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Duane K. McCullough 6/2021

by Duane McCullough

This 59th interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" -- however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or a HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 6/2021 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina

Duane: Hi there again -- I hope everyone is doing fine.

Today, before answering any questions, I would like to tell a story about what I believe is causing a global health crisis that is currently plaguing modern civilization. And, no -- I'm not talking about the current fake germ scam event called COVID-19 -- and the greedy politics that is behind the cause of that story, I'm talking about the ongoing global health crisis that exist involving four main harmful ways people get sick and need health care.

These four main harmful ways that can cause damage to humans are as follows:

#1 -- Physical Injury Damage -- as in physical impact damage with objects -- or dangerous temperature events -- like frost bite or heat burns, that kill living body cells.
#2 -- Insufficient Nutrition Damage -- as in the lack of essential nutritional elements in the diet -- like the cause of scurvy and other similar "disease" situations.
#3 -- Poison Damage from living or dead toxins -- as in living pathogens or chemical toxins that interfere with the metabolism of a healthy body -- like certain live bacterial infections or toxic lead poisoning.
#4 -- Psychological Misinformation Damage -- as in false stories created by psychopathic people with nefarious intent to mentally damage the human mind and cause harm to the body -- like the current COVID-19 PLANdemic scam event.

Now, before I elaborate on these subjects, let me explain my qualifications in understanding the medical information within these subjects -- and also allow me to fit the subject of Atlantis into the subjects of public health care and current events.

First, I do not claim to be a certified doctor from any prestigious modern medical institution that issues a paper document as proof of indoctrination to the allopathic method of controlling the symptoms of pain without actually curing the harmful underlying causes of body ailments.

For the record, the last time I saw a doctor for an injury was over fifty years ago in the late 1960's when I stepped on a broken glass bottle hidden in the seaweed along a Florida beach. Some would say I have been lucky in life -- but I would instead argue that I've been very careful in avoiding harmful events of injury.

I did see a doctor in 1993 to remove a mole off my back -- caused by my greasy diet at the time. And my last medical physical was in 2003 because I needed to renew my USCG license as a boat captain at that time.

I also was sick for a week in 2007 after I was stung 27 times by Yellow Jacket wasps at a nearby waterfall. The last time I remember being sick for a few days was in January 2020 after getting three Novocain shots during a visit to the dentist while removing a "sweet tooth". My diet is better now after that lesson.

I'm almost seventy years old and do not take any pills or even vitamin supplements. My vision is great -- and although I have lost a little feeling in my feet over the last two decades, they look fine while cleaning them after I walk barefoot down by the nearby mountain creek area with my kitties most every warm day. The walk is a safe tour on natural grass and ground-cover plants that helps me in my "grounding" therapy activities.

My average daily diet consist of a couple of bananas, an orange and apple -- with peanut and raisin snacks between meals. My normal meals consist of oatmeal or eggs and bacon for breakfast, a nice salad or a half ham/turkey sandwich for lunch -- and a small amount of cooked meat with vegetables for supper. Sometimes my diet includes an afternoon peanut-butter and jelly sandwich -- and a small bowl of healthy cereal mix before bedtime.

My wife and I have been "foodies" for many years -- which are people who pay attention to the recorded ingredients in packaged food products -- and make food choices based on whether toxic additives are listed on the packaging. We would rather pay the extra cost for organic food and reward organic farmers that try to keep toxic chemicals out of food supply -- than pay the physical and medical cost of health care options after exposure to said poisons.

So, after explaining where I'm coming from regarding my personal health care situation, let me now review and elaborate on the above four harmful ways that, in my opinion, can damage the human body.

Regarding number 1: Physical Injury Damage. Generally speaking, modern doctors are pretty good at repairing harmful physical injuries to the human body -- thus, I have no real current argument on this subject.

Number 2 on the list: Insufficient Nutrition Damage. Because many doctors -- who identify with "Western Medicine", are not trained in nutritional medical treatment systems that can actually cure body aliments, patients are not being healed properly -- which is causing a global health crisis.

Doctors of "Western Medicine" have instead been indoctrinated in allopathic medical formulas -- which is based on the chemical science of pain-suppressing drug treatment systems that use pills to "arrest" health problems in patients. Established in 1913 by the Rockefeller Foundation medical education system, allopathic medicine is also part of the entire "Medical Industrial Complex" system -- which includes "Big Pharma" corporations.

