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Duane K. McCullough 11/2021

by Duane McCullough

This 60th interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" -- however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or a HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 11/2021 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina

Duane: Hello again -- I hope everyone is doing well.

As usual -- I would like to say a few words before any questions.

For some time now, I've been wanting to show a couple of my new flying vehicle designs that are based on -- what I believe, was a ram-like "rogallo wing" foil concept once used by our Atlantean ancestors. However, I've been pre-occupied with other matters lately.

One matter that I've been personally dealing with for about five months is some health issues regarding my elderly father. As acting care giver of him, it takes alot of time tending to his health needs.

The other matter has been the time spent gathering and understanding the many political stories and images from the Internet regarding the insane COVID-19 scam event.

In my mind -- without a doubt, the world is experiencing the greatest Domicide event in human history. World War 3 is upon us folks. This ongoing political battle event is currently not being fought with military weapons -- like previous world wars, rather it is being waged as a psyops event using a fake germ story to impose tyranny across the world.

The global mainstream media corporate gangs have pushed a mass hypnosis program on the public that is resulting in a mass psychosis event -- which is destroying the lives and the livelihoods of innocent people like never before in recorded history. The evil psychopathic people that are behind this insane COVID-19 scam event should be identified, arrested and criminally charged in a reputable court of law for crimes against humanity. The criminal evidence is overwhelming to any sane judge or jury.

We need to take action against these criminals as soon as possible. The need to police the corrupt Deep State gang imbedded in government -- who have cheated the system far too long, is over due.

The New World Order cult and their "covidiot minions" -- with their psyops exercise in obedience and control, are going to loose this world war when the people they are trying to harm wake up enough from their hypnotic slumber and see the political reality behind the global scam event.

The scam is convincing the citizens of the world to give up their God given liberties so that they can be safe from a dangerous contagious germ -- that in reality, is not dangerous, not contagious -- and not a germ. Virusis are -- and always have been, extremely very small bits of dead protein material -- with broken RNA code matter encapsulated in a spherical body. For over a hundred years now, Big Pharma and Big Government have been getting away with lying to the public that viruses are dangerous germs -- so that they can profit from poisonous vaccines and control the human population numbers with fear.

And the Global Elite have way over exposed their century old scam during the COVID-19 and "Great Reset" event that is happening now.

I'm so tired of all the malicious propaganda about mask and vaccine stories from governmental "medical experts". The bad guys in this bad play on the world stage are going to pay dearly for what they have done -- and continue to do, to innocent people in their quest to keep their evil political control over society.

I have much more to say regarding the politics behind this insane COVID-19 scam event -- but I will stop here for reasons of simplicity.

Reporter 1: Wow, what a story -- like what I said in our last Interview last June, apparently some bad guys are trying to cause harm to a lot of people on a global scale. It is interesting to note that the general public has not fathom the idea in which the COVID-19 story is a political scam event. Apparently, many still incorrectly believe that the COVID-19 story is based on a deadly germ event.

Regarding the health issues of your elderly father -- could you please elaborate on that subject for us a little more?

Duane: Well, it's a personal matter -- but over the Summer and Fall, I have been tending to the needs of my 94-year old father. He seems to be suffering from health problems related to anxiety and insomnia.

Compounding these problems is the situation that last May a doctor at a hospital gave him some narcotic knock-out drug pills nicknamed "Benzos" -- which he has become "hooked on" every night just to go to sleep.

Moreover, I've been trying to taper-off his need of these Benzo Pills for several months with little success. Also, his stubborness of not properly eating nutritious foods -- and not drinking enough water, has taken much of my time in convincing him the need to do so for better health. It seems that all he wants to eat are bananas and sugar cookies -- which ruins his appetite for good meals.

Using cannabis treatments like CBD oil pills seems to have helped some -- but I believe a nutritious healthy appetite is what he really needs.

These problems aside, I've had a good time helping my dad experience life up here in the mountains of Western North Carolina over the Summer and Fall. I've also interviewed him several times and discovered some early history stories from WW2 when he was in the US Merchant Marines. As a veteran sailor on fuel tanker ships during the war, he traveled twice to the western Pacific area from Texas -- and also sailed over to Italy at wars end. He also participated in the occupation of Japan near Tokyo by US Army forces after the war.

A few years later he started a twenty year career as a radio engineer in the US Air Force and retired as a Master Sargent. Reviewing our family travels over the years where he was stationed was fun while sitting on the front porch of our tiny house cabin.

Places like the Eleuthera in the Bahamas, Misawa AFB in northern Japan, Stewart AFB in New York State, Chanute AFB near Rantol Illinois, Walker AFB near Roswell New Mexico, Kincheloe AFB in upper Michigan -- and then retiring near Homestead AFB south of Miami Florida.

He has excellent memory of events in the far past -- but has some issues remembering present and future events. These memory issues may be related to early Alzheimer's -- or they may be just a series of "senior moments". I do feel that the best medicine for his health issues is a good diet -- but convincing him of that view is not easy because of his stubborn ways.

