this particular ley line from Baalbek Lebanon to Teotihuacan Mexico was that it crosses the ground where I live in North Carolina by only a few feet! What are the mathematical odds of this nearby ley line situation to exist?

This discovery is so new to me, I don't really know what to think about it. Is it just a coincidence on a computer model map and my imagination? Or is it something much more?

If this discovery is something more than a coincidence -- how is one to explain the significance of a very precise directional line on the surface of the earth between two of the largest man made megalithic stone works sites in prehistoric history passing a few feet from my home where I have lived for eight years without knowing it?

Only a few days ago I believed ley lines were basically used by persons or "dowsers" with little metal hand-held rods or forked sticks to find water under the ground. Anything beyond that view seemed hard to believe because there apparently exist no scientific verification technique to prove they truely exist.

During my recent online research into ley lines, I discovered that on some very old navigational charts a series of long strait lines were once used as reference directional bearings by seafaring navigators to find important places beyond the horizon.

I also came across a book written in 1969 by John Michell entitled "The View Over Atlantis" where he suggest the idea that prehistoric ley lines exist between major megalithic sites around the world -- such as Stonehenge and Teotihucan. I did not know about this book until a few days ago -- I swear!

Why exactly some people believe ley lines represent lines of invisible energy -- I don't know, but if certain ley lines are based on some kind of energy forces, could these energy forces contain electromagnetic information data or knowlege that is part of some terrestrial or celestial network pathway?

Does my unique knowlege about the truth of history's greatest mystery have anything to do with the energy that may be associated with this particular ley line?

Although my Spirit of Atlantis book project was written almost thirty years ago in Key Largo Florida, I have been adding more data to the subject via my website since I moved to my North Carolina home eight years ago -- so, perhaps certain ley lines are, like in this case, somehow capable of electro-magnetically "linking into my human brain" with historical knowledge about Atlantis.

Now, I know it seems crazy to believe that some humans may be able to read the energy within certain ley lines, but yesterday, while testing other ley lines between ancient places on the Google Earth program, I found a ley line between Stonehenge in Great Britain and where I believe the lost Seaport of Atlantis once existed near Lake Izabal in Guatemala that passes just offshore a few miles from where I used to live in Key Largo -- right near what I believe could have been the original Fountain of Youth spring.

Reporter 1: So -- what are you saying, that because you live or lived near certain energy ley lines between major prehistoric places on earth, you have been recieving information signals from another place and time? Do you want to believe that some ley lines are a kind of invisible energy line or "information beam" between two points on the surface of earth that is capable of being read or felt by certain persons?

Duane: Why yes, of course it would be great if I could help discover what real ley lines are -- but, just because I want to believe in a theory of what they may be, doesn't make them real energy lines on earth. What makes them real is scientifically proving that they are actual energy lines in the field -- not just in the mind. Developing a technique to measure the energy value of them would be the next phase in proving they really exist. Perhaps some sort of electromagnetic device that measures the interdimensional energy forces near or within the lines needs to be discovered. Or perhaps that device is in fact the human brain itself.

I remember an old Moody Blues song named "Melancholy Man" wherein the singer sings the words "a beam of light will fill your head and you'll remember what's been said by all the good men this world has ever known".

If this "beam of light" -- or "energy pathway", is some sort of ley line phenomenon between different universal time zones in space, then perhaps the human brain is capable of visiting places in real time beyond being human.

For example, in a recent interview I theorized about how a blue glowing event on the moon within the Aristarchus Crater site may be a plasma powered radio beacon station -- much like a "star-gate portal" site, that could be used by "energy beings" or "spirits" which travel within ELF radio signals to visit host beings between planets -- and that these "spirits" live within a kind of "interstellar internet system" of energy signals and beacons at the speed of light where, according to Albert Einstein, time stands still -- thus they have all the time in the universe to visit the brains of corporal beings on planets like humans or other animals -- including our pets.

Well, perhaps certain ley lines also exist on earth and, like some sort of "wireless global internet system", are invisible pathways for these "spirits" as they travel and visit people and places.

Even Norse Mythology mentions a story about a "rainbow bridge" -- known as "Bifrost", that once existed between the city of Asgard in heaven and their homes in northern Europe which could be used by the gods when needed. Did our ancient Atlantean ancestors ever use a major prehistoric ley line or "colorful energy bridge" to navigate between the New and Old Worlds in antediluvian times?

Before satellite GPS navigation technology came into being, boat and plane pilots once used a radio system called LORAN -- where navigational beams -- that contained binary distance data, were transmitted from beacon stations. Perhaps ancient beacon stations once help Atlantean navigators navigate the globe in antediluvian times -- and may actually still exist because, after all, time stands still for energy life within the beam.

