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Duane K. McCullough 5/2022

by Duane McCullough

This 62nd interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" -- however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or a HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 5/2022 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina

Duane: Good day everyone -- I hope you are all doing well.

Before I start answering questions -- allow me to first review a few important stories regarding current political events that may help us better understand what is truely going on in our world today.

In recent years, a not very nice "greedy gang of bad people" -- let's call them "the baddies" for now, have been publically exposed on the Internet for their criminal behavior against humanity. And we -- the "good people", are now seeing all this criminal behavior unfold before our eyes because the Internet is allowing the truth to get out.

We are waking up from what seems like a hypnotic evil spell placed on us long ago by "the baddies" -- and our God given rights to survive as free humans are in a crisis situation. This hypnotic evil spell is based on a dystopian agenda story about how our future could be -- if we do not fully wake up it in time to stop them and their evil spell.

Again, let me repeat, because the Internet is allowing the truth to spread and expose the dark activity behind their hypnotic evil spell, there exist hope for greater freedoms in our future if we can stop them in time.

By the way, "the baddies" within society are divided into two types of people -- the leaders of the greedy gang -- and their "useful idiot followers" -- who are apparently unaware that they are being used by their gang leaders for nefarious reasons. Moreover, "the baddies" are historically linked to an ancient religious tribe and political organization known collectively as the Judeo-Masons -- who are both controlled by the not so secret society known as the Illuminati Zionist.

It is no secret to the well informed that "the baddies" -- which have been around for several centuries, have politically conspired with other criminal groups to control the world under one government. Using nefarious methods that seem beyond the knowledge and understanding of any one person, "the baddies" have employed the banking power of money and blackmail tactics to seize control of not only major governmental and corporate information institutions around the world, they have also been quite successful in steering modern society into their dystopian agenda story of what could be our future.

However, as previously mentioned, because the Internet of today is not designed to be controlled easily -- and has allowed criminal behavior information about "the baddies" to spread around the world beyond political censorship control, they are losing control over us. By actively stopping their evil plan to control us wherever and whenever possible, we can rid the world of their kind -- and our future can be free from the human greed they represent.

Because the current political crisis has reached such a serious turning point in time -- which includes both massive medical fraud and fake military warfare activity to reduce the human population -- and to maintain their control over the banking power of money, "the baddies" have over exposed themselves and their evil spell to the public on the Internet. With so many gross false flag operations, they -- and their dystopian agenda story, should "go away" when the real heroes of society find their place in government.

I have been posting on the Internet a "political essay" entitled "Our Political Glossary" for over six years now that covers many political views -- which details how "the baddies" have conspired to control the world for centuries. They are responsible for so much evil in this world -- one could believe the personification of evil -- which is the devil, has taken control over much of the world of today. It seems that what we once thought was a world mostly free of evil activity, has recently changed for the worst.

But real hope is on the horizon -- and the hypnotic evil spell of "the baddies" is being exposed on the Internet every day -- which is waking the world up to new freedoms we never were aware of.

Imagine a world where the following incomplete list of bureaucratic goverment agencies, evil political think tanks, corrupt corporations linked to the Central Banks and nefarious foundations did not exist anymore:


Would the world survive just fine without them? I think so -- and I believe I'm not alone in thinking so.

Are any of these entities redeemable? I believe they have acquired too much political baggage to be saved from the trash heap of time.

The infamous "Great Reset" will happen -- but it will happen when "the baddies" loose their evil spell over us and go away -- leaving God and his children to create our own future.

Meanwhile, while working on some political research, I recently came across this political meme image on the Internet:

Unknown creator of a meme from the Internet
-- suggesting human history is fake.

And I started to realize other people are also waking up to the idea that conventional human history is a fake story. I've been trying to tell the public in my research work for over four decades now that the dates of conventional human history beyond five centuries ago are very, very wrong -- and need major corrections if we really want to know the truth of just how old humanity is on this planet.

In my last Interview I gave some details regarding the real timeline of recorded human history -- and according to my research, real human records only date back to just over a thousand years ago.

I know and realize that my thousand year history of humanity theory seems absolutely crazy to first time readers -- but because I know conventional history has been falsified -- much like current mainstream news stories are fake and misleading, I hope others will see my research work and also "wake up" to a new way of understanding the real timeline of human history.

Anyway, I could ramble on about bad and fake the dates of ancient history are -- but, let's take some questions now.

Reporter 1: You seem unhappy regarding current political events. What have "the baddies" done to you personally for you to dislike them so much?

