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Duane K. McCullough 12/2021

by Duane McCullough

This 61th interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" -- however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or a HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 12/25/2021 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina

Duane: Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone is having a great time celebrating the birth of baby Jesus.

And as usual -- I would like to make a statement before any questions.

In a week from now, Western Civilization, will be celebrating the new year of 2022.

However, in my opinion, we are not living some 2022 years after the birth of Jesus Christ. The misunderstood and complicated timeline story of how and why we were taught in school that Jesus Christ was born some two thousand plus years ago is a long story that needs a major update. To better understand the true timeline of human history, we need to review the data behind the year count story of time.

I will endeavor to explain the major mathematical mistakes in the conventional timeline story -- and also try to correct these mathematical mistakes, so that the year count of 2022 can still make sense for next week's New Years Day celebration.

First, let me state -- as I have stated many times before in previous essays, that the annual timeline of human events of the last five centuries are annually correct. To date, I have no argument with the annual timeline sequence of human events from that period of Western Civilization.

Despite what is written in conventional history books, I believe all of the annual dates of human history -- from before some five centuries ago, have been "mispackaged" over time in such a way that have caused "a great misunderstanding" of the origins of Western Civilization.

Second, I can explain how the mathematical mistakes created by historians and scholars -- who recorded historical events beyond some five centuries ago, are wrong -- but I have corrected their mistakes and kept the sequence of human events in order.

For example, the key human events of the "Middle Ages" can fit into a century, the Greco-Roman events can fit into a 292 year period of time -- and most all of Biblical human history can fit into about three and a half centuries.

Moreover, I have corrected these mathematical mistakes within the conventional timeline of human history in such a way that uses the first Patriarch -- known as Adam, as an anchor date in which to measure true human history.

Furthermore, in order to keep using the conventional timeline count of Western History -- so that we can still use the two-thousand plus year count for our daily records, I have created a new version of the calendar count of human history -- and "buffered" the count with a thousand years before the date of Adam.

I have been working on this new version of Western History timeline project for over forty years -- and I know how complex it is. To truely understand this new version of human history, one needs to suspend most everything they think they know and were taught in school about ancient human history beyond five centuries ago -- at least long enough to "see" into a different version of the origins of Western Civilization.

So, basically -- without going into great detail, I have created a new historical understanding of Western Civilization in the following outline:

[@ = A.T. = Atlantean Time]

0 @ to 1,000 @ = (unknown dates / buffered time)

1,000 @ (Adam)

1,079 @ (Biblical Flood approximate)

1,110 @ (First Olympiad)

1,304 @ (Jesus Christ born)

1,392 @ (Last Olympiad)

1,492 @ (Voyage of Columbus / New World)

2,021 @ (Today's Date 12/25/2021)

New Timeline of Western History

New Olympiad timeline

We have to remember that Western History was written, packaged and published by Judaic-Christian scholars some five centuries ago who assumed the inhabitants of the New World -- known as "America", were "less advanced" than the peoples of the Old World because the technology and language skills of the European explorers of the area seemed "more advanced" -- thus the Old World was "older" than the "New World".

Are there any questions now?

Reporter 2: So, where does Atlantis fit into this new timeline interpretation or understanding of Western human history?

Duane: Well, from what I understand, the garden seaport of Atlantis could have been the Garden of Eden -- which was protected from pirates by a "flaming sword" which was some kind of "beam weapon" device based on a lost technology that only the rulers of the Atlantean Maritime Kingdom possessed.

If so, then the story of Atlantis -- and the Genesis story match up -- which suggest the inhabitants of the New World are as old -- if not older than the inhabitants of the Old World.

Therefore, the origins of humans can be traced to the mythical "western realm of the Hesperian Heavens" in the New World -- which was the location of the lost continent and seaport city of Atlantis.

Why the timeline subject of Atlantis was lost in time is because they -- our Atlantean ancestors, built their capital garden seaport city on a major fault-line that errupted during the Biblical Flood event and erased it's existance from history -- thus, the story of Atlantis was not included -- except by Plato, in Western History.

However, the recent theoretical discovery of the lost garden seaport of Atlantis in Central America at the bottom of Lake Isabal in Guatemala, has changed everything.

According to Plato,
the utopian garden seaport city of Atlantis was part of a flat
plain area that was shaped by man-made canals
which captured rain water from the nearby mountains
and drained into the city before flushing out to the sea.

Reporter 3: Your timeline argument of Western History suggest humans -- or at least recorded human history, can only be dated to just over a thousand years ago. Do you realize that first time readers of that theory will not believe it -- no matter how you present it?

Duane: Yes -- I know -- and have known it for over thirty years now. But all I can do at this point is to still keep trying. Perhaps, at some point in time, the reality of just how young humans are on this planet will be realized -- and my work will be better known.

Because a thousand years is a very very long time -- not in geological sense, but in human history, it can be long enough to record known human events on this planet.

It has recently become apparent to many that government can tell big lies -- and get away with them for centuries. The true origins of Western Civilization -- and the true timeline of our human history, are about to be discovered by the public.

Reporter 1: Speaking of big lies from the government -- how have you been doing during the ongoing global medical "COVID crisis"? Have you caught any flu-like symptoms since the crisis started? A lot of people have -- and believe that some kind of germ is going around in the air.

Duane: No -- I have not caught any airborne germ going around -- because there isn't any -- at least the kind of germ the government and the media are trying to tell us.

I did get sick for a week back in January of 2020 -- just before the man-made global PLANdemic started -- but that was because of a toxic reaction I had to several shots of Novocain in the mouth after a dentist visit.

I have felt great since -- and I've never worn a face diaper -- ever!

Ok -- I did have to wear a bandana once to get my driver's license in a government building last year. But that's it -- and I don't care if other scared people think I'm rude for not showing some politeness and respect in helping to "slow the spread" of a fake disease.

I'm so fed up with the fearful insanity going around making people act like mindless obedient robots and wearing the face uniform of the covidian cult. The Global Elite club and Deep State gang have done a great job in brainwashing the sheeple into being followers of their creepy clan. But their day in court -- if not on the battle field, is coming.

We need to stop looking for a hero in this war -- and start becoming heroes ourselves.

I was once a Trump fan -- and believed he was our hero in this global war against tyranny. But I have since been made aware of his role as a controlled politician. Why is he still pushing the 5G control grid net and the poisonus vaccines?

Is it because he is a Masonic Zionist -- who wants to build and control a one world utopian future at what ever the cost? The public needs to wake up to how the Masons and the cult of Zionism have been using corporations and governments to build and control the world we live in for centuries.

Most every politician is a professional paid actor -- and knows how to control people by using their actions.

The people who are controlling these political actors -- who in turn, are controlling our governments, need to leave this planet asap.

Western Civilization doesn't need to build back better -- it just needs new leadership and a new understanding of true human history.

END 61th INTERVIEW 12/2021
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