Then, of course, I'm just theorizing what ley lines may be -- perhaps they only exist as fictional imaginary lines on a map with no real meaning. Some people believe what they want to believe -- regardless of what appears as facts. But, as my book project reveals, sometimes historical facts that are believed by many historians are not facts after all. In any case, I'm having fun theorizing using my imagination.

* * *
Okay -- back to the here and now. I re-posted this story because I wanted to point out about how my theory of invisible "energy lines" -- or "powerful pathways of spiritual information" may exist -- not only in "outer space", but also down here on the Earth's surface between important ancient places.

Of course, I'm sure there are many that would say I'm "off my rocker" by theorizing such ideas -- but even if I was wrong, it seems interesting to note that my theory about nearby over-head wireless energy pathways, does explain where I'm "receiving" my "theories" from -- whether they are real or not.

I should also add another short story relevant to these views about when I once lived in a house trailer with our family near Roswell New Mexico back in early 1960's, my father rigged an outside TV antenna directly under a TV power cable -- where we could watch some cable TV channels without wires -- thus, another example of freely "tapping into overhead pathway information" by "special equipment" if available.

In my case -- my "special equipment" is my brain -- perhaps tuned to the right frequencies. Is the pineal gland within the brain some kind of receiver antenna?

gif image of the brain glowing

Is the pineal gland within the brain some kind of receiver antenna?.

Anyway, enough of my theories for now -- are there any questions today?

Reporter 1: So -- apparently you believe that "invisible spirits" from above are telling your brain about things related to the subject of Atlantis. You know what they say about people who "hear voices" -- do you hear voices?

Duane: No -- but I do have some annoying tinitus sounds I hear all the time -- mostly in my right ear, that sometimes keeps me wondering what is causing it.

Like I've said, I like to theorize about things related to the subject of Atlantis -- and I don't know where I'm "receiving" my theories. Whether they come from the outside or from deep inside of my brain, I don't know -- but if they come from the outside, it sure would be interesting to prove it.

Reporter 2: Based on your solar wind map example of the inner Solar System -- do you have anything to say about the location of the outer planets beyond the map -- like Jupiter and Saturn, with regards to any "electromagnetic connections" between the planets relevant to stories of mythical characters and human events?

Duane: Interesting question. I have not thought about how other planets relate to this theoretical subject regarding cosmic connections to Earth.

I suppose the theory could extend beyond the map example and try to explain other aspects of the theory -- but that would really get into astrological models -- which would introduce more guesswork and enter the realm of political theories.

The Solar wind map example was really designed to show how a Solar flare would effect the inner system of planets -- particularly Earth. Apparently, the purpose of it is to give people on Earth a "heads up" warning of an incoming Solar flare event.

Reporter 2: Have you received any new revelations about Atlantis lately?

Duane: I've been so caught up in my political understanding of what is going on in the world -- I have not had the time to do any real historical research about Atlantis lately.

However, I have been trying to understand how the Atlanteans may have once built a network of flying machines -- particularly a type of powered "hang-glider" design. The design keeps changing -- but it is basically a simple Rogallo-type kite aircraft with a simple aerodynamic payload pod that hangs down from the foldable wings and may be able to operate on land or sea.

I use small wooden sticks with little plastic tube joints to design and build the model aircraft shapes. It's like designing 3D models using sticks instead of lines on a drawing board. Based on the 5/8 scalable formula known as the "Golden Section" -- the aircraft designs are very simple to build and easy to replicate. I have not yet discovered the best composite "skin material" to "fill the shapes" in between the sticks -- but I'm working on it.

Powered by asymmetrical controlled electric thrust motors -- or, depending on the design, just one motor, I plan on building several working RC versions soon. Although I've been planning this design for almost forty years, perhaps this time, it may happen.

I hope to have more to say about this lost design in my next interview.

Reporter 3: Have you received any new revelations about exactly when Atlantis existed -- relative to the human timeline of recorded history?

Duane: No -- not really. Like I just said, I've been so caught up in my political understanding of what is going on in the world and updating "our political glossary" essay project at my wesbsite, any new timeline revelations about when exactly Atlantis existed in time is on "standby" until this "Covid-19 hoax event" is over.

However, I have explained and posted many stories about when Atlantis existed in time -- and when it was destroyed just less than a thousand years ago. Anybody who cares to understand my timeline math and scientific views at my spiritofatlantis.com website, is welcome to explore the data for free.

END 56th INTERVIEW 8/2020
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