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Duane K. McCullough 8/2022

by Duane McCullough

This 63rd interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" -- however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or a HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 8/2022 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina

Duane: Good day -- I hope you are all doing well.

I'll try to keep this interview short because it seems that people's attention span gets shorter and shorter these days -- particuluarly when we value our time searching for important stories regarding current events that remind us of just how politically compromised our governments have become lately.

It's been said that the function of government is to take public money and put it into private hands. And wow -- how true is that lately!

Trying to learn and share my understanding of all the major political and geopolitical events from the last few years can be very overwhelming. It's like trying to drink water from a fire-hose while being extremely thirsty -- it hurts the head.

I've been waiting for something big to happen that would significantly change the on-going World War 3 event we are living in -- but that has not happened yet -- or if it has, it seems like the situation is taking way too long to resolve itself.

What's really scary is that many -- if not most people, are not even awake enough to realize that a real world war event is happening. They seem to be living in some kind of hypnotic state of mind -- hoping that life will get back to normal like it was before the Covidhoax event exploded across the world two and a half years ago.

When I see people still wearing a mask, it seems like they are still playing in some kind of stupid crazy Holloween show long after the event was exposed as a hoax on the Internet sometime ago.

Apparently, these masked people only watch the government controlled propaganda programs on cable TV and their cell phones for news and information.

Are they just being stubborn in refusing to wake up to the scary idea that our national governments have been taken over by a "chosen tribe" of people with nefarious intentions? Or are these masked people just so scared because somebody they knew has died or caught a sickness from a new dangerous germ event going around the world that the government keeps telling us about?

I guess the evil idea that a major ongoing global depopulation program -- managed by certain insane politicians who have conspired to control our governments, has never entered their minds. I mean, who would want to think about such an evil idea that our government has recently murdered millions of people with the mandated "clot-shots" -- and not ony get away with it, but is still engaged in doing it? The concept is just too incredible to believe -- who would be so cruel to innocent people -- and why?

Most people have heard of the word "genocide", but few have ever heard the word "democide" -- where the definition reads: "The intentional killing of an unarmed or disarmed person or persons by government agents acting in their authoritative capacity". Let those words sink in -- and perhaps now the idea of the covidhoax event to kill innocent people -- to "save the planet" and help the UN Agenda 21 story, should make sense to anybody with a working conscious brain.

Speaking of a working conscious brain, there exist a psychological concept known as "The Pollyanna Principle" -- which is the tendency for people to remember pleasant items more accurately than unpleasant ones. Apparently, at the subconscious level, the mind tends to focus on the optimistic -- while at the conscious level, it tends to focus on the negative.

The "The Pollyanna Principle" was named after the happy character from author Eleanor Porter's 1913 children's book named Pollyanna. The Pollyana character was always a cheerful and optimistic girl who looks on the bright side of life.

My point is that, like Pollyanna, most people tend to subconsciously focous on optimistic views that make them happy, while on the conscious level, they tend to ignore negative views that makes them unhappy.

And that's the problem with today's legacy news media services who control important public information regarding what is really going on with the Covidhoax scam -- they are ignoring real negative views that makes their Global Elite club owners unhappy.

However, because the general public is slowly -- but surely, learning about how the murderous Covidhoax scam event is related to the UN Agenda 21 depopulation program, they will never ever trust government again like they used to.

Anyway, what I would really like to share is my hope and understanding that when World War 3 is over -- and the bad-guys lose their control over our freedoms, I can again focus my attention on the subject of Atlantis and all the amazing technological wonders it once used as a global enterprise in colonizing our world long ago during antediluvian times.

I see a future where we -- as normal people, have the freedom to travel and visit anywhere in the world -- and share items of trade without serious governmental interference. I see a time and place where we can own and operate fantastic vehicles -- such as flying liveabord seaplanes, and live sovereign lives without any tyrannical powers in existance.

I don't know whether humans will ever go trekking across the universe in spaceships and beyond looking for intelligent life -- but I personally feel we -- as in humanity, need to focus on finding and improving intelligent life down hear on Earth long before any real long term space adventure projects. The temperatures and atmospheric pressures are way better down here on Earth than up there in space for exploring pretty places.

I hope the future of humanity works out the current problems it has created. We all need a better world to live in -- because the current one has been hijacked by some really bad people. Let's win World War 3 by dumping the Global Elite club and de-funding the DEEP STATE gang. The sooner the better.

Reporter 1: You apparently believe that our past and present has been compromised by bad people -- and that our future will become better in the long run. Do you believe that some kind of paradise or heaven, much like Atlantis may have been long ago, is what our future will be after WW3?

Duane: Yes -- as you said -- I believe that our future could be "some kind of paradise or heaven". One thing our future will not be is a "utopia" because that kind of world is too perfect to be real. Unlike the "perfect utopian world " the communist want and have tried to create over a hundred years -- the real "imperfect world" we really live in will always be in a state of changing into a better place -- and will never be "perfect".

