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Most of this book was written on board a 37 foot Chesapeake Bay ketch anchored offshore
Key Largo Florida in Largo Sound during the 80's.

Built by Lawson Tyler of Smith Island in '63 out of cypress, oak and iron, FREYA had her mast installed at
Annapolis Maryland in '65 and motor-sailed for a 40 day voyage down the Intercoastal Waterway to the Florida Keys.

Because of this boat and its capacity to provide a simple lifestyle that gave time for study,
this book became a reality.

The Version 1 series became available on 8/8/88 and Version 2 in the early Fall of '94.

In the Spring of '97 the SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS website was created at the CompuServe Homepage area
and now at the spiritofatlantis.com website.


A native Miamian, I am an artist, author and retired USCG captain that lived in the
Florida Keys for three decades. As website author of the SPIRIT OF ATLANTIS and LOST FOUNTAIN online
research book projects, I have self published many unique anthropological concepts about the natural makeup
of southern Florida and other historical environments related to the area. Work on new artistic imagery at
THE REALM GALLERY online website also keeps me busy. My wife Cynthia & I now live in the mountains
of western North Carolina near the town of Brevard.

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