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Duane K. McCullough 9/2020

by Duane McCullough

This 57th interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" -- however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or a HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 9/2020 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina

Duane: Greetings again -- I hope everyone is well. I would like to talk about two basic subjects today before answering any questions.

However -- before I mention them, I would like to apologies for a date error regarding my last Interview -- where I mislabeled the date as 10/20 that should have been 8/2020. All is corrected now -- sorry about that. I will always now include the month and full year date -- so as not to confuse the date of the month with the month of the year.

Anyway, the two subjects include a quick update regarding my last Interview -- and then a significant rant surmising what I know about the current political crisis.

The first subject is a fast update about the "invisible power lines of energy" -- or "magnetic field lines" that exist within certain solar weather map programs between the planets and the Sun -- and how the Extremely Long Frequencies in them may be influencing "spiritual human activity" down here on earth.

As I suggested in my previous Interview last month, my observations regarding the location of certain planets -- and how they are connected to the Sun and other planets by some kind of "river of electromagnetic energy" -- or "ELF forces", reveals a possible relationship between these connections and human mental behavior here on Earth.

Solar wind connection between the planets on 8/2020. Source: NASA
Notice that Mars is within the Solar wind-wake of Venus.

The updated aspect of my observations is that -- according to the solar wind map and other planetary data from other solar system models, later this year -- perhaps near Halloween, Mars will be in the Earth's electromagnetic wind-wake from the Sun -- and Earth could be in the electromagnetic wind-wake of Mercury at the same time. What this "electromagnetic connection event" means is unclear at this time.

Solar system model with overlayed electromagnetic
path line from the Sun. Source: The Sky Live website

However, it is believed by some astronomers that when Mars enters the electromagnetic solar wind-wake of Earth, a major dust storm event takes place on the surface of Mars because the atmosphere is "stirred up" by the electromagnetic energy associated with the solar wind-wake power passing around Earth.

Unlike astrology models -- which depends on triangular strait lines of relationship between the planets and Earth to predict "human behavior events" by astrologers -- this "curving" or "arching" solar wind model example may simply be suggesting that some kind of "invisible power lines of energy" exist between the planets and the Sun -- and are electromagnetically connected somehow in our Solar System. Perhaps the whole celestial event is just a coincidence of planetary alignment within the energy path line -- and nothing important will happen.

Or maybe the event will result in something important happening -- who knows what will happen in the heavens or on Earth during and after the event is over?

Personally, I hope nothing negative will happen -- but since the date of Halloween is near the 3rd of November -- where perhaps the most important Presidential Election in recorded human history is suppose to take place, I guess we will have to wait and see if this "cosmic electromagnetic event" has anything to do with any "spiritual events" between humans here on Earth.

The good news is that -- according to traditional folklore, all "the ghouls and goblins" in the world are supposed to die in the early morning hours at day-break of "All Saints Day" -- the day after Halloween, and perhaps the general public will wake up from this greedy man-made nightmare scam event -- called Covid-19. It might take a month or so for these creatures to die -- but they will die, because good always wins over evil.

Regarding the scam event of Covid-19 -- let me be clear -- there is no true global pandemic event taking place because there is no actual evidence of a novel contagion they are calling a virus. However -- there is a greedy gang of "ghouls and goblins" in this world who have been telling us lies about our safety for months in the name of a false-flag scam event they call Covid-19.

Which brings me to the second subject I would like to explore here in this Interview. This subject involves a rant story by me regarding my understanding of the many nefarious political activities taking place around the world that has caused a major global crisis event -- and identifying the greedy gang responsible for this event,

Under the guise of a global pandemic event called Covid-19 -- and the insane crazy "public safety" behavior activities designed to contain the "invisible enemy" of the event, this greedy gang of "ghouls and goblins" have conspired together to seriously steal our personal freedoms away from us.

Because the members of this greedy gang are so numerous, it's hard to focus to on just one member. They have so many members that are tied to a complex system of political control of governments and corporations, finding them and bringing them to justice is almost -- but not entirely, impossible.

The goblins in this gang of thieves are the gobalist with direct -- or indirect, money ties to the UN Agenda 21 project -- which is a Communistic corporate take over of our world. Their 2021 deadline is why they are pushing everything so hard to get full central control of governments and corporations on a global scale.