Alternatives to the allopathic medical treatment system are the nutritional curing methods of medical treatment that include Holistic Healing therapy -- which is a whole-body approach to healthcare. The practices of Holistic Healing therapy treat your full physical body, emotional mind, and soul as one piece to fix the underlying causes of illnesses and improve overall wellness. Holistic medicine integrates conventional and alternative therapies to prevent and treat disease.

Any alternative medical therapy healing system based on the belief that the body can cure itself -- if provided the essential healing elements from natural substances, should be able to help the body heal itself. In fact, the body is always healing itself together -- we just need to mentally help it heal together every day by deciding what kind of nutrition it needs.

However -- as we should all know by now, treating ailments of the body with -- say something bogus like "snake oil", because it has no real nutritional or healing value, is wasting precious time that could be used in true healing events. So, any medical therapy system should be scientifically understood thoroughly and properly before trusting the system to heal the body.

The third way the human body can be harmed is Poison Damage. As stated earlier, exposure to living pathogens or non-living chemical toxins can cause harm to humans. Because certain live bacteria, fungi and protozoan life forms can find a pathway into the host body as a "pathogen", and damage healthy organs with toxic activity -- resulting in a dangerous infection situation where the metabolism of the body becomes inoperative, removing the harmful pathogen should cure the infection event.

By the way, people should realize that because microscopic items called "viruses" are not living things -- and, due to their extremely small size, like trillions of other extremely small non-living waste particles inside and outside the body, are not normally harmful to the body. But because some bad people have used the idea that viruses -- also known as exosomes, are microscopic "deadly germs" as a mental weapon concept to psychologically scare other people for reasons related to propaganda and political control, the world should stop believing in the lie that viruses are dangerous.

From what I have been reading and seeing on the Internet, there exist a false scientific theory -- which is based on the idea that because non-living viruses contain broken chemical code DNA material -- known as RNA, the material can be used again inside a new host body cell and "come alive" as an "infectious germ" event. Apparently, this false theory that viruses are "germ-like seeds that can contaminate and infect people" is related to the contagious "germ theory" concept established in the early 1900's by the Rockefeller Foundation medical education system -- which, like I said earlier, is part of the "Medical Industrial Complex" system and "Big Pharma" corporations.

So, if viruses -- or exosomes, are not scientifcally dangerous to the body, the whole global COVID-19 hoax event -- and all aspects related to it, must be a political scam operation -- created by some bad people who want to control the population with insane health rules that is also making them rich. Let that thought sink in.

The other type of Poison damage that can harm the body are non-living chemical toxins -- such as Lead or radioactive compounds -- like Uranium powder. Man-made modern material substances that include a combination of toxic elements can also chemically interrupt the normal functions of organs over time and result in a dangerous situation where the metabolism of the body becomes inoperative -- unless the interruption event can be cured by removing the toxic element or elements involved.

I should also point out how electromagnetic frequency waves -- known as EMF, can be poisonous to humans. Related to Physical Injury Damage associated with burns, invisible EMF waves use radiation energy to atomically "rip apart" connective tissues of the human body.

It has been said that everything is poisonous -- yet nothing is poisonous, it all depends on the amount of the material that makes it become toxic to the body -- and thus poisonous to the body.

Apparently, the human body can live with some poison inside it -- but whether the poison is living or dead, what makes it toxic is the amount involved. Keep that idea in mind.

Before I talk about the fourth way humans can be harmed -- let me take a few moments and state a new theory about how the ignorance of toxic Lead could have not only brought about the downfall of the Roman Empire -- but also may have contributed to the cause of a prehistoric global war event mentioned by Plato between the Atlanteans of the Atlantic realm and the Hellenic Empire of the eastern Mediterranean area.

The theory is based on two basic concepts -- first, the idea that people living during the Roman Empire era were known to use toxic Lead in their plumbing and pewter drinking vessels -- which poisoned the health of the leaders who, over time, made poor governmental decisions -- resulting in the fall of the empire. This theory has been around for some time -- and makes some sense.

