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Duane K. McCullough 2/2023

by Duane McCullough

This 64th interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" -- however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or a HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 2/2023 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina

Duane: Good day everyone -- I hope everybody is doing well.

First, before I answer any questions, I would like to quickly explain why I have not posted anything at my websites for over four months.

Due to a technical issue regarding the inability to upload and update files to my host website, I have not kept up with some of my geopolitical stories at my spiritofatlantis.com website. However, that technical issue has been resolved for now and I would like to get back on track in trying to explain the many aspects of my research work into the subject of Atlantis.

Second, because some of my stories at my website are not up to date, it may be a while before they are updated. For example, stories regarding how the public is waking up to all the nefarious aspects of how cult members of the Zionist Global Elite Club and the Deep State gang within our national governments -- together with their Marxist Main Stream Media mob minions around the world, have controlled many nations for over a century with global wars and the power of stolen money.

These stories also include the latest news regarding the recent and ongoing murderous Covid-19 scamdemic depopulation event -- and how the New World Order warmongers in power have created conflicts across the globe in order to control and enslave people for many generations.

If we truely want to free ourselves from the hex that these bad actors from hell have placed on us for over a century, we all need to wake up to how they have hijacked many powerful institutions within government over the years -- and have used them to slowly tax and take our freedoms away in the name of "fairness". We absolutely need to better understand the real important geopolitical stories that reveal their evil activities -- and why now is the time to end the corrupt Judeo-Masonic control of our world.

I have also come to realize in recent months that the time I spend researching these geopolitical stories is competing with my creative time in learning new views about what exactly Atlantis was in antediluvian times.

In other words, although I want to help others wake up to the ongoing spiritual world war event currently taking place between "us and them" by writing about and publishing these geopolitical stories at my personal website, I also feel the need to get back to the subject of Atlantis -- and all the wonderful lost technological treasures related to Atlantis.

Speaking of wonderful lost technological treasures from Atlantis, I have mentioned in recent interviews about the idea that I have been developing a unique vehicle design that is based on my aeronautical knowledge and theoretical studies related to Atlantean history -- which, I believe, could revolutionize human and cargo transportation systems as we know it.

This unique vehicle design is very simple and scalable -- and could be home built out of wood and fabric materials -- with waterproof glue and other elemental composite joints binding it all together. The main body shape of this flat bottom vehicle design could be used as a canoe, tent, caravan, mobile home, sailboat and even a power-glider aircraft. The sailboat version has a split Lateen Rig design with the rear rig smaller in size.

By the way, the Lateen Sail Rig design was once used by the prehistoric Atlantean and Phoenician sailors to power their ships into the wind and sail across great oceans long ago.

The power-glider aircraft version of this unique vehicle design -- which could also be used as a seaplane, would use arrow-foil wings similar to that of the Lateen Sail Rig -- but placed horizontally like a kite wing. Powered by two small motors that are mounted on the top deck of the main body at the central balance point, the motors could be use together as an asymmetrical thrust system for steering and climbing.

Another version of the aircraft could use one motor at the central balance point -- together with a rudder steering system so that if the motor would fail, the aircraft could at least glide and steer toward a safe landing.

The flight characteristics of this power-glider design is based on the "slow and low" concept -- thus, smaller versions of this unique aircraft are not expected to fly very high or much faster than about 60 MPH.

When compared to modern aircraft, what this new vehicle design lacks in speed and altitude performance, it more than makes up in low building cost and simple flight operational capabilities.

In past Interviews I have stated concerns that if I freely give away this design online at my website, other people with more capital funds and links to governmental control of ownership rights, could copy the design and perhaps convert it into a weapon of some kind.

In fact, I have seen examples of people's inventions being stolen by governmental officials linked to "security corporations" because the invention could be weaponized against the government's country in some way.

So, as it seems today, if I apply to the government for "Intelectual Property" rights at the governmental Trademark Patent Office for said vehicle design -- and the government has links to the Military Industrial Complex, the design could be hijacked by "bad people". Therefore, because of this situation, I am not ready to publish the design at this time.

Besides -- more testing of the design in model form is needed. Using Radio Control technology to control a working prototype should help in the "Proof of Concept" phase of the project.

In the meantime -- are there any questions regarding what I have just stated?

Reporter 1: Wow -- you have covered many subjects today. Let's see if we can focus on just one of them. So, you are concerned that the "bad actors" that are currently controlling the nations of the world, need to be removed from power somehow -- and that now is the time to do so because, if the public does not wake up from the spell or "hex" placed on them centuries ago by these nasty people, the bad actors that are in power now will build a dystopian future world where the freedoms we have today will not exist. Is that your understanding of current events?

Duane: I could not have asked a better question than if I asked it myself. Yes, now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party. We need to arrest these bad actors now -- before they sweep all their crimes under the cover of time. They have overreached their authority and overexposed themselves as criminals that they are.

I could post a list of who these bad actors are here, but it would be way too long -- so I won't. I believe their identities are well known by many members of the "truth community" on the Internet.