If it were not for the United Nations -- and other numerous "think tank" institutions and foundations -- like the Council of Foriegn Relations and the World Economic Forum -- together with the World Bank and the IMF -- which are part of the Global Central Banking Cartel of the Rothschild Family, coordinating their nefarious political activities with the Masons -- who help build this network of thievery, none of this Covid-19 nightmare BS would be happening.

The ghouls in this gang of thieves are the many ghost minions that take orders from the goblins -- and are paid to spread fear across the land. They mainly consist of the Marxist Mainstream Media -- which include links to the CIA, the Oligarchical Technocrats, the Democratic Party, the Rockefeller Medical Industrial Complex, Billy Gates & Company -- and the Military Industrial Complex.

The Deep State controlled Marxist Mainstream Media would have us believe that a new nasty germ got loose across the world and we need to take "medical action" to midigate infection from it by wearing mask and staying six-feet apart from each other. And if we refuse to obey their directions -- we are being selfish -- which will lead to killing granny in her nursing home -- therefore, they will punish us as much as they can get away with.

Let's wake up and get real people. We have so many days left to find alternatives to the following "services" before they crash our world -- so that they can rebuild a new one -- which will give them even more control of our lives:

* The United Nations -- who support the Marxist Utopian theories behind Socialism and Communism;
* The Global Central Banking Cartel of the Rothschild Family -- who are tied to the US Federal Reserve -- and support the Geopolitical Marxist Goals of Zionism;
* The Masons -- who's leadership is controlled by Communistic New World Order Marxist theories;
* The Rockefeller Medical Industrial Complex -- who control Big Pharma Corporations and Allopathic medicine schemes that never really cure health problems;
* The Military Industrial Complex -- who build offensive weapons of mass destruction with money tied to the Global Central Banking Cartel of the Rothschild Family;
* The Marxist Mainstream Media -- who have links to the CIA and other central government planners related to Communism;
* The Democratic Party -- who have had political ties to Socialism, Communism and Zionism for many many years;
* The Oligarchical Technocrats -- who use corporate control of our communications and entertainment systems to program our minds;
* And many other creatures of the night that live in the Deep State swamp.

The Globalist don't realize we also have a reset button -- where we can create our own sovereign currency -- without past debts to bad deals made long ago.

Perhaps the United States of America needs to issue a new currency not tied to the Global Central Banking Cartel of the Rothschild Family -- and the US Federal Reserve -- which is simply a branch of the same cartel. Although two US Presidents were assassinated the last time that idea was tried, we have to try again if we really want real sovereignty from the Zionist Cabal who control the world supply of money with usury schemes designed to enslave us forever.

So -- again, let's wake up from the spell of these greedy gangs who are causing such grief and sorrow. When I count to three and snap my virtual fingers, we will all now wake up and be aware of most of the lies these animals have created. One, two, three -- and snap!

See -- that wasn't hard -- now go out there and wake up other people to the false flag event that is Covid-19. And remember not to focus on too much negative information -- give a little dab of positive when you can -- just to keep others aware that there is hope when the dawn breaks in the morning.

Anyway, enough of my views for now -- are there any questions today?

Reporter 1: Fascinating views -- where did you gather all this political information regarding these Deep State swamp creatures?

Duane: The political information is based on stories I've been collecting and writing about for over four years now within an essay work entitled "Our Political Glossary" that anyone can read online at my spiritofatlantis.com website under the Atlantean Communications link.

The essay work is a long read -- currently about 3 hours to read. I keep updating it -- and because so much political activity is happening lately, it never seems complete.

For example -- regarding the term "Deep State", it is but one of about 110 political words and terms that I have explored in great detail -- and many aspects of the subject are presented with online references and sources. There is a real reason why the swamp runs deep in the state of government -- particularly in Washington D.C..

Reporter 2: You mentioned in our last Interview that you would say more about this ancient aircraft design you have been working on for years, Have you anything to add to that statement?

Duane: Yes -- let me first repeat a modified version of what I said in our last Interview:

"I have been trying to understand how the Atlanteans may have once built a network of flying machines -- particularly a type of powered hang-glider design. The design keeps changing -- but it is basically a simple scalable Rogallo-type kite aircraft design with a simple aerodynamic payload pod that hangs down from the foldable wings -- and may be able to operate on land or sea."