The second concept within this new theory is based on how the Atlanteans from Atlantis may have also, like the Romans did, poisoned themselves over time by using a Lead-based paint-wash material as a coating to the outer most seawall of the utopian garden seaport city of Atlantis.

According to Plato,
the outer most seawall of the utopian garden seaport city of Atlantis
was coated with a white paint material now believed to be a
Lead-carbonate material called "Cerussite". If so, then could
the Atlanteans of Atlantis suffered from exposure of the same
toxic element that killed the Roman Empire -- which was Lead?

In the Collected Dialogues of Plato story, there exist the following statement:

"The whole circut of the outermost wall they covered with a coat, a ceruse [ointment], as one might say, of copper, the inner with melted tin, and the wall of the actual acropolis with orichalch, which gleamed like fire."

So again -- as the theory goes, if the Ten Kings of Atlantis were ignorant of Lead poisoning -- like the Roman leaders were in the latter period of their ruling empire when they concentrated their political power, and were poisoned over time to the toxic element -- resulting in poor leadership choices, could the war between the Atlantean Maritime Kingdom and the rebellious Hellenic kings of the eastern Mediterranean area -- as mentioned by Plato, be blamed on the toxicity of Lead poisoning in the political leadership of all major kingdoms from that era?

In other words -- has Lead poisoning in the diet of certain people caused major world wars and the decline of major kingdoms in human history? If so, then perhaps other poisons exist in our modern diet and is causing toxic mental breakdown events among certain people with political power.

One more thing I should mention at this point. Without going into great detail at this time, when Plato said that the actual acropolis wall of the city center was made from "orichalch" -- and that it "gleamed like fire", make no mistake about what Plato is saying -- I believe he is describing a type of feldspathic rock material known as "Rose Granite". This type of granite rock -- when polished, can "gleam like fire" in the Sun when viewed from a distance -- much like emory board sparkles in the Sun. More about this unique building material later.

Anyway -- back to the final and fourth way in this story about how harm can come to the human body.

Number 4: Psychological Misinformation Damage. Since the beginning of human history, people have been telling lies for nefarious political reasons based on control and greed -- which has resulted in great harm to countless humans over time.

Speaking about the beginnings of human history, I have discovered -- after some four decades of research, that the "official" annual outline of human history we have been taught in school -- which is based on the conventional "Judeo-Christian" timeline dates of when "western history" began, is wrong -- and by wrong, I mean big time wrong.

Again, without going into great detail at this time -- and I've mentioned this timeline argument many times in my research work, there exist scientific evidence that all of recorded human history -- as recorded in "Judeo-Christian" textbooks -- which references annual dates beyond about five centuries ago, were published by people who want to control humans with a false narrative of our early history.

The whole subject of Psychological Misinformation Damage -- and how it can harm people, includes stories that are directly related to evil activity.

One may ask -- who would want to deceive anybody with misinformation that would damage their mind? Who would want to cause harm to anybody for any reason? Who -- and why would anybody create evil perspectives of false information? Whether you believe that the Devil exist or not -- the evil forces of his work exist in certain people's mind, and need to be stopped if we want a better reality here on Earth.

I just mentioned the term "Judeo-Christian" -- which is supposed to represent the "Jewish and Christian" views -- as in the "Old and New Testament" views of the Holy Bible. However, there also exist a similar reference term known as "Judeo-Masons" that appeared in a 1905 book known as "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" -- which exposed an evil plan by a group of "chosen people" to take over the universe.

Apparently, this group of "chosen people" back in 1905 were not satisfied with controlling the world -- they wanted to control the entire universe!

Now, if one searched on the Internet the term "Judeo-Masons", Wikipedia -- also known as "wicked-media" -- because of the bias slant to the political left, will quickly pop up and label the term as a "antisemetic conspiracy theory" story -- which is classic "misinformation" -- designed to psychologically steer the reader away from the truth.

It seems that the oldest fraternity in the world -- known as the Masons, are secretly and politically linked to the Zionist group of "Jewish people" who want to build a utopian temple on Earth at whatever the cost -- including wars and other diabolical means of hurting people.

I remember the first time I heard about the "Protocols of Zion" story -- I was in seventh grade school, during recess, when somebody told me about what caused World War 2. At the time, I didn't think much of the story -- but it stuck in my mind. I never put the words "Zion" or "Jew" together until recent political research started to expose the secret connection between the two words.