One thing in common between many of these bad actors on this list is that many have stated in public the words "Build Back Better" -- which can be traced to a character named Klaus Schwab and his infamous "World Economic Forum" gang based in Davos Switzerland.

The term "Build Back Better" is a programmed statement
that originated from the World Economic Forum gang.

Moreover, other woke progressive people that relate to these bad actors from the "World Economic Forum" gang are also Zionist members of the New World Order and UN Agenda 21/2030 plans. The global communist have been working on these plans to control us -- and keep controlling us, for a very long time.

This spiritual war between collectivism and individualism is at a major point in time -- and again, now is the time to wake up and stop these bad actors -- and their bad play on the world stage needs to end.

We don't have to destroy the world to build it back better -- we just need to arrest the bad actors who are trying to destroy the good things in life that took generations to build.

Reporter 2: Regarding your new vehicle design that you believe could revolutionize modern transportation systems -- are you really worried that the government will steal the Intelectual Property rights of your inventions?

Duane: Yes and no. Yes, because that's what fascist governments do. Governments are partnered with large corporations and steal inventions from inventors all the time. People's trust in government is at a all time low -- and for good reason. I think it has something to do with the phenomenon of politics and greed.

Fascism is when unelected corporations control government for nefarious reasons.

And no -- I'm not really worried that the government will steal the Intelectual Property rights of my inventions -- because even if the government does not outright steal my IP rights, corporations would find them at the governmental Trademark Patent Office and modify the invention a little to claim ownership. What am I going to do if that happens? Worry about it? I think not.

I may not like the idea of someone stealing my inventions, but I have better things to do than to involve myself with a group of lawyers to legally chase down the thieves who steal inventions -- particularly if the thieves live in a foreign country. The system is rigged folks -- perhaps one day soon the right people will arrive in government and clean out the bad laws that allow such corrupt activity. Until then, we can try our best to educate ourselves and teach the public about how less government is better government.

Regarding the idea of IP rights and government, I remember Ayn Rand's 1957 novel entitled "Atlas Shrugged" -- where a man by the name of John Gault was so distrustful of government with his inventions that he refused to share them with the people who controlled government.

As the novel suggest, it seems that governments are in the business of collecting things from people in the name of "sharing the wealth" -- which means they promote collectivism over individualism. In other words, the activities of government tends to take more from individuals overtime than give to individuals overtime.

King Atlas and his antediluvian Maritime Kingdom
on the cover of the original SOA book covers.

What is interesting is that my original Spirit Of Atlantis book cover -- and the book cover of Ayn Rand's novel "Atlas Shrugged", both display an image of King Atlas holding up the worldly heavens on their shoulders. The image idea of supporting our world from falling down by one person is a strong concept to project.

So, the idea that King Atlas and his antediluvian Maritime Kingdom -- which was once a strong global government system before it all "fell down" somehow, is one of my important themes in my book project.

Whereas in Ayn Rand's novel "Atlas Shrugged", the main hero of the story -- John Gault, shrugged off the controls of government that represented the worldly heavens because the weight of too much government is unnecessary responsibility.

In other words, too much of anything needs to be "shrugged off" from time to time -- particularly too much government activity.

But not all government is a bad thing -- I have just completed three days of Jury Service, and I am quite impressed with how the justice system works in the local community. Although it took dozens of people and three days, to formally charge one person for a misdemeanor crime, the experience of meeting many people and learning some civil rules of government, was a civic duty worth doing.

However, what does worry me is that the larger the government system, the longer greedy people can infect it and learn how to corrupt it.

Reporter 3: Have you ever convinced anyone over the years that your new timeline theory of recorded human history is more correct than what has been taught in schools for several centuries?

Duane: To the best of my knowlege -- no one that I know has ever told me they believe in my new timeline theory of human history. But does that fact make my new timeline theory of human history wrong?

Lies distort the truth. Really big lies distort reality.

I realize that my new timeline theory of human history is very complicated -- in fact, so complicated, I'm really not surprised that no one has yet come forth to tell me I'm right or wrong. Disappointed yes, but not suprised.

What does suprise me is how much civilization has developed over time despite the wrong timeline of human history publish some five centuries ago.

What I do know is that after seeing all the fake stories that have been pushed by the people in charge of our government since the 9/11 event, I feel that my theoretical timeline of human history is more correct than any other theory.

The fake timeline of human history needs a major update.

If a person can learn today that our governments do not tell the truth for whatever reason, imagine the day when the public learns that our governments have not told the truth about the real timeline of human history for over five centuries. That day is near...

It is important to understand that the above timeline chart
does not challenge the annual count of human history as publish
in history books which reference the last five centuries.

Nor does the chart challenge the sequence of important persons
and events from before the European discovery of the New World.

However, this chart does challenge the annual accountability of
conventional human history beyond about five centuries ago
for reasons explained elsewhere at this website.

*** The real timeline of human history needs to be told. ***

END 64nd INTERVIEW 2/2023
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