"I use small wooden sticks with little plastic tube joints to design and build the model aircraft shapes. It's like designing 3D models using sticks instead of lines on a drawing board. Based on the 5/8 scalable formula known as the "Golden Section" -- the aircraft designs are very simple to build and easy to replicate. I have not yet discovered the best composite "skin material" to "fill the shapes" in between the sticks -- but I'm working on it."

"Powered by asymmetrical controlled electric thrust motors -- or, depending on the design, just one motor, I plan on building several working RC versions soon. Although I've been planning this design for almost forty years, perhaps this time, it may happen."

Having repeating what I said in our last Interview, I would like to add that I have been reluctant to reveal more aspects of my design over the years because I feel others who may be following my ideas online could be copying them for nefarious reasons. In other words, the Intellectual Property rights of my design could be stolen by people with much more financial power to build and market the concept than I currently have.

For example, I have learned that Intellectual Property rights filed at the US Patent Office are "shared" with intelligence organization and corporations in the UK and else ware before being approved. And if the idea can be weaponized and pose a military threat to certain "allied nations", it will be outright stolen from the designer or inventor -- and be used as a weapon by the Military Industrial Complex.

So, as one can imagine, I have not revealed too much of my design online for reasons just explained.

However, I will say a little more in this Interview. I know that this design and concept of human flight will revolutionize air travel as we know it. Although the design can and will be modified for fast high-speed flying vehicles in the future, the design I'm working on is not a fast flying aircraft. In fact, the idea behind the design is low and slow -- but fast enough to land safely in a strong wind.

Moreover, the building cost of the design should be extremely inexpensive compared to current aircraft designs -- and the method of construction and assembly should be very simple. Think of the earliest Rogallo-type kite aircraft designs -- and imagine a simple updated version of it to understand what I'm talking about. With modern composite materials and other new technologies -- including navigation capabilities built in the design, a new -- but very ancient, light weight and portable vehicle design that can fly safely is the goal behind this project.

The power propulsion system used in the current design is based on electric motors -- but that may change in the future.

It should be known and realized that -- even today, the cheapest aircraft glider design that can carry humans is based on the foil-wing Rogallo-type kite design. Perhaps the idea that ancient Atlantean pilots could have once used a similar foil-wing design to fly vehicles in the air, is not so hard to believe.

But, what is really easy to believe is the idea that, without a doubt, the Atlanteans of long ago once used Lateen rigged sailboats -- powered by what looked like half of the foil-wing Rogallo-type kite design -- which also looks like the "Star Trek logo" design, to sail the Oceans far and wide.

In other words, because of a new aircraft design soon to be revealed that will revolutionize air travel -- the days of going to a large airport and putting on a face diaper and showing someone your digital bank and health pass to get aboard a large aircraft to travel anywhere far and wide over the horizon, may be numbered.

Reporter 3: In your online essay entitled "Our Political Glossary" -- you recently suggested the idea that information within the current US flag design represents some kind of ancient annual calendar system that the Atlanteans once used for timekeeping reasons. Could you elaborate on this novel concept for us please?

Duane: Sure -- in fact, let me just copy and paste what I have said in the essay so we can better understand your question.

* * *

Is there an ancient calendar hidden in the US Flag?

It is interesting to note the current flag of the USA also represents a graphical model of an ancient forgotten calendar -- wherein a time counting formula within certain elements of the flag -- when added together properly, equals the annual count value of the True Tropical Solar Year. In other words, the current flag of the USA can be used to tell a time-keeping story of how our ancient ancestors once kept annual time -- so that farmers would know when to plant and harvest food crops on time throughout the year -- and when seafaring traders, who once sailed across the oceans, would know when to depart during the seasonal trade winds.

For example, the numbers of 4, 5, 7 and 50 can be found in the current US flag -- and if added together properly using the right sequence values, can be used as a calendar count formula of annual timekeeping that equals 365.2422 days a year. The following formula of number values explains this concept in greater detail:

#1: Two shapes can be found in the US flag -- a four-sided square or rectangle that represents the number of 4 -- and the five-pointed pentagram star of 5. There also exist seven red stripes of 7 -- and fifty-stars that represents the number of 50.