Anyway -- my "tour of duty" of tending to him is over for now -- and my younger brother has recently taken over working with him down in Florida. By substituting the Benzo pills with an apparent less addicting prescription drug seems to be currently working. Also working with some success on his health issues are other cannabis treatments like "gummie bears".

After talking to some doctors, he may also be a candidate for a pace-maker. We shall see...

Hopefully, the good days will over-ride the bad days -- we all hope to experience that situation.

Reporter 2: So -- you have some new flying vehicle designs that are based on a ram-like "rogallo wing" foil concept once used by our Atlantean ancestors. Could you show us some of these designs?

Duane: At this time, I would rather describe them than show them -- because, from what I understand, any new design invention submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office for IP rights, are controlled by "Deep State" people linked to British Intelligence. Apparently, any invention submitted to the US government that can be weaponized by the "Military Industrial Complex" will be stolen by them to "protect the country" or countries allied to the British government. According to some people who know how the US Patient and IP system works, it's been that way for over a century.

So, until a new trustworthy national government takes control over the US Patent Office -- which works with IP rights, I would prefer not to show my latest designs yet. My working new flying vehicle designs could be theoretically be weaponized as cheap flying machines to carry lethal devices -- and that is what I do not want. Corporations tied to the "Military Industrial Complex" could claim design ownership if I submitted the IP plans to government intelligence agencies like the US Patent and Trademark Office.

However, like I said -- I will descibe them instead. I will also post this GIF image of an earlier design I made over twenty-five years ago on my Atari computer that shares some layout aspects of the following vehicles.

First of all, I have two working "power glider" designs. One vehicle shape is based on a ram-like "rogallo wing" foil concept that has a single keel for the wing lifting platform -- which carries underneath a payload shaped like a sporty flat-bottom boat.

The other vehicle design is based on a wider design that uses the same ram-like "rogallo wing" foil concept -- but has two keels for the wing lifting platform -- which carries underneath a wider cargo payload shaped like a flat-bottom boat.

Both vehicle designs are built out of spars that are divided at the Golden Ratio Mark using no more than four frequencies -- which makes them easily scalable across different sizes.

Both vehicle designs can be skinned with composite materials and powered for controlled flight with two electric motors using a system based on asymmetrical thrust -- thus no flexible control surfaces for steering are needed. Asymmetrical thrust is based on full throttle to climb, left or right thrust for turning -- and no thrust for gliding downward.

The CG of both vehicles are balanced at the Golden Ratio Mark -- which should help keep the craft from stalling and falling out of the sky because the payload weight is always pulling the ram-like craft more forward through the air than downward toward the ground. In other words, the wedge design of the craft is always gliding and plowing forward through the air using drag, lift, weight, inertia, and motor thrust for controlled fight. If for some reason motor thrust becomes impaired -- steering could be done by emergency flaps.

Moreover, both vehicles are meant to fly very slow -- but fast enough to land into a strong breeze. Also, both vehicles are not meant to fly very high -- because they are designed to operate in lower atmosphere, there is no need for high speed or high altitude flight. What these "power glider" designs lack in speed and height of flight that conventional aircraft have -- they more than make up in the simple cost of flying in a safe dependable vehicle.

Both vehicle designs can also be slightly modified into either a boat or a land craft with wheels. Because the designs can be used with folded or removable wings, they can even be used as a shelter -- much like an aerodynamic tent-like habitat. And also like a tent -- they could be assembled as a kit package for easy transport.

Both vehicle designs are a product of over forty years of modeling with wooden dowels and plastic tubing joints. Again, they are based on a ram-like "rogallo wing" foil concept that has no or very little displacement in the wings. Unlike conventional high-aspect displacement aircraft wing designs that hold fuel and support sections -- which result in wing wake drag turbulence during flight at the wing tips, the ram-like "rogallo wing" foil concept is a better lifting platform for such a slow flying "power glider" aircraft.

Water glide testing this ram-like "rogallo wing" foil concept in a particle cloud fluid environment using a metal foil shape and object payload attached at the Golden Ratio Mark of the cord, reveals a particle fluid flow that directs all particles to the tail trough area of the wing -- thus creating drag only at the rear tail wing of the gliding craft -- with a combined lift force over the wings above the payload CG.

The whole "rogallo wing" foil concept is based on the Lateen Sail Rig design -- which I believe was the power rig used by the Phoenicians and the early Mediterranean Sea Peoples on their sailboats. This wing design is also the same power rig that was used by the Atlantean Maritime Kingdom on their sailboats -- which allowed them to sail up or down wind around the world in antediluvian times.

The Lateen Sail Rig design is the inspiration shape of the Star Trek
and US Space Force logo design.

I should add the viewpoint that my powered glider designs are currently powered with electric motors and props. I don't know what the Atlanteans used to power their aircraft gliders -- but it is believed that some kind of powerful and portable "motor tool device" -- perhaps based on steam power, was once used in prehistoric times to cut and carve heavy blocks of hard stone. Such lost technology that used powerful devices to cut stone could have been adapted to fit onto ancient "power gliders" once used by our Atlantean ancestors in antediluvian times.