Because Zionism is a political movement that has been involved in many global wars, the people behind the movement are still causing harm to many in their quest to build their dystopian dream.

And lately, because we are in a world war situation where the battle-scape is fought with mostly misinformation than conventional weaponry, we need to wake up and stop the sick "woke people" from killing us all.

When Joe Biden -- the fake US president that claims to be Christian, is caught in a video saying "you don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist", one has to wonder what he means by that comment.

The point I'm trying to make here, is that an evil agenda by a group of demented people is in the works -- and the recent COVID-19 scam event is part of their plan.

It was never about the virus -- it was alway about the vaccine -- which is a way to cause great harm to the public for political reasons.

It is no coincidence that the Zionist Communist Party created the Soviet Union is 1921 -- and have taken over the federal government of the United States of America in 2021 -- exactly 100 years later.

Some people would call me a "conspiracy theorist" for claiming the view that a group of demented cult followers are now conspiring to destroy the world as we know it -- so they can "build it back better" with more control than they already had.

By the way -- it should be known that the very first time the phrase "conspiracy theory" appeared in modern literature was in a CIA document calling people who did not believe in the Warren Commission's Report assessment about how President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Also, speaking of the CIA, William Casey -- the director of the CIA in 1981, was quoted at his first staff meeting the following comment: "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."

If my theories are seeking to explain a plot by a secret group of bad people conspiring to control the world by nefarious means -- I stand guilty as a conspiracy theorist.

So, this is my takeaway story on the subject of how people can be damaged -- and what I believe is causing a global health crisis today.

We need to stop this insane COVID-19 scam event BS -- and the UN Agenda 21/2030 plans, by arresting the gang responsible ASAP!

Reporter 1: Wow, what a story -- apparently, some bad guys -- led by a bad guy, are trying to cause harm to a lot of people on a global scale.

Regarding your personal health situation, it seems that because you have had very little injuries and sickness during your life, some might say you have lived a sheltered life from danger. Could your good health be the result of not exposing yourself to danger in the past?

Duane: Well, I've been to a few places and seen some sights in my life that are far from living a sheltered life. Although I have not been completely around the world, I've lived or stayed at the following places found on this list: Some places I've been and events experienced

Have I lived a sheltered life? Perhaps -- but I don't think so. People can be seriously hurt anywhere during their travels -- if they are not careful. I believe I've been careful most all my life.

Reporter 2: Quite a story about what is causing harm to people around the world. We hope that the bad guys lose this war they have created -- and a better world is in our future.

So, you brought up the subject about what Plato called "orichalch" -- which was the building material that, according to Plato, was used in the inner acropolis wall of the city of Atlantis. And you mentioned that you would talk more about this unique type of feldspathic rock material known as "Rose Granite". What makes you believe that "orichalch" is a type of granite -- and why does it "gleam like fire" in the Sun?

Duane: Back in the 1980's -- when I used to live on my sailboat in Largo Sound of Key Largo Florida, I first came across the word "orichalch" within a book written by Charles Berlitz entitled "Mystery of Atlantis".

At that time of reading the book and learning about what the wall building material could have been in antediluvian times, I came across a story -- and a small event, that led me to theorize what was "orichalch".

Up close image of Rose Granite
According to Plato,
the wall of the actual acropolis [within the city of Atlantis]
[was built] with orichalch, which gleamed like fire.

The story was a book article about how certain Egyptian sarcophagi were made from "Rose Granite" -- and the small event was that I was looking at a small emory board lying on the boat deck in the Sun -- which "gleam like fire".

So, I started to read up on what materials are involved in the makeup of emery boards and discovered some interesting things regarding how corundum -- which can be found in the makeup of "Rose Granite", is a type of magnetic iron embedded within a matrix of aluminum and silicon crystals.

I learned that some types of granite can be radioactive -- and that certain powerful cobalt-iron particles could magnetically effect the optical photonic properties of the aggregate material -- where, perhaps as seen from a distance, a viewer may believe the surface was "on fire" -- particularly when the sunlight comes from the right direction.

I also learned over the years that nobody has ever thought that "orichalch" was a type of rock material. Historians -- who are familiar with Plato's Atlantean story, have always believed the material is some kind of mixture of metals that has a metallic shine to it -- like metals have in the Sun.