Duane: I've been very lucky not to have had any real interaction with "the baddies" because I'm not under any significant monetary pressure from them like many people who have to play their wicked usury games to survive in today's world. But I can see and read how "the baddies" have been criminals for a long time -- and if it were not for the last several years of waking up to their evil ways in controlling people throughout history, I would probably be like the "sheeple" who watch the Mainstream Media services and not care much about the truth behind geopolitical stories.

When the fake plandemic started just over two years ago -- and all the crazy medical safety rules were forced on the public, that's when my historical research into the politics behind "the baddies" went into overdrive. The Internet provided many stories about how certain political forces were doing horrible things to innocent people -- who I personally did not know, but felt empathy for.

I always assumed the military or the federal police would step up and arrest "the baddies" for their crimes -- but that never happened. And to this day, I -- and I'm sure many other citizens, have wondered how could the people assigned to protect citizens from harm allow such harmful crimes to continue?

It seems that "the baddies" control so much of our modern society by means of controlling money, they -- and their "sheeple" slaves, believe they are invincible to real justice.

However, they are not invincible to the truth -- and with help from free thinking heroes working with the Internet, "the baddies" will loose if we can stop them in time.

Nobody -- and that means no mortal human alive, can truly see our real future. Anybody claiming to be a prophet and insist that a certain event will really happen in the future is just guessing. The moment that one begins to believe in a prophetic statement from a "prophet", is the moment that one can be politically manipulated by the prophet to behave in a certain way. Because politics is the game of using or influencing people with favors to achieve power over other people, it is better to be an independent thinker and not let others take your power for political reasons.

It is my hope -- and others who want to see a good future for us all, that "the baddies" go away -- not for a thousand years and somehow return again like some Biblical prophecy, but forever and ever.

Reporter 2: So, where does the story of Atlantis fit into this new understanding of current political events and your new timeline of human history?

Duane: Well -- again, like I've stated in my last Interview, my new timeline of human history research has placed the Biblical destruction of the Atlantean civilization to just over nine and-a-half centuries ago. The recent theoretical discovery of the lost garden seaport of Atlantis in Central America at the bottom of Lake Isabal in Guatemala, is also explained in my last Interview in greater detail.

According to Plato,
the utopian garden seaport city of Atlantis was part of a flat
plain area that was shaped by man-made canals
which captured rain water from the nearby mountains
and drained into the city before flushing out to the sea.

Regarding current political events and the subject of Atlantis, I believe Atlantis was once a global enterprise -- and because there seems today to be a political group of "Utopian Globalist" trying to create a world government -- much like the Atlantean Maritime Kingdom, perhaps certain lessons about what happened to Atlantis could be relevant to current political events.

Reporter 3: Regarding your new timeline theory of human history, do you believe that "the baddies" conspired long ago with other historians to change the real annual dates of human history for political reasons?

Duane: Interesting question. When you say "conspired long ago with other historians" -- I assume you mean, could a theory exist that suggest the idea that early Judeo-Masons were somehow involved in changing the real annual dates of human history for political reasons?

If such a conspiracy theory exist, it would be the greatest conspiracy theory of all time. The very idea that someone or some group of people long ago had the power to alter official human time records for political reason would be major news in the field of academic studies.

Before I attempt to answer to your question, let's review where the political term "conpiracy theory" first came from for a few moments.

To quote from some political research work I did a few years ago regarding the term "conspiracy theory" -- let's read the following statement:

"The very term "conspiracy theory" first appeared in a 1967 CIA document as an attempt to discredit persons who did not trust the conclusions of the Warren Commission Report regarding the Kennedy assassination -- which suggest the idea that the CIA invented the term as a handy naming label to identify people who challenges their version of a storyline."

For those who are not awake yet, the idea that the CIA had President John F. Kennedy murdered for "political reasons" is high on the list of true conspiracy theories.

Also on the list of true conspiracy theories is the idea that the 9/11 attack was an "inside job" done by the "Deep State" -- but only to those that are awake to how "the baddies" have altered history for political reasons.

Did humans ever walk on the moon?

However, some major conspiracy theories do have limits of belief -- such as when I was tempted to doubt the idea that NASA placed men on the moon because of many scientific stories suggesting otherwise. The popular conspiracy theory that the CIA faked the whole moon landing event to psychologically beat the Soviet Union to the moon for political reasons makes some sense -- particularly in this day and age where the government and the Mainstream Media continues to lie over and over to the public -- and nobody is ever punished for lying.

What made me believe that NASA did not place a man on the moon was that I could not find any pictures or videos of planet earth in the lunar sky during my memories of the event. But after reviewing some image data, I did find two pics and a video of the astronauts referencing the planet earth in the lunar sky.

Think about it -- why would the astronants not reference the big earth in the sky when walking on the moon -- unless it was a fake event and the "director" forgot to include the earth in any lunar scene? The side of the moon the astronauts landed on always face earth -- and it should be seen in their pictures.