#2: The number 7 represents 7-days a week -- which if times 52 -- as in 52-weeks a year, equals 364 days -- that, when added to a "year day" event at the end of the year -- every year, equals 365 days per year.

#3: Now, if one "leap day" -- or "pass-over day", were added every alternate fourth and fifth year to a 365 day annual calendar -- together with a "super leap day", every 50-years -- the total time count per year equals the True-Tropical Solar Year of 365.2422 days a year!

The calendar math is relatively easy to understand -- if 365 days a year was multiplied by 100, the total would equal 36,500 days per century. Now, if the alternate fourth and fifth year "leap-day" formula equals a total of 22.22+ "extra days" every 100 years -- and if one "super leap day" every 50 years -- which equals 2 "super leap days" every 100 years, were added together, then the total would be 24.22+ "extra days" every century. So, added all together the total equals 36,524.22+ days every 100 years -- which equals the True Tropical Solar Year count formula of 365.2422 days a year for a balanced Solar Calendar.

What is truely amazing in understanding this ancient numerical formula of annual time-keeping, is that -- according to Plato, the Atlanteans from Atlantis met at their capital seaport every 4th and 5th year -- and that, according to several archeologist, many of the "timekeeping temple mounds" in what is now "Middle America" were "ceremoniously enlarged" every 50 years!

So -- is the USA of today -- which controls much of the world, somehow related to the antediluvian Atlantean Maritime Kingdom that once controlled the world long ago?

* * *
Now that I've repeated what I said in the online essay, the only elaboration I may add to your question is who -- if anyone, planned the design of the current US flag so that it numerically matches the ancient annual calendar count of the Atlanteans?

And I would also like point out that -- as far as I know, I am the only person to know how the Atlanteans may have kept annual time. In no literature have I ever read how the Atlanteans actually counted annual time -- I have however, assembled numerical data from Plato's records and have applied my own interpretation of historical stories -- like the 50-year ceremonial concept of rebuilding temple mounds in Middle America, to help solve the theories about Atlantis and lost calendars of long ago.

I have tried to explain this ancient Atlantean calendar count system to many people over the years -- but nobody understands or cares about the historical value of the revelation. Apparently, the mathematical information is so "over the top" to understand, it is ignored and never repeated by anyone that I know.

Perhaps, after this Interview, the idea that our Atlantean ancestors were once real people -- who used a real annual calendar system more accurate than any known -- including the one currently in use by the world today, will finally be realized.

UPDATE 9/21/2020: While researching into the subject of who are the bad people behind the cause of the current global false flag contagion crisis that is known as Covid-19, I came across information posted by David Icke, where he pointed out a nasty group of people identified as the Sabbatean Frank Cult of Frankism.

For those who are not aware, Frankism was a Sabbatean Jewish religious movement of the 18th & 19th century that, under the Jewish messia claimant -- Jacob Frank, who died in 1791, rejected all religious norms -- except their own. Moreover, the "Frankenstein religious cult of Frankism" is related to the Sabbateans who came from the Ottoman Empire of what is now Turkey -- and at it's height, the cult reached fifty-thousand followers -- primarily the Jews in Poland and eastern Europe.

Unlike traditional Judaism -- which provides a set of detailed guidelines that are scrupulously followed by observant Jews and regulate many aspects of life, Jacob Frank claimed that "all laws and teachings will fall" and asserted "the most important obligation of every member" of the cult was the "transgression of every moral boundary".

So, apparently, this "Frankenstein religious cult of Frankism" is still in business and is related to Zionism because the timeline activity between the two movements seem to match up. In other words, believers in global Zionism want a new utopian world -- and are willing to resort to chaos and anarchy activity to kill the known world to build their version of a new one.

Therefore, national citizens around the world who value their freedom and property need to wake up and recognize that the Coronavirus PLANdemic event of 2020 is a man-made flase-flag contagion story to cause chaos and anarchy to kill the known world -- so that the Zionist and Masons -- who are the globalist, can build a new one.