My research into unique materials suggested that certain crystal rocks -- like staurolite, if exposed to very hot temperatures, can explode into even hotter temperatures. Chemically similar to staurolite is a substance known as "thermite" -- and is used to "burn apart" other materials.

The point I'm trying to make is that "orichalch" is not only a building material -- which Plato said was "more valuable than gold" at one time, but also that it could have been used as a "fuel" to "burn things apart".

In other words, "orichalch" could have also be the hypothetical universal solvent once sought by alchemists known as the "alkahest".

If our Atlantean ancestors could contain the explosive powers of certain materials using parabolic mirrors made of Platinum, then perhaps that's how the mysterious prehistoric stone-cutting technology found all over the world was created.

Was "orichalch" used as a fuel material in some kind of prehistoric particle beam cutting tool? If so, imagine the technological ramifications of such a concept...

Reporter 3: Fascinating theories you have regarding past and current events. Have you any theory about what our future will be? And why do you believe the "Judeo-Christian" timeline of human history does not include the story of Atlantis?

Duane: I have a theory that our future will be great -- however, in the meantime, we all know that some major social problems are currently happening -- which need to be corrected -- such as the problem of a fake leader running the US Federal Government right now. That's not good -- and I would not be surprised if some kind of political event -- based on the audit projects currently underway, could legally void the 2020 Presidential Election results.

If that happened -- it could cause problems with a lot of ways we operate as a free society -- at least until the problem corrected itself. I have to believe that somehow the good guys will win in the long run.

But since it appears that we have survived as a nation with several fake leaders running the US Federal Government for sometime now, I expect we could survive any big time changes in the near future.

Regarding the far future, I'm only a mortal human and can not see the real future -- so, I can only speculate on what might happen to the country and the rest of the world after certain changes currently underway are over with.

It seems that we are in a race between the "Great Reset" and the "Great Awakening" -- and hopefully the public will wake up before the "woke people" put us asleep forever -- or outright kill us to meet their population control numbers.

If the sheeple that "took the jab" are going to die soon -- some believe no more than three years from now, because the "vaccine" is not technically a vaccine, but is some kind of gene therapy poison trick, then I guess alot of "useless eating goyim" will not be around to cause any more pollution problems for the global elite.

Even if they don't die soon, surely they will suffer medical problems the rest of their lives. One way or another, the public will learn the truth of the COVID-19 scam event -- and trust in government -- including the "Medical Industrial Complex" will never be the same.

We are currently living through a shameful and sad event in history that is similar to the last days of Sodom and Gomorrah. I pray that this whole event will be over soon and we can start making for a better future.

They say that everything happens for a good reason in the long run -- I just hope that that good reason comes sooner rather than later.

Regarding you question about why I believe the "Judeo-Christian" timeline of human history does not include the story of Atlantis -- well, it's a long story -- but I will attempt to make it short.

There is a phrase known as "Occam's Razor" -- which is a philosophical tool for ‘shaving off’ unlikely explanations. Essentially, when faced with competing explanations for the same phenomenon, the simplest is likely the correct one.

I bring this phrase up because I believe this "philosophical tool for ‘shaving off’ unlikely explanations" concept has been misused by the people who have controlled the publishing industry for a long time -- and we all know who have controlled the publishing industry for a long time.

Therefore, the reason why the "Judeo-Christian" timeline of human history does not include the story of Atlantis, is because Plato's Atlantean story was "shaved off" from the "official" timeline about five centuries ago, when the Nuremberg Chronicle of 1493 was published by "Judeo-Christian" scholars. The story of Atlantis did not fit their narrative of who is the oldest family tribe in human history.

Of course, the lost sunken city of Atlantis -- that is still buried under tons of muddy water in what is now Central America, did not help reveal the truth about when the story of Atlantis should be included in the timeline of human history.

In any case, now that the site of the lost utopian garden seaport of Atlantis has been found, the "official" timeline of human history needs a major update.

According to Plato,
the utopian garden seaport city of Atlantis was part of a flat
plain area that was shaped by man-made canals
which captured rain water from the nearby mountains
and drained into the city before flushing out to the sea.

END 58th INTERVIEW 6/2021
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