Who doesn't want to believe that humans have visited the moon? And I still have some doubts -- like why is there no blast streak markings within the soft lunar dust underneath the lunar lander spaceship when it landed? And is the radiation area between the earth and moon really dangerous to human life enough to prevent space travel without heavy lead shielding protection that the spaceship apparently did not have? I do not have good answers to these nagging questions...

Perhaps the main reason why humans have not been back to the moon since the early seventies over fifty years ago is because the Neoconic Zionist -- who want their "perfect utopian world" on Earth, have redirected most of our innovative wealth energies into paying for greedy regional wars around the globe in their quest to keep control of their usury debt scheme over us.

In any event, I have something like a 90% belief that men have walked on the moon. And don't get me started about why some people believe planet earth is flat -- again, there are limits of beliefs to some conspiracy theories.

The problem with debunking some conspiracy theories is that the people who try to destroy the theories are somehow being paid by "the baddies" for political reasons. Their main method to debunk complex conspiracy theories is to invoke the Occam's Razor concept -- which is based on the idea that only the simplest answer to a question is probably the right answer.

However, sometimes a complicated answer to an important question can be a better answer than a simple answer because -- well, life is complicated.

Let's explore an example of a complex answer to a simple question: "Did Plato's Atlantis ever exist in reality?"

If we use the Occam's Razor concept, the simplest answer would be no -- because no "known evidence" has been found to date to prove the existance of such a place.

But the real answer to the question is complicated -- and not simple. Because of my forty-years of complex research into the Atlantean subject has proven Plato's Atlantean legend is basically a true story, modern historians need to study the factual evidence that Atlantis was once a real place in time. Evidence can be seen by those who will take the time to discover the real wonders of our prehistoric homeland.

Anyway -- back to the subject and theoretical question about did the Judeo-Masons conspire long ago with other historians to change the real annual dates of human history for political reasons?

If we study the time period and the geopolitical environment of the world when the historical Nuremberg Chronicle by Hartmann Schedel was published in 1493, I believe there could be enough evidence to suggest the timeline of human history was manipulated for "political reasons".

I have gone into great detail in my research work about how the Nuremberg Chronicle was the "official history book" that the European kings and religious leaders used to establish the BC/AD timeline of human history -- but I never really explored the geopolitical environment that existed some five centuries ago when the book was published.

It should be understood that my historical research into all the conventional recorded dates of human history beyond about five centuries ago has revealed data which paints a picture of a time period in which only about five centuries of human events can be proven to truly exist prior the the discovery of the New World.

In other words, all conventional dates of official human history prior to the discovery of the New World have been "mistakenly buffered with fake time" within the conclusion of the Nuremberg Chronicle -- and, after personally correcting the mistakes by "compressing" certain time periods created by the authors and publisher of the book, the total annual value of all event dates now equals only about five centuries.

First time readers of this new timeline concept theory of ancient human history will have a hard time accepting it because the theoretical concept seems way too radical to believe -- but new mathematical and historical evidence can prove it.

The assumption that human history can be dated to over five thousand years ago is, in my view, very wrong. But like a lie repeated over and over, it becomes a fact in the minds of people who have not personally taken the time to study and verify the truthful timeline origins of our human history.

Returning again to the subject and question regarding could the Judeo-Masons have conspired with others to alter the official timeline of human history some five centuries ago for political reasons, let's first examine just who were the Judeo-Masons -- and how did that term get into our history books in the first place.

Apparently, as a group, the Judeo-Masons are still around -- and they are still in control of bureaucratic goverment agencies, evil political think tanks, corrupt corporations linked to the Central Banks and nefarious foundations. The modern term for the group in question is more like the "Jewish Freemasons" -- which suggest the idea that the Biblical followers of the Old and New Testaments -- the "Jews" and the "Christians" are in control of our modern world.

However, let's break these names down further because the term "Jewish Freemasons" does not sound right. Let's call the Jews that follow the Talmud instead of the Holy Bible "Cryptic Jews" -- or "Fake Jews" because they are not from the original tribe of Judea, but some place just north of the Holy Land. And let's cut the term "Freemasons" down to just the word "Masons" because they really have nothing to do with the concept of freedom.

Now we have the two groups that identify as the "Fake Jews" and the Masons. The term "Fake Jews" is a term that sounds insulting, so let's just simply call them "Jews" -- because, apparently, most all Jews do not believe in life after death like the Christians do, and are known for their controlling power of money in the material world. And the Masons are known for building things like government temples and lodges all around the world that could be used to control people for political reasons. What a combo of powerful political forces the Jews and the Masons have acquired over time...