UPDATE 10/9/2020: It seems that this Holloween will definitely be unique because the night will have a Full moon -- and a Blue moon, on the same night when we loose an hour of time -- due to the Daylight savings time system. Moreover, it will be a Saturday -- named after Saturn -- and identified with saturnalia or "a period of unrestrained revelry and often licentiousness; an orgy".

UPDATE 10/30/2020: The following Solar wind map program illustrates that the electromagnetic Solar wind wake of Mercury has passed by Earth -- and that Mars is still not quite in the Solar wind wake of Earth as of 11/6/2020 -- which suggest the idea or theory that any event of "electromagnetic energy" between Earth and Mars achored to the Sun will not take place until perhaps a week later. Again, it could be just a coincidence of planetary alignment within the energy path line -- or the event could mark something between space energy and spiritial energy on Earth.

Solar wind connection between the planets on 11/6/2020. Source: NASA
Notice that Mars is almost within the Solar wind-wake of Earth.

UPDATE 11/30/2020: The Solar wind map model for December the 3rd shows a very large burst event of energy from the Sun passing over both Earth and Mars -- and that the energy path line that connects the planets is distorted. Perhaps the massive spiritual energy forces happening on Earth between the "Great Awakening" of the Nationalist and the "Great Reset" of the Globalist is somehow "reflected" in this "cosmic event" as seen in this Solar wind map model. Does universal electricity have a spiritual aspect to it? Are spirits in humans somehow linked to these invisible energy path lines that connects the planets together? Is the current global discord among people on Earth related to this cosmic event?

Solar wind connection between the planets on 12/3/2020. Source: NASA
Notice that the energy line between Earth and Mars is distorted.
by a burst event from the Sun.

UPDATE 12/5/2020: The Solar wind map model for December the 10th shows the energy path line that connected the planets of Earth and Mars should be free of connection. What this may mean is that the main cosmic event between Earth and Mars should be over. Hopefully, any spiritual discord between humans caught up in this cosmic event could be over as well. In other words, by 12/10/2020, we could perhaps know the true outcome of the 2020 US Presidential Election -- if the theory that these "ribbon-like electromagnetic rivers of energy" between the planets and the Sun are somehow connected to the spiritual energy in humans on Earth.

Solar wind connection between the planets on 12/10/2020. Source: NASA
Notice that the energy line between Earth and Mars is now disconnected.

UPDATE: Solar wind connection between the planets on 12/07/2020 to 12/17/2020. Source: NASA
A CME is expected to hit Earth on the 9th during the day -- followed by another hit at midnight.

UPDATE 12/11/2020: Well, apparently no significant electromagnetic activity from the Sun impacted the Earth on or before the 10th of December -- at least not enough to effect the spiritual and political outcome of the 2020 US Presidential Election contest. So, perhaps my theory that the "spiritual discord" event between humans -- regarding the political 2020 US Presidential Election contest, would be basically over was misplaced. However, my theory that the ongoing "spiritual discord" between humans on Earth can be "seen" within certain computer models of the inner Solar System which show connections between the planets and the Sun, is still in play.

There seems to be no doubt in the minds of the awaken public that some kind of man-made pandemic scam event is trying to destroy our world of today -- using a "global reset" situation to change how we live together, so the globalist can "build it back better". But, as I've said before, they will loose this battle -- and the war, because they are evil -- and we are good. It would be nice though, to know when this event will be over...

UPDATE: Solar wind connection between the planets on 12/27/2020 to 1/5/2021. Source: NASA
The electromagnetic connection between Earth and Mars reconnects on the 5th of January 2021 .

UPDATE 12/27/2020: If the latest solar wind model of the inner solar system is any indicator of how the energy of Mars -- the "Roman God of War", is somehow effecting the "spiritual discord" of humans here on Earth, then, according to the model, the electromagnetic connection between Earth and Mars -- after loosing connection, reconnects again on the 5th of January -- which suggests something politically significant could happen on that date -- or on the day after, when the US Congress chooses the next president of the USA using the Electoral College process.

Again, because these model solar wind images reveal electromagnetic connections between the inner planets, the theory that spiritual energy and electromagnetic energy are one of the same, suggest the idea in which any major discord between groups of people on Earth may be visible as "energy ribbons" on a computer model program of the inner Solar System.

END 57th INTERVIEW 9/2020
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