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by Duane McCullough

The Spirit of Atlantis is very much alive in our world today.

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The story of Atlantis represents little more than a Greek mythical fabel to some people because they have never taken the time to understand the real historical value it represents.

But to other people who have taken the time to research Plato's work on the subject, the story represents the principle account of a wondrous age in time when humanity once had the power to imagine and create an extraordinary world of amazing beauty and spiritual awearness.

Of all the writings created by Plato, one of his last works -- if not his last work, dealt with the idea of a perfect world gone bad.

According to Plato, the heavenly inhabitants of the Maritime Kingdom of Atlantis -- and its capital seaport on a lost continent in the western realm, were engulfed by earthquakes and floods when they apparently misbehaved -- and therefore, were "punished" by the great creator who controls all things on this earth.

The simple moral of Plato's story about Atlantis is a message to any civilization that if power is misused, then expect the destruction of that civilization by the forces of righteousness.

Within our world today there is a social and political institution that was created by the Allied Powers after World War 2 apparently with the intent to prevent further world wars -- its name is the United Nations, which represents a place where the collective efforts of humans can decide on what our world could become with regards to our natural environment.

However -- over time, the United Nations, has become so influenced by people who have politically and progressively pushed certain "social agenda programs", the institution needs to reevaluate its purpose and be more careful in choosing programs that are based on broader scientific views. Social progressive UN programs like "Agenda 21" and "Agenda 2030", that force political views onto citizens is not what the institution was designed for -- or maybe it was, and we are just now realizing how human politics works in the long run. Reaching a consensus about possible future problems for humanity should not use fear and misinformation to "save the earth" from ourselves.

New within our world today is a another institution and global entity known as the Internet -- which reflects and records the culture of modern society in such a way that allows most any global citizen with a computer or wireless device to instantly communicate and share cultural information -- and can be acted upon in real time.

No other global entity represents the collective development of modern society -- the Internet is our virtual world -- and it has virtually replaced the institution known as the UN.

If the Internet represents a virtual place -- or "portal" to where other sites around our world can be visited, then where within this new entity can one find the important places that represents the core activities of modern society?

The subject of Atlantis may not seem important in today's world -- but in tomorrow's world, it may become very important as more of its role in history is understood.

What Internet sites represents the core activities of modern society? There are news groups sites, stock market sites, governmental sites, entertainment sites -- the list goes on.

For anyone seeking serious information, "surfing" the "links" within the Internet can be like playing in paradise -- however, it can also be like working in paradise if one is not familiar with the tools or the languages that allow easy navigation of the linking process to succeed.

The language of the Internet, like the language that most all international airline pilots use to communicate, is primarily English.

Why English? Because, although there exist many flavors of the Latin alphabet and language in use on the Internet, English is a language so diverse with a larger vocabulary than any other form of alphanumerical communication used in modern society.

English is spoken by over 400 million persons and is used widely by the international traveler. English technology safely took humans to the moon and back -- several times.

English, the primary language of the United States of America and the United Kingdom, is based on a language invented long ago by the early inhabitants of the British Isles and contains a global vocabulary still being developed by many cultures throughout our world.

The English language does have its share of spelling and pronunciation problems -- but without some of these obstacles, we would not have our everyday humorous misunderstandings.

Yes, the Internet is like a virtual heaven to some who have the time and tools to travel the information highway. We do live in a wondrous age when humanity has the power to create an extraordinary world of amazing beauty.

Whether it is real or virtual, our world has a heaven -- and, unfortunately, also a hell. Bad things can be found in any place -- such as natural disasters or unkind human activity.

Was Atlantis engulfed by a natural disaster or did it destroy itself with its own technology?

Will our world be engulfed by a natural disaster someday or will we destroy ourselves in the future with our own technology?

Will our world survive these bad things -- if they happen at all.

Will we continue to grow and develop more extraordinary places of wonder?

We may not be able to choose our exact destiny, but we can improve our odds of survival if unkind human activity is avoided every chance we get.

Perhaps our world is a place where a lost civilization, such as Atlantis, survived a great natural disaster long ago and evolved into the modern society we know today.

Perhaps mankind is about to rediscover its true maritime heritage and learn what truely happened to our Atlantean ancestors.

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