However, I'm not so sure Atlantis was ever a real paradise or heaven -- let alone a utopia, because there exist some stories that could explain a few imperfections within the maritime kingdom which could have led to its demise.

For example, as I've stated before in my research work, Plato's records reveal that the outermost wall of the seaport city was covered with a toxic white-lead based paint -- which suggest the inhabitants were not aware of the toxic aspect of the paint. And if they slowly poisoned themselves overtime -- much like how some believe the Roman Empire was killed overtime by using lead-based plumbing that led to poor health decisions and managment of their world, then perhaps the citizens of Atlantis also collapsed the same way.

According to Plato,
the outermost island wall of the city seaport was coated in
what appeares to be White-Lead paint

But Plato's records also states that Atlantis -- and even the Hellenic Empire it was fighting at the time of the "deluge from heaven" event, was destroyed "in a single day and night". So, what on Earth -- or even beyond Earth, could have contributed to the global destruction of the Atlantean Maritime Kingdom?

Over the years I have speculated several ways how Atlantis was lost in time that include the following theories:

Ignorance of Lead poisoning killed the Atlanteans like it killed the Romans.
The Tower of Babel exploded somehow -- causing the Biblical Flood of 40 days & 40 nights.
A rogue comet hit the Earth -- causing the Biblical Flood of 40 days & 40 nights.
A rogue comet hit the Sun -- causing the Biblical Flood of 40 days & 40 nights.
A Gamma Ray Burst event from the Crab Nebula caused a Gravity Wave that wiped out Atlantis some nine and a half centuries ago.

I've even explored the idea that alien technology behind the Tower of Babel device could have caused a Gamma Ray Burst event within the Crab Nebula some nine and a half centuries ago. This theory suggests the idea that building a powerful parabolic lens device -- which could cause a runaway electromagnetic jet beam event phenomenon -- whereby plasma energy expanded way beyond the planet it was built on, is a bad idea. Such a huge cosmic event could also help explain how a supernova situation event gets started as seen in Earth telescope images -- which show streaming plasma jets comming out of dying star fields light years away from Earth.

In other words, "Tower of Babel explosion events" can be found throughout the galaxy as signs of when "humans" on planets reach a point in evolution and mistakenly destroy their nearest star field because of their stupidity.

However bazaar and interesting the last theory may seem, it probably is not true because if it was, the Earth, as we know it, would not exist after such an enormous cosmic explosion.

In any case, it seems that part of the lost Atlantean Maritime kingdom was somehow reborn as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization -- or NATO -- which is an ancient alliance network of "western nations" with a common maritime heritage and Latin-base alphabetical language.

But NATO has been hijacked by the "chosen tribe" when the UN was created after WW2 -- and now needs to disband or at least reorganize itself to purge members of the "chosen tribe" that currently controls it.

Reporter 2: Are you saying that NATO has become what was once Atlantis?

Duane: Well, yes and no. The USA and NATO is what Atlantis has evolved into. But again, both the geopolitical organization of NATO and the USA were hijacked right after they were born and turned into a military arm of the Judeo-Masons as a tool to control the world.

Reporter 2: Why do you frame most every subject as a political argument?

Duane: Because it seems that politics can be found in most every subject these days. If WW3 wasn't happening as we speak, perhaps I could venture away from political subjects and, like I said earlier, explore future treasures items based on lost Atlantean technology.

The following montage of images are very important in understanding the reality of Atlantis and where it was on this planet. I can not over emphasize how important they are -- that's why I repeat some of them often in my Interviews.

NATO is related to Atlantis

The American Indians influenced the cultures of Europe

The Atlantic Ocean is named after King Atlas

The city of Atlantis was built on a fault line in Central America

The city of Atlantis is now under tons of mud in Lake Izabal

The garden seaport city of Atlantis is part of a divine design complex
which included a flat plain area shaped by man-made canals that captured
rain water from the nearby mountains and drained into the city
before flushing out to the sea.

Atlantean technology once included powerful ways to cut things
and send wireless information

Atlantean technology once included flying machines

Important symbols can be seen in the Latin Alphabet

Trans-oceanic trade between Atlantean colonies used sailboats with Lateen-Rigs

Trans-oceanic trade between Atlantean colonies was a global enterprise

Early humans of the New World colonized the rest of the world

The reality of the Atlantean Maritime Kingdom
and the Golden Section principle

Reporter 3: Interesting montage of images and subject matter about Atlantis. What reputable institution do you think could take your historical views about Atlantis and make them known for the world to see? In other words -- who do you think could broadcast your story about Atlantis to the world?

Duane: Good question -- I don't know. I once thought that National Geographic Magazine could have been the vehicle to "tell the world" about my Atlantean discoveries. But that was long ago. Because it seems that all of the publishing industry across the world has been -- and, apparently still is, controlled by -- let's say "Zionist agents", I have no interest in seeking help from their publishing networks.

So, in the meantime, I guess I will simply publish my Atlantean stories here at my SOA website until something or someone comes along and takes them to a higher state of publicity. Everything important in life takes time -- perhaps that time is near...

END 63nd INTERVIEW 8/2022
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