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Duane K. McCullough 1/2021

by Duane McCullough

This 58th interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" -- however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or a HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 2/2021 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina

Duane: Hello again -- I hope everyone is well. Before answering any questions, I would like to talk about a subject today that I hope can help address a positive outcome to the mental and political crisis event currently plaguing the world.

The following meme was created by me a few months ago and makes a statement that can void all claims by the Medical Industrial Complex related to the COVID-19 crisis.

It can not be over emphasized that the information within the following meme can help the public wake up from the fake germophobic scam event -- and understand that the whole diabolical concept behind the scam event -- together with all aspects related to it, was designed by evil people to usher in a dystopian future for the Global Elite who want to control the world.

The COVID-19 scam event of 2020 is a False Flag event
designed by evil people to usher in a dystopian future for the Global Elite

Once the idea that "viruses are not germs" can be understood properly by the public -- then everything related to the fake germophobic scam event -- particularly all the crazy health rules and regulations mandated by government, should make the public see the truth and reject these freedom destroying "laws". We should stop the insane behavior caused by the scam event before the event destroys the world we live in -- and the way we live in it.

The Global Elite gang who are pushing the scam event are apparently trying to punish the general public because they falsely believe the people on Earth are destroying it with human pollution. Just read up on the UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 projects, and see why they would want to see a global pandemic event to "reduce the human population". The COVID-19 scam event fits their diabolical global agendas.

I have explain in great detail at my updated online essay project called "Our Political Glossary" the reasons why viruses are not germs concept -- and how the Medical Industrial Complex -- which is part of "Big Pharma" gang, has convinced the public for over a hundred years that viruses are disease causing "germs". And because viruses are not disease causing "germs" -- and do not "come alive" inside the body using RNA code particles as some want us to believe, all current medical theories regarding viruses and biological germs need to be changed to reflect that idea.

Regarding the subject of vaccines -- all we really need to know is that they are concoctions of poisonous materials -- created by profit making medical corporations who have used government to control the public into allowing them to experiment on humans for unethical reasons. And again, these corporations have been getting away with the scam for over a hundred years. We do not need their poisons in our bodies!

Imagine if everybody woke up and came to the realization that viruses are not disease causing "germs" -- but are, in fact, very small harmless balls of body waste particles, the whole world -- and how we act toward one another, could get back to normal almost overnight.

Reporter 1: Do you have a medical degree that would help prove your theory that "viruses are not germs"?

Duane: No, I have only a AA Degree -- but does that make my understanding of the scientific data wrong? It seems that the more the "medical experts" become experts in their field of study, they tend to bend with the consensus of the academic majority. And since much of the science behind "modern medicine" has been taken over by those who run the Medical Industrial Complex -- which has monetary connections to the "Big Pharma" gang -- and who make sure that their "scientific conclusions" on any significant subject are not legally challenged beyond their control, I suspect I could be right -- and they could be wrong, because I can see the motives of their lies. These people are bad people and need to be stopped for their criminal behavior.

The COVID-19 scam event is a lie -- and all vaccination events are also lies. And by the way, I'm not alone in these ideas. There are many other people -- some who are certified medical doctors, who believe in these views and also want the public to see the truth -- but are constantly censored by the authorities who run the powerful Medical Industrustrial Complex.

Reporter 1: What about the story of smallpox and polio? Didn't those vaccines and vaccinations save lives?

Duane: Let me insert some of my statements from my online essay project regarding current health issues and your question.

>>> The idea that non-living virus-like particles are not contagious disease causing pathogenic germs, is a concept not apparently realized or understood properly by the general public. And because of this public misunderstanding, Big Pharma corporations are taking advantage of this confusion for political and profitable reasons -- and have been doing so for over a hundred years.

Big Pharma corporations are in the business of treating infections in patients with medicines -- they really do not want to cure patients of diseases -- because it would kill their business model. And because of this situation, their answer to "fix" an assumed virus infection in people is a vaccination event.

However, vaccination events -- that use vaccines to theoretically stop viruses, are not medical events based on medicines -- even though the "Medical Industrial Complex" and DEEP STATE controlled government, say they are. They are, in fact, injections of foreign matter into the body designed as a "rehearsal event" to a possible future infection -- and to develope anti-bodies that are markers of contamination.

Vaccines do not prevent infections -- but do cause diseases that can last a lifetime. Because they can be used nefariously as a biological weapon by medical corporations -- with little or no liability, they should never ever be mandatory -- or even necessary -- given the new knowledge of how they have been used as schemes to make money and to control human population.

