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Duane K. McCullough 12/2023

by Duane McCullough

This 65th interview was written by the author in response to possible questions regarding the book: SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS / The Treasure Adventure. Although there are three fictional reporters asking questions about the many views presented in the book, the questions asked are meant to inspire the public into discovering the truth and reality about Atlantis. The public is welcome to republish this "press conference" -- however, any republication of this interview should include this web site address or a HTML link to the www.spiritofatlantis.com web site.

Dateline: 12/2023 / Place: Rosman, North Carolina

Duane: A very Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope everybody is doing well.

My apologies for not posting since last February. I have been busy updating other parts of my website with stories that help explain my understanding of current and past events.

And like many, I've also been expecting something big that will change the current state of the world with respect to the ongoing battle between good and evil.

I feel like diving into a political rant right now about how and why a tribe of bad people in this world have caused such great harm to the good people of this world -- but, it's Christmas time and will hold off on the negative views for now. This is a time for positive stories that may help us better understand our spiritual blessings.

Because my Spirit Of Atlantis book and website project covers a lot of complex subjects, it is hard to focus on one simple subject without including other complex subjects that first time visitors may find hard to follow and understand.

One of the most important symbols during Christmas time
is the sparkling conical image of the Christmas tree.

For example, I have used the above image several times in my online work as a symbol that represents a phenomenal "particle beam" event from the antediluvian age of Atlantis and it's lost technologies. Having the appearence of a Christmas tree, the image also represents a type of energy field event that seems mesmerizing to anyone who realizes the power of how the real event works.

The "ON" power symbol is based on the idea of an "energy beam" coming out of a orb disk object.

As an graphic artist by trade who sometimes sees common symbols in abstract ways, I have come to believe there exist a strange story that links the Christmas tree image with that of the "ON" power symbol.

Moreover, these "power beam" symbols can also be linked to the most powerful "tower beam" story in the Holy Bible -- which is the "Tower of Babel" story.

The "Tower of Babel" story is based on lost Atlantean technology.

The above artwork image was created on my Atari computer in 1988 and explains how a powerful technology once existed long ago during the age of Atlantis.

For those who are familiar with my work at my SOA website, the details of how this lost particle-beam technology from the antediluvian age of Atlantis works, will be of no surprise -- but for first time readers, I have no doubt many will not understand, the idea that such a powerful technology ever existed in human history.

Speaking of human history, many first time readers of my work will also reject my new timeline understanding of ancient human history -- wherein Jesus Christ lived less than a thousand years ago -- and that all recorded dates of human history beyond about five centuries ago are wrong because historical scholars of the Renaissance Era mistakenly calculated and buffered the true timeline dates of Biblical, Greco-Roman and Medieval history.

Now, I could keep on rambling -- but this event is suppose to be an interview. So, please ask me some questions before I go on another tangent story about human history and Atlantis.

Reporter 1: Merry Christmas to you too. How are you and your family doing health wise these days?

Duane: I'm doing fine. Like I've stated before, with the exception of a minor visit to a doctor for a small skin issue back in 1993, I have not seen a doctor for any health problems in over 50 years -- knock on wood. My wife currently has a sight issue, but we hope it will improve in time. She controls her Macular Degeneration issue with certain treatments and is eating well.

My father is over 96 with certain memory issues. Who doesn't have memory issues at that age. I can ask him about an event that took place a half of century ago and he can recall the event. But ask him about an event that happen a day or so ago and he seems to have lost his memory of the event. It is really sad in how the mind fails to remember events over time.

The rest of the family is also fine -- even my three kitties. The 23-year older longhair tuxedo cat does have a "poopy problem" that I will not go into detail explaining.

Reporter 2: And Merry Christmas to you also. In your work, you have suggested that the Atlanteans once used a lost "particle beam" technology that was apparently more powerful than any current technology available. If true, how is it possible that such a powerful technology is not in use in this day and age? In other words, given the popular idea that we are living in the most advance era of human technology, why is this lost "particle beam" technology that you speak of not in use today to "burn and melt" things apart for industrial reasons?

Duane: As I've stated before, I don't know why such a powerful technology does not exist today. Perhaps it does exist and nobody important is using it as it was once used in antediluvian times.

We do have modern-day LASER and Microwave beam technologies similar to the "particle beam" technology once used in antediluvian times -- but these devices are nowhere near as powerful in scoring through large stone areas like the theoretical "lathe-like tool" that once carved out and quarried a rocky 1.25 NM wide hill into the seaport city of Atlantis.

The seaport city of Atlantis was carved out of a hill that now lies
under tons of mud and water near the western shores of Lake Izabal in Guatemala.

