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New Breakthrough Timeline Theory Statement

by Duane McCullough

"History repeats itself -- historians repeat each other."
-- Philip Guedalla

The following essays within this ATLANTEAN COMMUNICATIONS web page site
will not only explore the many amazing views as to what was and what became of history's greatest mystery,
they should also expose a new breakthrough timeline theory that challenges the year count accuracy
of the conventional A.D. timeline.

While trying to date when the Atlantean Civilization existed long ago, I have uncovered important
calendrical data that reveals the radical historical concept in which all conventional event dates of
ancient human history from before the early Reanaissance of five centuries ago were incorrectly compiled
and recorded by a certain influential German publisher by the name of Hartmann Schedel.

Together with the help of Judeo-Christain scholars, Hartmann Schedel published
THE NUREMBERG CHRONICLE history book in 1493 A.D., which incorrectly chronicled the historical timeline
between the first Patriarch named Adam to the discovery of the New World in 1492 A.D.. How and why this
one important history book was capable of establishing the official recorded timeline of Western History
is theorized in several following essays.

To better understand this new breakthrough timeline theory and to discover when the Atlantean Civilization
existed within recorded human history, readers should "suspend" their conventional knowledge of all
historical event dates from before the Renaissance.

It is important to note that this new breakthrough timeline theory does not necessarily challenge the
recorded sequence of historical persons and events from before the Renaissance -- nor does it challenge
the annual value of recorded historical events of the last five centuries. However, it does attempt to
change the annual value of all historical event dates from before the Renaissance.

The radical historical concept that all of Western History from before the Renaissance can now be measured
only in centuries and not in millenniums, will be difficult -- but not impossible, to understand.

Knowledge of the reality of the Atlantean Civilization and when it existed in recorded time should result in a
new timeline record of global human history.

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