Speaking of time -- and how the annual timeline of human history was packaged during the early printing era just over five centuries ago, let's look for some geopolitical places just north of the Holy Land where the "Fake Jews" may have actually originated from.

According to conventional history, there once existed an ancient powerful kingdom -- located just north of the Black Sea area, called Khazaria -- whose king converted his entire kingdom into Judaism for reason not fully understood to this day. Perhaps he needed to control his followers with a religion not related to the Russian Christian kings who lived to the north of his kingdom -- or the Sultanic Muslim rulers who lived to the south in what is now the country of Turkey.

In any event, the Khazarian Kingdom -- of what is now the general area of a place called Ukraine, did something nasty to make the Russian Christian kings unhappy -- and the Kharzarian Kindom was destroyed long ago by the Russians.

What an historical coincidence in time -- just a few months ago, the modern country of Russia attacks the Ukraine area because of bad Nazi actors in the area were doing nasty things to the people who live in the area.

Anyway, could the Jews of ancient Khazarian Kingdom have anything to do with the politics behind Judaism? Is Judaism really a political force disguised as a religion?

If Judaism was actually a political movement that was born in the eastern European Khazarian Kingdom of what is now an area called "Ukraine" -- then yes, perhaps the offical recorded dates of human history were established in print some five centuries ago by European "Jewish scholars" for "political reasons".

By grossly buffering the real annual date of the first Biblical Patriarch named Adam back in time to thousands of years ago -- using annual values instead of recorded lunar values in the original text, they could claim the Hebraic heritage of the "Jewish Tribe" is older than any known tribe in the world -- therefore, "Jewish scholars" created a false timeline of human history that gave them the geopolitical power to control world history.

A quick example of how "Jewish scholars" grossly buffered the real annual dates of recorded history from early text data is that the oldest Patriarch named Methuselah was said to have lived some 969 "years" -- but in reality, because 969 "months" equals a more realistic lifespand of about 78 years, the true annual values of conventional recorded human history is wrong -- big time!

In any political entity disguised as a religion, there exist factions within that twist the truth for selfish reasons -- and such was the case centuries ago when the Judeo-Masons controlled Europe.

It is interesting to note that there once existed a religious Jewish cult in eastern Europe called Frankism -- named after Jacob Frank. See this image below:

Jacob Frank was a bad guy

There may even be some historical connections between Jacob Frank and the Jacobin Club that was invovled in some of the horrible activities during the French Revolution. Club members wanted a utopian state at any cost -- including violently murdering aristocratic families. They apparently got away with their crimes during the confusion of the revolution.

Speaking of murdering people to achieve a utopian world controlled by a one state government, that brings us back to the present day -- and the subject of Zionism. Please read the following excerpts from my research:

"A new historical review of the utopian social political movement of ZIONISM around the world has revealed that it was not only involved in the Communist Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, but that the "Zion Congress" actually declared war on Germany in 1933 -- which later led to a much greater war between Germany and the "Jews". ZIONISM also includes some CHRISTIAN followers -- who are involved in the religious-like cult of the MASONS. Both Zionistic and some CHRISTIAN followers believe in a prophetic future battle event -- known as Armageddon -- as interpreted by some religious zealot leaders of the Holy Bible, where a powerful messiah will someday arrive on Earth and, after a final victorious battle, will unite the world under one holy religious system and utopian government."

So, the Zionist -- and their "Jewish Central Banksters", are behind all World Wars that destroy people and property -- and after the war carnage, they can hire the Masons to "build it all back better".

They say war is a racket because it truly is. The political Neocons of today are paid well for their crimes -- and why are they never caught?

Regarding the idea that the Masons are related to the infamous Illuminati gang -- check out this meme I recently posted online:

The illuninati are sneaky bad people

I am convinced that "the baddies" are currently trying to destroy Western Civilization so they can "build it back better" with more control than they already have. But their plan has gone off the rails and failing. They are trying to cause WW3 to hide their money laundering mafia hideout area in what was once the Jewish Khazarian kingdom and Sabbatean homeland of "Ukraine".

I am also convinced that the New World Order plan of the Communist is to use the Democratic Party army to destroy the United States of America -- so that some kind of dystopian technocratic state of the world's future will be controlled by the Illuminati Zionist -- and work from their United Nations club house. Are we going to let that plan happen?

So -- what is to become of our world if or when "the baddies" fail in their quest to control our future?

It is believed that our destiny depends on who controls our future. Do we have some control over our lives -- or is God always in control of our lives?

If we share control of our lives with God, then perhaps our fate depends on our faith in his careful spirit in guiding us -- which will lead us on a narrow path to heaven and beyond.

END 62nd INTERVIEW 5/2022
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