Again, as I've stated years ago in other works regarding powerful "cutting technologies", a LASER is known to have a great range, but not the "punch" to cut things apart -- save with the exception of certain short range scoring machines used in manufacturing machinery. Although a few military persons have claimed that chemical LASER machines can shoot down moving targets at some distances, these claims could be based on not "burning apart" said target -- they may be based on just disabling it somehow due to distorting the working function of the target.

In other words, shooting photons fast enough through hard metallic objects at a great distance from a LASER device may be plausible -- but, not really feasible, given the cost of doing so.

From what I've read, current "particle beam" plasma technology has "the punch" -- but not the range. Modern scientist can't seem to keep the "particle beam" in focus beyond several feet at best.

It is interesting to note that some sort of "Direct Energy Weapon" -- or "DEW" microwave device may have been used in the Maui fires last Summer.

The following several statements are what I posted online within my "Our Political Glossary" essay last August regarding how the "DEEP STATE" gang could have used Microwave energy beams to "aggravate" the fires in Lahanina on the island of Maui. The same powerful and invisible weaponized Microwave technology may have also been used at other sites like in the recent California fires -- where parts of cars were melted in abnormal ways.

More research into the devastating Lahaina Fire event has revealed some interesting information regarding DEW technology and why it could have been used to target certain objects within the burn site area.

Because there exist evidence of very high temperatures melting metal in and on cars located in areas where no significant combination of fuel or oxygen could explain why the melting occured, the idea that some sort of "heat-beam weapon" device -- perhaps based on invisible electromagnetic energy, was "cast from above" the Lahaina site area somehow.

Some have speculated that such a DEW device could have been "space-based" or even an high altitude flying aircraft, but perhaps a more plausible site where such weapon could have been placed is on the nearby mountain side area -- overlooking the entire Lahaina area, near a site known as the "Lahaina L".

Easily seen in the Google Earth program, the "Lahaina L" site is where a large "L" can be found built into the nearby mountainside. It apparently represents the first letter in the name "Lahaina" -- and can be seen clearly from the town of Lahaina at almost two miles distant.

What is interesting is that very near the "Lahaina L" site are places where a portable DEW device could have been stationed to beam out some sort of heat energy across the entire area of Lahaina.

So, as the theory goes, the DEEP STATE gang placed a crew at the site and directed the fire into the town of Lahaina. Once a major fire started it would create it's own wind storm heat event beyond any natural weather event. The DEW device would beam amplified electromagnetic energy down into the fire area and heat the metallic material within the fire area by "vibrating and fusing metallic objects" also located within the fire area -- thus making the whole fire event much hotter than a normal fire event.

In other words, much like a microwave oven can create hot sparks if something metallic is place in the target area, a new military DEW device -- place on a nearby hill overlooking the Lahaina fire area, could have beamed amplified electric microwave energy into the fire area where metallic objects -- like cars and even the hanging metallic power line grid network that contained "transformer bombs", and cause them to "short circuit" -- resulting in the man made murderous disaster.

Similar to a stick poking a campfire to give more oxygen to the burning fuel, the DEW device could have "stirred" the fire by beaming amplified electric microwave energy into metallic objects -- which would radiate heat outward and cause nearby non-metallic objects to burn or melt.

It is assumed that understanding the exotic technology behind creating such a serious DEW device is far beyond the average person or even scientist to figure out -- however, according to several INTERNET videos -- such as a video found at EyesIsWatchin Podcast #109, it is not hard to create a simple DEW device from the power components of a home microwave oven. The video shows how the magnetron from a microwave oven can be modified with a metallic lens -- made out of a simple metal can, and be used to beam invisible electromagnetic energy a few feet to explode and destroy nearby cell phones sitting on a table. The video also shows how the home-made DEW device can be aimed at the video camera and "blur the image" from over ten feet away.

With the billions of taxpayers dollars the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX has to explore and develope portable DEW devices, it is not impossible to believe that military grade DEW devices exist -- and could be in the hands of evil people.

Now, to explain or theorize the difference between "particle beam" and "microwave beam" technology can get complicated -- however, the main difference is that the electrochemical energy force in a vertical "particle beam" event is within the double swirling current beam that is shaped by a parabolic lens and gravity -- whereas the electromagnetic energy force in a "microwave beam" event comes from a point source site at one end of the beam which uses a lens or lenses to create the event.

Explained in another way, microwave beam energy is based on a point source site at one end of the beam, whereas "particle beam" energy is based on the particle force activity working within the beam itself.

To better understand how heat energy can form into a hot beam of energy, the following story relates to how I became aware of energy particles can form into a double tube-like beam event with an inner core spinning in opposite direction from the outer "sheath" area.