Most all the medical literature of the last century have been controlled by the Big Pharma corporations -- who want to keep servicing patients. They cite examples of vaccination success stories -- like fixing Smallpox symptoms with Cowpox "germs" -- also called vaccinia, in the early 1800's -- and Polio symptoms with a man-made vaccine in the 1950's.

But reading around the published medical propaganda, one can find some new ways to explain what really caused these diseases -- and that vaccinations to gain immunity against them, is a made up story.

For example, could consuming the toxic metals once used in sealing tin-canned food made popular after WW2, have been the real cause of the Polio epidemic? Did the Big Pharma corporations makeup the "poliovirus" story to justify the many vaccinations events of the 1950's? Did the Polio vaccination events actually give people the disease like the vaccination events did during the influenza pandemic of 1918?

If the Polio epidemic was caused by toxic exposure to metallic poisons used to seal tin-cans together -- and not by some unique virus found in the spinal column of sick patients, do you think Big Pharma corporations -- or the Marxist MAINSTREAM MEDIA -- who make money from them, would tell the public the truth?

By the way, just because some Poliovirus "germs" -- which independently measure at about 3% the size of a Staphylococcus bacteria microbe, were apparently imaged by an electron microscope from some "Polio patients" in the 1950's, does not mean it was a contagion that infected other cells and caused the crippling disease -- it may just have been a waste product item left behind in the body after exposure to something toxic.

Other people with medical knowlege suspect that the now banned toxic posion DDT -- once commonly used in agriculture to control pest, after WW2, may have also contributed to Polio victims.

And what about other diseases like Rabies -- believed to be caused by a virus, and bacteria based Typhoid, Diphtheria or Tuberculosis -- can these diseases can be explained without resorting to "fixing them" with vaccines?

Are vaccines really about trying to build up immunity to bad "germs" by giving healthy people small doses of poisons -- or are they really about something nefarious created by the modern day medical industrial complex -- run by the Rockefeller Foundation?

If one wants to learn about how evil the medical industrial complex can be in their greedy quest to make money from vaccines -- check out the online video documentaries of "VAXXED" -- and "VAXXED 2". These videos are full of many testimonies from parents whose children were crippled with autism and other lifetime ailments from vaccine programs sanctioned by the government. It truely is a sad story -- particularly the blind trust people put in the health authorities who really do not know how poisonous the vaccines are.

Because viruses -- also now known as exosomes by some microbiologist, are so small and were not even seen until the invention of the electron microscope, they could never pass the "Koch's Postulate Test" -- which is a verification process to isolate the cause of a disease and scientifically replicate the cause.

And because scientist were using vaccination events to try and fix bacterial diseases in people for decades -- and also because they could never isolate any viruses -- due to the fact that they are too small to pass the "Koch's Postulate Test", scientist just assumed that all microscopic "germs" smaller than bacteria needed to be treated the same way.

However, this assumption is based on the false idea that all diseases are caused by external infections -- and excludes the idea that some diseases are the result of nutrient deficiency of the "body terrain".

And that is the crux of the problem in modern medicine -- medical doctors -- indoctrinated by Rockefeller Foundation theories of how to treat the sick, do not have an holistic approach or overview as to what causes many diseases. They are not trained in the science of nutrition to prevent diseases and curing formulas to fix them. They -- instead, seem preoccupied with the "love of money" -- and in many cases, to keep the business of servicing the sick going. <<<

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that the fake COVID-19 scam event is a political event -- and not really a medical event like many believe.

Yes, people have died of flu-like symptoms -- they die of the flu every year -- particularly if their immune systems are compromised. But the Global Elite -- who apparently own our government -- together with the major media and medical corporations, have created a fake pandemic COVID-19 scam event for political reasons.

Reporter 2: Stories of viruses and vaccines -- and false pandemics are interesting, but how does the subject of Atlantis fit into today's world?

Duane: Well, according to Plato, the story of Atlantis is a story about a global government that was destroyed by greed -- where the citizens were apparently punished by "Zeus" -- or some other God-like entity, who caused a catastrophic global flood and earthquake event -- which erased the civilization from official human history, because they somehow misbehaved.

And seeing all these misbehaving politicians within government today -- and watching the Global Elite gang try to cause great harm to people around the world on purpose, it makes one wonder if God is going to do the same to our world.

It also makes one wonder if the global event that destroyed Atlantis could be scientifically explained using celestial mechanical theories -- such as comets hitting the Earth or crashing into the Sun -- which could cause some kind of "electromagnetic splash" or burst event that could effect the Earth's atmosphere and cause "40 days and 40 nights" of "very bad weather" on a global scale.

