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Our Political Memes V5

by Duane K. McCullough

These political memes are not directly related to the subject of Atlantis, but many do relate to the subject of a one world government -- which I believe Atlantis was in ancient times.

Because much has been said and shown lately on the Internet about how a "New World Order" has taken control of certain global institutions by using the political forces of socialism and collectivism to monopolize the power of government -- which undermines the individualism of citizens, I would like to share the following memes I have found while browsing the Internet that explains certain political problems regarding the subjects of socialism and collectivism.

The original purpose of this exercise was not to personally insult anybody -- but to call out the many false political concepts that I have seen that were presented online before, during and after the contentious 2020 US Presidential Election event.

While viewing these political stories on the Internet over the years -- instead of watching conventional Mainstream Media news services on television, I have come to realize that a great story is unfolding regarding how the socialistic and collective political powers behind Globalism are trying to destroy the sovereignty of capitalistic nations around the world in order to gain more control of the Geopolitical resources in the world. And because of the recent political actions of the Globalist -- particularly since the Coronavirus PLANdemic scam event of 2020 -- and the rigged US Presidential Election of 2020, I feel compelled to share these political memes with the public from my SPIRITOFATLANTIS.COM website.

In summary,
to reference the 16th century poet John Donne -- who first wrote the term "No man is an island", we are all part of the "Island of Mankind" -- and to thrive as a society, each one of us needs our sovereign right to be independent humans -- known as individualism, without some bad group of people pushing over us the politics of socialism or communism -- known as collectivism.

The people who progressively push governmental SOCIALISM as a means to build a utopian state, are not helping society because the power of politics will always corrupt government leaders overtime -- who make too many rules that destroy real human freedoms within society.

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