Once while living on my old sailboat in the Florida Keys, I witnessed a large nearby waterspout event wherein there existed an inside core of particle movement spinning in opposite direction from the outside movement. The sight was very mesmerizing. The idea that the waterspout event was a "beam of energy" swirling in the sky really inspired me to try to figure out how such a large phenomenon was configured.

The G Clef symbol shows the pathway of "cyclic energy".

Then, one day I came across the musical staff icon symbol that is found at the begining of musical songs notes, and noticed the pathway of the G clef -- or Treble clef, symbol. It explained how particle energy can be shaped into a column or beam. The pathway of a particle within the beam rises and spins upwards, then unwinds and falls because of gravity in a counter spin to the bottom where it is caught by a parabolic lens and redirected upwards again. The particle pathway cyclic activity repeats itself untill friction overwhelms the phenomenon.

Regarding how this phenomenal fountain energy event formula can be created and be used as a "static field beam" of particles that can cut through hard objects -- or broadcast wireless radio frequency signals, is indeed a complicated concept to explain.

As to how this "static field beam" of particles can work sideways without using gravity to keep its shape together, a theory that two parabolic lenses aimed at each other may help shape the particle activity together as a beam. It must be remembered that the "fuel" particles are chemical elements that have pyroelectric, piezoelectric and gyroscopic characteristics. Spinning carbonic crystal particles would give the beam the ability to cut objects.

It is interesting to note that the Biblical Ark of the Covenant could have been a radio chest device with two "angelic lenses" mounted on top which may have caused an "electrostatic ark" as a wireless way to communicate to "God" using binary code signals.

So, here I am trying to explain and theorize how a powerful lost technology from the antediluvian age of Atlantis worked -- all the while being hopeful that nobody in this day and age will turn this lost technology into a weapon of some kind.

Reporter 2: What a fantastic set of theories regarding how the Atlanteans were capable of using a powerful technology to score through hard materials and broadcast wireless signals. I will always now look at a Christmas tree as a model of a remarkable lost technology device. Regarding current political events and how they may relate to the subject of Atlantis, do you have anything to say that would help us better understand our future?

Duane: Well, regarding current events and the subject of Atlantis, there seems to be a sect or tribe of people who want total control of our world much like the Atlanteans once had -- or at least claimed they had. Because this sect or tribe of people have launched a major world war event on humanity exactly 100 years after they took control over the former country of Russia in 1921, these are the people behind most every bad man-made event in our world.

Some call them socialist or communist -- but the term Zionist covers both. They have a religious aspect to their identity that has taken over most Jewish, Islamic and many Christian believers. They believe in a unrealistic utopian future and will destroy anyone who are not one of them. Groups of people known as the illuminati and the Masons are also linked to their twisted view of reality.

Currently, they have occupied most all global institutions -- particularly governmental, financial, medical and media institutions, in their quest to destroy and then rebuild their control powers again. Their plan for a New World order is expected to be complete by the end of this decade.

To date, the current genocide event in Palestine is an example of how they work. They create false flag operations and then cause reprisal events to expand their political control. They have been doing these reprisal war events for over a century while living in the shadows of society. By misdirecting attention away from their presence in the shadows and financially controlling the government and media institutions using bribery and blackmail tricks, they get away with their crimes.

And lately, they tell lies about how humans are causing great harm to the environment because of our poisonous CO2 "footprint" -- while they themselves are engaged in poisoning us and our environment to control human population numbers.

The good news, I hope, is that this tribe will loose this war against humanity because the people of the world will wake up before the last battle and stop them. And I mean stop them by taking immediate steps to completely remove them from government, corporate and religious institutions.

Reporter 3: And a very Merry Christmas to you too... Your new way of viewing the year dates of human history and Western Civilization is quite the challenge to understand -- particularly for first time readers. I've asked this question before, but it needs repeating. Is there any new way you can somehow grab the attention of the public regarding your discovery that the current annual timeline of recorded human history is seriously wrong -- and that your version is actually closer to the truth?

Duane: I wish there was a good way to direct the attention of the public to my new annual timeline of human history. I've been trying for over forty years with no results. Even if I produced some new remarkable mathematical revelation which can numerically prove the idea that the conventional annual timeline of history is wrong -- and I mean wrong in a major way, it seems nobody will even entertain my theories.

However lately, their seems that a "Great Awakening" event is taking place where people are really questioning the powers of government and the truth behind their control of history.

Perhaps when the "Great Awakening" is complete -- or at least becomes the norm, then my theories about how the real annual timeline of human history -- which includes the story of how Atlantis fits into a new version, will change our current understanding of Western Civilization.

A new version of human history has recently been created and awaits public review.

END 65nd INTERVIEW 12/2023
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