Last September, I was watching a NASA computer model program on the Internet that predicts electromagnetic energy stream activity from the Sun to the inner planets of the Solar System -- and I notice what seem to be some electromagnetic burst events from the Sun that affected the path of these energy streams. Some astronomers believe these burst events could result in a "kill shot" at Earth and cause an "Extinction Level Event" -- where life on our planet could be impacted severely.

Solar wind connection between the planets on 12/07/2020 to 12/17/2020. Source: NASA

What has caught my eye in recent years were that these electromagnetic energy streams which connect the Sun to the planets were affected by solar wind activity. Apparently made from pure electromagnetic energy -- and acting like invisible wires or ribbons in space between the planets and the Sun, they seem to related to electrical spiritual events on Earth.

In other words, what I am suggesting or theorizing is that electrical energy -- either celestial or terrestrial, and spiritual energy in humans are somehow related.

There also seems to be violent electromagnetic storm activity between Earth and Mars -- where, when Mars enters behind the energy wake stream of Earth from the Sun, there exist major dust storm activity on the surface of Mars. Apparently this storm event activity happens roughly every two years when Mars goes around the Sun.

And lately, because there is currently great political discord around the world regarding spiritual energy and mistrust in government because of the COVID-19 scam event, i believe the two violent energy situations are somehow connected in some way.

It is common knowlege that Moonlight can affect human behavior -- imagine what the red electrical energy of Mars -- the Roman god of war, may be able to do to the spirit in humans here on the blue Earth over time.

I know I have covered some of these views in recent Interviews -- but I had to explain them again -- because I find them interesting.

Anyway, you ask how does the subject of Atlantis fit into today's world? It seems that whatever happened to Atlantis in the past, could happen again because of some major misbehaving events by the Global Elite -- who are asking for trouble with their agendas and criminal behavior.

Reporter 3: Stories about space energy events and spiritual energy activity here on Earth are interesting -- but the subject of when Atlantis existed in time is also interesting. How would you fit that subject into today's world?

Duane: Well, in today's world there exist billions of people that believe Western Civilization dates to over five thousand years ago -- because that is what they are taught in school -- and are reminded every day when they see the current calendar date.

In today's world billions of people believe that COVID-19 is a global killer germ event -- because that is what they are taught by the lying mainstream media news networks -- who are controlled by the Global Elite.

In today's world, Joe Biden -- and his side-kick Kamala Harris, were elected by the majority of American voters who believe the Democratic Party will create a global utopia on Earth.

People believe what they want to believe. I believe that the history of Western Civilization includes the story of the Maritime Kingdom of Atlantis. However, because the true story of Atlantis has been excluded from official history books for scientific reasons -- mainly because the remarkable capital seaport city has never been found by any reputable archeologist -- which would verify Plato's story and make the fable real if it was found.

There is no doubt in my mind that the capital seaport of Atlantis is real -- and is awaiting verification by an expedition to the site located in Lake Izabal, Guatemala.

As to when was the site swallowed by Biblical earthquakes and floods long ago -- that answer will not come easy to first time readers of my research. Because I have taken some 40 years to find that answer, I really don't expect anyone to outright believe the idea that Atlantis was destroyed roughly nine and a half centuries ago. I know it seems unbelievable, but my historical research can -- and does prove it.

Much like where I found the lost Atlantean seaport over time, understanding when Atlantis existed in time took time to find it.

At first I thought the site existed off of Nicaragua on an underwater plateau area known as the Nicaragua Rise. Then a few years went by and I thought it could be found off the east coast of Belize on some offshore reefs. Then, after studying the geology of the area in question, I believed the site could be located under tons of swampy mud on an flat area west of Lake Izabal in Guatemala.

Finally, after realizing that the canal network that supported the lost seaport was a parallelogram and not a rectangle, I found some lines on Google Maps that allowed me to "fill in the details" of Plato's story -- and found the exact site of history's greatest mystery. Check this map out and see the scale of this unique treasure site -- and realize that Western History is about to get a major update.

According to Plato, the utopian garden seaport city of Atlantis
existed on an island located in the "Western Ocean" -- beyond the "Pillars of Hercules".

According to Plato, the utopian garden seaport city of Atlantis
was part of a flat plain area that was shaped by man-made canals
which captured rain water from the nearby mountains
and drained into the city before flushing out to the sea.

END 58th INTERVIEW 1/2021
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