Reporter 3: It looks like you have new covers for your Spirit Of Atlantis book project. Could you give us an explanation as to why you changed the old front cover of a comet behind King Atlas to a new scene of the exploding Crab Nebula image behind the common power symbol for "ON"?

Duane: Yes -- I have changed both the front and back covers of my SOA book project -- which, by the way, is not available as a hard copy book at this time because all of my updated information is online.

Perhaps I will publish a hard copy version one day -- but it is much easier to update information online than to make a fixed printed version.

Here are the new book covers you are refering to:

Old image of the SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS book project

image of the SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS project
New image of the SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS book project

And here is a quick explanation of the new book covers:

>>> The Gamma Ray Burst event that caused the explosion of the Crab Nebula has been dated to about nine and a half centuries ago. New scientific data suggest that a "gravity wave" from the celestial event may have cause the Earth to experience the Biblical Flood event.

After discovering that the conventional BC/AD Judaic Timeline Calendar is significantly incorrect by thousands of years -- and also discovering that the Seaport City of Atlantis was also lost to the world during this same celestial event almost a thousand years ago, it is believed that the Atlantean Maritime Kingdom actually existed only about a thousand years ago before it was engulfed by the Biblical Flood event.

Moreover, because the lost Biblical utopian "Sun City" of "ON" was the same circular city as Atlantis, and that the modern energy "ON symbol" represents the same "circular pillar of energy" logo image also identified as the "pillar edifice" device at the center of the City of Atlantis, a great new understanding of the lost treasures of Atlantis awaits those with an open mind. <<<

And a more in depth explanation of the new book covers is found here:

In 1988, I self published my Spirit Of Atlantis book covers that showed on the front a statue of King Atlas holding up a globe with a comet behind him against a starry sky

At that time I believed a celestial event like a rouge comet had somehow caused the destruction of the Atlantean Maritime Kingdom. I still believe that a comet may still be involved in the event -- but now have come to theorize that a Gamma Ray Burst event from the Crab Nebula may have cause a "gravity shock wave" through our Solar System. Such a gravitational shock wave could have also cause a series of celestial and Earthly events that led to the "40 days and 40 nights" Biblical Flood story.

This theory is based on several stories that -- when understood in sequence, should explain how a reported celestial event -- such as the Gamma Ray Burst from the Crab Nebula of about nine and a half centuries ago, was the same event that could have resulted in a "gravity shock wave" on planet Earth -- which would fit the description of a Biblical Flood story.

It should be understood that the Crab Nebula we see today from Earth is the "afterglow" of the Gamma Ray Burst event that happened about nine and a half centries ago.

Now, because new scientific mathematical evidence has been recently discovered and proves that the conventional annual event dates tied to the BC/AD Judaic Calendar record of human history is wrong -- and wrong by a major value, whereby all the annual event dates -- printed in history books referencing dates from before some five centuries ago, have been incorrectly published -- and need to be corrected.

The details of how the conventional annual event dates of the BC/AD Judaic Calendar are wrong beyond some five centuries ago are complex -- but basically, the timeline values are as follows:

* The recorded timeline of the Middle Ages or "Medieval Era" did not last a thousand years -- but only about one-hundred years instead -- because of a "decimal unit mistake" in recording time value units by Judaic historians.

* The recorded timeline of the Greco-Roman Era is 1/4th the value because the 292 Olympiads were originally an annual ceremony -- and not a ceremony every four years as believed by Judaic historians.

* The recorded timeline of Biblical history is also greatly exaggerated -- for example, Methuselah lived 969 months -- which equals about 78 years old -- and not 969 years old. Thus, the first Patriarch Adam lived only 3,761 months before Jesus Christ -- which equals about 304 years -- and not 3,761 years "Before Christ" as recorded by Judaic historians.

After understanding the true annual dates of recorded human history beyond about five centuries ago, modern historians will discover that annual historical events dated to Biblical times can be recalculated to fit a new calendar timeline of only about a thousand years ago between now and the first Patriarch named Adam -- and not to some five-thousands plus years ago as believed in the conventional BC/AD Judaic Calendar.

So -- with this in mind, the idea that a Gamma Ray Burst event -- that has been scientifically recorded to about nine and a half centuries ago -- also translates into our new timeline count of when the Biblical Flood event took place to about nine and a half centuries ago.

Therefore, if the circular seaport city of Atlantis -- which displayed a "circular pillar of energy" edifice -- much like the "ON symbol" image found on modern electric devices, was destroyed during the Biblical Flood event some nine and a half centries ago, that is why my new Spirit Of Atlantis book covers look the way they do.

I should also note that the "pillar edifice" device at the center of the City of Atlantis was the first version of the "Tower of Babel" device that Nimrod stole from the Atlanteans.

Is there any wonder why we are mesmerized by a bright conical Christmas tree in our living rooms?

END 60th INTERVIEW 11/2021
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